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Master List!

I know I have a whole page dedicated to my master list, but I figured I could also make a separate post, so you can favorite it or reblog it or whatever. You do you.

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Dear Evan Hanson summarized

Anybody have a map?:shy tree boy and drug smoker are aNGST Y, and moms are good

Waving through a window: life is hard and shy tree boy is sad™

For forever:you had one job e v a n.

Sincerely, me: but like they were re a l l y g Ay t h o???, (ft.smoking drugs™)

Requiem: Connor was an angelic ass™

If I could tell her: use fake information about peoples brothers to get with girls nOTASCAMATALL

Disappear: this is giving me strange heathers vibes™

You will be found: tree boy made the internet cool again,

To Break in a glove: daddy issues™

Only us: sorry Zoe but I still ship tree boy with your dead brother cOUGH.

Good for you: you done fucked up tree boy.

Words fail: no I’m not even going to t R Y I’m crYING thiS hIT M E sO B A D.

So big/ so small: ok like Evans mom is b e s t m o m™ she’s too good for t h i s, best mom deserves better.

Finale:tree boy sees sky’s forever.

The end

This lowkey took me 20 minutes to write cOUGH COUGH

hey i thrive on following a lot of blogs so if you post any of the content down below, like this and i’ll follow you!


  • boku no hero academia
  • haikyuu!!
  • one punch man

video games

  • persona series
  • overwatch
  • hotline miami
  • life is strange


  • steven universe
  • orphan black
  • sense8
  • miraculous ladybug


  • studio ghibli movies
  • wes anderson movies
  • heathers


  • heathers
  • hamilton
  • wicked (the novel included!)


  • critical role
  • just… anything d&d

if you also post fashion, art (impressionism, original, etc.), makeup, food porn, stationery (studyblrs welcome!), or nature (sea, sky, flowers, etc.) i’ll follow you as well!

I just realized

there is so much more stuff that I’ve gotten into and played and experienced since I’ve been away from here. Stuff that, looking back, I really wish I hadn’t left this place because being able to go through those things with this entire site would’ve made everything sooo much better. Expect a ton of reblogs and other stuff showing up over the next while about Life is Strange, Hamilton, Heathers, that new Voltron show, and even more Welcome to Night Vale and Adventure Time stuff!!


Week Ending January 23rd, 2017

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  2. Moana
  3. La La Land
  4. Hidden Figures +2
  5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  6. Zootopia +1
  7. Lord of the Rings +1
  8. Split
  9. Deadpool −5
  10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens +2
  11. A Dog’s Purpose
  12. Bee Movie
  13. Beauty and the Beast −4
  14. The Bye Bye Man
  15. Suicide Squad −5
  16. Doctor Strange +4
  17. Heathers −2
  18. Spirited Away −1
  19. Frozen −5
  20. The Hobbit −2

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.