heather strange

A list of things that make me cry everytime

- unravel (from Tokyo ghoul)
-“….sept .. Huit ..neuf ” (Hamilton)
-weirdmageddon (Gravity falls)
-rose’s speech to Steven (Steven universe)
-the memory song from undertale
-kates suicide ( life is strange )
-the scene after morty burries his dead body(rick and morty)
-Sarah Lynn…….Sarah lynn…………….Sarah Lynn?“ (Bojack horseman )
- the ending to homestuck
- episode 69 of TAZ
- the last episode of sailor moon stars
-“he’s come to get me ….” (dear even Hanson )
- “say hi to god”(heathers)
-“Everything about me makes me wanna die” (Be More chill)
- “and FLYYYINNG AWAY” (the great comet )
-the ending to 17776
-the ending to over the garden wall
-“ I want it to hurt ” a night in the woods
- “ELEVEN!” (stranger things )
This is only part one

Accepting Anxiety: Part 2/2: Can Anxiety Be Good? Analysis

Okay so before I start jsyk I’ve been happy stimming since I saw the video my arms are so tired

- Roman’s previously is so extra

- The clock is in color now

- Anxiety’s room: Anime poster, masquerade mask, candles, album art, a LOT of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, spooky lamp, spider curtains, cat

- We get Anxiety’s music it’s nice

- Patton really hates spiders // when he needs comfort, he buries his face in the cardigan

- Roman is protective of Morality

- Everyone has cool toned lighting except for Anxiety, his is warm. And he fills up more of the frame than usual

- Anxiety is so, so, so, mad about them being in his room. His eyeshadow is way darker as well.

- Roman screams like a little girl

- Does Roman always have a brush on him? Or???

- “Didn’t seem like I was wanted. You all made that pretty clear.” He looks at Roman when he says that, then glances away. 

- This is the third or fourth time he’s said, “Except you, Patton.”

- “I love my dark strange son” *Heathers playing the background*

- Roman is horrible at making things better

- THomas tells ROman to shut up the first time

- Logan is the first to get eyeshadow beneath his eyes. As the video progresses, the other two get them as awell and they get darker, eventually worse than Anxiety’s

- Anxiety is so unhappy that they’re there. “If I wanted to be insulted, I would have just shown up like I usually do.” His room has been a place where he’s safe, and they’ve corrupted that

- “You poor little anxious baby”

- Thomas doesn’t have eyeshadow on I don’t think but he has bags under his eyes T H O M A S go to sleep

- Everyone is kind of an asshole in this video it’s weird

- There is so much self hatred in Anxiety

- Thomas tells Roman to shut up a second time, third, and fourth time

- Each time we cut back to roman during that, his eyeshadow is darker

- Patton asks about Roman’s self esteem issues 

- and then gets insecure about his questions // when he does so he flinches back away from Princey like he’s waiting to be attacked either physically or verbally. I know that look

- Patton is supportive 

- I just noticed this but Patton’s camera is angled downwards

- Logan rambles and gets dark help him

- Anxiety flinches from Logan yelling (there’s a lot of loud and a lot of flinching in this video)

- Patton doesn’t like loud noises either

- Logan’s eyeshadow gets worse as he rambles and Princey’s hair starts to fall into his face

- Anxiety is an alarm clock

- Patton yells that Anxiety is happiness

- Logan doesn’t like the loud noise now too “E=MC scared”

- Patton is worried he won’t be allowed the chance to speak

- When Thomas is praising Anxiety, Roman looks extremely distressed and takes two deep breaths

- Roman admitting that Anxiety isn’t all bad looks so difficult for him but it also comes out like something he’s been trying to say for a long time but hasn’t been able to psych himself up to do

- Anxiety’s small smile at Roman saying he makes them all better

- Roman’s immediate response after the smile is “Was that good did I do good?”

- The effect on Anxiety’s voice is beautiful

- Breathing as a technique to stop the anxiety (I know it’s a thing but doesn’t work for me)

- Anxiety praises Thomas as he guides him from the mindscape

- “Being anxious about getting more anxious. Sounds like me”

- Roman is genuinely surprised that Anxiety saved him

- Even though he plays it off, it means a lot to Anxiety that Patton is proud of him

- “Vigilant People” *eyebrow raise* foreshadow

- Anxiety is genuinely distressed about sharing his name

- “You’re great Patton”

- “Logan. Shut your ever flapping gobtalker.”

- Patton is all of us

- No music during the reveal

- Roman is in complete panic about Thomas wanting to know about his laughter in regards to Anxiety being a virgin…. uh….. okay

- Roman acknowledges how much Anxiety had to trust them to reveal his name as Virgil. 

- By the way, Virgil is derived from Vigilant. It’s also of Roman descent

- “You can call me Verge” okay edgelord

-  W H A T  O T H E R S ROMAN stop dropping bombs on us

- Sound of Music farewells

- Anxiety is so happy to be accepted

- The end card is so cute Patton is so pure I love him

Take it easy, guys, gals and nonbinary pals

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Dear Evan Hanson summarized

Anybody have a map?:shy tree boy and drug smoker are aNGST Y, and moms are good

Waving through a window: life is hard and shy tree boy is sad™

For forever:you had one job e v a n.

Sincerely, me: but like they were re a l l y g Ay t h o???, (ft.smoking drugs™)

Requiem: Connor was an angelic ass™

If I could tell her: use fake information about peoples brothers to get with girls nOTASCAMATALL

Disappear: this is giving me strange heathers vibes™

You will be found: tree boy made the internet cool again,

To Break in a glove: daddy issues™

Only us: sorry Zoe but I still ship tree boy with your dead brother cOUGH.

Good for you: you done fucked up tree boy.

Words fail: no I’m not even going to t R Y I’m crYING thiS hIT M E sO B A D.

So big/ so small: ok like Evans mom is b e s t m o m™ she’s too good for t h i s, best mom deserves better.

Finale:tree boy sees sky’s forever.

The end

This lowkey took me 20 minutes to write cOUGH COUGH

ms. fleming !! is !! an !! underrated !! heathers !! character !!

psssttt, here’s a shine a light animatic :^)

ik that the patterns on the clothing aren’t 100% accurate, I couldn’t really make out the accurate patterns shown in pictures so i decided to just make some random patterns. as i stated in my Shine A Light animatic, i havent finalized my design for her, so i decided to do that lol.

[I wanted to give her a strange fashion sense, and idk if it is strange tbh

Heathers au where Heather Chandler and Veronica Sawyer start dating as a publicity stunt. everything is going great until Veronica falls for JD, and Heather ends up dead. after she’s dead, everyone asks Veronica uncomfortable questions regarding their relationship, and Veronica realises she actually kind of liked Heather Chandler, while still liking JD.

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