heather skipping

Title: Secret’s Out

Characters: Veronica Sawyer, Heather Chandler, Heather McNamara, Heather Duke

Pairings: Heather Chandler/Veronica Sawyer (also a mention of Veronica/JD but literally just that)

Summary: prompt for krystarodrigeuz, they wanted basically how everyone and the other Heathers reacted to finding out that Veronica and Heather were dating, modern AU

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Dead Girl Stumbling

summary: heather gets drunk and feels like a dead girl walking, so she goes to veronica’s house to uh you know

trigger: sex mentions, this is not smut, bulimia mention, gay, really gay, break in? is that a trigger?

“She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she’s cheer captain and I wanna date her!” Veronica often spent her Friday nights alone in her room, listening to Taylor Swift and changing the lyrics (most often, the pronouns) to fit her situation. Despite being invited to a Remington party, this night was no different. She knew she was easily replaced by Chandler with any of the other Heathers, so she saw no purpose on leaving the house and getting drunk with boys she didn’t care about. She had a box of graham crackers and her cat, Mewtwo, to keep her company.

Little did she know, more company was on the way.

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Beautiful - Heathers!Vincent AU

I might continue to write these if people want me too. I won’t rewrite the lyrics but this will do.

Here’s chapter one of the only Vincent Au

Vincent was the classic high school guy who didn’t belong. It’s the first day of his senior year, 1989, and he’s writing in his diary by the lockers. His brow knits together and Martha Dunnstock could’ve sworn steam was coming out of her best friend’s ears. She closed her locker to see the word “HOMO” written across Vince’s. No doubt he was furiously documenting his hate for their fellow students.

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absolutely useless heathers headcanons

-jason dean really likes chocolate milk and he will not share his chocolate milk with anybody
-sometimes heather chandler burns her homework
-the only thing jason dean fears is needles
-heather duke owns too many pairs of boots
-heather mcnamara can fall asleep anywhere
-kurt kelly bites his nails
-ram sweeney knows everything about everyone and nobody knows how he knows so much
-ram sweeney likes to eavesdrop
-mrs. kelly still buys her son disney movies on vhs tapes
-he watches ALL of them
-jason dean is always cold he needs a blanket
-veronica keeps food in her backpack
-she usually gives her food to heather chandler
-heather chandler skips lunch to make out with kurt in her car
-sometimes ram
-it’s the only time they’re available
-veronica casually wears no pants around everyone and anyone she hates pants
-she and heather mcnamara are pantsless buds
-heather mcnamara likes water colors she cries over water colors
-heather chandler owns exactly 63 pairs of earrings
-if you spray hairspray around heather chandler, she will vomit, it makes her hella nauseous
-ram kicks trash cans over
-kurt puts them back up because he does not appreciate littering
-jason dean owns a lot of bubble blowing wands but no bubbles
-veronica once pushed heather chandler on the playground and heather cried
-i’m supposed to be in math right now bye

veraffs  asked:

∞ i swear if you put any songs that i hate on purpose im deactivating

king city x swim deep

just a desperado with a sour twist / it will all come sweet on your lips / ‘cause i’m in love / it’s so old / put your flowers down / it’s too cold.

drive x halsey

all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign / sick and full of pride / all we do is drive.

oh no! x marina and the diamonds

 one track mind, one track heart / if i fail, i’ll fall apart / maybe it is all a test / 'cause i feel like i’m the worst / so i always act like i’m the best.

walking disasters x the wombats

she only finds her love in a downtown score / consumption makes her stronger / you’re the sweetest anaconda / the kind of lack of respect that i adore.

summer dress x july talk

yeah, but this is life we’re living / life ain’t always 'bout forgiving / she’s my lady in a summer dress / this is life we’re living / life ain’t always bout forgiving.

anonymous asked:

for the space related ask: /all of them/

pluto: what do you love most about yourself?

Eyes and legs

mars: who is your ideal best friend?

Likes musicals, will let me ramble and babble, is okay with me laying on them or just like platonic cuddling, night owl

earth: what’s your ideal house/home?

Small apartment over a coffee shop in Portland

saturn: what’s your aesthetic?

All seeing eye, red tones, musical quotes, the sun

jupiter: if you could choose your own name what would it be?

Jae or Jason

neptune: what’s an album that you can listen
through entirely w/o skipping song?

Heathers, falsettos, Harbor (tomppabeats)

venus: go to piece of clothing/outfit?

Grey hoodie and red beanie (seriously they are comfort items)

mercury: what’s something you couldn’t live without?

Beanie, hoodie, rubber bracelet

uranus: what’s your zodiac sign?


the moon: favorite quote?

“Shit bro I wanna fly”

the sun: what motivates you?

Musicals, spite

kepler-22b: if you could go anywhere, where would it be/why?

I would go to New York city for like a week, Id get overwhelmed if I stayed longer

phobos: what was your favorite song as a child?

Once upon a dream from sleeping beauty

ceres: out of everyone/thing in this world, who would you elect president?

The instagram beauty gurus or slime people

titan: if you could die your hair absolutely any color and pull it off, what would it be?

Teal and pastel pink

callisko: what’s your ideal job?

Pathologist, or librarian
enceladus: who is your favorite person? what are they like?
My best friend, shes sweet and nice but calls me out on shit and she’s annoying and great and smart and a nerd
hyperion: do you have a favorite store/shop? Yes its an old book store in my hometown called books in time comet: what’s your biggest secret?
I have a crush on my best friend whee astroid: what’ your biggest fear? i there a reason why you’re scared of it?
I fear losing everybody and everything shooting star: who is your ideal s/o?

Same as a best friend

Heathers AU where the Heathers are stereotypical outcasts.
Heather Chandler has pin straight greasy hair and smudged eyeliner 24/7.
Heather Duke always has reading glasses and two books on her and an oversized tote bag that looks like it crawled out of the black lagoon.
Heather McNamara has nails bitten down to stubs and can never button her shirt correctly.
Then Veronica used to be popular (when the great inevitable divide happened she migrated towards that crowd) becomes an outcast for undisclosed reasons and runs into the Heathers while they’re skipping gym by hiding behind the bleachers, chilling.
Then JD is some preppy rich kid with a bloodlust (kinda like Dandy Mott from AHS freakshow but more subtle and less childlike) who decides Veronica seems cool and has her help kill off the nobodies.

am i allowed to have paper drinking cups in my weird magical fantasy world, or is that cheating? i have combustion engines, gas lines, pipettes, printing presses, textbooks on electrical circuit design, swords, someone once made a gosip-around-the-water-cooler joke, so… yes?