heather skipping

absolutely useless heathers headcanons

-jason dean really likes chocolate milk and he will not share his chocolate milk with anybody
-sometimes heather chandler burns her homework
-the only thing jason dean fears is needles
-heather duke owns too many pairs of boots
-heather mcnamara can fall asleep anywhere
-kurt kelly bites his nails
-ram sweeney knows everything about everyone and nobody knows how he knows so much
-ram sweeney likes to eavesdrop
-mrs. kelly still buys her son disney movies on vhs tapes
-he watches ALL of them
-jason dean is always cold he needs a blanket
-veronica keeps food in her backpack
-she usually gives her food to heather chandler
-heather chandler skips lunch to make out with kurt in her car
-sometimes ram
-it’s the only time they’re available
-veronica casually wears no pants around everyone and anyone she hates pants
-she and heather mcnamara are pantsless buds
-heather mcnamara likes water colors she cries over water colors
-heather chandler owns exactly 63 pairs of earrings
-if you spray hairspray around heather chandler, she will vomit, it makes her hella nauseous
-ram kicks trash cans over
-kurt puts them back up because he does not appreciate littering
-jason dean owns a lot of bubble blowing wands but no bubbles
-veronica once pushed heather chandler on the playground and heather cried
-i’m supposed to be in math right now bye

am i allowed to have paper drinking cups in my weird magical fantasy world, or is that cheating? i have combustion engines, gas lines, pipettes, printing presses, textbooks on electrical circuit design, swords, someone once made a gosip-around-the-water-cooler joke, so… yes?