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I also want to know what you think about how Hiccup treated Toothless in Terrible Twos. He basically threw Toothless out of the house after getting Torch. Hiccup does not seem very loyal to anyone in the series.

He’s fifteen years old and trying to learn nuances about a myriad of species of creatures that don’t speak English— give him a break!

Seriously, though— the movies are written for people of all ages. The shows are written for children. Therefore, anything from rob or DoB is not going to be the best representation of the characters. That said, these two episodes (Terrible Twos and the Heather Reports) aren’t that incongruous with Hiccup’s character. Not because he’s disloyal— goodness gracious, look at everything he does for his friends and his village. He puts his life on the line multiple times in the series for both Toothless and Astrid. Especially his dragon. But Hiccup sees the best in people. Almost blindly. It’s why he trusts Heather, it’s why he doesn’t hold a grudge towards his mother, it’s why he thinks he can change Eret’s/Drago’s mind about dragons. It’s why he fights so hard for peace: he believes that people are inherently good. Yeah, that means he’s too trusting of strangers, but that’s a minor side effect of what I think is a very admirable character trait.

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What are your thoughts on the episodes Heather report part I and II? To me it looked like Hiccup was legit crushing on Heather (brain under siege) but that does not bother me. What bothers me is how easily he trusted a complete stranger over Astrid.

That’s… pretty much Astrid’s entire point. Yeah, I do think he probably had a little crush on her. She’s pretty, smart, good with the dragons. Also, when you grow up with literally two candidates for your future wife, having an extra vagina thrown in the mix is gonna make any teenage boy raise his brows. But that’s basically Astrid’s point of view for the entire first episode— a little of her attitude might be out of jealousy, yes, but she’s irritated that Hiccup isn’t listening to her. She gets her vindication by the end, though.

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In Dragons Riders of Berk Hiccup shelters Heather in his home and lets her sleep in his bed, something that Astrid is shown to be upset about. Would Hiccup's kindness towards Heather have had repercussions towards not only him but to Astrid and Heather as well?

Are we talking…in terms of reputation?  Like, “Ooh…she slept in his bed, and Astrid hasn’t been there yet…ooh…SCANDALOUS!”

Because…Interestingly enough…No.  Though I think there’s a whole level of potential here that the fandom has not yet tapped.  It’s understandable.  Until this point, the argument has been over whether Astrid was jealous or suspicious.  And there has (I believe) been a related argument over whether Hiccup had a crush or was being just a nice person.  I personally side with the latter in both cases, but that’s neither here nor there.  We get so caught up in how they feel, that we forget about the social implications.  And in forgetting the social implications, we fail to realize potential character motivation.

Hiccup did the right thing in sheltering Heather and putting her in his own bed.  Yeah.  I said it.  But Astrid is also totally justified in not liking it.

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Why are there so much hate for Heather? Is it because of the way she’s trying to get all the boys? Actually wrong.

Heather just wanted to collect information about the different dragons in order to know how to train them. She just wasn’t that smart, and decided to tell lies and betray the trainers.

Because, if she was smarter, she would ask help and not cause any trouble at the same time.

And, heather wasn’t trying to steal Hiccup from Astrid. Hiccup just really trusted her a little too much which cause jealousy from Astrid.



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I hope this hasn't been asked before but aah what the hey- what are your thoughts on the fact that Hiccup never actually apologized to Astrid at the end of the Heather Report?

Oooh! Thank you for asking this because I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to address it on tumblr before.  I have lots on DA, so I’ll be referencing old conversations.  First and foremost:

Hiccup Didn’t Need To Apologize.

Nobody freak out!

This is something I think a disturbing portion of the fandom never considered.  Hiccup got too much blame for his interactions with Heather and Astrid got too much praise.

don’t blame Hiccup for not trusting Astrid’s judgement.  It wasn’t even that he didn’t trust her, he was just calling her out on her behavior—which was, if you look at it objectively (i.e. not with the knowledge we already have about Heather), marginally inappropriate towards Heather. She was rude, distrusting, and standoffish for no other reason than dislike.

Now, I’m fine with Astrid behaving that way, particularly if she’s usually hostile towards outsiders.  Astrid has a weird beacon in her brain that lights up on the first whiff of any sort of deceit (remember the movie??).

What I’m not fine with is people calling Hiccup an idiot for choosing to defend Heather up until the point when her true intentions are revealed. In fact, anything else would have been out of character for him. He’s not stupidly trusting; he’s an empathetic young man who wanted to help a girl who was alone (something he could relate to); a girl was also enthusiastic about dragons, open to learning about dragons outside of trying to kill them, and also had some mechanical know-how.

Hiccup wasn’t even that interested in Heather outside of being genuinely friendly and wanting to help someone in need.  And Heather had no romantic interests in anyone.  Astrid’s jealousy, if it can even be called that, was fueled by the other teens’ teasing more than any suspicions regarding romance between Hiccup and Heather.  She was annoyed Hiccup didn’t jump to take her side on something that she had nothing to back up other than an attitude.

Her “are you serious?” line in Hiccup’s room was out of line (something I realized watching the episode slowly to write the transcript). She felt victimized when she had no right to be—like the writers were trying to force our sympathy for Astrid right then and, unfortunately, it worked on some people.

So, Astrid totally jumped the gun in treating Heather like a criminal and because we, the audience, knew Heather was a spy, no one called foul on that.  

It wasn’t until Astrid had hard proof of Heather’s lies that Hiccup believed her.  All Astrid had to do was tell Hiccup what she saw and Hiccup was on her side.  

I suggest trying to watch the Heather Report while knowing what only the characters know, and not what the audience knows.  Hiccup was being overly optimistic, Astrid was being a brat.

Don’t get me wrong—I loved that episode for characterization. I thought Hiccup and Astrid were both more like their movie personas than most other episodes.  I just didn’t like how the viewers were predisposed to dislike Heather and be on Astrid’s side before the episode even aired.  We had weeks of false hype about a rival love interest to the point where most fans were all ready to support Astrid without even knowing the plot.

It’s actually rather interesting, because in the movie we were all on Team Hiccup without giving much thought to Astrid’s (or Vikings’) side of things.  In the episode we were clearly herded towards giving Astrid sympathy without giving much thought to Hiccup.

Now, was Hiccup wrong for reserving harsh judgement towards Heather until he had some sort of proof that she was doing something bad?  Wrong or right, it was at least Hiccup.  Dangerously sympathetic. It might not have been smart, but it was definitely in line with his character.  Just like it was in character for Astrid to get huffy and suspicious with no real proof other than hunches, and treat the victim of her suspicions with hostility.

But at the end of the day, Astrid didn’t really earn an apology.  She earned the right to say ‘I told you so’ and that’s it.