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an ode to thea theatre kids, i believe

(Despite the notes that my ‘ode to theatre kids i guess’ has received, I’m not proud of it. I let the message get lost while I was referencing as many shows as possible. That was not the intention and I truly wish that I never posted it in the first place. I’m not content with it and it’s honestly some of my worst work. I’d like to try again. Thank you.)

There is a secret society, underground, lurking in high school auditoriums. We float in lifeboats under our opera houses, humming familiar tunes that never quite leave us. We are so very different from each other and that’s magic in itself.

There are the leading players, chasing after whatever musicals land in the spotlight. They run blogs devoted to faux- emails and boys in bathrooms, and are often criticized. They are drama queens and kings and monarchs, demanding the spotlight. You deserve it, kids. You’re welcome to the theatre community. This is to you.

There are the eyeliner wrinkles; those who have charming voices and maturity and old age makeup. The Mrs. Potts and the Miss Hannigans, surrounded by beauties and orphan girls. They drool over Tonys and Conrads and other names foreign to the youth, but they are often just as young. This is to you.

There are the screenwriters, fixated on the bright lights and underlying themes. The stories enrapture them; from 19th century Russia to the end of the millennium, they are here for the stories. There are pages and pages of emotions in every note, and these Soundheims can hear every tear. This is to you.

There are the costumers and makeup artists, who might not find peace in the music or the plot, but in Dolly’s feathery scarlet frock. Or Glinda’s fuchsia frills. Or Grizabella’s whiskers. They look upon the stage with a passion for the lights, glittering and reflecting off of their work and their talent. This is to you.

There is the ensemble, left out of the light and friendships between the leads, with no lines, but an undying passion. To the altos and basses, who choke out the notes they wish they could hit and stumble the steps they can’t perform. These are the ones that work the hardest. They often haven’t taken tap classes since the womb, and their voice lessons are found in Choir Class. So they spend their nights watching Youtube videos and crying. This is to you.

There is the stage crew, who create the impossible. Who fly people into windows and to Neverland, rubbing their fingers raw as they scribble directions and spells onto the margins of their scripts. Who do perform magic every night, for a slice of cake at the cast party, a smile from the director, and eyerolls from the talkative cast. This is to you.

Finally, there is the most important part of any show. There is the audience. Without them, there is no point. There is no point to divulging the most human emotions, or spending hours memorizing beats and words, if nobody hears them. We have all been in the audience. 

The leading players are often viewing the great shows, at home on their laptops with the lights low. The wrinkles drawn with Elf eyeliner watch high school students perform because the rights to “Guys and Dolls” and “Anything Goes” are cheap as hell. The screenwriters visit touring casts, desperate to meet casts that perform the words they cannot say. The design team watches the Tonys with bright eyes, exposed to colorful suits and floral dresses that spin with every twirl. The ensemble proudly watches their friends twirl on stages that they were not invited to perform upon. The stage crew muses as to how Mary Poppins pulls the world from her bag and how they’d love to have that power.

We are the audience, We are the generation of an outpouring of love and music. We are the theatre kids. And this is to you, my friends. My tight-knit family. May you always be satisfied.


“Looking back - and this is all in retrospect - I did have a lot of success and a lot of great opportunities earlier in my career. But I did also have this thing that was sort of happening in my late twenties where, whether it was because of how I looked or because I started so young, even though I was the right age for things, people didn’t think that I was old enough.”

Prepare Yourselves...

For I bring news/pictures about RttE…

Awesome picture, right? But then I realized…

That is none other than Dagur. The. Deranged. (plus Heather.)


If you think that’s cool, check this out.

Plus this picture of the twins.

Now. Take a deep breath………. and get excited for RttE season 4

And just to top it all off, here are some RttE Valentines day cards!

  • *The Heathers have accidentally killed the fourth Heather*
  • Heather C: God, I said the cap slips off the poison pen for NO REASON, didn't I?!
  • Heather M: I know but I just assumed if anything bad happened, it would have been--
  • Heather C: NO! Do not say "The Chekhov Gun", Heather! That is a facile argument!
  • Heather D: And also woefully esoteric.
  • Heather C: Heeeeatheeeerrrrr......
  • Heather D: Fetching a rug, Heather.
  • Heather C: Oh great! Now she's fetching a rug! Are you happy, Heather?!
  • Heather M: No! I'm not happy!
  • Heather C: WELL GUESS WHAT! ME NEITHER! I mean, big picture I wouldn't say I'm a very happy person...
  • Heather D: Heather, I have fetched the rug.
  • Heather C: Plus now I'm out of a rug.

Not sorry, the final three should now be Simone, Normani, and Rashad. The top should have been them plus Heather and Nancy. I know it, you know it, we all know it. 

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this would be a lovely week to get back into the httyd fandom *winkwink* since it's a week celebrating a lovely pairing *winkwink*

Silly anon! The HTTYD Rarepair mini Kiss week doesn’t start until the 19th. Then I’ll be flooding your dashes with the blessed Gobber/Johann fanart!

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little love goblin shdjfjfjsgsh. they bicker even more than usual leading up to the session and it annoys Ronnie to no end. they should be happy that they get to have a kid, even if it is with each other.

Plus Heather is extra irritable (which means she’s REALLY irritable) which leads to even more arguing. The only time they actually have a nice moment is when the kid is born and all three of them are like !!! So happy. (The kid comes out with black hair and JD is like GET A LOAD OF MY DOMINANT GENES BITCH) but he doesn’t say it out loud til later

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Got any fics you'd recommend?

sure do!! 

in the heathers fandom i’d recommend @abotrash as a general author (their archive of our own account is here!!))

trail run is one of my super faves- it’s a poly relationship between all the heathers and veronica, plus veronica is dating jd!! it’s super well written and super cute :D

packs and their secrets is also super cute- it’s a wip omegaverse fic where chandler is an omega!! i adore it 

dead things can’t grow by marks is a wonderful fic if you’re looking for a little cry lol it includes ghost chandler and is short but wonderfully written

rough but sweet by YuriAllDahWay is a chansaw wip and the fucking. characterization is on point, the whole thing is great 

dead girl walking and the demon queen by rynwill: holy shit, reading this is a religious experience. the writing is wonderful, the dynamic is wonderful, it’s just??? so ridiculously good i cry a little every time it’s updated!!


Come Join Heather in Hell by The_Doom_Dahlia is the creepiest fucking fic, and i don’t think it’s ever going to be finished tragically, and it contains copious amounts of body horror, but it’s so fucking good that i just like hope and dream and pray that it will be updated (and write the next chapters in my head)

it’s absolutely terrifying but it’s so deliciously creepy i totally recommend it!!))

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ok but thoughts on valencia with heather

Well first of awl Heather is a textbook lesbian and her and Greg dating was the worst thing the show has ever done they had no chemistry bc she’s a lesbian. Also I love Heather x Valencia. I think they would balance each other out bc heather’s so direct and doesn’t care about social norm when valencia’s the exact opposite and Valencia can talk to Heather about stuff. Plus in the finale it was like classic butch/femme looks I loved it. I hope we get more Heather/Valencia next season.

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"Trouble" by Taylor swift starts playing while heathers plus v are in the car. V is strangely quiet until the "oh!" part and when that comes up she does the "GYAHH".

she causes the girls to scream and demand to know what the actual fuck that noise was.