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who run the stage? (girls) >> in honour of international womens day, a sample of the incredible talents of the women (and girls!) of musical theatre [listen]

omigod you guys from legally blonde - laura bell bundy and ensemble // i’m here from the color purple - lachanze // everything i know from in the heights - mandy gonzalez // and i am telling you i’m not going from dreamgirls - jennifer holliday // seventeen (reprise) from heathers - barret wilbert weed, alice lee, katie ladner and elle mclemore // with you from ghost - caissie levy // fly, fly away from catch me if you can - kerry butler // not for the life of me/nyc/astonishing - sutton foster // safer from first date - krysta rodriguez // love while you can from if/then - idina menzel, lachanze and jenn colella // ring of keys from fun home - sydney lucas // the wizard and i from wicked - ashleigh gray // simple joys from pippin - patina miller // easy as life from aida - heather headley //  i’d give my life for you from miss saigon - lea salonga // take me or leave me from rent - idina menzel and fredi walker // pretty funny from dogfight - lindsay mendez // sal tlay ka siti from the book of mormon - nikki m james // all grown up from bare - jenna leigh green // born to entertain/don’t rain on my parade - laura osnes // no day but today - idina menzel // i know it’s today from shrek - leah greenhaus, marissa o'donnell and sutton foster // i’m a star - eden espinosa // mama who bore me (reprise) from spring awakening - lea michele, lilli cooper, lauren pritchard, remy zaken and phoebe strole // the hill from once - cristi milioti // never neverland (fly away) - stephanie j block // as long as he needs me from oliver - jodie prenger //  watch what happens from newsies - kara lindsay // on my own from les miserables - samantha barks // out tonight from rent - daphne rubin-vega // i can do better than that from the last five years - betsy wolfe // quiet from matilda - adrianna bertola // the music and the mirror from a chorus line - charlotte d'amboise // i’m not afraid of anything from songs for a new world - andrea burns // defying gravity from wicked - willemijn verkaik // dear mr president - natalie weiss // on the steps of the palace from into the woods - anna kendrick // maybe (next to normal) from next to normal - alice ripley and jennifer damiano // the graveyard from jane eyre - marla schaffel and lisa musser // we’re not done from bring it on - taylor louderman and adrienne warren // dyin’ ain’t so bad from bonnie and clyde - laura osnes // it’s the hard knock life from annie - lilla crawford and ensemble // there’s a fine, fine line from avenue q - stephanie d'abruzzo // a new life from jekyll and hyde - linda eder // get out and stay out from 9 to 5 - stephanie j block } 


Heathers Movie Night!

So a while ago I made a post saying that we as a fandom should have a day when we all watch the musical at the same time and so I got some friends and planned this.

Basically on March 25th at 9pm UK/4pm US everyone can watch the musical and talk about it and basically just have a movie day/night haha.

We’d really appreciate if you could spread the word by reblogging posts about it or using the hashtag “Heathers Movie Night”!!!!

(Organised by: @jdonica-talks @heathers404 @have-a-sedative @kyukyuubey so thanks to that rad squad!)


•Looking hot
•Buying stuff they cannot
•Drinkin hard
•Maxin dads credit card
•Skippin gym
•Scarin her
•Screwin him
•Killer clothes

Archie might actually be in the musical episode.


heathers tumblr au

im really sorry this is so ugly but i had to do it. thanks @africabytoto1982 for helping me think of it (yeah your not getting away from thw blame here) 

-heathers are big name popular tumblrs they’re like thebootydiaries 

-Veronica and Martha have like 350 followers each. 

 -JD has a red and black edgy blog he keeps remaking over and over again so he doesn’t have that many followers 

-Veronica makes themes so she made a nice theme for heather and they welcomed her into their group by becoming mutuals and giving her a promo. 

-JD  liked the aesthetic of one of Veronica’s themes and used it and gave her a promo so they started talking and tumblr dating 

-Martha keeps @ing ram in posts and asking for promos and trying to follow him but he keeps changing URLs 

 -Veronica and heather got in a fight and put a callout post in her queue to post on Monday at 8:00am

 -JD says to delete heathers really popular sideblog as a joke but ends up deleting her main. 

-they make a post telling everyone heather deactivated for all these made up reasons 

-ram and Kurt run porn blogs and they kept interacting with Veronica’s posts on their porn accounts on purpose and it annoyed her and made people think she was involved with them so she got unfollowed by a bunch of people so JD hacked their blogs and made a post saying Kurt and ram were actually dating and were tumblr boyfriends and then deleted both their blogs.

 -Veronica says for him to stop and refuses to give him more promos and unfollows him. She takes out the cute link to his blog she had in her description 

-heather McNamara makes a post saying she thinks she should delete and everyone comes in her inbox with “ya you should” but Veronica tells her to just block the ip of the anon and so she doesn’t delete. 

-Martha says she’s gonna delete and queues up a final post but she cancels it last minute and decides to stay.

-JD plans on deleting Veronica’s blog but he wants to talk first. He sends her a bunch of messages on tumblr messenger and she doesn’t answer. He plans on going on her blog to harass her but sees a post saying she’s abandoning the blog. 

-JD goes to his blog and crytypes the ending part of meant to be yours

 -JD decides to make a huge blocklist of everyone he knows and destroy their lives and make them delete. 

 -Veronica brings her blog back under a new URL and makes a callout post for JD 

 -JD sees the callout and looses all his followers and finally deletes

 -Veronica takes the place of the heathers as the big name tumblr person and spreads peace and stops getting in fights.


AU where Ruby has been trapped in the Underworld and Archie saves her with True Love’s Kiss.

Once Upon a Time, Red Cricket

Dear Heather

I made this post specifically for you, but I won’t be the only one writing it. Anyone and everyone that wants to reblog and add onto this, PLEASE DO! So, let me jump right in.

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Heathers the Musical Ask Meme!
  • 1) favorite character
  • 2) least favorite character
  • 3) favorite scene
  • 4) favorite heather-ism
  • 5) favorite song
  • 6) least favorite song
  • 7) favorite reprise
  • 8) pairing you can't ship
  • 9) what irritates you most about the show?
  • 10) quote not from the show that describes your fav character
  • 11) favorite heather
  • 12) quote from the show that describes the show as a whole
  • 13) character you don't care for that others seem to like
  • 14) otp
  • 15) ot3
  • 16) favorite voice
  • 17) most heart-wrenching moment
  • 18) would you want to join the heathers?
  • 19) where would you rank in westerburg?
  • 20) best facial expressions
  • 21) crossover you'd want
  • 22) how you feel about closing
  • 23) have you seen the show live?
  • 24) how did you get into the show?
  • 25) have you seen the movie?
  • 26) favorite image
  • 27) favorite costume
  • 28) something that had been in the movie you wish was in the show
  • 29) something that had been in the show you wish was in the movie
  • 30) character you most relate to
  • 31) dream role
  • 32) what would your favorite character's pokemon team be?
  • 33) what would your least favorite character's pokemon team be?
  • 34) au you can get behind
  • 35) favorite small details in the show
  • 36) who would win in a snark off between heather chandler, veronica, heather duke, and J.D.?