heather locker

The signs as Heathers songs
  • Aries: Poor little Heather
  • Taurus: JD’s blown up
  • Gemini: Suicide note
  • Cancer: First funeral
  • Leo: Back to school
  • Virgo: Dorm party
  • Libra: You’re beautiful
  • Scorpio: The forest
  • Sagittarius: Croquet
  • Capricorn: Heather’s locker
  • Aquarius: Petition montage
  • Pisces: Veronica’s dream
do u know what i need

i need more heather chandler and jason dean interactions

i need them forced to sit next to each other in class because their last names are close in the alphabet

i need heather kicking jd under their desks while the teacher isn’t looking and jd smacking her with his journal

i need heather to stop in the middle of conversations just to throw things at jd’s head while he isn’t looking

i need veronica holding back an angry jd, who’s about to dump his cherry slushie into heather’s backpack

i need heather and jd screaming at each other in public while veronica stands nearby, taking pain killers for her headache

i need heather boycotting all gas stations because she finds out jd likes hanging out there

i need constantly bruised and scraped up jd and chandler because they’re constantly getting into physical fights

also i need veronica patching them both up, that part’s very important

and shit son i need heather and jd having lockers right next to each other, and jason enjoying opening his locker all the way so it covers heather’s locker up and heather trying to push his door out of the way but he holds it in place