heather i can't

  • pierre bezuhkov: *can't count how many paces to take in a duel*
  • jason dean: *can't count to three, thinks three is pronounced "fuck it"*
  • george eacker: *can't count to ten, can only count to seven*
  • tommy ross: *can't count down from ten to one, needs an entire chorus of students to do it for him*
  • i'm starting to see a pattern

Okay okay you know how Veronica does the whole *finger guns* “by the way you were my first” thing with JD after Dead girl walking? Well imagine JD maybe a couple days later, when they’re getting used to each other and starting to really show affection and caring about each other, and they just spent the day together and JD has to leave. They’re in Veronica’s room and they’ve been joking around, cuddling, JD reciting poetry and comparing Veronica to it, them being disgustingly cute, and JD has to leave because it’s late and Big Bud had already got on his ass about not going home the night before and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. So sadly he’s gotta cut the night short even though all he wants to do is stay with her and hold her while she falls asleep in his arms like the night before. But he can’t, and he promises he’ll be back the next day. So Veronica walks him out and they’re at the front porch and he kisses her goodnight; it’s a gentle kiss and their foreheads are still pressed together when he asks her: “Veronica remember our first night together?” And she responds with a small laugh like “Of course you doofus” even though she’s still focusing on how close they are. And he smirks before he starts backing away and shoots his own finger guns at her and quips, “Well you were my first too.” And with that he runs aways with a small bounce in his step to get on his bike and make it home before big bud kills him leaving Veronica with a big, goofy grin on her face as she starts to realize she’s in love with this dork disguised as a bad boy.

People always want to make noise about not romanticizing jd/veronica, but nobody wants to comment on how much the fandom romanticizes chansaw, which is much more abusive.

She physically assaults Veronica, cuts her off from her friends, threatens her if she doesn’t do exactly what she wants, and humiliates her (among other things). Like, y’all do whatever you want, but don’t act like a gay ship is inherently better than a straight ship or vice versa

I’m tired.

that adhd feel when someone tells you about how they listen to music while reading and you are so impressed with this superhero-level ability.

hear me out: aladdin au (or as I like to call it, the (pALADDINs) with keith as aladdin, lance as jasmine, hunk as genie, PIDGE AS ABU, shiro as rajah,,,,,,,, pls god

Yet ANOTHER woman lead?! This is UNREALISTIC it’s not like HALF OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION on Earth are women??? Get this FEMINIST propaganda out of Star Wars!!! I hate it when women are visible in my MANLY DUDE GUY MOVIES!! Especially when they aren’t SEXUALIZED AND OBJECTIFIED and BACKGROUND characters with little to no actual characterization! You SJWs had Rey (a MARYSUE just so you know) what more could you want!!!  How DARE Disney shove this liberal agenda down my throat!! I HATE women!!