heather harper


“Hey, I was sleeping innocently until a big bear came in and decided that my bed was just right.”
He tugs on my hair. “I think you got the wrong fairytale here.”
“What would be the right one? Aladdin because you plan to take me on a magical carpet ride?” I waggle my eyebrows.
Reed bursts out laughing. “Is that what you think of my dick? That it’s magical?”
I blush so furiously that he laughs even harder. “Damn, you really are a virgin, aren’t you?”
Cheeks still flaming, I flip up my middle finger. “That’s what I think of you and your magical, uh…”
“Dick,” he supplies between laughs. “Come on, virgin, just say it—dick.”
“Oh, you’re a dick, all right.” I glare at him all the way to the car.

Outlaws as Heathers

Jason would be heather chandler. All savagery and bitch ass remarks that will flatten you, but he has his insecurities and angst as well.

Kori would be Heather macnamara. She’s relatively ditzy and innocent while still having a killer mean side if needed but will be a ray of sunshine while she’s at it.

Roy is Heather Duke. Struggles with himself, but he has a lot of hidden determination and he wants to rise above himself. He’s been a footstool too long and he’s ready to be the big bitch.

WHISTLEBLOWER: PETA Ex-Employee Alleges She Was Encouraged to Steal and Kill Pets, and to Falsify Records

A woman employed by PETA fifteen years ago is now alleging that she was encouraged by its president to steal and kill pets, and to falsify records. Heather Harper-Troje is the wife of a US diplomat serving at the American embassy in Honduras, and her…


Act III, scene ii from Britten’s Peter Grimes. This is probably the most brilliant opera of the 20th Century (I say probably only because I have a hard time deciding between this and Turn of the Screw!). And, Peter Pears, to me, IS Peter Grimes. This performance is so human, so haunting…Heather Harper also performs beautifully as Ellen…a great recording all around!


So first of all, y'all need to know that I am OB. SESSED with this musical, but this song in particular killllssss meee and hits on everything that I love about writing YA. Granted, the context for this song is, “Wow, I wish we weren’t basically serial killers and could just be Normal Teens,” but it seriously could be Sophie and Archer from Hex Hall or Harper and David from Rebel Belle singing this song. RIGHT in the Writer Feels.