heather fedewa

What was the one artist from your hometown that inspired you to make music?

From L.A.-via-Vancouver punk band whitelung’s Question Dot GIF interview with totalvibration

“I had a weird crush on his voice, but now knowing him, I don’t have that anymore. Love him! But no sexual crush.” – Mish Way on Pink Mountaintops’ Stephen McBean 

“That record, Tied Down, was the first record on vinyl I ever bought for myself. It’s one of the few hardcore bands that’s stayed with me.” – Hether Fortune, who grew up in Detroit, on Negative Approach 

“I messaged [Jesse Taylor] on MySpace when I was 16 and asked if he could sneak me into this show at the Columbia. That’s where I met Ann-Marie and Mish for the first time.” – Kenneth William on Channels 3x4 

“I can’t think of any one band in Vancouver that inspired me [band laughs].” – Ann-Marie Vassiliou

GIF: adamkissick for NPR