Hamilton Au 1: Heathers au, but Alex isn't Veronica, and Thomas isn't J.d or a Heather

Veronica: Thomas ((because I still want this to be Jamilton and I personally don’t wanna make Thomas a Heather. Deal with it.))

J.D.: Alexander. ((It fits! He’s smart, angsty, and his dad was an ass, and his mother died in front of him, and he lives his life like life is war. How does this not fit?!))

H.Chandler: King george, ((because he wears red, he thinks he rules everyone and is a sassy little ass and he would make a perfect Heather leader!))

H.Duke: ((Burr, because he’s a jealous ass, and he starts out as a person with no personality, then turns in to an idiot who does stupid shot to get what he wants including killing a man.))

H.McNamara: Seabury. ((He is totally perfect for this and I don’t even know why.))

Kurt: Reynolds ((I want Alex to kick his ass so he is now a jock.))

Ram: Lee, ((I was running out of guys I didn’t like in the play))

Martha: Madison ((because chubby Madison is adorbs and is Jefferson best friend))

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"And then, she threw up on me!" (I'm not the original sender but I thought this would help 😂)

“And then, she threw up on me!”
“Ewww,” the other children groaned as Heather Chandler recounted the events of Ram’s seventh birthday party.
“She’s so weird,” Heather McNamara laughed. “She probably threw up on you on purpose.”
“It was disgusting,” Heather Chandler said, cringing. “Then she started crying after, like a baby!”
All the second graders laughed, and Veronica resisted the urge to cry again. JD stood next to her, Martha behind her.
“You’re the stupid ones!” Veronica shouted, stomping her foot on the ground. “It was an accident. You guys are mean on purpose!”
“I’d rather be a brat than a loser,” Heather Duke said rudely. “Besides, at least brats dolls are pretty.” Everyone laughed, causing Veronica to get even more upset.
“Brats dolls are ugly,” JD said.
“My mom says they look like prostitutes.”
All the children stared at him, confused.
“What the heck is a prostitute?” Heather McNamara asked. Heather Chandler scoffed.
“It’s probably just a name he made up to make us look dumb.”
“Come on, Veronica,” Martha said quietly, tugging on Veronica’s shirt. “Let’s just leave.”
Veronica huffed and turned around, walking angrily back the classroom.
“I’ll be right back,” JD said. “I have to go get something.”
Veronica nodded and sat down miserably on one of the bean bag chairs and curled up, her head on her knees. Martha sat next to her, comforting her with a hand on her back.
“You’re not gross,” Martha said. “They’re all dumb.”
JD suddenly came running into the classroom a few minutes later, looking flushed and nervous.
“What did you do?” Veronica asked curiously. JD smiled deviously.
“Look what I snuck out of the nurses office,” he said, pulling a bottle of blue cough syrup out of his pocket.
“Gross,” Veronica said, wrinkling her nose. “What are you gonna do with that?”
JD grinned and ran over to the cubbies, quickly going through Heather Chandler’s back and pulling out a bottle of blue Gatorade. Veronica’s eyes widened.
“No way,” Martha gasped. JD grinned and nodded. He took the Gatorade bottle and ran over to the window, pouring it out the side and poured the entire bottle of cough syrup into it.
“Let’s see who throws up now,” he said.
Veronica laughed and hugged him tightly, causing him to blush slightly.
“You’re a genius!” She said happily.
“I just hope we don’t get caught,” Martha said quietly.
At lunchtime, however, the three of them decided it didn’t matter if they got caught. Seeing Heather gag and spit out a mouthful of cough syrup right on Heather Duke’s dress made it all worth it.


some heathers valentines day cards!! sorry they’re just doodles and tht there’s only 2, i’m working on another valentines thing!! which will be coming out on actual valentines day lmao

anyway, feel free to send these to ppl!!

Heathers the Musical: A Summary
  • Beautiful: i fuckin hate this place jk now I’m hot and popular
  • Candy Store: the Schuyler Sisters + evil
  • Fight For Me: dAAAAAAaaaaamn
  • Freeze Your Brain: tragic backstory™
  • Big Fun: my first week of college in a nutshell
  • Dead Girl Walking: sexytimes
  • The Me Inside of Me: wait now she’s somehow MORE popular
  • Blue: fuckboys perpetrate rape culture
  • Our Love is God: “i worship you” awwww “i worship you” cool bUT IT’S STILL MURDER J.D.
  • Prom or Hell: my bf is a triple murderer but he’s hot as fuck soooo
  • My Dead, Gay Son: our sons were gay and whoops so are we
  • Seventeen: murder is probably a no no
  • Shine a Light: oversharing teacher + snappy choreo = still uncomfortable
  • Lifeboat: bitchy cheerleader revealed to be cinnamon roll
  • Shine a Light Reprise: “what the fuck heather” -Heather D. “what the FUCK heather?!!?!” -audience
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: we’re supposed to feel bad for her but also she kept a scab in a locket?? + more suicide
  • Yo Girl: scariest song in the show tbh
  • Meant to be Yours: VERONICA openthe opentheDOOR plEAse
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me
  • I Am Damaged: i would die for you and now im gonna*BOOm*
  • Seventeen Reprise: fuck you all and lets go watch The Princess Bride
things in Heathers that give me life:

• Kurt and Ram’s head nod in beautiful
• the “it really blows” foreshadowing
• “thus ending her hangoverrr”
• literally every single time Veronica laughs
• “Jesus I’m on the frickin’ bus again”
• the dance in big fun cuz it looks sO FUN
• every single lyric in blue aka the fuckboy anthem
• when he missed the punch and JD raises his arms like “that’s rigHT, BitCH. COme aT ME.”
• “dang dang diggity dang”
• “oh look she was reading…the bell jar” *gasp*
• the arm hug thing Veronica and JD do. you know what i mean
• Veronica/macnamara hug after shine a light reprise
• “hello, slut”
• Veronica’s finger guns