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Time for the Pushing Daisies AU Nobody knew they wanted!!!

Okay so I was thinking about Billy and Teddy because of the Avengers Academy event and then I happened to unearth my Pushing Daisies DVDs like five minutes later and then this happened! This is an AU that still takes place in the Marvel universe, so everybody still has their powers, which is why it works! 

Billy is a chaos magic user like his mother but unknown to them, he has the power to wake the dead with a touch, first touch life, second touch, dead again forever. Billy and his brother Tommy live in Avengers Mansion with Wanda. Also at the Mansion is Captain Mar-Vell and his son Teddy. When Wanda dies, Billy resurrects her with his magic, discovering his powers, but Wanda remained alive for longer than one minute, Mar-Vell dies in her place. Wanda doesn’t know about Billy’s ability, and accidentally touches him again, thus dying again. 

Years later, Billy has renounced all his ties to the Avengers and his magic, choosing instead to open a pie shop with Tommy,who has little interest in being a super hero either. He’d rather stay and annoy his brother and eat pie. Billy bakes therapeutically like his mom did. 

One day while Billy is taking out the trash, he witnesses Patriot, one of the Young Avengers, chasing a perp who falls to his death next to Billy’s dumpsters. In an effort to see if he’s okay, Billy accidentally resurrects him, and quickly touches him again before he can run to fix the mistake. Patriot sees this, and recognizes Billy, so he tries to convince him to rejoin the Avengers, but to no avail. Patriot instead reveals himself to be Eli Bradley, and tells Billy that he can still help do good without being on the team, and the two join forces in secret to help Eli solve his crimes with the Young Avengers, as Billy wishes to remain anonymous. 

Teddy is one of said Young Avengers now, using his powers for good when he is murdered on one of his missions. Billy, devastated, convinces Eli to take him to the funeral, where Billy brings Teddy back to life and in a split decision, decides to keep it that way, and kills a super villain by proximity, much to Eli’s displeasure. 

Billy brings Teddy back to the pie shop where Teddy laments he can probably never speak to Iron Man or Captain America ever again, even though they raised him after Mar-Vell’s death, retiring from hero business and becoming quite recluse over the years. Tommy becomes increasingly more irritable now that he has to share his brother’s attention with a dead guy. 

Kate, Cassie, and Jonas are Young Avengers that gradually find out about Teddy of their own accords. They decide to help around at the pie shop from time to time, as covers while they go out and solve crime. 

Billy’s father, The Vision, who he hadn’t seen in many years, left Billy and Tommy both at X mansion after Wanda’s death because of their abilities and their ties to Professor X. Unknown to them, he went on to have Viv and Vin, Billy’s twin android half siblings, who he meets on a mission with the Young Avengers. They have a minor obsession with slight of hand, as they figure hobbies would make them more human like. Billy and Tommy feel slightly betrayed but also grow to very much like Viv and Vin. 

I even drew pictures!!!

A bonus note, Tommy has taken the place of Olive and rest assured I’ve cut those romantic ties Olive has for Ned they don’t exist, it’s just Tommy being salty that his brother doesn’t have time for him as much now. 

anonymous asked:

Okay, so if Veronica is Anxiety, then I can totally see JD as Princey. Their names have the same amount of syllables as well, and I can 100% see Princey singing Meant to Be Yours like..."ANXIETY! Open the--open the door please, Anxiety, open the door!"

anon i am not even joking, thats literally all i think abt. like, i even said in the tags of that post that princey and jd have the same syllables too. ♡
ive been trying to draw this all day, but it just never looks good, so im taking a break from drawing, but you better believe im drawing princey yelling “anxiety! open the- open the door, please”.