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Secondary Colours of Jason 'J.D.' Dean in Heathers (1989)

One of the most iconic aspects of the Heathers movie is the distinctive colour palettes for each character. J.D.’s primary colour is black, which initially seems like it means ‘he wears black because he’s cool’. Then you realise, 'he wears black because he’s actually the murderous villain of the piece’.

J.D. also has a good game on his secondary colours. He’s usually in three layers: the black trenchcoat, a coloured undershirt, and a men’s tank top. In his first appearance, that’s a green undershirt. Green is also Heather Duke’s (initial) colour. Green is a secondary colour, unlike the other three Heathers; green signifies Heather Duke’s envy and illness (bulimia). For J.D., the green seems to mean that he wants something - and at that point in the story, I don’t think J.D. himself is certain of what that is.

Green also matches Christian Slater’s eye colour, so, good fashion choice.

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People who defend JD (Rant)

It’s come to my attention that some people try to defend (Musical) JD and say he’s not a murderer, but “blinded by love”.

I’m sorry, but you’re fucking dumb. JD is a murderer, and here is why:

JD kills Kurt and Ram because they made Veronica cry. Source: “Our Love is God”

JD tries to blow up the entire school because he thinks it’s driving him and Veronica apart. Source “Meant To Be Yours”


JD was the one who came up with the idea to have Heather C. drink fucking DRAIN CLEANER. And he doesn’t seem bothered AT ALL that she’s dead. He’s only worried about the cops. Source: The fucking movie AND the musical

JD was a murderer the entire time. I don’t care how sweet he sounds in “I Am Damaged” or in “Our Love Is God”. He’s a fucking murderer who should not be defended. I don’t care how big your boner for him is. He is crazy town, he’s coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.

I’m sorry, had to get this off my chest.

fight for me

((I hope this isn’t weird, but your post gave me the idea. I’m not a great writer but hopefully you like it.))

Heather Mcnamara spit out the last of the pills she had taken on the bathroom floor. With tears in her eyes, she looked at Veronica, sitting next to her on the cold tiles. Heather Duke was such a bitch. She wasn’t any better than Heather Chandler, maybe she was worse. Heather Mcnamara hadn’t ever really thought about suicide before Heather Chandler drank drain cleaner, but she didn’t encourage it, like Heather Duke. It wasn’t fair. Why did Heather Duke get to be in charge? It wasn’t like she was any prettier than Heather Mcnamara, or Veronica, for that matter. Veronica, as Heather Mcnamara was noticing, had such big eyes. Clear skin, too. She didn’t know what Heather Duke was talking about when she said Veronica was fat, that was so out of left field. Obviously, Heather Mcnamara always knew Veronica was technically hot since she started hanging with the Heathers, otherwise it would never be allowed to happen. But it was only there, on the floor, when she saw that Veronica was beautiful. 

Veronica leaned forward, gently moving Heather Mcnamara’s hair out of her face. Veronica was smart, she had been her whole life. Smart enough to know that any feelings she’d been having for the girl in front of her were just happening because her brain wanted her to stop any and all feelings for JD. Heather Mcnamara was just a distraction. Or…was she? Veronica’s feelings for Heather Mcnamara were so different than her feelings for JD were. With JD, everything was rushed, powerful, scary. With Heather Mcnamara? It was the opposite. Her feelings were soft, tender, loving. She felt protective. Veronica had taken the stark difference to mean that her feelings for Heather Mcnamara weren’t real, but maybe they meant something different. Maybe they meant that Heather Mcnamara had the goodness that JD lacked. Maybe they could be happy. 

Veronica was totally taken off guard by the lips that suddenly were kissing hers. Heather Mcnamara’s lips were so soft, nothing like JD’s at all. Veronica, after a second of hesitation, kissed back. 

Heather Mcnamara pulled back, slowly, after a few seconds. A bittersweet smile came over her face. She was happy to have kissed Veronica, but she still had to face everyone outside. Heather Duke would never let her live her confession down. But maybe with Veronica, she could survive it. 

“Veronica?” She asked, in a voice that sounded almost shy, compared to her usual tone. 

“Yeah?” Veronica was looking in her eyes, totally attentive. 

“Will you fight for me?”

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this is probably petty compared to all the rest but i ltrly hate chris wood's fucken manspreading all over the place like dude i doubt ur dick is that big to need all that room like are you just creating space for ur enormous ever-growing forehead or wha

it’s to compensate for his twig

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Heather Chandler with prompt #7 maybe?

Alright! I’m actually excited to do this because this is gonna be my first
Pairing: Heather Chandler X Reader
Prompt #7: “Be my wife”
TW: Mobile writing (I still have a few hours fam!) 

Heather Chandler was the most popular girl in school. Y/n L/n was practically a nobody. But she was friends with Veronica Sawyer.

Veronica was the only person who knew about Y/n’s crush on Heather. But it was kind of obvious. Y/n would stare at Heather so much in science class, where she sat behind Heather.

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