heather coleman


Tell me about your special-edition Zendaya Barbie. I’m really jealous.
After my Oscar moment, Mattel contacted us. They specifically wanted to make a Barbie that looked like me, in my exact outfit from the Oscars. I was so excited that Barbie wanted to diversify their brand. Now all little girls can have a Barbie that looks like them. My Barbie is in a box. I never let anyone touch her.

At Salt Lake Comic Con Sebastian Stan said at his panel that this was his favorite scene to film in Captain America and he wishes it could have been longer. Before the panel I was talking with Jenna at her autograph table and Sebastian showed up out of nowhere and told her hello and that it had been forever seen they had seen one another, so he wanted to say hi. After he left, Jenna said to me, “That was my date!” Gahhhhhhhhh I’m freaking dead! So the one time these two were together over the weekend and it was right in front of me while I was talking to Jenna!