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Okay so I see so many posts about Hamilton, Heathers, Great Comet, Dear Evan Hansen, or more recently, Be More Chill. So. Many. Posts.
But where is the love for older musicals? Where are all the posts about Chicago, or Rent, Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, Spring Awakening or even musicals as big as Wicked and Les Mis. Give them some love, or some art, or some headcanons too! Talk about Enjolras or Elphaba, draw the six merry murderesses in their Cell Block Tango, make a Take Me or Leave Me animatic. Tell me your dream casts for a Spring Awakening movie.
I know there’s more new content for these new musicals, and the fandoms are bigger, but we wouldn’t even have these new musicals at all. These are the shows I grew up on, and I hope there can be more and more new fans that go out and listen or experience them for the first time like I did. Embrace the old as well as the new.

killer instinct - a collection of the best showtunes sung by villains

always a woman - 9 to 5: the musical // the bottom line - newsies // evil woman - xanadu // don’t be the bunny - urinetown // i’d fuck me - silence! // i want the good times back - the little mermaid // forbidden fruit - the apple tree // evil is hot - the toxic avenger // they don’t know - thoroughly modern millie // the hammer - matilda // spread a little sunshine - pippin // aftershocks - next to normal // pretty women - sweeney todd // forever yours - once on this island // killer instinct - bring it on: the musical // suppertime - little shop of horrors // meant to be yours - heathers: the musical // superstar - jesus christ superstar


on my own: voulme II // listen here

killer female solos that are really amazing volume two

01. don’t rain on my parade funny girl / 02. don;t cry for me argentina evita / 03. i don’t know how to love him jesus christ superstar / 04. over the moon rent / 05. now that i’ve seen her miss saigon / 06. i’m not that girl wicked / 07. memory cats / 08. castle on a cloud les miserables / 09. the world above the little mermaid / 10. sun and moon (reprise) miss saigon / 11. when you’re good to mama chicago / 12. popular wicked / 13. as long as he needs me oliver! / 14. kindergarten boyfriend heathers / 15. didn’t i see this movie? next to normal / 16. i can’t do it alone chicago / 17. naughty matilda / 18. wishing you were somehow here again the phantom of the opera / 19. always starting over if/then / 20. i have a dream mamma mia! /  21.beauty and the beast beauty and the beast / 22. there are worst things i could do grease / 23. i miss the mountains next to normal / 24. pathetic matilda / 25. what the fuck? if/then

heathers 2018

heathers 2018 is killing more people (so possibly another heather or two- more than likely more minority people! great!) and also portrays nb people, plus size people, people of colour etc as being… ‘woke’ and therefore bullies it seems?

jesus christ

first day

@zoe-stylish requested this! I hope you enjoy!

“Mommy, I lost my pencil case!” Henry cried out.

“It’s in your backpack dear.” Veronica handed him the pink backpack to her son. Henry sighed in relief and pulled it over his shoulder. He was in his favorite pink dress with multiple bows in his hair. And frankly he thought he looked amazing. Little Heather on the other hand was in a purple sundress with the NASA logo on it.

“What if it doesn’t go well?” Henry asked, holding his mother’s sleeve. Veronica gave him a kiss and a little shove to the bus. Before he left JD gave him and little Heather a hug as well.

“It’ll be fine, you’ll make friends and be okay.” He assured. Henry nodded and he and his sister waved goodbye as the bus drove off.


“Our kids have been in school for an hour and they’ve already gotten in enough trouble that the principal needs to talk to us both?” Veronica asked and she and JD made their way across the parking lot.

“Well… just Heather.” He reminded. The couple made their way into the school where the secretary was waiting to bring them into the main office. When he did the principal smiled at him.

“Thank you Terry.” She smiled and then looked at Veronica and JD. Heather was sitting in the chair on the other side of the room pouting. “Please, have a seat.” She told them. JD and Veronica sat down. “Heather, do you want to come over here and tell your parents why you’re in so much trouble?” She asked. But Heather just crossed her arms.

“Hey um, if she’s not gonna say nothing, then her mouth is shut for good.” JD warned. “I could get her to talk, but it’s gonna take a while.” He added. The principal groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Your daughter punched another student.” The principal spoke bluntly. “Not a shove, not a smack. She right hooked him in the face.”

“That’s my girl.” JD grinned a bit.

“Excuse me!?” The principal gasped in shock. JD froze.

“I mean that’s so unlike her. And I am so… disappointed and… I’m a good dad I swear.” He added.

“Heather.” Veronica called to her daughter. “Why would you do something like this?” She asked. Heather grumbled and stood up, stomping her foot like a diva and leaning forward to talk.

“Jason was making fun of Henry for wearing a dress. And Henry started crying to me. I told Jason he made Henry cry and he should apologize, but Jason started laughing at him and said Henry was a girl. I corrected him by saying Henry wasn’t a girl, I was… then I punched him in the face.” Heather huffed and spun on her heel. She looked away with her nose pointed up, scoffing. “And then HE cried.”

“Oh my god Heather I am so proud of you.” JD got up and ran to give his daughter a hug. “You stood up for yourself and your brother.” He went on and on until he realized that he was being stared at by his wife and the school principal. “I mean I… I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself but… you should never result to violence.”

“But daddy, mommy said you shot two boys with blanks when you were in school because they were mean. And she said one peed his pants too.” Heather recalled.

“Oh jesus christ, sweetie, don’t say things like that in front of your school teachers.” He groaned.

“It’s true!” Heather tried.

“Did you talk to Jason about making Henry cry?” Veronica asked. “Did you even speak to his parents, or at least the teacher?” The principal gave her a astonished look.

“Of course not. Jason is the victim of your daughter’s violent outburst.” She explained. “He did nothing wrong.”

“He made our son cry all because he wore a dress.” JD reminded, standing up.

“Well to be fair Mr. Sawyer-Dean, your son was clad in all pink. And if he didn’t want to be made fun of perhaps he shouldn’t make himself a target.” She seemed to scoff this. Like she was projecting personal opinions on this issue. JD just stood there with wide eyes, looking at his wife, whose hands were stiff at her sides.

“Excuse me?”


“Daddy, why aren’t we at school?” Henry asked. JD knelt down and scooped his son up, giving him a kiss.

“Because we didn’t think it was a right fit.” JD smiled. “Private schools around here seem to be full of snobs. I told your mother we should send you to public school, you kids need the exposure… and be surrounded by people who just don’t care about anything.” He beamed.

“Jason Dean shut your mouth.” Veronica came behind him and took Henry. “We both agreed it’d be worth a shot. Besides, we don’t want them having the same experience we did in school.” She decided.

“You start Greenwood Elementary next week.” JD told them.

“Will anyone make fun of my dress there?” Henry asked.

“Son, the wonderful thing about public schools is… nobody cares. At all. Not enough to bully you anyway.” He decided. Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Henry, wherever you go, you’ll meet some bullies and mean people. But they don’t stand a chance as long as you got your sister with you.” She promised. Henry beamed and ran over the where Heather was playing on the floor, and sat down with her.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any christian books on life to recommend?Especially for youths and young adult?

So many! Lol. The ones I have read lately that have really impacted me are:

When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore (This one is about understanding the schemes of the devil and how to fight against them. It rocked my world!!!)

The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning (This one I am currently reading and have read the first chapter four times because it is so good and I want to make sure I grasp it! It basically redefines the gospel of grace and focuses on living in His grace and not by works)

The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst (This one outlines how to make wise, godly, everyday decisions and how to prioritize well.)

Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst (If you struggle with feeling left out or alone a lot, this book is for you! It talks about finding your place in Jesus and not in people. So good!)

Seated with Christ by Heather Holleman (This book drastically changed my perspective on identity! If you struggle with insecurities and finding your identity, read this book! I won’t even give anything away by describing it. Just read it.)

I Am by Michelle Cushatt (This a 60-day devotional that I am still in the middle of that basically focuses on who you are in Christ and not in the world’s standards)

This is Our Time by Trevin Wax (This one is especially good for young adults because it is about our current culture and social media and how to live a godly life in spite of those things)

All of these books are exceptional tools in your walk and any of them are a great choice to read! But just remember to always go back to the Word and don’t let these books be the only Scripture you are getting. Happy reading!!