heather chandler quotes

things in Heathers that give me life:

• Kurt and Ram’s head nod in beautiful
• the “it really blows” foreshadowing
• “thus ending her hangoverrr”
• literally every single time Veronica laughs
• “Jesus I’m on the frickin’ bus again”
• the dance in big fun cuz it looks sO FUN
• every single lyric in blue aka the fuckboy anthem
• when he missed the punch and JD raises his arms like “that’s rigHT, BitCH. COme aT ME.”
• “dang dang diggity dang”
• “oh look she was reading…the bell jar” *gasp*
• the arm hug thing Veronica and JD do. you know what i mean
• Veronica/macnamara hug after shine a light reprise
• “hello, slut”
• Veronica’s finger guns

  • me: okay i gotta get this essay DONE i can do it!
  • brain: learn all of veronica's parts in heathers
  • me: no seriously i gotta get this finished
  • brain: september first 1989, dear diary; i believe im a good person-
If Heather Chandler survived
  • Heather Chandler: *wakes up in hospital after drinking drain cleaner*
  • Veronica: Hey Heather, you feeling better?
  • Heather Chandler: What? Where am I?
  • Doctor: Why, you're in the hospital. This young woman saved your life. She performed CPR for five hours straight.
  • Veronica: Yeah. They said you'd be okay after the first few minutes, but I just wanted to be sure.
  • Heather Chandler: Wow, I'm touched. I'll have to remember that when I'm kicking your butt. *sound of glass shattering* Those flowers for me?!