heather can't act

Funny thing;

I started watching The 100 because of tumblr. I came into this show fully expecting to fall in love with Lexa and ship her and Clarke. I figured Bellamy and Clarke would be a more platonic, bro ship for me. Since the first episode with Lexa, I was always just ‘ehhh’ about it. And Bellamy’s first introduction, I totally disliked him. He was an ass.

Since then, Bellamy has become my absolute favorite character and Lexa, I don’t hate her, but she’s not a favorite. I don’t like the way she is influencing Clarke. She’s very uncaring and aggressive. Which I understand, she’s a commander. She has to stay in control. Her and Clarke just shared their big kiss and I was…. not impressed. It was definitely not what I expected.

To make things short? Things didn’t turn out as expected. I ship Bellamy and Clarke so much it’s ridiculous. How can a hug between two leaders who were happy to see each other be so much stronger than a kiss shared between two people who may have mutual feelings for each other?