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Brittana - Thank You

This is my final goodbye video to Brittana and also a big thank you to the wonderful actresses Heather Morris and Naya Rivera!

I wanna dedicate this video to the wonderful Brittana Fandom. You guys rock!! I enjoyed every single Riot with you all ❤️

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When Santana finally gives Brittany the ring, the fandom will get their happy ending!
Tears of joy will run down our faces. We will be so proud of our ship! They came a long way and they will be endgame! Forever as one!! Proudly so!

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To celebrate the married couple ☺️ I decided to put the first minute of my “Brittana-Their Story-Season 1-6” video on tumblr! I try to get the whole video (which will be pretty long, more like a movie 😂) on youtube after the last episode of Glee airs!!

I really hope you enjoy the video. The quality is bad cause I just filmed it from my notebook with my iphone. So the actual quality will be better 😉!!

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I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who still follows me even if i’m such a multi fandom mess.

I love you all! :)

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Stryke Out


I would watch the shit out of that show.

Especially when it involves interrogation tactics such as this

…and this

So, once again the twins can pretty easily take the cake of entertainment. Even if that clever little shit, Gastrid, pulled it off in the end.

  • I love them
  • Snotlout: What are we waiting for? Hiccup and Toothless need us!
    • Protective Snotlout is the best Snotlout
    • I really love those sorta/cousins
  • I can’t take Heather seriously so long as she’s riding her Razorwhip bicycle
  • Git yer justice!
  • Toothless’ harem grows by the day

I guess this episode gave us a little insight to the cruelties of humans, using dragons for sport and all. A little more incentive for Hiccup to take down the dragon trappers outside of being slighted by Viggo. But it also birthed Thorston&Thorston so I give it a thumbs up.


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Twitter Pics from Cast and Staff about shooting episode 602!

In the last pic we can see Hemo in the front and Naya in the back <3

I`ve never been so sure that Brittana is endgame than now!!!!

Hopefully we get our Happy End ladies <3

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