uhhh i might’ve not gotten the idea of doing fake screenshot-ish drawings based on my favourite scenes of the heathers musical or anything

everytime i got to the part in big where veronica does her goofy-ass laugh after she says “Awe, thanks heather but i don’t really have to vomit right now” i always pictured ronnie’s face like this

i only wanted to quickly sketch it but NOOOO i had to make a full pic of it godamm


Heather by Manadh Photography
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You and I both know there’s got to be some greater story line for you than “girl gets heart broken, was sad forever.” I think a nice one would be, “girl gets heart broken, was sad for a while but in her heartbreak she found freedom, friends, and the ability to look back and laugh at all she’d learned. She now lives her life on her own terms and still has fantastic hair.”

Infernal Fascination with Shitty but Accurate Chapter Titles
  • Prologue - Hehehe
  • Chapter 1 - Stop Now, Kids
  • Chapter 2 - Waiting for Everything to Go to Shit
  • Chapter 3 - Fun. Nightmares.
  • Chapter 4 - Hiccup Gets Kidnapped for the Billionth Time in His Life
  • Chapter 5 - I Received Death Threats
  • Chapter 6 - People Be Upset
  • Chapter 7 - That Was a Perfectly Good Tailfin
  • Chapter 8 - Screw Snakes on a Plane. We’ve Got Gays on a Boat.
  • Chapter 9 - Damn! Emotions!
  • Chapter 10 - Tuffnut’s Drinking the Weird Tea Again
  • Chapter 11 - Viggo Doesn’t Buy It ‘Cause He’s Smart
  • Chapter 12 - Fuck Gender Roles: She’s the Chief.
  • Chapter 13 - I Don’t Think That’s How Kissing Works
  • Chapter 14 - Tying People to Poles is So Romantic
  • Chapter 15 - Torture. Wow, What a Turn On.
  • Chapter 16 - Please Stop Cuddling With Him
  • Chapter 17 - Stoick Has Killed a Table. RIP Table.
  • Chapter 18 - Aren’t You Two a Little Old to be Jumping on a Bed?
  • Chapter 19 - Both of You Need to STOP.
  • Chapter 20 - BRANDING! Dagur, What the Fuck Are You Doing?
  • Chapter 21 - Dagur, You’re Too Drunk to Screw Your Comatose “Brother”
  • Chapter 22 - When You Throw a Guy Off a Cliff
  • Chapter 23 - “Dream Me Sounds Like a Real Bitch” - Astrid
  • Chapter 24 - Fucking Bath Time
  • Chapter 25 - Who’s This Nice Girl? I Hope She Lives.
  • Chapter 26 - Fucking and Feelings. Sue Me.
  • Chapter 27 - No One’s Safe From Me
  • Chapter 28 - Beheading is Nice. I Think I Broke Stoick.
  • Chapter 29 - Your Mom
  • Chapter 30 - Chains Instead of Love Letters
  • Chapter 31 - Not Even the Devil’s Into That
  • Chapter 32 - “Then Quit Your Crying and Put My Dick In Your Mouth” - Dagur
  • Chapter 33 - Heather’s Fucking Knocked Up
  • Chapter 34 - NUTMEG
  • Chapter 35 - Hiccup: The Unintentional Stoner Friend
  • Chapter 36 - Drinking Water. Angst.
  • Chapter 37 - Dagur Screws Shit Up… Again.
  • Chapter 38 - Hiccup’s a Slut for a Day
  • Chapter 39 - Viggo’s Pissed. Venom is Fun.
  • Chapter 40 - For Me, Just as a Clarification
  • Chapter 41 - Dagur, What the Actual Fuck
  • Chapter 42 - You Had One Job, Bryn. One.
  • Chapter 43 - Who Fucking Ordered This Assassination?
  • Chapter 44 - Hiccup Gets a Tattoo, Except It’s Not a Tattoo and Dagur Carves His Name Into His Fucking Leg
  • Chapter 45 - Tell-Me-That-You-Love-Me.mp3
I only know show tunes
  • Person: What kind of music do you listen to?
  • Me: *thinks about the fact that I haven't listened to anything but musicals the past year*
  • Me: It's really a variety
Infernal Fascination - Chapter 46
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Takes place after the events of “Maces and Talons.” Hiccup is captured by Dagur the Deranged, who wants nothing more than to call the dragon rider his own. This reignites the war between Berk and the Berserkers, while the war with Viggo Grimborn and his dragon hunters is only just starting.