Full Moon Clarity Tarot Spread
1: what’s been hidden
2: what’s ahead for you
3: what’s influencing you
4: what’s led you to this point
5: what’s left for you to do

This spread is to help use the full moons light to illuminate some questions you may have been having and what you need to keep in mind for the coming cycle!

This is just a quick easy spread you can do every full moon. Keep track of your progress and see how it connects for your year, January’s full moon is the perfect time to start and a good opportunity to get your baseline done…that way you can only improve.

dont 👏 say 👏 youre 👏 a 👏 twenty 👏 one 👏 pilots 👏 fan 👏 if 👏 sundays 👏 arent 👏 your 👏 suicide 👏 days 👏