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I recently just started this blog/grimoire and I’m really in need of some witchy friends to interact with and message and share ideas and dreams! Please reblog this if you post or are any of the following (like me💖):

🔮 Animal lover
🔮 Norse/ Heathen (HATE/NON FACIST)
🔮 Cosmic/ astrology
🔮 Pop culture Witchery
🔮 Stormcraft
🔮 Energy work
🔮 Empath
🔮 Anything about placebo effects (omg please message me if u wanna talk about this)
🔮 Tech witch
🔮 Talkative (I love chatting)
🔮 Spoonie
🔮 Mythology/ Cryptids
🔮 History
🔮 Stoner Witchery
🔮 18+ NSFW (My blog isn’t nsfw but it would be nice to follow some older witches)
🔮 Low spoon Witchery
🔮 Dragons (vague buy whatever I love them)
🔮 Thoughtforms
🔮 Natural healing
🔮 Crystals
🔮 Journaling
🔮 Shrines / E-shrines
🔮 Oracle/ Tarot / Divination
🔮 Discreet Witchery

Message me about anything 💖 ~ La Dame Blanch 💋

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Vikings Fic, would you read it?

I’ve been working on a project for the past weeks and at first it was only meant to entertain myself but I wonder if someone here would like me to upload it so they can read it. This story is about a girl from our time who falls through time because of very specific circumstances and finds herself in the tenth century, she has to learn to live this new life and use her knowledge of history to guide herself on this new world, she seems to be an instrument of the gods, they put her in that world for a reason and she shall find out about it. This story is inspired not only by Vikings but also by the Korean drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and the novel/tv series outlander by Diana Gabaldon as well as actual history. So what do you say? Is there anyone who would read this?


Jimmy: Physically we are similar enough for the idol’s giant brother to confuse us.

Cas: Sam likes you a lot.

Jimmy: Because I’m charming. Also, I comb my hair which must have impressed him. And my figure is better. Not as thin as you.

Cas: That’s because I walk a  lot and you are affluent enough to bake too many pies.

Jimmy: Which I don’t get to eat because Claire takes them away as sacrifices to your heathen lover. Which is yet another point which seperates us. First you never cared about anyone and then suddenly you get on your knees for someone else than our God. A male idol even! I took a wife and have a child.

Cas: We’re both doing the Lord’s work in different ways.

Jimmy: Keep telling yourself that.

Steffi notes: Also, Jimmy’s always displeased about something, but I would probably be too if I left my home to follow my twin and other than a nice little Christian community I’d suddenly find myself surrounded by pagan gods (who steal my pies and seduce my previously virginal twin).

anonymous asked:

Anti Christ! As a strong Christian woman I believe I stand for all Christians when I say you should die. You are beyond evil you faggot promoter, warlock, spirit summoning, witchcraft using demon heathen lover! Leviticus 20:13 states If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. I can't wait to freaking put you to death along with everyone you know. You are evil devil. Die!

I should die? And you can’t wait to kill millions of people for having a different opinion than you? Yeah..sounds real holy and righteous. Oh please. You’re wasting your time nobody gives a shit. 

“Hey guys she said you need to stop doing the things your were born to do because she’s too afraid to be herself. Ok everyone stop living your lives and do what she says please. Guise? guisesssssss

Ummmm Guiseeeee!!!

Guise… Ok…..