heathen lessons

Earning Trust Takes Time

Whether you are trying to earn trust of a person, or an animal. It is not just given. Some are more cautious than others. Remember, there is a *reason* for their caution. Either evolution or personal experience have taught them that caution for their well-being. 

Be patient. Show that you can be trusted. A little trust, a little bit at a time. Don’t expect anyone to trust you with something big from the beginning. You are not entitled to the trust of anyone or anything. Neither earth, nor the creatures in it, nor people, owe you. It is their decision to decide to trust you or not. 

If someone or something chooses not to trust you, do not get angry. Do not demand their respect or their trust. Do not stew and become bitter because you believe you have gone above and beyond to earn that trust. In the end, that is not your decision. Be at peace with the decisions of others. Someone not trusting you or not respecting you does not threaten you or your rights. If this happens, let it go. Move on. 

Being a survivalist or skilled medieval artisan is not a requirement for Heathenry.

I’m pretty sure if Ulfar the Swift and Rolf the Easily Distracted came to a world with duct tape, dremels, laser cutters and other modern tools they would shit and home improvement stores would become the new monasteries of raider fashion. 

Especially duct tape. 

They would LOVE duct tape. 

Its good to study history and tradition, but you can apply “Heathen” lessons about work ethic, care and hospitality to any trade.