heathen hammer

Jeg vet en ask,
heter Yggdrasil,
et høyt tre, øst
men hvit grus;

derfra kommer dugg
som i daler faller,
eviggrønn står den
over Urds brønn.

An ash I know,
Yggdrasil its name,
With water white
is the great tree wet;

Thence come the dews
that fall in the dales,
Green by Urth’s well
does it ever grow.

Heimdallr: Have you considered putting on a dress and going instead of Freyja?

Thor: (enraged) WHAT?? THAT’S A–

Loki: FANTASTIC IDEA I’ll go as your bridesmaid I have the perfect dress this is going to be hilarious great

pinkdolphin12  asked:

I see a lot of heathens (and non heathens) wearing Thor's hammer around their neck. Does that represent anything in particular? Or is it more similar to a cross or star of David where it's kinda more a general symbol of the faith?

Chiefly, it’s a symbol of protection. Thor is the god who protects Midgard (Earth) and humanity, so wearing his weapon pays a kind of homage to that. It’s also a relatively well-known symbol of the religion as a whole–it’s a recognized emblem of belief by the US military, for example–so it is used by a lot of people to identify themselves as Heathen, as one might wear a cross. Up to this point at least, it has not been commonly appropriated by white supremacists in the way that some runes and other symbols (such as the valknut and sun wheel) have, so it’s a fairly safe identifier.

I can’t really speak to its use by non-Heathens, but I imagine that it’s often a case of people seeing the pendant and being told it’s a symbol of protection, then wearing it without knowledge of the religious context. There are other reasons a non-Heathen might wear one as well, such as an enthusiasm for Viking history, but I imagine that’s the most common explanation.

Thanks for asking, and let me know if you want to know more!

anonymous asked:

What sort of jewelry do druids wear to denote their religious beliefs or spiritual practice? Witches wear pentacles and heathens wear the hammer, for example.

Most often I see triskels or triple spirals, the Celtic tree of life, and especially the awen.  Because of the diversity of druids, however, you’ll see a diverse array of jewelry.  As far as I know there isn’t The Symbol of Druidry™ or anything like that, though I suppose the awen would be the likeliest candidate.

- mountain hound