Look the absolute #1 advice I can give to baby pagans & witches is this.

Your practice is individual, personal, unique. No one, no book, can tell you what your best, most powerful praxis will look like.

An example.

In almost all the “starter” witchcraft books I have read, the importance of the full moon as the most potent time of the month has been stressed. The time to do your ritual work, start your spellwork, do your divination, centre your month around this.

For me that’s not the case. My magical month revolves around the dark moon. As a default, that’s when I do important work, when I hold my most elaborate and important ritual. When the veil is thinnest for me and I most easily achieve ecstatic trance. When I honour the one I am oathed to. That’s all a personal thing I discovered over time, that the dark moon is more powerful for me than the full.

No one can tell you what your practice ought to look like but you.

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Your David Adopts Max AU is really fucking good and I'm loving it so far but more importantly you made David a fucking HEATHEN who BITES on his ice scream and I can't forgive you for that

this is the best ask omg

listen, characters have to have flaws. and sometimes, those flaws are that they bite into their ice cream like fucking heathens.

lmfaoooo tho, i’m glad you’re liking the fic!! i’m gonna try to update it in a day or two, and im really excited about it. thank you for reading! 

Freya is the goddess of war, love, and fertility. She is the daughter of the sea god Njord, and sister to Frey. She has many admirers and treasures, and also knows many different powerful magics (which she taught to a select group of gods, including Odin).

She has taken an interest in the heroic dead. While many people are familiar with Valhalla, Odin’s Hall for the slain, few know about Sessrumnir, Freya’s hall. Freya always gets first pick among the dead, and so it can be argued that living in her hall is a more sought-after prize than Valhalla.

i think y'all are forgetting the witches still in school.

student witches who put sigils on their hands, wrists, notebooks and other supplies.

student witches who do every project with intent for success.

student witches who attend class with their pockets filled with crystals and runes.

student witches who mutter curses and hexes under their breath while walking down the halls.

student witches who cast charms and good luck spells for their friends on tests.

student witches who make coven group chats.

student witches who don’t have nearly enough time to do every spell, every ritual, or every celebration that they wish.

student witches who have to hide their identity from their friends and their parents.

student!!!! witches!!!!

Forest Gods and Guardians

You ask Ullr to bless your hunt. You get one buck with an impressive rack. 

You ask Freyr to bless your hunt. You get a few fat does that fill your freezer, and a few skinny ones that wouldn’t have survived the winter. 

You ask Odin to bless your hunt. You get three chipmunks, some blurry photos of Bigfoot, and an old leatherbound hunting journal that had belonged to your grandfather, who disappeared in these same woods all those years ago ….

You ask Skadi to bless your hunt. The cops never find their bodies.