Hogwarts!Klaine... Quidditch edition (Part 7)

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I wrote a tiny bit of Kurt’s backstory here.

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prompted drabble #1

prompt: sun
prompter: heathafeath
hope you like it, heather! ^^ <3

Sun is pouring in, feather-light, through the side window. It’s mid-morning in a summer-after-senior year. But it’s still early summer so the urgency of Blaine-going-to-Oberlin and Kurt-going-to-Princeton hasn’t settled in yet. The five-hundred-mile distance hasn’t settled in yet. They’re still riding on a high of graduation and graduation parties and their first time making love (a week ago, in Blaine’s bed while his parents were at some company barbeque event) and the airy, heady rush of summer.

They had been perfectly content making out on the couch in Kurt’s living room. Burt and Carole were both working and Finn was still well asleep for at least three more hours so it was like they had the house to themselves. This was the making out of mid-mornings in early summer. This was slow and touchy and steamed through and soft, fingertips brushing fingertips and cheeks, feet caressing each other, quiet mmms being traded between lips.

They’d broken apart for a brief respite of hazel meeting blue, silent. And Kurt stroked over Blaine’s un-gelled curls, tracing the sweat-dampened ones at the back of his neck while Blaine numbered Kurt’s ribs underneath his tanktop. Something distracted the boy though and he had broken his gaze with Kurt to pass it on to the carpet near the couch. A brief laugh pushed from his lungs as he hoisted himself up by his hands to hover over Kurt. Blaine mumbled I used to do this all the time, as a kid, against his lips and glided off him to settle on the floor. Before Kurt can even finish the breathy What? he understands.

Blaine found a patch of buttery sunlight spread over the carpet and claimed it as his own. Stretching over it like a cat would, he twists a little, smile wide on his face and eyes closed. Then those eyeshine-lit eyes opened and he tilted his head back at what couldn’t have been a comfortable angle, sending Kurt a lovably hopeful look.

Which is how Burt finds them when he comes home for lunch. The both of them sprawled easily into one another, Kurt on his back with one of Blaine’s hands in his hair and the other slung dangerously low in his hips, Blaine curled into Kurt who’s painting lazy lines up and down Blaine’s spine with one hand and teasing beneath the hem of his shirt with the other. Blaine’s toes brush at Kurt’s shins where he has his knees pulled up a little and Kurt’s nose is buried into Blaine’s curls. Their eyes are both closed lightly, lashes splayed over sun-kissed plateaus of cheeks as they bask together, carefree, in the smooth plain of summer sunlight.

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francey and auntie snix have a secret meeting on how to kill sebastain, yes or yes?

“Really?” Santana said. “You think it’ll work?”

“Like a charm,” Francey assured her. “Trust me. This is how I was able to get out of all my PE classes in junior high.” She disappeared into her closet, rummaging around noisily, until she emerged with an old shoebox in her hand. “Here it is.”

Santana peered inside. “I’m impressed,” she said. “You have more blackmail paraphernalia than I do.”

“I’ve been collecting,” Francey said. “Aha!” She held up a tiny microcassette recorder. “Here it is. Deliciously old school.”

“But where am I going to hide it?” Santana asked, perplexed. “I mean, I usually hide things in my hair, or my boots, but-”

Francey smirked. “Underboob,” she said.

Santana raised an eyebrow. “Underboob?”

“You ever wear padded cups?” Francey asked. “Just take the padding out of one cup, stick in the recorder, rearrange the stuffing, and bam! Spy bra.”

“I like,” Santana said in approval. “Very devious.” She smirked. “If only your little brother was as tricky as you. I think we’d be best friends.”

“Oh, Blaine can’t be devious,” Francey said. “I got all of those genes. He got all of the innocence.”

Kurt poked his head in the bedroom door. “Santana? Do you want to come say hello to our piratical invalid?” he inquired.

“Oh, god, he’s not singing sea shanties again, is he?” Francey groaned.

“No, sadly, his last round of Vicodin wore off,” Kurt sighed. “But not before Brittany got it on tape.”

“Then to Youtube it is!” Francey said.

“Seriously, Santana, come say hi to Blaine before the Vicodin wears off completely and the sleeping pill kicks in,” Kurt said. “He’s going to start drooling in a little bit.”

“Fine,” Santana said. “But remember, I don’t do well with sick people. They freak me out. I expect like a jug of hand sanitizer after this little visit.”

Francey caught her arm as she passed by. “Remember,” she whispered. “Underboob.”

“Underboob,” Santana nodded.


so here’s a video! it’s mostly rambling about what i’m working on right now… and the sound is really unsynched to the video. -__-

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What's your favorite place that you have traveled and where's your number one place you would like to go next?

My favorite place I’ve ever traveled is an open-air theater in Cornwall called Minack Theatre. One woman named Rowena Cade basically carved it out of a cliff face. The theater itself is covered with intricate stonework, like all the seats are inscribed with the names of plays. And the water looking out past the theater is perfectly blue. A kind of blue that I almost couldn’t believe existed in rainy old England.

I mostly love it because of its story of this tiny lady just deciding one day to make a theater so that there would be a place to put on ~legitimate~ productions in her community. It was really just her and her gardeners working for years and years. And when the whole theater was basically destroyed during World War II, they picked up and started again. It’s a truly beautiful place with a truly beautiful history of community and perseverance in the pursuit of art.

/lol, end of advertisement

I really want to go to the Outer Hebrides, particularly to see the Callanish Stones. As you can see, my stanning of the British Isles knows no limits or ends.

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I love every single thing you've written for CP- your fics have seriously aided in my post-Kings Rising depression. I read the whole series in a few weeks&then was like oh shit what now I can't get enough of these boys. Also, I live in Melbourne but only starting reading the series AFTER all the KR release stuff, so I, too, have missed all of CS Pacat's appearances despite being in the same country, so I feel your pain with that. Anyways thanks for your beautiful fics - i look forward to more :)


thank you! I chose writing as my way of staving off the return to reality after kings rising, too, and that all seems to be working out well so far. nobody is to shatter my delusions.

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Hi, do you have any tips for Fringe? I'm going to be travelling to Edinburgh in early August with a group of friends, and I'm just starting to look at possible events to attend (and getting very overwhelmed by the options!) Epaulettes mentioned you might have some good advice about the festival. Thanks!

Yes! Although right now, my tips are vague rather than specific, since I haven’t read this year’s programme yet.

  • Almost all of the comedy is terrible. Obviously your mileage may vary (maybe you find all comedy hilarious!) but in my experience, there is A LOT of extremely bad comedy at the Fringe, partly because it’s far and away the biggest category.
  • It’s better to go to a bad theatre show than a bad comedy show, because you can laugh at bad theatre, and it’s an interesting anecdote to tell afterwards. Bad comedy is just excruciating, AND you’re more likely to get made fun of if you walk out early. This counts double for comedians that are both unfunny AND offensive.
  • Don’t trust any reviews for comedy shows after 11pm. The reviewers will have been drunk when they saw the show.
  • Always sit at the front of shows if you can, especially if there are only a few people in the audience. You will have a more intense experience.
  • Beware C Venues. For some reason, there are often a lot of bad shows at C Venues. (Although not all, by any means.)
  • If you’re stuck on what to see, take half an hour to walk along the Fringe section of the Royal Mile. Take fliers from every person you think looks interesting. See some street theatre. They will have people doing 5-minute tasters from their own shows, from pretty much any genre you care to name.
  • If you’re there in the first couple of days of the festival, ask flierers if they’re giving away free or half price tickets. I’ve never done this myself, but I’ve heard that a lot of people will just give away free tickets to their show in the first couple of days, because they’re desperate for audience buzz.
  • Before you book tickets to see ANYTHING, check to make sure it isn’t performed by an American high school theatre group. This is gonna make me sound like an asshole, but: 99% of all shows performed by American high school theatre groups are inevitably terrible. Like, I know they’re having a great experience travelling to a world-famous theatre festival, but it was not a good idea to cast a 17-year-old from Wisconsin as the lead in a futuristic reimagining of King Lear.
  • (If a high school production gets genuinely good reviews, though… you’re allowed to go.)
  • Find the weirdest thing you possibly can. Go to it. There’s no point in coming to the Edinburgh Fringe and watching MacBeth and a stand-up comedian you see on BBC panel shows every other week. Go see the nose flute orchestra, or the chainsaw juggling drag queen, or the Korean mime, or the smellovision concert. 
  • Watch out for Lewis, the Last King of Scotland. He’s about five feet tall, has a long beard, and wears a kilt and brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts every day. You’ll find him on the Royal Mile and along Nicholsen Street. He’s relatively “harmless" but don’t treat him like a photo opportunity.
  • Bring a packed lunch. And lots of water.
  • There are bars in every single venue. Going to the theatre drunk is fun. Going to the theatre VERY drunk is VERY fun.
  • If something has a terrible summary in the programme, it’s almost certainly just as bad as it sounds. Immediately veto any show that has “zany" or “wacky" in the summary.
  • Don’t go to anything that’s been compared to a popular sitcom.
  • Don’t go to anything that was inspired by the playwright’s breakup with their girlfriend or boyfriend, unless that playwright is someone famous enough to be included in a college reading list. 
  • Go to Shitfaced Shakespeare
  • Go to free taster comedy shows. Half an hour, five comedians: two will be terrible, two will be OK, and one will be worth paying for in a full-length show.
  • Try to get tickets for the Cambridge Footlights. If you can’t get them, go to their free shows.

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Have you tried ambient mixer for soothing sounds? Their hufflepuff common room is one of my faves and they also have like rain on a castle and cat on a ocean porch and summer evenings and many others that i like! Coffitivity is also a good site for various coffee shop background tracks.

Yeees, I discovered Ambient Mixer recently, and I’m still going through and trying to figure out which ones I like this best, since there are SO MANY choices. There’s this jazz club ambiance that’s pretty cool, but there’s a siren sound I have to turn off, lol. I need to try some different ones.

I also like this YouTube channel ASMR Rooms. They have a lot of similar things to Ambient Mixer, like different locations from the Harry Potter books, and also Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. 

MyNoise is also pretty good.

Idk what my deal was last night that I couldn’t find anything sufficiently soothing. D: All my go-to things weren’t really working. But I think I was just anxious in general, which didn’t help. But in general I’m definitely finding that ambient noise is better than music for me these days. At least when I’m writing. I love the repetitiveness of it. 

Anyway, I’m rambling. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll check out Coffitivity too. I’ve had that one recommended to me before but I haven’t tried it yet!

Hi, I'm Jenny.

So I’ve gone under various names in fandom, but I’ve finally decided to simplify everything.  It was confusing me, and I don’t like to be confused.

My name is Jenny, so that’s what you should call me. (So yes, all that stuff about pronouncing my name was for nothing. Sorry about that. I think I was trying to make myself sound more interesting than I am.)

I’m afraid that’s as much as I feel comfortable sharing, namewise, on the internet, but I hope you can forgive me for being hesitant to divulge the information thus far.

But now we’re all good friends, so I feel more comfortable being myself.

So, yes. Hi, everyone. I’m Jenny. It’s nice to meet you. :)

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CAITLINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. The end of the guilt sinks in fic was the worst part GAH. and she sings and blaine is so sad and the part about him smiling and that no one cares and thats why he is so empathetic when he meets kurt for the first time and HE says that no one cares. oh my gosh. i have too many blaine feelings.

I’ve rarely written Blaingst, but waaaah, the sadness!!!

It’s also helping me plan out my huge Blaingst fic, which picks up right after the Sadie Hawkins dance and goes through him going through all of his emotional recovery.

And Francey never lets go of the guilt. She ends up giving up her college fund so that her parents can afford to send Blaine to Dalton (it’s why she’s on a full-ride opera scholarship- she hates opera and doesn’t want to study it, but it was the only way she could afford college).

But she still has a lot of trouble adjusting to the new Blaine, the new Blaine who’s always having meltdowns and failing most of his classes and taking all of their parents’ attention even though she’s a senior and her parents are so wrapped up in Blaine that they don’t remember she’s leaving for college in a few months.

She takes Blaine shopping with her so she can pick out a prom dress and they get into a huge fight. They stop talking to each other and she later goes back and buys the dress he disliked the most, just to spite him, and when her date comes to pick her up for prom Blaine doesn’t say goodbye or tell her she looks nice, he just watches through the railings on the stairs and glares at her in silence.

But she comes home early while he’s eating dinner in the kitchen, and he hears her yelling at her parents, and she came home early because they wanted to crown her prom queen, and how the fucking hell could they crown her prom queen when just six months ago, at a different school dance, they destroyed her brother? How could they forget so quickly?

Blaine slips out of the kitchen to see her hunched over on the couch, still in her prom dress, her face buried in her hands, and he silently crawls into her lap and cuddles against her shoulder while she cries and hugs him so tight it hurts a little.

I also have the actual Sadie Hawkins dance scene planned out too. SO MUCH BLAINGST.