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I always thought the in-laws stereotype was hyperbole until I got some…

Yeah, it’s really not hyperbole at all in my experience. xD Granted, I get along with my in-laws probably 90% of the time, but that other 10% is just….wow.

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Hi, do you have any tips for Fringe? I'm going to be travelling to Edinburgh in early August with a group of friends, and I'm just starting to look at possible events to attend (and getting very overwhelmed by the options!) Epaulettes mentioned you might have some good advice about the festival. Thanks!

Yes! Although right now, my tips are vague rather than specific, since I haven’t read this year’s programme yet.

  • Almost all of the comedy is terrible. Obviously your mileage may vary (maybe you find all comedy hilarious!) but in my experience, there is A LOT of extremely bad comedy at the Fringe, partly because it’s far and away the biggest category.
  • It’s better to go to a bad theatre show than a bad comedy show, because you can laugh at bad theatre, and it’s an interesting anecdote to tell afterwards. Bad comedy is just excruciating, AND you’re more likely to get made fun of if you walk out early. This counts double for comedians that are both unfunny AND offensive.
  • Don’t trust any reviews for comedy shows after 11pm. The reviewers will have been drunk when they saw the show.
  • Always sit at the front of shows if you can, especially if there are only a few people in the audience. You will have a more intense experience.
  • Beware C Venues. For some reason, there are often a lot of bad shows at C Venues. (Although not all, by any means.)
  • If you’re stuck on what to see, take half an hour to walk along the Fringe section of the Royal Mile. Take fliers from every person you think looks interesting. See some street theatre. They will have people doing 5-minute tasters from their own shows, from pretty much any genre you care to name.
  • If you’re there in the first couple of days of the festival, ask flierers if they’re giving away free or half price tickets. I’ve never done this myself, but I’ve heard that a lot of people will just give away free tickets to their show in the first couple of days, because they’re desperate for audience buzz.
  • Before you book tickets to see ANYTHING, check to make sure it isn’t performed by an American high school theatre group. This is gonna make me sound like an asshole, but: 99% of all shows performed by American high school theatre groups are inevitably terrible. Like, I know they’re having a great experience travelling to a world-famous theatre festival, but it was not a good idea to cast a 17-year-old from Wisconsin as the lead in a futuristic reimagining of King Lear.
  • (If a high school production gets genuinely good reviews, though… you’re allowed to go.)
  • Find the weirdest thing you possibly can. Go to it. There’s no point in coming to the Edinburgh Fringe and watching MacBeth and a stand-up comedian you see on BBC panel shows every other week. Go see the nose flute orchestra, or the chainsaw juggling drag queen, or the Korean mime, or the smellovision concert. 
  • Watch out for Lewis, the Last King of Scotland. He’s about five feet tall, has a long beard, and wears a kilt and brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts every day. You’ll find him on the Royal Mile and along Nicholsen Street. He’s relatively “harmless" but don’t treat him like a photo opportunity.
  • Bring a packed lunch. And lots of water.
  • There are bars in every single venue. Going to the theatre drunk is fun. Going to the theatre VERY drunk is VERY fun.
  • If something has a terrible summary in the programme, it’s almost certainly just as bad as it sounds. Immediately veto any show that has “zany" or “wacky" in the summary.
  • Don’t go to anything that’s been compared to a popular sitcom.
  • Don’t go to anything that was inspired by the playwright’s breakup with their girlfriend or boyfriend, unless that playwright is someone famous enough to be included in a college reading list. 
  • Go to Shitfaced Shakespeare
  • Go to free taster comedy shows. Half an hour, five comedians: two will be terrible, two will be OK, and one will be worth paying for in a full-length show.
  • Try to get tickets for the Cambridge Footlights. If you can’t get them, go to their free shows.

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I love every single thing you've written for CP- your fics have seriously aided in my post-Kings Rising depression. I read the whole series in a few weeks&then was like oh shit what now I can't get enough of these boys. Also, I live in Melbourne but only starting reading the series AFTER all the KR release stuff, so I, too, have missed all of CS Pacat's appearances despite being in the same country, so I feel your pain with that. Anyways thanks for your beautiful fics - i look forward to more :)


thank you! I chose writing as my way of staving off the return to reality after kings rising, too, and that all seems to be working out well so far. nobody is to shatter my delusions.

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Have you tried ambient mixer for soothing sounds? Their hufflepuff common room is one of my faves and they also have like rain on a castle and cat on a ocean porch and summer evenings and many others that i like! Coffitivity is also a good site for various coffee shop background tracks.

Yeees, I discovered Ambient Mixer recently, and I’m still going through and trying to figure out which ones I like this best, since there are SO MANY choices. There’s this jazz club ambiance that’s pretty cool, but there’s a siren sound I have to turn off, lol. I need to try some different ones.

I also like this YouTube channel ASMR Rooms. They have a lot of similar things to Ambient Mixer, like different locations from the Harry Potter books, and also Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. 

MyNoise is also pretty good.

Idk what my deal was last night that I couldn’t find anything sufficiently soothing. D: All my go-to things weren’t really working. But I think I was just anxious in general, which didn’t help. But in general I’m definitely finding that ambient noise is better than music for me these days. At least when I’m writing. I love the repetitiveness of it. 

Anyway, I’m rambling. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll check out Coffitivity too. I’ve had that one recommended to me before but I haven’t tried it yet!

Happy VDAY to my followers!

And to: Heather, Maayan, Crystal, Beth, Megan and truthfully too many to list here, thanks for making my time special here. I hope you all know how much I love you. Alison and Emily I’ve a special video card for you which isn’t here yet because I finally got my capture cam to work during the first rendering and wanted to add that in so long story short I am a fail but I promise it will be done.

Look what came in the post!

THANK YOU so so so so much Heather. I’m so over the moon. I couldn’t be there (even though I seriously considered selling a kidney) but now I have something special as a memento.

You’re so lovely for sending it across the seas for me and all of the cuddles in the world aren’t enough <3

Thank you, sweetheart!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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I'd love to see Burt dealing with the media/paparazzi!

I am ashamed at how long this prompt has been in my ask. 

Burt and the Media (takes place in chapter 26) 

When Burt headed for his car after Finn’s phone call about Blaine, the last thing he expected was to walk out the door into a media frenzy. One of the security guards saw the crowd and followed him down to his car. The reporters were pushed back by the guard, all of them screaming his name and shouting questions about Blaine and Kurt and what had happened in LA.

Finally finding the safety of his car, Burt let out a deep breath. The vultures were still there, snapping photos as he put the car in drive and pulled away.

He didn’t understand why they had to swarm him and he hoped that they were leaving Kurt alone. A gaggle of reporters was the last thing he needed. As Burt picked up the phone to call Carole, he sent up a prayer.

He just hoped Blaine was okay.  

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all the time, but most of my favorite fanfic writers say the exact same thing about other authors they admire. there will always be someone better than you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying or that your attempts aren’t worth anything.

This got me to thinkin’: The whole “best” writer thing? It often escapes me that appreciation for what is “good” and who is “better” is so subjective. Obviously, there are solid indicators of correct usage, and more finely honed skills–but when it comes to style and content?

I forget that my milage and appreciation for a piece might absolutely vary from someone else’s perceptions of it. 

It’s hard to not hold myself up to those writers I admire the most–to hold up my words next to theirs to see if they “look similar” or “close enough”. The bit I neglect to focus on sometimes, is telling my stories in my way. OWNING my visions and ideas–and not comparing them to others.

I think it’s important to create a new “outfit”, if you will–and not recycle or refashion a style because it “sold” well in the past.

I want to learn how to write with confidence and skill–learn the craft.  I suppose I don’t want to be the best, I want to be honest, unafraid, and proud of my words and stories.

More writing will surely help?


So, my Indian internet is being silly and refusing to load your blog. Therefore, I’m posting this and hoping you’ll see it.

First off, I’m super jealous that you got to see H2$. I really wish I could be I just don’t have the time while I’m home *le sigh*

Second, I saw your pictures (and loved them!) and I’m wondering where you took the picture next to the H2$ poster? Which is the best place to go? And where are they? I’m going to be in the city on Friday, and I’m trying to convince my mom to let me take a photo with a poster, even if she won’t go to the show with me.


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So i was really excited to aee the Finest Hours but they kept pushing back the release date here in australia and then i think they decided not to release it all cause they all of a sudden stopped advertising for it :(

Oh nooooo. I think the DVD is coming out at the end of May, so hopefully you can at least see it then? I would hope that means you’d be able to rent it then? Maybe? I’m not sure how it works. But I hope you can see it eventually! It was definitely worth a watch!


“Tag, you’re it! Here are the rules: Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people. Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. No tag back.”

Tagged ones are tagged in this post because I’m lazy :) Sorry if this kind of thing annoys you my lovelies, feel free to ignore :D

1) I can recite all the reigning monarchs since 1066.

2) My current favourite song in the universe is Florence + the Machine’s Never Let Me Go, which Emily made me listen to.

3) I’m currently 33% of the way through Middlemarch. It is not a fun book to read.

4) I’m completely number-blind, distances and budgets and time baffle me. But I can measure how much something costs in terms of how many £1 jagerbombs I could have bought now, that helps :)

5) I used to work in a supermarket and I really miss it, especially this time of year when everything is busy and festive and intense.

6) I honestly miss being in sixth form to death. Not so much A Levels but the people and the common room and the big, schooly family :)

7) I would sell my soul for chicken nuggets. I’ve been known to eat thirty in one sitting without realizing.

8) I go to York Uni and it’s FABULOUS. 

9) I belong to a delicious fabulous Facebook group called Fuck This…I’m Going to Hogwarts which the whole world should join because everyone there is lovely.

10) I’ve recently discovered that I have a tendency to completely zone out of a conversation, then come back into it without even realising I’ve been gone. AND APPARENTLY I’VE BEEN DOING IT SINCE FOREVER LOLWHUT.