Si te gustan las frases de pelis…

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Since nobody on tumblr seems to know what’s going on, I’ll update you. Randy Orton is racist trash. I know all of us will love and respect the time and effort he’s put into this biz. But there is no reason for him, a privileged white man, to be tweeting these things and stating his opinion. Yes, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but the fact that he’s blocking people for trying to educate him is ridiculous. Please guys, don’t ignore this.

I made a birthday game because why not XD

For some reason the program cut out the 31. 31 is Mark Henry. So yeah XD

My sentence is. I played 7 minutes in heaven with Seth Rollins ^~^

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World Cup Winners AND Style Champs!

My new article is up feat. my fav tomboys for the USWNT!

The ladies of the U.S Women’s National Team are not only World Cup Champions, but they are also some of the greatest tomboys. Whether it’s their style or killin’ it on the field, this group of ladies knows what they are doing. With 23 players on the team, there are a lot of different personalities and style choices. I picked a handful of players whose style most inspires me.

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