Since nobody on tumblr seems to know what’s going on, I’ll update you. Randy Orton is racist trash. I know all of us will love and respect the time and effort he’s put into this biz. But there is no reason for him, a privileged white man, to be tweeting these things and stating his opinion. Yes, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but the fact that he’s blocking people for trying to educate him is ridiculous. Please guys, don’t ignore this.

What I Want to See in the New MH Reboot

1. Clawd and Howleen – If they’re not going to be Clawdeen’s siblings anymore, they should at least still be related. If Clawdeen and Draculaura’s parents are going to end up dating (as Dracula does have a crush on Clawdeen’s mom) they should at least make them cousins that have to end up staying with her (they can make up a reason). I don’t know if Clawd and Draculaura will be getting together, but it would be funny to see Dracula getting mad about him liking her or maybe going into a lecture when he wants to go out on a date with her. And Howleen meeting Twyla and they start to get close.

2. Ghoulia Yelps – Maybe Ghoulia is a recruit of Moanica’s “Zomboy" army as they are plotting for another scheme, and then the Ghouls come and talk her out of being in Moanica’s team and she becomes friends with them? Then Cleo could ask her to be her assistant instead of Moanica’s (as Ghoulia was in the Webisodes) and she could help the team with her intelligence and computer smarts.

3. Abbey Bominable – I really like her character and it would be cool to see her in the Reboot style.

4. Heath Burns – I just like his character and he needs to be in the Reboot. Even have a friendship with Clawd and Duece.

5. Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde – They don’t really do much with their character anymore as their spotlight was mostly focused on some episodes and one movie (Ghouls Rule) which was around 2012–2013. I really like their characters I’m and they need to be in the reboot.

6. Purrsephone and Meowlody – These are Torelai’s minions (as they were in some Webisodes and movies). They don’t really NEED to put these characters in the movie, but it would be fun to see the three causing misfit and teasing the Ghouls and etc.

7. DUECE/CLEO – I really loved their relationship and it would be cool for them to get to know each other and they have a slow build-up that leads into a relationship. I just want them to be happy!

8. Spectra Vondergeist – Unless Ari Huntington (Ghost in the Reboot) is the new Spectra, I think she could be a new Ghoul in school who’s shy and maybe has social anxiety, and maybe she could spy on MH students and run an Anonymous blog (which nobody knows is behind it), and she could get caught by Twyla or Ari.

These are just my opinions and maybe this is Pt. 1 since there are more characters to be talked about anyway.

minsugastuff  asked:

Yeah sure... What was your first imoression of each of the members?

Jungkook - prankster with a badboy feel
Namjoon - classy yet edgy, boss of bosses
Yoongi - the weirdo, heath ledger’s joker style kinda
Jimin - baby boy on the outside, cheeky flirt on the inside
Taehyung - playboy with a crazy vibe
Seokjin - the eccentric one, the nice one
Hobi - manly man, the calm one but can get dangerous

friendly reminder the first mv i watched was War of Hormone