Coloured engravings of heaths 

The drawings taken from living plants only. With the … character, full description, native place of growth, and time of flowering of each

By Andrews, Henry C., fl. 1770-1835
Publication info London :Published by the Author. Printed by T. Bensley,1802-09 [1830?]
Contributor: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library

FOOD: An American Pleasure (a culinary line made by me, my friend, and my arch nemesis)

In The Heights-In The Bites

The King And I-The King And Thai


Dear Evan Hansen-Dear Evan Hot Sauce
(Wafting Through a Window) (Sincerely, Meat)

Joseph King Of Dreams-Joseph King Of Beans

Tick, Tick, Boom-Eat, Eat, Poop

Waitress - Waitress

Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beef

Little Shop of Horrors-Little Shop of Hot Dogs

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812- Natasha, Pizza, and the Great Corndog of 1812

The Book of Mormon-The Book of More Food for Me (Turnip Off)

Heathers-Heath Bars (I Am Deep fried) (Candy Store)

Prince of Egypt-Prince of Eggplants

The Lion King-The Lentil King (Hakuna Mousaka)

Anything Goes- Anything Roasts

Les Mis-Les Mousaka

Chicago- Chicago Deep Dish

Be More Chill-Be More Chili

Annie Get Your Gun-Annie Get Your Gum (Anything You Can Eat, I Can Eat Faster)

School of Rock- School of Pop Rocks

Singing In The Rain-Eating In The Rain

Newsies -Boozies

Jesus Christ: Super Star-Cheez-It Christ: Super Star

Avenue Q- Avenue Quiche

Cats- Fats

Grease- Grease

Fiddler on the Roof- Pickler on the roof

Beautiful: A Carole King Musical-Beautiful: Golden Corral King Musical

The Last Five Years- The Last Five Beers

Wicked- Wicked Hot Doritos

Falsettos- Farrosettos

Miss Saigon- Miss Pie-gon

Catch Me If You Can- Catch Me If You Pringle Can (*bo Burnham voice* Yes I’m still on the Pringle Can)

Come Fly Away- Come Fry Away

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder- A Gentleman’s Guide to Lasagna and Bourbon

The Light In The Piazza- The Light In The Pizza

Peter Pan- Peter Frying Pan

heathers characters as candy bars

Veronica: three musketeers

JD: whoppers

Heather chandler: bitch she doesn’t eat peasant candy. heath bar though

Heather Duke: 100 grand

Heather Macnamara: snickers

Kurt: almond joy (its blue)

Ram: payday (it’s bad)

Martha: mallow cup (not a bar but still)

Ms. Fleming: forever yours bar

This is 244 frames made in 2 weeks, I suck lol also used refrence from animatics, sorry I know I suck, school just sucks badly also VivaVideo destroyed the quality…also this is very gay cuz ChanSaw. this is the 2nd version the other version sucked imo. but Im proud of this one…I guess..But man you can totally which frame i put out more effort into.

full animatic on https://youtu.be/6djEhvahsbg