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“Life, dear Greg, is a theater of the absurd. Be honest and gentle, and a man goes to a pauper’s grave. Lie and cheat and kill, and that same man could rule the world!- The Joker


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“When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories.”

Happy birthday Joker! Here’s to 76 years of madness! (April 25, 1940)


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You know what really hurts about the stars that died young? Like river Phoenix and Heath ledger and Kurt Cobain and cory Monteith? When you go to look them up on google images or whatever twenty years from now, it’s going to be the same pictures that would come up if you searched them today. Nothing new. And twenty years from now you won’t have to type “young cory Monteith” you won’t have to do that for any of them. Because we didn’t get to see river Phoenix older than 23 and Heath was gone before we saw everything he was capable of. God only knows how much more Heath had to offer the world. Type in “Kurt Cobain” ten years from now and it’ll be the same pictures and interviews that would have come up if you’d searched him ten years ago. you’ll still see the same Kurt, 27 years of age and younger. That goes for all of them.. And it breaks my heart that that’s all we got to see. All we will ever get to see.

Sirius Black Imagine - I Kissed You So You Would Shut Up. You Talk Too Much.

A/N: Firstly woah, two uploads within like three days wtf. I probably won’t upload for another week as I literally have an assignment for each subject due either on the same day or the day after. Also sorry if most of my characters are shy and quite, but idk I guess I’m like that and I just find it easier to write a character like that. ALSO Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You is my #1 person to play Sirius Black

Prompt 54. “I kissed you so you would shut up. You talk too much.”

Words would never be able to express how lucky you felt every time you remembered that you were dating the one and only, Sirius Black. You were currently in your sixth year at Hogwarts in the house of Ravenclaw. You were a quiet girl, a shy girl who would never confront someone or tell someone what they were doing was bothering you. You liked to help people, but you never knew when to say no, which never ended well for you. This was why you were extremely shocked when Sirius asked you out. Sirius has a reputation at school, one that is the exact opposite to yours. He was a prankster, he had a bad boy feel to him, which was very unlike you. Why me? You had thought when he asked you out. You thought it was probably a prank he was doing with the infamous Marauders. You would think after a year and a half, you would stop doubting yourself, but here you were thinking how surreal your relationship was.

Your thoughts were stopped as you looked up at the sun which was shining quite bright. You were currently sat under a tall tree outside the castle facing  The Black Lake. It was an unusually warm day today and you decided to do your homework outside instead of in the library. Sirius was going to meet you down here to spend the day with you, which you greatly appreciated. Your thoughts were interrupted by a girl in your year walking past with a group of her friends. She gave you a mean stare and then continued with her friends as if nothing happened. You put your potions essay down and stretched your hands.

Although dating Sirius was a dream come true, there was one downside to being his girlfriend. Just about every single girl in Hogwarts loathed you. Why? Because you were the reason the dreamy Sirius Black was taken. But just because he had a girlfriend and he was taken, didn’t stop some of the girls. Girls would constantly flirt with him around you and try to make a move which greatly bothered you. It was obvious Sirius was uncomfortable, but that didn’t stop them. It was obvious that you were uncomfortable, but that didn’t worry them. Sirius has told them many times to stop because he has a girlfriend, but they never listen. You and Sirius had spoken about it before, but nothing could stop these girls.

You looked around, Sirius should be here by now. The long grass tickled the bottom of your legs, but you didn’t mind once you looked to your left. There, you saw Sirius walking towards you with this one girl who just didn’t care that he had a girlfriend. She was one of the worst of Sirius’ ‘fans’. She has tried to kiss him on numerous occasions and even tried to do it in front of you, but Sirius would dodge her and explain that he had a girlfriend and wasn’t interested.

Sirius looked bored and uninterested, but his expression changed once she laced their hands together. You could see him say something and try to pull his hand away, but she wasn’t happy. She rolled her eyes, yanked her hand away from his and stood in front of him, blocking his path. Your eyes furrowed in confusion as she crossed her arms and spoke to Sirius. You were way too far away to understand what she was saying.

This time it was Sirius who rolled his eyes and said something, the frustration evident on his face. You wondered whether you should go up or not to say something. You decided not to as you didn’t want to put yourself into that situation. You continued watching as they argued and if you were on a seat, you would be at the edge of it.

You saw the girl’s demeanor suddenly change, instead of looking annoyed and on edge, she seemed more relaxed and bubbly. You watched intently as her hands dropped to her side and she started moving towards Sirius.

You didn’t know what came over you, this wasn’t something you’d normally do, but as soon as you saw her lips on his you lurched forward. You left all your homework under the tree and raced towards them.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You squeaked. What the fuck are you doing? You thought to yourself, this was way beyond your comfort level. You had never done something this bold. As soon as she heard your voice she reluctantly pulled away from Sirius and gave you a look that could definitely kill more than one person.

“Excuse you?” She asked slowly stepping away from Sirius and facing you.

“I-I, uh-” You stopped yourself, trying to think about what to say. You didn’t really know what to do now that you actually had her attention. From the corner of your eye, you saw Sirius cringe and wipe his mouth on the back of his hand. If it were any other situation you would’ve laughed, but this wasn’t a laughing situation. “You were kissing my boyfriend.” You decided to say, trying to keep your head up high and trying exceedingly hard not to run away or cry.

“And?” She scoffed, rolling her eyes. You were quite scared now, you had never really confronted anyone before and it’s hard when you just throw yourself into the deep end.

“Well, this affects me. Sirius is my boyfriend and I don’t appreciate you flirting with him every chance you get. Especially in front of me, that makes me feel like shit,” You spoke slowly, trying hard not to stuff up your words, "It seems everyone but you can tell that both Sirius and I are uncomfortable and you’re just making it awkward and weird. I can’t believe you kissed him! That is the most indecent, unbelievable thing you could do and it disgusts me. It disgusts me that you can’t get it through your thick head that Sirius is unavailable and we would both appreciate it if you fucked off.” You finished your rant and exhaled loudly. It seemed she didn’t know what to say, so with a roll of her eyes, a glare and a flick or her hair, she walked away.

You closed your eyes trying to figure out if that really happened, thankful that if it did, it was over. Your eyes immediately opened as you heard someone clapping. The clapping belonged to Sirius and as he walked over he whistled.

“Who knew,” he smirked, “who knew that my innocent little Y/N had it in her? Who knew you would be the one to scare her away?” He said mischievously, grabbing onto your waist as he said ‘scare’. The heat rose to your cheeks and you started giggling from embarrassment. You felt mortified as you relived the experience in your head and you felt even worse knowing that the rest of Hogwarts would know about your outburst in a matter of minutes. If there was one thing Hogwart’s students loved, it was gossip and drama. “I’m proud of you.” He said kissing your forehead. You looked up at him and smiled in response.

“Is it alright if we go back to where I was sitting before, I kind of left all my homework there.” You said looking back to your tree with your homework messily thrown underneath it. Sirius laughed and nodded. He laced his hand with yours and walked with you to the tree you previously sat under.

Sirius laid down underneath the tree, resting his head and shoulders against the trunk. You copied his actions, resting your head on his chest.

“I’m sorry.” You breathed, finding Sirius’ hand and playing with his fingers.

“For what?” Sirius asked sitting up so his back was now leaning against the tree, his hand still in yours.

“For the way I reacted.” You admitted sheepishly, also sitting up and lifting your head up.

“Don’t be,” Sirius said moving his face closer to yours. You moved to sit cross-legged, your fingers were now in your lap and you faced a relaxed Sirius. His legs were stretched out and he had his hands behind his head, facing the lake.

“No, it’s just there was a better way to handle it,” you started rambling, “I could’ve been more calm and collected. But I acted on impulse and I didn’t mean to do it, it just happened. And I didn’t mean to make you feel like you belonged to me or anything. But you know, you are my boyfriend and people shouldn’t kiss other people’s boyfriends. It’s just, I know you usually date other girls, girls who are more outgoing and confident and that’s why I worry-” You were cut off by Sirius facing you, taking your head in his hands and kissing your lips. You were taken by surprise and tried to pull back, but Sirius pulled you back in.

“I kissed you so you would shut up. You talk too much.” He said pulling back and smirking. He leaned back against the tree as you suddenly got quite bashful.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that-”

“Shhhhh.” He said putting his finger against your lips.

“Stop worrying, if what you did really bothered me, I would’ve said something or stopped you from telling her off. And don’t think that you’re not the type of girl I usually go for. I love you, every single part of you. I love how shy and quiet you are and you are just so perfect and cute.” He said looking into your eyes. You sighed, knowing he wouldn’t take anything else than an agreement. You hesitantly went to lay against him and the tree trunk with your head on his chest.

“I still can’t believe I did that.” You giggled looking up at his face. His eyes were closed and he had a stupid smile on his face.

“Neither can I love, neither can I.” You smiled up at him and closed your eyes also.

You suddenly heard a rustling of leaves and someone stepping on a stick, breaking it.

“Is it true?” Asked a familiar voice. You and Sirius opened your eyes.

“Is what true, James?” You inquired raising an eyebrow at him, knowing exactly what he was talking about.

“Is it true, that you, 'Little Miss Goody Goody’,” he said put air quotation marks around your nickname, “told someone off. Because I don’t believe it one bit.” He said with a smug look on his face, obviously not believing the rumors.

“Prongs, you should have been there, it was unbelievable!” Sirius exclaimed making you hide your face in his neck, knowing your cheeks would be a crimson red.

“No way!” James said sitting down to face both Sirius and you.

“It was just so unbelievable. And then-” Sirius started, but you stopped him mid-sentence.

“Can you please stop, I don’t want to relive the horrible moment.” You groaned finally lifting your head from his neck.

“But love, it was one of the best things you’ve ever done.” Sirius said with a smirk on his face.

“Oh shut up.” You exclaimed hitting his arm, chuckling.

“Continue. I want to hear every single detail.” James said making you continue to laugh as Sirius retold the event. You sighed and laid your head on his chest again, smiling as Sirius dramatized the retelling of the story.