heath foods

Recovery smells like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

Recovery feels like the relief of ice cold lemonade on a hot day.

Recovery tastes like maple syrup drenched pancakes.

Recovery looks like the tallest mountain of whipped cream you’ve ever seen. 

Recovery sounds like movie theater popcorn popping.

Recovery is hard, but wow is it worth it. 

Keith: Hunk, I got you something.

Hunk: Aw, really? Babe! Wait, I don’t have anything for you-

Keith: It’s no big deal. It’s kind of… I don’t know, I thought it was funny, maybe it isn’t- Anyway, here.

Keith: (hands over a heath bar cookie)

Hunk: Hey, I love heath bars! But what’s the special occasion? 

Keith: Um. Well, I saw the cookies in the window and they kind of, y’know. Reminded me of… us.

Hunk: … We’re heath bar cookies?

Keith: I know it’s weird but, you know I’m not great at this romance stuff, I just wanted to- If you don’t want the cookie, I can-

Hunk: (smiling) I love heath bar cookies.

I’m not afraid of food anymore.

I go days where I don’t track my calories and it does not make me incredibly anxious like it used to.

I go out to restaurants and do not search the menu for what looks like it has the least amount of calories anymore. I choose what I think sounds delicious. 

Some days I eat a whole lot, and other days I don’t eat as much and it all seems to work itself out. 

I haven’t put on weight since trying to live this way. I’m actually at my lowest weight in years and the first time I’ve been this small and been healthy.  

I’m not guilty anymore.

I’ve taken back my life. 


🙆🏻💧🌿Flat Tummy Detox Water🙆🏻💧🌿

This water is simple to make, delicious and hydrating.

1 cucumber
1 lemon🍋 or lemon juice
1 hand full of mint leaves 🌿
1/3 cup of ice❄️
A water bottle (any bottle works)💧
Measuring cup or large cup

Step One: Empty the water into a measuring and set aside

Step Two: Cut cucumber and lemon into slices or chunks (whatever you prefer)

Step Three: Add both the cucumber, lemon and mint leaves to your water bottle

Step Four: Add the ice and slowly add your water back in

Step Five: Shake up and enjoy

One of the easiest, quickest, and yummiest keto meals I’ve been regularly eating. BLT wraps!! Exactly what it sounds like, romain leaf with mayo and a little bit of tomato, and a slice of bacon on top. Sometimes when I’m feeling more bold I throw some avocado on there too. Three of these and I’m totally full and happy. They’re perfect in a pinch!


Today’s vegan breakfast was really amazing: One whole grain bagel topped with some organic avocado from the farmers market, freshly grounded pepper, a tiny bit of sea salt and creamy white balsamic vinegar besides some fresh straw - and raspberries (I had way more than pictured). Such a lovely treat after a stressful week full of exams and studying. Have an amazing day, xx Amber