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The Batman and Robin of the food world

The Batman and Robin of the food world

Just as Batman and Robin make the most powerful pair in the superhero world, there are certain foods that are more nutritional when combined, rather than solo.  These are called POWER FOODS, and they work miracles to help you beat cravings and re-train your palate to make healthy choices a natural part of your daily routine.

Here is a lowdown of 8 SUPER COMBOS :——–


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*five foods: Reese’s Pieces, Pizza, BBQ Ribs, Chocolate , Bananas 

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According to an updated family budget calculator created by the Economic Policy Institute, the District leads the nation in how much parents pay for child care. For a family of four — two parents and two children — child care costs in the city average $2,597 per month, or $31,158 per year.

When rent, transportation, food, and heath care are added in, D.C. emerges as the single most expensive place in the country to raise a family.


D.C. Is One Of The Most Expensive Places In The U.S. For Child Care. But Why? | WAMU 88.5 - American University Radio

Not gonna lie- when Tom and I talk about whether or not there will be a second Bridgelet, this absolutely does factor into the conversation (it’s not prohibitive for us, but it’s a consideration). I’m grateful Charlie gets to live in a city with all the cultural amenities DC has, but it’s not cheap for raising a family. 

dontbesassyberamsassy asked:

Personally, I don't agree with child support/maintenance, unless the parent who left had been there for at least a year after the kid was born. I don't think it's right to punish a man for a choice he has no say in. A man should have as much right to absolve his parental rights/responsibility as women do (abortion and adoption). What do you think about the idea to make serious changes to child support/maintenance? Do you think there are problems with it?

I agree that there are problems with the current child support model and definitely agree that if a man doesn’t want to be a parent, he shouldn’t be forced to be a parent any more than a woman. However, it is difficult to regulate this in a way that is fair to everyone involved. 

I think a step in the right direction would be child support payments being paid in the form of government issued food, heath care or tuition vouchers that can be redeemed by service providers. I think child support being a cash payment to the primary care giver is absolutely ridiculous and gets abused all too often. 

- B

9 Air Cleaning Plants You Need for Your Home

9 Air Cleaning Plants You Need for Your Home

We live in a toxic world, plain and simple. From car exhaust to second-hand smoke, there is hardly a moment where our lungs are free from harmful pollutants. Even in our homes we subject ourselves to the harshest of chemicals. Most of us probably use…

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So today is my seccond day at school and in my Heath/Food Nutri class we played a game where we met all our classmates. Since i am the only freshman i was nervous. Well I finally got the confidence and told them “Im Michael, well my biological name is Makayla but call me Michael.”. They honestly looked shocked, we had about 40 secconds to talk to each person so thats basically all they know about me. Its the only class where i had enough confedense to say who i really am (because no one knows me)

It is going to be a enjoyable class, if they respect me.