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Walking Away From a Conversation, Part 1: When to Walk

Staying respectful and rational may be hard when you’re stuck in a debate you’d rather not be having. So in order to have the most productive discourse, we recommend being mindful about whether or not you really want to continue a discussion.

There are several reasons why you may want to walk away from a conversation before an issue has been resolved. Maybe it’s wearing you down mentally. Maybe the other person doesn’t seem to be listening to you. Maybe you got sucked into an argument you never wanted to be having in the first place.

If you find yourself getting frustrated with a conversation, stop and ask yourself: How could this conversation end in a way that you would find satisfying? What are you hoping to accomplish? Is the outcome you’re hoping for a realistic one?

Here are some signs that you’d benefit from stepping back:

- The outcome you’re hoping for isn’t realistic.

- The outcome you’re hoping for isn’t worth the work it would likely take.

- You’re getting sucked in to the point where you don’t feel you’re in complete control of if and how you respond to someone

- You’re neglecting something else that matters to you in order to continue the conversation

- The conversation is making you feel hopeless or hurt.

- You feel frustrated and resentful, and it’s distorting your mental image of the people you disagree with.

If any of these describe your state of mind, it’s a good time to walk away.

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RP starters: Heated argument.

content warning: death baiting.

  • “Are you even listening to me?”
  • “Leave. Leave right now.”
  • “What more do you want?!”
  • “I really wish you were never born.”
  • “I hate you!”
  • “Can you just fuck off already?”
  • “Shut up! Just.. Shut up!”
  • “All you do is whine.”
  • “What the hell is wrong with you?!”
  • “I can’t do this anymore. Not with you.”
  • “How did that feel?”
  • “Oh my god, I don’t care!”
  • “No wonder nobody likes you.”
  • “Is this how little you think of me?”
  • “That hurt you son of a bitch…”
  • “Pack your shit and go. Get the fuck out of my sight!”
  • “Leave me alone!”
  • “I can break your nose if I want to.”
  • “Are you going to cry now?”
  • “I wouldn’t miss you. Nobody would.”
  • “You’re so pathetic!”
  • “I won’t forget this.”
  • “I’m going to break your jaw if you keep talking!”
  • “Why can’t you listen to a single thing I say?!”
  • “I have a right to be angry.”
  • “This would have never happened if you wouldn’t exist.”
  • “Get out of my life!”
  • “You’re nothing! Did you hear me?! Nothing!”
  • “You ruined everything.”

‘He’s not dangerous…i provoked him’
'Why can’t you accept that some of these creatures are not good - you’re beginning to sound like a certain

young friend of yours’

Graves had to step in and he would have killed the beast if he didn’t know that by doing so Newt would never speak to him again so he just scared it off.

Graves is looking at all the scars with a mounting sense of agitation. There would be many very heated arguments about Newt and his beasts. Until the eventual cliché - 'Why do you even care???’ Graves would be so frustrated and quite a bit disappointed 'If you haven’t figured that out by now, I won’t be the person to tell you. And off he storms.
Newt huffs and grumbles because this kind of complication is the reason he prefers the company of beasts

Maybe theres a situation where Graves ends up endangered and THATS when it clicks for Newt
Oh, this is why Graves gets so bothered over Newts scratches and scrapes
He might be playing down his injuries

Like either some dark wizard or one of Newts beasts strikes at Graves because he senses that Newt is pissed at him and Newt throws himself between them 'Not him! No, you don’t hurt him, BAD BOY"
A trader, illegally and cruelly trading animals on the black market. And Graves steps in to protect the beasts.

Imagine him waking up later and Newts at his bedside fussing with the blankets and avoiding his gaze. Graves groans and mutters 'You are a terrible influence’
And Newt gives a slightly hysterical giggle and wipes at his eyes, half laughing and sobbing.

Graves sighs like this is really so exasperating
'Come here’ and he gets Newt to lay his head on his chest and strokes his hand over Newts hair

Theory Time

So we’ve all seen the Preview Pics,right??

This one caught my eye:

Here we have Yuuri in what looks like Victor and his hotel room.

I’ll quickly state my thoughts on what looks like “A very heated argument”.

First of all:The wall

Yuuri is incredibly close to it, like he’s almost leaning on it.

Maybe his and Victor’s argument got a little too heated.

Maybe Victor had enough of Yuuri’s “selfishness”, lost his chill and composed face and cornered Yuuri who looks like he’s about to cry.

Yuuri’s eye is opened wide and his eyebags are accentuated? I would say

Like an eye that’s about to cry. 

His eyebrows are also important, I would describe them as furrowed.

Adding this to the eyes he looks like he’s about to counter-attack the person in front of him,Victor.

His mouth just confirms my thoughts,

He’s about to burst out

Please just remember that this is just my theory and probably I’m wrong.

Still feel free to comment and add your ideas

Ilvermorny House Headcanons

Horned Serpents: writing stories together; finding quiet hiding places around the school where they can go to just think; always coming up with off the wall ideas of things to do on the weekends; those weekends often spent just reading in the common room instead; heated arguments on theoretical things; morning birds drinking tea as the sun comes up; scented candles always burning; classical music; having the most wonderful ideas but never being able to properly express them

Wampus: laying down on the floor in the common room; knowing the coffee is hot, but drinking it anyway; burning their tongues; caffeinated drinks only; singing their favorite songs together out loud with no music, for no reason; hardcore pillow fights that get really intense and last hours; game night every Wednesday; coming up with new ways to make studying more bearable; being very connected to everything around them

Thunderbird: weekends spent outside; finding parts of class really interesting and researching them in the library just for fun; art competitions; made up games; secret parties; celebrating every holiday they can (flag day, national hat day, etc.); fighting over choosing the music; wacky foods, because they always want to try everything; exploring school grounds; always just wanting to do SOMETHING

Pukwudgie: plants everywhere; strange healing methods that oddly work; never going to the infirmary because they have their house-mates; always planning something; poetry readings; backstabbing not tolerated; equality; selling healing potions to classmates with colds; always smell good; the helping hand to anyone who needs it; study buddies; late night hair styling; compliment machines if you seem like you need one; always feeling obligated to help even if they can’t

Some Small Things I Appreciated About Rogue One

- jyn’s little stormtrooper doll

- jyn and cassian forgiving each other after a heated argument and then fight troopers

- baze’s conversion and suddenly believing in the force at the end for himself and for chirrut

- bodhi repeating, “i am the pilot” sounding like he finally has gain confidence in himself and thinks he’s worth something again

- “i am one with the force, the force is with me” 

- K-2SO always telling them the odds.

- the movie really being about trust

- the ending vader scene

- seeing princess leia and finding out that it was a different actress who looks like carrie & they didn’t use cgi for her

-  bail organa saying he is going back to alderaan to let them know that the peace is gone


-the force being a punk because once everyone finally trusted it, it was like, “screw it” & let them all DIE.

Without knowing and without wanting, we build walls. It happens quietly and slowly over time when we choose the things in life that do not command love and righteousness. It happens when we forget to spend time with God in solitude. Then one day, we struggle with loving our neighbors, we struggle with understanding what grace is in our lives. The collapse of a relationship is not when the heated arguments become overbearing, it’s when the silence sets in that we know a void has begun in our lives.

I must be reminded daily of the love of Jesus, I must remember who it was that first brought me from death to life. How shallow is my heart to think that I can go a minute without praise in my heart for the one who loves without end; How hollow is my soul to long for such temporary things, and not for the Father in whom all things are given.

May I have the right mindset to lean on Jesus, and may I have the understanding to fully accept His grace in my heart.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

elaboration of this post

moon: initial reaction; the processing of emotions

fire moon: vocalized upheaval. immediate initial reaction. childish processing of emotions that link back to themselves. what can i do so that ‘i’ feel most fulfilled?

earth moon: internalized logic. immediate reasoning. pragmatic processing of emotions that link back to their ability to produce something. what can i do so that my efforts are recognized?

air moon: vocalized logic. immediate detachment. rational progressing of emotions that link back to other people. what can i do that will affect or be affected by another?

water moon: internalized upheaval. immediate betrayal. emotional processing of emotions that link back to their comfort zone. what can i do so that i am reassured? 

mars: the expression of anger

fire mars: quick to anger. most likely to cause a scene and get heated in an argument. express anger if you offended their way of being. 

earth mars: gradual anger. tear other people down. express anger if you make them feel inadequate. 

air mars: passive/communicated anger. detach themselves from anger but will argue it out until the point is seen. 

water mars: anger that runs deep. can hold grudges forever. will always blame things on the other person. 

12th house: traits exhibited when vulnerable and/or alone

mars/aries: reckless, imperious, assertive, extremist tendencies, childish 

venus/taurus: over-indulgent, superficial, stubborn, calm

mercury/gemini: flighty, two-faced, communicative, gossipy

moon/cancer: severe mood swings, hypersensitive, empathetic, easily drained

sun/leo: arrogant, prideful, warm, insecure, sympathetic 

mercury/virgo: overly critical, obsessive compulsive, serving others, attentive

venus/libra: co-dependent, avoidant, overly just, indecisive, amicable 

pluto/scorpio: resentful, destructive, resilient, fearful of change, powerful

jupiter/sagittarius: pretentious, excessive, giving, adventuresome 

saturn/capricorn: restrained, self-reliant, being a rock for others, responsible

uranus/aquarius: erratic, unconventional, self-righteous, innovative, outsider

neptune/pisces: escapist tendencies, delusional, compassionate, easily overwhelmed, imaginative 


17-year-old Olene Matsneva was in a relationship with 16-year-old Nikita Rasskazov when she started to get close with 19-year-old Artyom Shustov, often posting photographs of them together on her social media accounts. One night, while in the presence of friends, Matsneva started to come onto Shustov before the duo went to another room where they had oral sex. Seemingly feeling regret the following morning, Matsneva confessed to Rasskazov what had happened but claimed that Shustov had forced himself on her and that she wasn’t a willing participant. A number of friends later told police that she had been the one to initiate it, not the other way around.

As Shustov and Rasskazov personally knew one another, Rasskazov arranged for Shustov to meet him in a wooded area in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, and talk it out. As the argument heated up, Rasskazov produced a kitchen knife from his bag. Shustov attempted to flee. Defence wounds on his hands indicate that he had attempted to fight Rasskazov off but to no avail. After stabbing Shustov in the back, Rasskazov held him down and grimly decapitated his head while he was still alive.

Rasskazov placed his head in a black bin bag and took it home with him where he then had a shower and went to sleep. The following morning, he took Shustov’s decapitated head to Matsneva to show off what he had done, believing it indicated his love for her. Matsneva was distraught and forced Rasskazov to leave. He threw Shustov’s head into the Amur River, where it still hasn’t been retrieved. He’s currently awaiting sentencing.


(Feeling kinda down today. So I wrote a ficlet. Inspired by my own prompt.)

The first time Sherlock mouthed ‘I love you’ to John, he didn’t intend to.

When he followed the army doctor in their shared flat after one exciting chase, both giggling breathlessly at the utter stupidity of the evening’s incident, looking at the smiling radiant face of John, Sherlock couldn’t help it.

It was his sheer luck that John didn’t hear.

How embarrassing it would have been.

The night when John left the flat to spend the night at Sarah’s, after a heated argument with Sherlock.

And Sherlock stood at the window watching him go away. Noticing how john shivered because of the chilly London weather and lack of cloth.

You hot headed little man.

That’s the second time Sherlock said it.

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I’ve talked about this with @scribefindegil before, but I fully subscribe to her headcanon that at some point during his time at Backupsmore Ford spent a Thanksgiving with Fiddleford’s family and had a really eye-opening experience seeing what a healthy, loving, non-abusive family dynamic could be like.

One particular experience that I think stuck with him was watching Fidds get into an argument with his father about politics. Fidds was kind of a hippie while his dad was more conservative and they got into at least one heated argument. 

Ford was just watching, frozen in horror as they got louder and louder, waiting for the inevitable explosion. Absolutely shocked to hear Fidds say things like “ah, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” to his father. Terrified for what he was certain would happen to his friend at any moment.

And then…there was no explosion. Fidds’s aunt told the two of them to settle down and come to the table. Fidds’s dad ruffled his hair and made a joke about him having to come to terms with his son voting for Carter. It was like the whole thing had never happened.

Ford wasn’t really sure how to put his thoughts into words until later, of course. But he did eventually talk to Fidds about it, who helped him understand his home life wasn’t normal.


okay soooo i’ve been binge watching yo-kai watch like there’s no tomorrow cause i’m a fckin dork, and like, i got emotionally invested so fast???

anyways, i drew an au where eren and levi died and became yo-kai (ghosts or spirits that have weird abilities and cause every day inconveniences for humans that they inspirit; in the show of course, there’s actual mythology surrounding yo-kai in japanese lore)

eren can amplify people’s emotions, and levi causes people to speak bluntly and honestly, albeit a little rude. they make a pretty good team making arguments more heated

My friend captions screenshots from Eddsworld

“Noseless child is too innocent to understand arson and just wants to help with laundry”

“Soulless kid gets flashbacks from what he saw during his acid trip”

“Red hoodied child likes poking blue hoodied soulless child a little too much”

“Shaggy is psyched to see his new gelled updo haircut”

“homework gives one child anxiety and gives other one depression”

“best anime fight scene”

“Demon kid decides to voice is opinion on people who decorate for Christmas in November”

“Rlly heated argument, red one kicks out blue one out of house”

I especially hate the idea that constant arguing is normal in a relationship. You can have your disagreements but if you’re constantly arguing and fighting each other what’s the point? I don’t sit here and hang out with people I’m constantly going to have long drawn out heated arguments with and where every day it’s some fussing and fighting. Every other day my mom is spending hours on the phone arguing with her nigga and I don’t understand why they don’t just break up and shut the hell up.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Why does everyone hate Christophe Giacometti? I mean he's so beautiful, and so wholesome, and his hair and eyes and lips and voice and everything are beautiful. I just don't understand why they're so much hate for him. I mean he has beautiful skating routine. He has a beautiful complexion. He has a beautiful personality. I just...I don't understand.

AU where Until Dawn is an award winning movie and all the characters are actors in it. Just imagine.

  • Josh and Chris aren’t allowed to do interviews alone together for reasons that no one is allowed to say
  • Sam constantly brings the cast and crew coffee and hot chocolate every time they shoot in the snow
  • Bloopers of Mike constantly falling on his face as he’s doing his “heroic” run to save Jessica
  • Jess in the background laughing at him every time he falls on his face
  • “Fuck nuggets”, “Scared the blue out of my jeans”, “Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake”, and everyone other creative curse was completely improvised by Mike
  • Emily accidentally hitting Ashley while filming the slap-scene and Emily freaking out and apologizing
  • Theres a tabloid rumor that Mike and Matt hate each other and got into a fist fight on set, when really they just had a heated argument over who gets the last donut (Josh stole it while they fought)
  • Josh and Jess constantly forgetting their lines
  • Ashley going out of her way to meet fans and sign pictures for them
  • Mike taking every sexist question that Jess gets during interviews
  • Chris doing the same for Ashley and Josh doing the same for Sam
  • Matt not needing to do that, because Emily can handle the situation on her own
  • Matt visiting sick fans in the hospital
  • Hannah and Beth being famous twin actors, and the marketing purposefully misdirected it so it looked like Beth and Hannah were the leads to make their “deaths” more shocking
  • Josh and Hannah staying in their “villain” makeup (ie the psycho mask and wendigo makeup) and hiding in people’s trailers to scare them
  • Matt and Jess, during their first interview together, ended it with Jess beatboxing and Matt freestyle rapping. It becomes the most liked video on youtube
  • Emily being the queen of dubsmash, and it spreading to the whole cast constantly doing them inbetween shots
  • The guys having paintball games in between scenes and Ashley and Sam joining in only to destroy them
  • There’s several bloopers of Josh and Chris leaning forward about to kiss only to start laughing
  • “what were all thinking it” is Josh’s reasoning for ruining so many shots
  • Interviewer: “Who was your favorite member to shoot with?” Beth: “My sister of course. She’s my best friend and I wouldn’t want to do this without her”. Hannah: “Awww… mine was Mike”
  • Interviewer: “What was your favorite scene to shoot?”. Ashley“The Saw scene since it was so intense and and special effects were so amazing that it looked so real”. Chris“When i got to kiss Ashley” *Smirks*
  • Sam confirming the fan theory that her character is gay
  • Interviewer“Which fate would you want, death or wendigo?” Josh“how about a happy ending for my character instead”
Being Paul Lahote’s Wife Would Include:

Originally posted by miss-rosalie-hale

Anonymous said:Can u do some being paul labote’s wife would includesss??

A/N: Of course I can, lovely: Though, a quick warning; I’m not the best at these any more, because I haven’t been making much ‘would include’ imagines lately. So sorry if it lacks in awesomeness. I hope that you enjoy, nevertheless though, anon! Thank you for your request, and sorry that it took so long for me to make your request, I’ve been busy tending to my other imagines blogs!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

- By being Paul’s wife, know that you are always protected.

- You two would have your heated arguments but they’d turn out into passionate sex.

- Paul would be devoted to making you happy.

- He’d be the sort of husband that would be hot tempered, say things he didn’t mean, storm out and later come home with an over sized teddy bear, a huge bouquet of flowers or anything sweet.

- If anything, your sex life would just get even better!

- There would be days where he’d come home stressed from work, seeking out one of your heavenly back, shoulder and neck massages, and of course your company, because you soothe him.

- If you came home from work all stressed and upset, he’d definitely be by your side, running you a bath and listening to what’s wrong.

- You would be spoiled rotten!

- If you were pregnant, Paul would do everything for you. You wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

- You’d be like a team, loyal, faithful and loving towards each other.

- You’d have the hottest sex life ever.

- He’d still leave hickey’s all over you, because, let’s face it: The ring on your finger isn’t good enough (in a sense), he needs people to know that you’re marked.

- Romantic date nights.

- “Paul, calm down! He was taking my order.

- “He looked down your top.

- “Shame on him! But it doesn’t mean you can go around punching everyone. I thought we talked about this?

- In a sense, being Paul’s anchor.

- “Run! Run before he terrorizes the village again!” you’d tease.

- Paul kissing your forehead before he leaves for work.

- Getting lot’s of breakfast in bed.

- Paul carrying you everywhere.

- Watching cheesy movies together when the two of you have free time.

- Protective and jealous Paul.


- A million “I love you’s” being said by each of you to each other.

- Telling stories to each other about when you were dating.

- “Do you remember when…

- “Oh yeah! I remember that!

- Being totally and utterly in love.

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It’s fucking 3 am in the morning and I have to get up in 4 hours and I’m thinking about how much passion malec has. Yes they have heart eyes, but they also have heated arguments and disagreements. And also have passionate conversations about the world around them at the moment. They also have shy smiles and lingering touches, along with soft voices around each other. There is just so much passion between them, and they are still learning about each other and getting to know each other. I can’t wait to see them when they are truly in love and know each other inside and out.

“you’re just jealous!”

Yes, I am.

I mean, I’m not just jealous, there’s generally more to it than that, but yes, I am jealous.

I am absolutely jealous of racists, transphobes, and homophobes who have a high place in fandom.

Why should they have those places? Why not people of color? Why not trans people? Why not gay people?

People who say this nonsense have no idea what it’s like to be a minority. To know that, no matter what you do, you will never be famous. Your icons will always be people nobody else knows. You will never be popular, or well-liked, or anything good if you don’t constantly cater to the majority.

Meanwhile, the majority have the ability to do whatever they want. You see this over and over and over again as white people dismiss the concerns of people of color, as cis people dismiss the concerns of trans people, as straight people dismiss the concerns of gay people.

They don’t have to cater to minorities, because that’s not their fanbase.

Their fanbase is full of people who are cis or white or straight, and they don’t have to care about those issues. So what if their favorite artist did something some trans kid says is transphobic? Doesn’t affect or offend them!

So yes, I am jealous.

I am jealous of the power these fans hold. I am jealous of the fame these bigots– yes, bigots– receive. I am jealous of the ability they have to not care about others.

But I guess the hip new thing is to yell at minorities for acknowledging the hopelessness of the situation they are in and feeling sad about it, right? 

Minorities just aren’t allowed to be sad anymore? 

Fuck you.


(A/N: ‘(Crossover)’ means that both characters from Blue Bloods and SVU appear)

Sonny Carisi 

Imagine the Christmas Shift with Carisi  (Crossover)

Imagine being secretive about why you joined SVU

Imagine Carisi seeing your childhood abuse scars 

Imagine getting shot saving a victim  (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny getting jealous after he thinks you’ve been on a date 

Imagine Sonny finding out that you’re soon to be divorced 

Imagine Carisi being worried about your safety  (Crossover)

Imagine describing to Carisi what you think love is 

Imagine taking pictures with Sonny 

Imagine arguing with Carisi about Italy versus Greece

Imagine relaxing with Sonny after a tough day 

Imagine Sonny asking you out on a date

Imagine admitting your feelings for Sonny 

Imagine Sonny proposing to you

Imagine Sonny comforting you on the anniversary of your Father’s death

Imagine your undercover job taking a toll on your relationship with Sonny 

Imagine Sonny being the person you talk to when waking up from a coma (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny settling an argument between you and your brother Danny (Crossover)

Imagine finding out you’re pregnant and not wanting to tell Sonny (Crossover)

Imagine planning your wedding with Sonny (Crossover)

Imagine cheating on your boyfriend with Sonny 

Imagine your brother Jamie comforting you after getting into a fight with your boyfriend Sonny  (Crossover)

Imagine getting jealous after Sonny reunites with his first love 

Imagine both you and Sonny being in love with each other but neither of you say anything  (Crossover)

Imagine the morning after your first time with Sonny (Crossover)

Imagine having a baby with Sonny Carisi  (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny being your partner at Reagan Family Game Night  (Crossover)

Imagine being in a relationship with Sonny Carisi (Crossover)

Imagine being first time parents with Sonny  (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny defending you after your ex-boyfriend makes a scene at the station

Imagine being Liv’s younger sister and hitting it off with Sonny

Imagine being friends with Sonny since you were kids (Crossover) 

Imagine Sonny blaming you after his girlfriend breaks up with him (Crossover)

Imagine Barba not knowing you are married to Carisi  (Crossover)

Imagine yours and Sonny’s wedding day (Crossover) 

Imagine yours and Sonny’s sons first birthday party  (Crossover) 

Imagine Sonny taking care of you after you get injured (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny blaming Barba after you get hurt because of his death threats 

Rafael Barba  

Imagine your sister Erin introducing you to your new ADA Rafael Barba  (Crossover)

Imagine having a heated argument with Barba 

Imagine fainting after testifying in court for Barba 

Imagine Rafael listening to you talk about how you are in love with him 

Imagine being in a secret relationship with Barba 

Imagine the pillow-talk between you and Rafael

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael 

Imagine being Rafael’s Boss

Imagine being a criminal witness in one of Barba’s trials

Imagine finding out why Barba never smiles around you 

Imagine being taken hostage while on the phone to Rafael 

Imagine your ex-boyfriend flirting with you in front of Rafael 

Imagine introducing your boyfriend Rafael Barba to your father Frank Reagan (Crossover)

Imagine Passive Aggressive arguing with Rafael

Imagine being a psychic medium and warning Barba about an attempt on his life

Imagine being Rafael’s boss (Part Two)

Imagine being taken hostage while on the phone to Rafael (Part Two)

Imagine your brother Danny teasing you about the crush you have on Barba (Crossover)

Imagine having to convince your whole family, the Reagans,to let him have your hand in marriage (Crossover)

Imagine arguing with your brothers in front of the whole squad including your boyfriend Rafael about going undercover (Crossover)

Imagine Rafael proposing to you  (Crossover)

Imagine yours and Rafaels wedding day  (Crossover)

Imagine being pregnant with Rafael’s baby   (Crossover)

Imagine Danny walking in on you and Rafael (Crossover)

Imagine Rafael, your boyfriend and your family, the Reagans,finding out you’ve been receiving death threats (Crossover)

Imagine being Rafael’s boss (Part Three)

Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and meeting the squad for the first time after you witness a crime

Imagine taking care of Rafael when he’s sick  

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and a witness at one of his trials

Imagine finding out that Rafael sometimes worries about your age difference  (Crossover)

Imagine getting into an argument with your Dad, Rafael Barba 

Imagine the squad finding out that you and Rafael are dating 

Imagine your boyfriend, Rafael, surprising you on your birthday

Imagine Rafael being in love with you while you are in relationship with Sonny 

Imagine the moments both Sonny and Rafael fell in love with you 

Imagine Rafael telling you he is in love with you while you’re in a relationship with Sonny 

-Rafael Alternative Ending 

-Sonny Alternative Ending 

Imagine Barba finding out Frank Reagan is your Father after thinking you were dating him 

Imagine the Squad trying to set you and Barba up at the station Christmas Party 

 Mike Dodds 

Imagine bonding with Dodds over your high-ranking Fathers  (Crossover)

Imagine being Mike’s date to the Policemen’s Ball   (Crossover) 

Imagine arguing with Dodds when he calls you family after you’re attacked (Crossover)

Imagine dealing with life without Mike after his death (Crossover)

Imagine taking care of a baby with Mike  (Crossover)

Imagine getting jealous when you meet Mike’s ex-girlfriend at his high school reunion 

Imagine Mike Proposing to you (Crossover)

Imagine teasing Mike at work 

Imagine Mike accidently telling your family you’re pregnant before telling you  (Crossover)


Imagine being Barba’s daughter and helping him learn some Italian so he can surprise Sonny at their wedding

Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and introducing Sonny as your Dad for the first time 

Danny Reagan 

Imagine your boyfriend,Danny Reagan, asking your brother, Rafael Barba, for permission to marry you (Crossover) 

Imagine Danny getting stuck in traffic while you’re in labor  (Crossover) 

Jamie Reagan 

Imagine embarrassing yourself in front of Jamie when you first meet

Imagine being Jamie’s girlfriend and going to Reagan family dinner for the first time 

Imagine being Sonny’s sister and eloping with Jamie (Crossover)

Imagine being married to Jamie and getting held gunpoint

Imagine being Sonny’s sister and eloping with Jamie (Part Two)  (Crossover)

Imagine telling your husband,Jamie, that you’re pregnant

Imagine being Sonny’s sister, Jamie’s girlfriend and worrying about how the Reagans will react to you when you first meet them (Crossover)

 Blue Bloods 

Imagine Mother’s Day as a Reagan

Imagine Arguing with your Brothers as to who will be the next Police Commissioner

SVU Detective

Imagine getting emotional during an Interrogation