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So in order to get this u need to have both read Homestuck and watched The Road To El Darado. My gods what a niche audience. Can’t say this was properly thought through, my private little joke stretch became a colour study (fuck colour and all it’s relatives) and now look at the mess I made?! Please credit with link in the description if u repost on other accounts, ie instagram.

“Just give me 5 more seconds of this.”

(I’ve heard you’re not supposed to sleep w/a newborn so close, but…hhhhh he just loves having her in his arms. Don’t worry, he gets up and puts her in her little crib shortly afterwards)

Wild Jins FanFic Recs

Just because, why the heck not? There may be a lot of wolf heat AUs because I’m trash. And just to be 100% clear, none of these are mine.

The Pretenders - Wolf AU (M)

Last Nite - Zombie Apocalypse AU (M)

The Purge - OC x Hobi

Rap Monster
Deeper Than Ink - Soulmates AU

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Pirate AU (M)

Ankle Biter - Tae dad AU (M)

In Bloom - Wolf AU (M)
Blue Orchids - Soulmates AU

Equilibrium - Jungkook x Jimin x Reader (M)
Elements - I’m not sure who the MC’s male lead is in this one, but it’s good
Hidden Stars - Jungkook x Reader / Suga x Reader (M)
Future Hearts - Jungkook x Reader / Jimin x Reader (M)

Member x Member
Got My Body So Wet - Jimin x Namjoon - Wolf AU (M)
The Sound of Winter - Suga x Jungkook - Wolf AU (M)
Trying to Behave (But You Know That We Never Learned How) - Suga x Jimin (M) - this one messed me up so bad and it’s not even complete
Tear the Moon From the Stars Tonight - Jimin x Suga (M) I’m a sucker for Yoonmin


My Star Wars comics are back! 

This Star Wars break of mine was longer than necessary lol

This is inspired by this post by @tryingtobeshameless 

Featuring good old Kylo and Rey reconsidering her life choices :D

This can actually be a sequel to this Reylo comic that I made last year

This can be the morning after their, um… quite heated argument

I’m just imagining a situation where adult team 7 pit Boruto and Sarada against Kakashi in the bell test to see if they can actually beat him. Its supposed to be for fun but Sakura is off to the side coaching Sarada VERY LOUDLY and very aggressively. “Go fOR THE JUGULAR. THE JUGULAR” and Naruto/Sasuke are just staring at her like “good lord”. 

desolationofzara  asked:

I'm having a bad day, can you write a DamiJon and TimKon fic where the supers are having an arm wrestling match and their Robin's are laughing and cheering them on from the sidelines? Pleasssseeeeeeee????? 😄

I hope you enjoy this sweetie and that the rest of your week is better and more enjoyable ^*^

Alfred was famous for making sweets; no matter what it was his deserts where always the best so it was no surprise that there were hardly any leftovers since the batboys tend to finish them. Today however, was an exception Alfred made his famous cinnamon crumb cake and there were only two slices left.

Tim, Kon, Jon, and Damian looked at one another silently challenging the others for the slices of cake.

“We deserved the last two slices, we’ve solved a case and arrested four drug lords!” Tim said glaring at Damian.

“Arresting a criminal and solving a case is child’s play Drake both Jon and I were able to take down Luthor and his operations!”

“You had help from both Bruce and Clark and we didn’t!”

“You also had outside help, Grayson and Todd had a hand in taking down the drug lord,”

“That’s different!”


Before either two could continue their argument, Jon and Connor stood between them and separated the two.

“Come on guys the slices are big enough for all four of us to share,” Jon said trying to keep the peace, Connor looked at his little brother like he grew two heads.

“What?” the younger Kent asked.

“Are you serious? You really want a small slice of Alfred’s cake, when you can have your own big piece?”

“Well yeah but,”

“But nothing Kent, it’s clear that neither Drake, the clone, nor I are going to let this matter go until we get what we want,”

“And how are we gonna settle this?” Jon had to ask, Connor smirk as he sat down at the table and stuck out his hand.

“Arm wrestling, you and me Jon winner takes both slices of cake and the mantle of the second strongest member in the Kent family.”

Both Damian and Tim looked at each other before a sly smile spread across their faces.

“An arm wrestle contest would not only give us a victor, but it’ll finally determine which of our aliens is the far soupier one,” Damian said already liking this idea.

“I hate to agree with the brat but he’s right Kon, you better win this and not make me look someone who teams up with pansies,”

“Gee thanks Tim, your faith in me means a lot,”

Damian just rolled his eyes as he looked at Jon.

“I don’t need to give you no words of encouragement because you can easily kick his ass, you are not only my partner but also my boyfriend you could easily defeat him without even breaking a sweat,”

“Umm…thanks?” the young superhero said, a bit worried that he’ll let his Robin down.

Jon looked at his brother in fear, the two were always rough housing and testing each other’s strength, sadly Connor always came out on top between their little games. Still beating Connor would be great for his ego also if he could slide in another deal maybe Jon can win both the cake and something else.

“Okay, but let’s add something else to the deal,”

“And that is?”

“If you win you’ll get both the slices of cake and Ma’s last slices of pie, also you and Tim have to do whatever me and Damian say for the rest of the weekend,”

Both Tim and Kon looked at one another before looking at their younger brothers, Jon with a mischievous glint in his eyes and Damian with a proud smile that was directed to Jon.

“Okay, but if I win we get both deserts and you and Damian have to do our chores for the rest of the weekend,” he said looking at Tim who nodded his head in approval.

“Deal,” Jon said sitting down and grabbing his brother’s arm.

Both Connor and Jon smirked at one another before Damian stood on one side of the table and Tim stood on the opposite end.

“Okay you two, on the count of three,” Tim said looking at both Superboys,


“Two,” Damian said,

“THREE,” both Wayne brothers said simultaneously.

Jon and Connor tried to bring the other down as they used all their strength to bring the other down.

“Come on Kon, show this little twerp who’s boss,” Tim cheered,

“Twerp?” Jon asked, for a second he was distracted for a while, enough time for Connor to bring his hand down a little.

“Jon focus!” Damian cried afraid of Jon losing, he did not want to do Drake’s chores for the rest of the weekend but more importantly he wanted that cake! {And the pie}

Jon regain his focus as he pulled his arm back up bringing it back to the center, he glared at Kon who couldn’t help but smirk at almost winning,

“That’s it Jon kick this wanna be Super-man reject’s ass!”

“What did you say?” Kon asked all traces of humor gone, like Kon who took advantage of his distraction Jon used his slip of concentration to his advantage and tried to bring down his arm he was halfway there before Kon regain focus more like Tim hit him in the back of the head and yell,


Kon regain his focus as he brought his arm back to the top, this time it was Jon who had a smirk on his face and a look of worried was on Connor’s.

The two kept trying to bring the other down, Tim and Damian looked at the two with both excitement and anticipation as their supers tried to beat the other,

“Come on Connor don’t let this little boy beat you,”

“If Jon wins its not because Connor was defeated by a boy it was because he lost to a far supior being,” Damian said as he watched his boyfriend winning this match.

“Come on Kent, don’t let this clone beat you you’re way better than him,”

“Of course, I’m gonna win Dami, after all I’m cuter and since I am younger that means I’m a lot stronger I mean you’re getting old Kon, that means you’re losing your edge,”

Both Tim and Connor looked at him in shock while Damian laughed at Jon’s trash talking. He was to cute when he tried to be tough.

Connor smirk as he tried to push his arm down,

“You maybe cute little brother but I’m hotter and I maybe old but I have more experience than you, and plus I at least don’t cry during the Lion King or the ending to Pokémon,”

“Ooohhh,” Tim said, he found three pairs of eyes looking at him weirdly.

“What? Isn’t that what people do after they are done trash talking them?”

No answered him before Damian said,

“Remember clone, you are marrying that,”

“Don’t remind me,”


Jon just laughed as he kept trying to bring his brother’s hand down.

“Come on Jon kick his ass!”

“Damian language,” Jon said acting scandalous.

“Yeah Dami, gosh darn it you are only six years old!” Tim said unable to resist a jab at Damian’s age.

Damian just rolled his eyes as all three boys laughed at the joke making Damian blush a bright red.

Jon and Connor smirk at one another as their boyfriends kept cheering them on.

“Connor you’re the strongest, bravest, sexiest, and best man out there! Don’t let this little boy win!”

“Kent, I don’t need to boost your ego because you have me as your boyfriend and that’s enough to know you’re better than the clone so you better not lose,”

“Of course, I’m everything you said Tim, can’t let the little brats get the best of us and think they are better than us, now can I?”

For some reason this made everyone laugh as their friendly competition kept getting a little more heated with their trash talking.

“Dude I know I’m better than you, and I got a hotter Robin who can kick your old ass without even trying,”

This made both Damian and Tim go,


“Tim, he just dissed you,”

“Yeah, but it was a great dissed I couldn’t resist cheering him,”

Connor turned to his little brother and couldn’t help but smile as he said,

“You just said a bad word that means I’m telling mom,”

“Tattle tale,” both Damian and Jon said making both Tim and Connor laugh.

“Then I’ll tell Tim about the time you dressed as a ballerina and danced to swan lake!”

Both Tim and Damian started laughing as Connor turned a bright red before he said,

“Say what you want but I look good in a tutu,”

This made all the boys laugh including Connor who couldn’t resist laughing along his friends.

“Ready to give up?”

“Nope, you?”

“Tch, you wish,”

“My superboy is gonna win Dami,”

“Not a chance Drake,”

“My money is on the clone,”

“No way man Jon is totally gonna win,”

“Wait what?” Connor asked distracted by the new voices, the distraction was enough for Jon to bring down Connor’s hand making him the victor.

“I did it! I won! I beat my…brother…” Jon watched in horror at the scene before him,

Damian, Tim, and Connor turned to where Jon’s face was staring as their faces mirror Jon’s expression.

Sitting on the counter was Dick and Jason…eating…Alfred’s cake.

“See told you little wing that Damian’s superboy was gonna win,”

“Ah shit man, I owe you fifty bucks,” Jason said as he put his empty plate down next to him.

“Yeah you do,” Dick said as he took a final bite of the cake and placed his own plate down smiling at his brothers and their boyfriends. He saw that all four of them were giving them a scandalous look.

“What?” Dick said.

All four continue to stare at them before Jon was the first to snap out of it and shouted,


A few minutes later Alfred came in the Manor with a new tray of cinnamon crumble cake and two pies from Ms. Kent, he knew his grandsons loved his sweets which is why he decided to make another batch as well as ask Ms. Kent for some of her pies which she kindly gave him.

As he passed the living room and headed for the kitchen he had to stop and walk back to the living room to make sure that what he saw was true and not some trick from his eyes.

Upon looking at the living room he saw Master Grayson and Master Todd tied up hanging from the ceiling while the young Masters, Master Drake, and Master Kent were sitting in a circle watching some show.

Master Connor was sitting on the couch while Master Drake was resting his head on Master Connor’s lap who was running his fingers through his hair.

Jon and Damian were resting on the other couch in the same position as their older brothers however, Master Damian was reading a book to Master Kent and young Master Kent was smiling as he listen to Damian’s soft voice.

Master Todd and Master Grayson were shouting-or trying with the gags on their mouth-to be released. All in all it was a typical Friday night.

He wanted to ask but at the same time was afraid to, after all if he had to guess it involved his sweets and the boys not being able to get some. Taking a deep breath, he shakes his head as he headed for the kitchen. He’ll wait until the boys are done watching TV and released Master Grayson and Master Todd before announcing his surprise.

Once again, I am so fucked up by roadtripping boys!!!
Just the idea of them going off together for like a little “ relief of stress ” kinda deal is so cute???

Their favorite places to travel together are v chill and natural kind of places, like their Oregon trip!
After their time together up there for business, they start planning actual work free trips!

Can you imagine Arin renting this cute, little traveling van? Just to see Dan smile, as the nature freak he is

They drive all over small towns, singing to 80s & 90s tracks Dan brought from home
They find mountain peaks, and drive to the top as the sunsets, to get that perfect sense of calmness
The van has and open back, which they have stuffed with fluffy blankets and pillows

They stay out on the peak for hours, watching old sketches, spitting topics left & right. All bundled up together bc it’s gotten chilly

Eventually they both realize it has been a long while, and the stars are already resting above their heads
Dan helps Arin onto the top of the van, and they continue their banter, only this time under the shelter of the night sky.

They wake up the next morning, after driving home, & staying up late to watch the entirety of movies Dan grabbed from his shelf before leaving

Arin wakes up first, seeing Dan curled up in his arms, fluffy head resting on his chest
He should move, get up and take a shower
Though, moments like these with Dan don’t come around often

Dan eventually opens his tired eyelids, only to find Arin creepily staring at him
He begins to ask a question, only to be interrupted by large arms wrapping around his back, and a kiss on the nose

They spend the rest of the day chatting in the hotel room, ordering room service, watching more movies, glancing at each other every now and again

Tender Affections (Orson Krennic x Reader) Smut

Originally posted by badspacedads

Summary: Orson comes home one night and he isn`t his usual self. He really needs his good little Princess to take care of him…

A/N: This was intended to be nothing but pure daddy kink smut, but well…things got a little more emotional than I intended, but daddy kink it is, I can promise that. 

Warnings: Daddy Kink, Sexual Content, Teasing, Spanking, Fingering.

“It is a deep trust, an unspeakable desire, a passionate love, that only a submissive can offer…”

The sound of the door opening made you look up from the book in your hand, and you watched as Orson entered the room with an exhausted expression on his face. His natural crystal blue eyes were glazed over with a dark cloud and a deep frown wrinkled his forehead as he slumped down on his armchair. Placing the book on the bedside table, you rose to your feet only dressed in pyjamas shorts and a black tank top and walked over to him with a worried gaze on his hunched shoulders. It was unusual seeing him like this; he always held such power and dominance in his proud statue, but now, he almost looked vulnerable and fragile.

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