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Members of Congress are returning home to angry constituents and heated town halls

  • Members of Congress are home for two weeks for the Passover and Easter holidays.
  • But instead of a leisurely spring break, they’re getting an earful from angry constituents, who are pummeling them with questions at town halls about everything from Trump’s tax returns to the GOP health care plan.
  • Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) got an earful from a Republican constituent who was aghast that Coffman would support the American Health Care Act.
  • Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) was also shouted down over the issue, with constituents chanting “health care for all” at him as they pressed him to back a single-payer system. 
  • Constituents also pressed Flake about Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation. Read more (4/14/17 11:15 AM)

the lazy town fandom and the show in general has been a source of comfort for a lot of people including myself and stefan loves us and we love him don’t let it become toxic. don’t harass and harangue the actors. don’t ship real people. DONT. SHIP. REAL. PEOPLE. don’t make stefan or magnus uncomfortable. respect them and send them thankful messages and good wishes, not your fanfics 

Damaged (Wolverine x reader)

This is my first attempt at writing something, so please leave feedback!

text between —- and written in italic is a flashback!  


IMPORTANT! – This story is set in the time after Apocalypse and the grumpy old coot known as James Howlett is alive and kicking in this setting. I wanted to use the younger versions of the X-men, because they are the bomb dot com. PLUS: ALEX and SEAN (BANSHEE) DIDN’T DIE! I’m sorry, but my smol beans weren’t supposed to die and I won’t stand for it. 


That’s all you were doing. Running as far from the problems you had.

From the tragedies you had caused.

From the pleading voices in your head.

You weren’t going anywhere specific, just somewhere that was far enough from the place you just were. After 45 minutes of sprinting with your (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair whipping around, you sank down beside a tree in the thick forest. It was then that you let the tears fall. At first, you could only squeeze out a few, but within a few seconds you were letting the waterworks flow. You couldn’t help thinking about what had just happened.

How two men had entered your house.

How they demanded that you show your powers.

How when you couldn’t, they cuffed you to a chair and made you watch them torture your parents.

How your parents pleaded that you do something.

How you wished you could.

How your powers once again kicked in front of your parents eyes and how the men killed them with one swift pull of the trigger.

How your parents looked at you in their last moments.

With fear, but also with love. Lots of love. 


Warily looking around, you sprinted downstairs into the kitchen. It was way past midnight and you had to be quiet. God knows who might be able to hear you here, especially Banshee with his supersonic hearing. Tiptoeing towards the pantry, you grabbed a packet of instant noodles, went to the kettle and filled it with cold water. You didn’t have to fear anyone hearing you or the kettle, as you could warm the water up yourself. Your mutation was pyrokenisis, which meant you could control fire and warmth. In this case, you could warm up the God-sent food called instant noodles.

You sighed and wondered why you didn’t just hang out or in this case eat with the others when they did. You reassured yourself that it must be because you had social anxiety, something you’ve had your whole life. You didn’t really like to hang out with others. You wanted to hide your past. Your experiences were something that had made you stronger, but distant from others. When Charles Xavier came to ask you to join his school, you didn’t even come out of your room for the first two weeks, until the exasperated professor forced you to.

Once your noodles were heated, you went back to your room and starting digging into the deliciousness. You thought about the lessons you attended. You were 23 already, so you didn’t have to follow any lessons, but you just did, to spike your knowledge. After all, you were running since you were 15.

At last, your thoughts landed on one specific lesson, or maybe one specific professor.

Logan Howlett.

The Wolverine.

Whilst the other teachers treated you the same as the other students, Logan saw through you and knew that you were having difficulties settling in. Maybe it was because he was very good at observing. Or maybe because you always fidgeted in every single class, barely uttered a word unless forced and didn’t even glance at the others.

After every lesson of history, Logan took you aside and made you talk. He was the only one you talked to. Who you had told about some of your past. The professor knew about what you had gone through, but you hadn’t told him. He had poked into your mind, with your permission of course.

With Logan, you felt a connection. And slowly, you grew fond of him and liked him even more.

Until those feelings blossomed into something else.

No, you thought.

You couldn’t let anyone get near you. You couldn’t let yourself love him. You had destroyed everyone you loved. You thought about your parents and Jason.

Oh Jason.

How you had fallen for him.

And how you had ruined him.


It was another day in the blistering summer heat. You were sitting in the grass near the canyon that lay behind a thick forest near the town. The heat didn’t bother you for some odd reason. You were going to meet Jason there. You two had been best friends for years, but recently you began developing feelings for him. You told him to meet you here so you could tell him. Who knows, maybe he felt the same way.

“Guess who (Y/N).“ You giggled as you felt Jason’s hands cover your eyes and decided to tease him a bit. “Is it ….. The Joker?” You answered, barely supressing the giggles. Jason laughed as he sat down beside you. That’s when you started sweating bullets.

“‘So, (Y/N). What did you want to tell me?” Jason looked at you with all seriousness.

Damn him.

Damn those gorgeous golden locks.

Damn those luscious pink lips, just waiting to be kissed.

“Um.. I, I think that I’m in love with you Jason. I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship in any way.” You blurted out loud. Jason stared at you incredulously. “Wha- what did you just say?” You saw a tiny smile creeping its way onto his lips.

You glared and told him not to make you repeat what you had just said. It was obviously difficult enough telling him once. Jason smiled fully now. He has the cutest dimples ever, you thought.

“That, that’s great (Y/N), because I’m in love with you too.”

Now it was your turn to look at him in disbelief, until you saw him turning his head slightly. He slowly leant in for a kiss. You placed a hand on his cheek and pressed your (Y/L/C) lips on his. This was better than any first kiss you could imagine. Your mind was focussed on one thing: Jason.

And that’s when your happy ending was ruined. Like you had screwed fate over a million times and this was payback.

You watched in horror as Jason’s body caught on fire.

You screamed till you could scream no more. Yet no one heard a thing, because the screaming was inside of your head.

You then knew that you were different and distanced yourself from everyone and vowed to never get close to someone again.

The authorities only found his charred and beyond unrecognisable body dangling off the cliff.

You were 12 then.


Logan looked around the classroom, waiting for someone to raise their hand. He had asked a difficult question about what the world would look like if World War I and II hadn’t happened. Hearing about these wars always hurt him a little, as he was very much alive during them. He noticed that no one was raising their hand. To be honest, it looked more like they were avoiding his gaze for some odd reason. He glanced at you and his irritated demeanour melted a little. He always had a soft spot for you and was completely unaware of the feelings you had for him.

He was looking forward to talking to you after the lesson. You had been a little distant from everyone for the past few days, if that was even possible. The lesson ended abruptly and Logan sat down at his desk. He thought you would come up to talk to him, but no. You were one of the first one’s gone from the classroom. Logan nearly growled in frustration, grabbed his books and went to find you. But to no avail, as unsurprisingly, you were nowhere to be seen. He slunk back to his classroom and replayed all the memories he had of you, all of which lead to one specific memory: the day he met you.


Logan walked through the corridors until he stopped in front of the professor’s office, wanting to ask him something important. He heard the professor speaking in a low tone. That’s when Logan heard another voice replying. One he hadn’t ever heard before. Logan furrowed his brows. This, this voice. It was so beautiful and soothing. It was like he was addicted to hearing it because the next ten minutes were spent listening to you talk to the professor.

He was about to edge away when he heard a chair scraping. Well, now he had to see who the owner was of this voice. The door opened and Logan backed away a little. He didn’t want to seem like a stalker or anything. Professor X came wheeling his chair though the door and raised one brow when he saw Logan.

But The Wolverine didn’t notice him.
He only looked at you, the shy girl, standing behind the professor.
He watched your beautiful (Y/E/C) fixated on something on the ceiling.
He noticed that your (Y/H/C) hair was falling in strands in front of your face.
His gaze was fixated on you. His eyes never left until a minute later, when the professor coughed awkwardly. That was when you saw Logan for the first time. You averted your gaze from Logan and told the professor you were going to go to your new room. With that, you ran off.

Charles turned to Logan and smirked.
“Her name is (Y/N). She’s new here and has been on the run for around six years now.”
The professor said this sadly and with that he wheeled away.
Logan’s facial expression went from dreamlike to understanding. He knew the feeling of how it was to be on the run. The feeling of being scared and alone.
Logan never got to ask the professor his question.


It had been a week since you walked out of Logan’s lesson without talking to him. Since then, you had only attended training and only exchanged a few short words with Charles, but nothing else. And now, you, against your will, were sitting at a table at one of Charles’ fundraising parties, watching people dance. You put on a smile and made very small talk with people who started to talk to you.
It wasn’t like the party wasn’t any fun. Well, it wasn’t any fun to you, but still. This just wasn’t your scene. You wanted to get back to your room.

At that moment a slow song started playing and you nearly laughed when you saw Beast trip-trapping on Raven’s feet and Peter getting all worked up and causing mischief because everything was oh so slow. At that moment, a tired Alex Summers sat down next to you. Just great, you thought. Now it was impossible to slip away without seeming rude.

“Hey, you’re (Y/N) right?” You nodded at Alex and forced your lips into a smile. Oh dear god, why did social anxiety have to happen to you. Alex asked a few more short questions and you answered quickly and politely. To your inner glee, Alex muttered something about getting a drink and walked away. Now was your chance. You could get back to endlessly reading books.

But that’s when you saw it.
Logan, a few feet away.
With Ava, a human who was working with Hank for a few weeks.
Their bodies too close in your opinion.

Jealousy flared up in you. You felt like you couldn’t breathe. Of course he liked her. She was beautiful, smart and not a danger to anyone. She was all the things you weren’t. Tears crept up in your eyes, but you blinked them away. You only stared at Ava with hatred.

That is, until her dress caught fire.

You reeled back, surprised by what you had done. You watched as someone extinguished the fire from her dress. Thankfully, the fire hadn’t hurt her in any way, except for her ego, which was severely burnt from the looks of it.

“You!” Ava came storming up to you and slapped you across the face.
You flinched and brought a hand up to your cheek, which was throbbing with pain. You saw everyone turn to look at the sudden commotion. Just great, you thought. More unwanted attention.

Of course Ava came up to you and slapped you. You were the only one in the mansion (except for one of the students, who wasn’t present) who was pyrokinetic, so it was no surprise that you caused Ava’s dress to go up in flames.

“Why do you have to ruin everything? What have I ever done to you?”

You stood up and started edging back as Ava came closer. A tear escaped your eye and she laughed. “You are so weak, aren’t you? Crying like a pathetic baby. And why are you so mean? Look at what you did to me yesterday in the lab. I was just working peacefully and you had to come and shoot fire at me!”

You watched as Ava rolled up her sleeve to show a burn. A very big burn. She waved it around so everyone could see.

“I didn’t do that!” You spat in Ava’s face. At that moment, you also chanced a glance at Logan, but all you saw was disappointment in his eyes and he looked away.

It was a quick glance, but Ava saw.

“Of course you did, and now I know why, you little minx. You love Logan don’t you?” At this, Logan’s head snapped up, wanting to believe what Ava just said. The last part at least. “You just couldn’t bear to see him dancing with me. You were jealous. Well, he won’t ever love you, now that he’s seen what kind of monster you are.”

Tears were now falling freely from your eyes and you ran out of the room, bumping into Hank on the way, who you didn’t see because your vision was blurred. You ran straight to your room as Hank walked into quite a quiet and suspenseful room.

“Hank,” the professor started, “did something strange or unusual happen yesterday in the lab? You were there all day after all.” Charles Xavier didn’t believe a thing of what Ava said. He knew you and that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt someone intentionally.

Hank thought for a minute. “Oh yeah, now I remember it, Ava burnt her arm with some chemicals that she spilt. Quite a big burn, I must add. Why? Is something up?” Hank looked around, a little confused.

The professor sighed and looked at Ava with disgust. He told her to pack her bags and leave the very next day. Charles Xavier wasn’t going to have someone in the mansion that made people think badly about someone else, especially someone who had suffered so much like you had. He did smile, of course, when he saw a discreet Logan running out of the room. The professor knew then that you would be alright, in time.

You were in your room, packing a small duffle bag. You couldn’t stay here any longer. There was no one left that liked you. They all hated you for hurting Ava. You packed the last of your stuff when you heard running on the stairs. You nearly jumped out of your skin and ran to your window. Looking down, you saw that there was an 8 meter gap between you and the ground.
You heaved the window open and just as you stood on the sill, the door slammed open. You saw Logan look around for a split second before resting his eyes on you. He started to slowly walk towards you, one tiny step at a time.

“You don’t have to do this (Y/N). You don’t have to run away.” You scoffed at what he said.
“I have to go Logan. Everyone hates me and I’ll never compare to Ava. She’s amazing and I’m nothing. Everyone will believe her story no matter what I say. Even you believed her. ” You pointed out the last part quite accusingly. Logan hung his head in shame. He shouldn’t have ever doubted you but he did. He beat himself up inside for ever thinking that you would hurt someone. For the first time maybe, he felt tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

“We know that Ava was lying, (Y/N). Hank told us the truth about what happened a few minutes after you left. Everyone knows that you didn’t do anything. Just please, don’t go.”

You looked at Logan sadly. A part of you wanted to stay, but you knew that no one would ever like you after what had happened just 15 minutes ago. You were about to jump out of the window when you heard Logan utter six words. One of them was your name. And three of them were words which you thought you would never hear. Those three words gave you hope and made fireworks explode in your stomach.

“Please stay (Y/N), I love you.” Logan repeated, his voice was thicker than usual and it was quite obvious he was holding back the tears. Your heart ached for him and you then and there what you had chosen to do.

You turned to face Logan. He looked at you with the saddest expression you had ever seen on him. Your lip was trembling, tears were rolling down your cheeks and you muttered a small sorry, before………….

Rushing over to Logan and kissing him full on the lips. He hesitated for a moment before kissing back. You felt the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You kept kissing until you had to breathe. Logan smiled at you fondly and pulled you into a hug and held you tight as if you were his life-line. Funnily enough, he was yours.


It had been two months since the Ava-incident. No one ever mentioned her name again and slowly, but surely, with Logan’s help, you started to open up to people around you. And you were glad you did, because you never thought that you would become best friends with Raven and Jean.
Or help Peter in his shenanigans and cause the whole mansion to be after you two, while you both laughed your asses off.
Or have wicked parties with Ororo, Alex, Scott, Sean and everyone else.
Or even join the team of X-men and help Charles Xavier protect mutants and help others.
You were grateful, because all these people had brought you out of your shell in one way or another. Hank developed a special pill which made it much, much easier for you to control your powers.
But you were at your happiest when you were with Logan. He was there for you when you had your ups and downs. You let him in and he was ever so glad you did. He hadn’t known about the Jason incident before. You told him a week after Ava left and honestly, you expected him to break off the relationship, but no. He held you close and promised that you would never hurt him. You had smiled at him and knew then and there that you would be alright, in time, just like Charles Xavier had predicted.


fic: just touched down in londontown

“Hamilton is actually really nice and the plot is very interesting and okay, well, there’s this guy.”

In which London is not as bad in the summer, a cute guy dies considerably in Act II and Phil has actually lucked out for once.

Word count: 3.5k 

Tags: musical theatre, flirting, pj being a good friend 

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to you, i thee wed (chapter 8)

They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued. Married at First Sight AU.


Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

WC: 7.6K

Thank you so much @sarahcada and @booksfullofme for the lovely edits!

“I told you,” Tikki gloats. “Ladybugs and Chat Noirs usually do end up getting married.”

“Uh-huh, Tikki.”

“It’s true, Plagg! Look, isn’t this about the third time I’ve been right?”

“Sure is,” he mutters.

Tikki beams and pats the top of his head. “Don’t worry, Plagg. We still have the reveal and I’m betting on your boy to spill the beans!”

Plagg laughs and shakes his head. “You’re on, you crazy thing. Though I bet Ladybug is way more brazen. Adrien, well–he’s only brave if he’s with me. Your girl is always brave it seems.”  

Tikki grins proudly. “That she is. That she is.”

Marinette only opens the bedroom door a fraction before checking the hallway again to make sure the coast is clear. Looking to her left, then her right, she’s positive she’s alone as she hears nothing aside from the chatter in the kitchen floating up the stairs. Relief pours through her as she enters the bedroom.

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Title: ‘Muggy Nights’
Fandom: FFXV
Pairing: Promptio (Prompto Argentum x Gladio Amicitia)
Rating: Mature (NSFW - PWP - Outdoor Sex - Daddy Kink)
Word Count: 1235

Summary: The nights in Lestallum are hot, which has an effect on both Prompto, and Gladio’s, libido.

A/N: I got stuck trying to find the 8th valve in Lestallum, and as I wandered around lost, I came up with this idea. It starts NSFW, which is why the cut is there. Please enjoy! :)

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The Emancipation of Me(mi)

The month was April. The year was 2005. I—a scrawny, ill-proportioned boy of 16, with skin the color of Lily’s peanut butter—had set out in the mild morning heat for our quaint town mall.

I began my day knowing how it will be spent. It would start with a 14-minute journey to Robinson’s. I remember vividly how I left home to do just that, with the clanging of our iron gate as it closed behind me. I didn’t even try to hide the spring in my step.

You see, I had marked April 11th on my calendar like it was my birthday. And who could have blamed me? After months of revisiting various websites and countless hours of staying tuned to the radio (a thing that began and ended in this period in my life), it was finally here. For those who’ve had to wait for something with great anticipation, you know what it feels like when the wait is finally over.

The day of The Emancipation of Mimi’s release ultimately became a hot one, scorching even. Smack dab in the middle of summer, with the 9 AM sun hovering somewhere above me, I walked. I couldn’t look at the sun, of course; I only felt it. The sky was cloudless, blue as it could ever be. I felt a drop of sweat drawing a line behind my back and still another one rolling just below my left ear. I kept on, feeling my bag jostling next to my waist. In it was the money I had saved from skipping recesses and denying myself after-class trips to McDonald’s. 

When I reached Robinson’s, I sat on its front steps, in front of its still-closed doors. The security guard, fidgeting with his phone, was oblivious of me. I knew I was too early. I wanted to be the first one in the music store. I wanted to hear the whole 50 minutes and 10 seconds of it. I didn’t have to search for what the word emancipation meant; it was defined in Mariah’s website: To set free from care or restraints.

I had gained a bit of freedom myself at this juncture in my life, having hurdled high school in a fashion not a lot could emulate, having been able to secure a spot in the top university.

I was a generally a happy boy on the outside. A lot of things were working out for me. Inside, however, there was a growing tumult, a barrage of self-perpetuating questions regarding my identity.

High school graduation, entering college—these times told me I was growing up. And growing up made answering these questions more urgent. Who was I? What would I become? Where is my niche? Every day that came and went, with these questions unanswered, I got a little bit more lost. I remember looking at the mirror and not liking what I saw—the way my hands moved, how I could easily roll my eyes, or just the way I stood. I even hated that I loved Mariah so much, something I shared with one of my closest friends. Being bullied about this was another thing we shared. In hindsight, maybe it was because I didn’t want to be queer and yet everything I knew pointed to just that. (Why is it that a lot of us like Mariah?)

At 16—in a devoutly Catholic family, in a provincial town, inside a campus where everybody knows everyone, where your parents are both professors—growing up gay was an unnecessary scourge. Life is unfair, isn’t it? I had a support group, though, comprised of a few good friends, but most of them were to study in other universities in far places. I guess that added, too, to the dreading of the growing up part. In a lot of ways, college was the beginning and the end. And in this paradoxical time, little did I know, The Emancipation of Mimi would serve as its soundtrack.

My love affair with Mariah Carey began in our car, in a parking lot. I was with my father and he had just installed a CD player.  He had me listen to My All and pointed me to notice the texture of the singer’s voice, how she easily glided from a breathy, sultry coo to a strong chest voice. I listened. By the start of the new millennium, I was already purchasing copies of her albums and had memorized all of her runs and melismatic ways.

I had also learned about her story: How she was discriminated as a child, for being of mixed decent, for being somewhere in between. How their family car was burned and their dog poisoned because her interracial family lived in a white neighborhood. How this molded her and made her strive to be more. How she already knew at a tender age that she was going to sing for the rest of her life, how she wrote her feelings, made them into songs, which would later become no. 1 hits. I started to be a true fan, I think, at that point—the previous years, I was just mildly obsessed about her.

Her life became even more fascinating, particularly in the light of all her achievements in the music industry, not to mention the influence she’s had on so many artists. She vehemently denies it, but to a teenager, her life easily looks like a fairytale. That is, up until her famous breakdown in 2001, following her debut film Glitter tanked in the box office and its accompanying soundtrack’s sales failed to compare with her previous releases. (Interestingly, the album was released on 9/11. Yes, that 9/11.) She received bad publicity after bad publicity and people forgot that she had at least one no. 1 song for each year since her debut, nor that her collaboration with Boyz II Men, One Sweet Day, was and still is the longest-running no. 1 song in music history (16 weeks), and never mind that she had just received the Artist of the Decade award by Billboard. All these and more in less than a decade, but one failure was all it took to relegate her to pariah status.

Mariah sort of bounced back late 2002 with Charmbracelet–easily forgettable save for the lead single, Through the Rain, which became an anthem here in the Philippines. She became quiet afterwards. Rumors about Mimi went around in late 2004. Here, only a few people cautiously predicted it to be her comeback album. Most didn’t want to bet on her. She was easily a has-been in the early 2000s and understandably so. She had been counted out. I wasn’t one of them. In fact, I was betting on her, to prove her critics wrong. I saw myself in her, somehow. Growing up, I was bullied and teased a lot, for acting soft, for reading books too much, for liking to hang out with girls more often, for not being sporty, and for favoring Mariah Carey songs.

Mariah has claimed music saved her life. Whenever she’d feel low, she’d write lyrics or listen to the radio. I realized that I did the same, only I listened to her music. Songs like Hero, Through the Rain, My Saving Grace, and Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme) have helped me get through a lot of dejection. And my showing up there, half an hour before the mall opened was my thank you, my statement that I was rooting for her, like how she rooted for me.

That day, after getting my copy of The Emancipation of Mimi from the town mall, I immediately went home and locked myself in my room. I placed the CD gently in the player and carefully unraveled the album inlay, which to my surprise doubled as a poster. I looked at the large photo of a woman in gold, beaming with triumph, like a phoenix from the ashes. I took a deep breath and pressed Play.

I—a scrawny, ill-proportioned boy of 16, with skin the color of Lily’s peanut butter—had set out to find saving. Being in this world was harsh, I had learned early on. But within the confines of my room on that hot summer day, in spite of everything, life seemed fair. The month was April. The year was 2005.

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Let’s Stay Together | five [m]

Genre: angst, fluff, smut, horror

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 5.1k

Summary: A heated town hall, and a heated moment between two lovers… with some confusion sprinkled in the mix.

A/N: i have officially lost my marbles

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“We should just kill them now.” 

“I think they should join us!”

“Y/n’s foxy as hell; I’m trying to see her on the dancefloor…”

“Taehyung, too! I like them both…”

“But if we keep them, that’s just two more people we’ll have to share with. Are y’all sure you want to share?”

Lisa stands at the podium, her hands situated on the sides, nails clawing into the wood as her impatience grows as rampant as the discussion taking place in the hall. She glances around, trying to decipher what people are saying, as there are multiple heated arguments taking place at once. This old church used to hold all of the citizens of Gateway with no problems. But over the years, as more and more people joined, the space has grown tired. The once holy, bright atmosphere is now old, dusty, and teeming with sinners. Only the members of the council- the oldest citizens- are allowed to attend town halls now. 

The voices grow louder and louder, and Lisa’s hangover from last night is screaming at her to stop the madness.

“Everyone, shut up. Now.” She doesn’t yell; she doesn’t need to. She simply punches her words in a monotone, authoritative manner and without even having to raise her voice, the room falls dead silent. “From what I’ve gathered, it’s roughly split down the middle. Half of you want them to stay, and the rest of you are eager to spill blood.” She chuckles darkly to herself, shaking her head. She glances down at her ruined manicure- the bright red polish chipped along the sharp points of her nails. 

“Why are we even having this discussion now?” Yoongi sighs from the left side of the room. He’s sitting in the front row with Hoseok, his arm draped over the latter’s shoulders. They’re both in their dark velour bathrobes and slippers, clearly not giving a shit about the town hall after last night. “None of us are in a state to make decisions.” 

“Yeah, I don’t really think we should do this now. Why are we doing this now, again? What’s the rush?” Jennie’s feather-light voice pipes up from the second row on the right side after ignoring Jisoo’s pleas for her to keep her mouth shut. 

Lisa narrows her eyes at Jennie. “We are doing this now… because I fucking said so!” she growls, grip tightening on the podium. Jennie flinches and shrinks herself in her seat, leaning against B.M. for support. 

Lisa is eager to have a decision made. She is very direct and straightforward when it comes to making decisions. She knows exactly what she wants: to kill Y/n and keep Taehyung for herself. Jungkook has been cold to her for awhile now, and she needs a replacement. 

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A Country Mile

Originally posted by winchesterinterrupted

Pairing: Daryl x plus size!Reader
Word count: 736
: @zoeb86 Could you write a bbw story for daryl? Or Jeffrey Dean Morgan

You loved living in the country. You loved the fields, the fresh air, the crickets chirping at night, and the sense of peace it brought you. What you didn’t love, however, were the rude people that could be heard whispering around town.

Since you were a child, you were a bit chubbier than other kids. You were just as active, ate well, and were healthy- you just happened to be bigger than them. Kids were kids. You’d learned to deal with them, and loved your body now.

Your best friend growing up was Daryl Dixon. Not exactly a family name that your parents approved of, but not once had he made fun of you. In fact, you two stuck up for each other. You never let anyone tear him down because of his name, and he never let someone bully you because of your size.

As you grew up, and your child years turned to teens, you were still best friends. Only now, he’d caught your eye. You’d never said anything, simply fawning over his blue eyes in secret. He’d smile and you would do damn near anything that he asked.

High school flew by way too fast, and before you knew it, you didn’t have him by your side anymore. You went off to college, and he went to work. You spoke when you could, but you had a hectic schedule.

Which was why he had no idea it was you pulling into his garage that spring morning. You’d move back to town, and he was the first person you wanted to see. Your face lit up as he walked out from under a car, wiping his hands on an old rag. “Can I help ya?” He asked.

You stepped out of the car. “Maybe. I was hopin’ ya could tell me where to find my best friend.” You laughed.

Daryl gave you the biggest grin that you’d ever seen. “Y/N?!” He couldn’t believe his eyes. You’d always been pretty to him, but you’d grown into a beautiful woman. He figured you’d moved back here with some guy.

“In the flesh.” You teased, walking over to him. “Came to invite you to dinner. My place. Home cooked meal, cold beer. Whatcha say?”

“Like I’d turn you down.”

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WAIT!  You aren’t watching Gilmore Girls?  Well here’s why you should be...

Gilmore Girls first aired on October 5th 2000.  It lasted seven long, fabulous years as it ended on May 15th 2007. However, now that Netflix have uploaded all seven seasons and the revival four episodes from late last year; everyone has started watching it.  There is a new generation of people watching a classic noughties show.  

The show focuses on Lorelai, a single mother, raising her daughter Rory, in a small town in Connecticut; Stars Hollow.  The town is filled with many interesting characters, and Lorelai and Rory are only the beginning of the craziness that fills this fictional town.  Everyone in Stars Hollow has a great bond, it would make anyone watching, want to live there. It is the perfect place to stay.

Now, here are the reasons you should be watching Gilmore Girls.  I must warn you, after you watch you won’t be able to stop…

1.      Lorelai and Rory’s Relationship

Now this is not just a mother, daughter relationship, they are best friends.  The scenes between the two are hilarious and heart-warming, they are a brilliant duo.  With their incredibly fast and witty banter, they are an unstoppable pair.

2.      Rory is totally relatable

Throughout most of the seasons, the beginning in particular, Rory has struggles. She fights through everything that every young girl like her has to survive.  From stress of school, self-loathing, dealing with boys and the feeling nothing is going right.

3.      Peaceful yet crazy town of stars hollow

This small, quaint town in Connecticut is the image of the ideal place to live.  From heated town meetings, to over the top events, you definitely wouldn’t ever be bored staying here.  Stars Hollow is not only filled with colourful people like the eccentric and quirky town mad-man Kirk, to the loud mouth town gossips Miss Patty and Babette, but the most aesthetically pleasing buildings and scenery.  

4.      Lorelai is reason enough!

 Personally, Lorelai is my favourite character on the show.  With her charm, wit, bubbly personality and ability to drink copious amounts of coffee within 24 hours, Lorelai will win you over easily. She makes the coolest mum, speaks the truth and does not apologise for being herself… EVER!  Go Lorelai Gilmore!  

5.      Watching it now, makes it the biggest throwback.

If you are starting Gilmore Girls now, it is such a throwback to simpler times. Seeing the fashion, the technology, the food, the music and the lifestyle of an early noughties culture is like a breath of fresh air.  Also, not to mention some of the actors and actresses we know now, we can see them here when they were just young things.

6.      Rory’s Boyfriends

As I said before about few familiar faces you will see throughout this seven seasons, a lot of them are Rory’s boyfriends.  Let’s start with Dean Forester, he is played by Jared Padalecki, who lots of you will know and love from Supernatural.   Also, Logan Huntzberger, who you may know from his role in The Good Wife.  Milo Ventimiglia also plays one of Rory’s boyfriends, Jess Mariano, who has recently been in ‘This Is Us’.  Hell, even Chad Michael Murray played a boy that Rory had a little something with.  Safe to say Rory has had a rather good looking pick of boyfriends through the years.

7.      LUKE DANES.

Ah… Luke Danes, he absolutely makes the show.  He may be a stubborn loner but he is such a funny and kind hearted guy. His dry wit and care for those close to him is what will pull you in to love him.  He is by far the funniest character, in my opinion, on Gilmore Girls.

8.      The women empowerment message

Gilmore Girls makes it clear that women can succeed and survive in their lives without anyone else to rely on.  Lorelai’s story in particular, since the age of 16 when she fell pregnant with Rory, she has thrived on her own.  As she moved away from her parents to Stars Hollow and began working in an Inn, climbing her way up in the business, soon following her dreams of owning her own Inn. Showing that when no one believed in her she could do it and all by herself!

9.      Takes you away from reality

A great thing about watching Gilmore Girls is that you feel so invested in the characters lives and care about them.  This gives everyone watching the opportunity to escape for a while, relax and live with all the residents of Stars Hollow.  You know it is a good show, when it is easy to watch; when you lose track of time.


10.  And finally, let’s not forget the iconic theme song!

BEWARE! When you tune into Gilmore Girls the theme song will have you singing along each word by the third episode.  It has become a classic, extremely well-known for Gilmore Girls fans.  

Ok, so they are just a few, out of a million reasons, you should be watching Gilmore Girls.  Summer is coming and you have plenty time to binge-watch seven seasons.  So let’s get to it, join the Stars Hollow Community.

Black Flag (PIRATE!AU) - Sam Drake/Reader

Title: Black Flag

Pairing: Sam Drake/Reader

Word Count: 3697 (laughs and cries because oh my god)

Warning(s): Violence, Smut

Originally posted by sublimepoint

Summary: Pirate!AU. The Reader and Sam meet again after being away for a year. 

Nassau’s blazing sun hit your skin as you step out onto the deck of your ship.

No matter how many times you docked in the town, the heat was always the thing to undo you. Your crew were used to it. Men pass you carrying cargo on and off the ship, some start anchoring the ship, knowing that you’ll want to stay in the city for a few days.

You had taken enough sugar and rum off of cargo ships to last a few weeks.

You walk across the deck of your ship. Your quartermaster soon falls into step beside you.

She’s a young girl, like you, with dark skin and coal black hair.

“Is he here?” she asks you quietly as you walk towards the ship’s ladder to the dock.

You look over at the other side of the harbour. There, nestled between a number of other ships, is his, gently bobbing with the waves. A smile almost appears on your lips, but you school your expression to remain neutral.

You nod to your quartermaster, only allowing yourself to smile when you were off the ship and walking down the pier.

It had been months since you had seen him. You had sailed together once, then you had gotten your own ship with your own crew. You had your own life now. But you still missed him.

Nassau remains to be your meeting place.

Adowa, your quartermaster, keeps to your side as you walk towards the town. Other pirates and their crews are already docked and settled in the town’s many taverns and pleasure houses.

“Anne should be here too,” you give Adowa a knowing look. She shoves your shoulder.

You get to one tavern, smiling softly at the sound of music and loud boisterous laughter spilling out of it. Adowa eventually leaves your side, being swept away by one of the women in the tavern.

As you watch her leave, an arm wraps tightly around your waist and pulls you backwards into a warm body. You’re ready to punch the pirate in the nose, when you hear the familiar laughter.

“You almost got your nose broken, Samuel,” you smile and turn in his arm. Sam’s eyes crinkle when he laughs. It’s something you noticed years ago when you first met.

“I’m sure you would have done worse love,” he looks over your shoulder into the tavern. “I’ll buy you a drink to calm those nerves.”

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I haven’t done shit for my Universe C tag in ages, but essentially this is the night sky of Afterus, or at least it is, during the *Creative License* Cosmic Event, which only occurs once every time i feel like it.

Night Skyline of Afterus, specifically a forest near Can Town, in the C1 Universe. LOTAK has been “rebuilt” using a bunch of powers and a whole lot of metal. Also featured are the eight constallations/zodiacs of C1. The Heir, The Seer, The Knight, The Witch, The Maid, The Rogue, The Prince and The Page. Afterus’ new Pole/North Star is known as Cancer, it is the red star near LOHAC and the Knight

The forest is likely called Liberty Forest or some shit, due to the artifacted statues of liberty dotting the place.

Gray and Juvia Episode list.

This is an episode list that shows what episodes Gray and Juvia are in together.  I made this for all the Gruvia lovers out there like me, that would like to go back and re-watch certain moments between Gray and Juvia and to see the overall development. I may have forgot a few little things here and there but overall this is most of it. So please no hating, this took me a while. Enjoy ◕‿◕

Gray and Juvia Episode List:

Episode 25: Gray and Juvia meet, They battle. Later on Gray saves Juvia.

Episode 33: Juvia and Gray at the Casino, Juvia protects Gray.

Episode 41: Juvia joins FairyTail, gray tells her congrats. 

Episode 48: Juvia and Gray on a float together during the festival. They put on a show together with their water and ice magic.

Episode 50: Juvia buys a love potion to use on Gray, it doesn't work. He ends up going insane and trying to compete with everyone. 

Episode 71: Juvia defends Gray and everyone is bashing him of his actions against FairyTail.

Episode 72: Gray and Juvia do their 1st Unison raid together.

Episode 75: Gray and Juvia participate in the FairyTail race. Juvia waits by a stream for gray but accidentally turns into water and flows down the stream, crying because she flows by Gray.

Episode 77: Gray shows Juvia how to eat a caramelized frank. 

Episode 78: Juvia and Gray in Edolas form.

Episode 97: Gray and Juvia are going to participate with others for a S class mission.

Episode 110: Juvia VS Meredy. Meredy sensory links Gray and Juvia together from their strong feelings. 

Episode 115: Gray protects Juvia from Ultear.

Episode 116: Gray tells Juvia to go after Meredy and Zeref. Gray believes in Juvia.

Episode 122: Gray carries Juvia on his back, protecting her from the dragon Acnologia.

Episode 124: Lyon falls in love with Juvia. Gray says this is going to get complicated.

Episode 129: Juvia follows Gray and Erza while on a mission to make sure nothing happens between them.

Episode 133: Juvia, Gray and Lyon get paired to go on a mission.

Episode 134: Juvia, Gray and Lyon looking for the missing piece of the clock. Lyon flirts with Juvia a lot and she gets creeped out. Gray gets mad.

Episode 141: Juvia cheers for Gray, while him and Natsu argue.

Episode 151: Juvia pushes away Sugarboy for trying to get close to Gray.

Episode 153: Juvia and Gray go with other members to train for the Magic Games on an Island. They all end up going to Celestial World. 

Episode 154: Still on the Island, juvia tries fro steal Gray away from others fro alone time. Meredy notices Juvia hasn’t made any romantic progress. Juvia, Gray and the others unlock their second Origin.

Episode 155: Juvia asks Gray out to dinner, and he agrees. But, Lyon intrudes in and take Juvia away. Lyon then makes a deal with Gray, whoever that wins the Magic Games gets to have Juvia in their Guild.

Episode 157: Juvia is in FairyTail B team and Gray is in FairyTail A team.

Epiosde 158: Juvia and Gray participate in the same game, Juvia tells Gray she has no intention of loosing to him and he tells her to hit him with everything she’s got. Juvia ends up falling in love with all the Gray statues around her. Juvia attacks Lyon when he gets close to Gray. Lyon and Gray see Juvia’s panties.

Episode 161: Juvia had an imagination of Gray and Lucy together. Gray tells Juvia its not true.

Episode 165: Lyon and Juvia talk to Gray about who wants who. Erza talks to Gray about Juvia’s feeling towards him.

Episode 171: Juvia goes into the “Naval Battle” at the magic games. Erza tells Gray that Juvia is worried how he sees her. Juvia uses a move called “Wings of Love” that she unlocked after releasing her second origin. The move was a declaration of her love to Gray. Gray Blushes and yells knock if off. Juvia knocks her opponents out of the water but also looks back to see Grays reaction to the move and accidentally falls out of the water.

Episode 176: Juvia cheers on Gray while he argues with Natsu.

Episode 177: Juvia replaces Natsu’s spot on FairyTail’s A team. Gray doesn’t mind, and Lyon blushes and is surprised.

Episode 188: Gray and Juvia fight together against Lyon and Chelia.

Episode 189: Gray and Juvia do a unison raid together to defeat Lyon and Chelia. Chelia says it is “Romantic”. When finished Juvia tells Gray she's gong to hold his hand forever. Juvia helps carry Gray because he is weak. FairyTail wins the Magic Games.

Episode 193: Juvia and Gray do a unison raid on a fire dragon. Juvia gets Gray all flustered.

Episode 196: Gray touches Juvia’s butt on accident. Gray pushes Juvia out of the way of a dragon and sacrifices his life for hers.

Episode 197: Juvia cries over Gray’s body. Gray comes back to life, saves Juvia again.

Episode 199: Juvia and Gray at the grand banquet. Juvia shows Gray her new self and he rejects her. She doesn’t stop trying and he calls her crazy.

Episode 201: Juvia can tell Gray is upset. She tells him to smile and he does.

Episode 202: Juvia and Gray are out together in town when they meet up with Frosch.

Episode 203: Juvia and Gray brought back a billiard table to the guild from a mission they went on together.

Episode 205: Gray and Juvia go on a mission in their swimsuits to cool down a town from heat waves. 

Episode 208: Juvia blushes and calls Gray courageous for striping.

Episode 214: Juvia is upset because she felt like she missed something important in Gray’s life. 

Episode 217: Juvia and Gray with the others, are working to defeat the celestial beast. Juvia gets turned into a consolation when trying to attack the beast. Gray screams her name.

Episode 218: Juvia and gray are reunited. Juvia hugs Grays arm and he smiles.

Episode 220: Juvia and Gray 413 days.

Episode 223: Gray and Lyon argue about when is Gray getting married to Juvia.

Episode 226: Juvia tries to find Gray when the Ichihya disease hit the town. She finds him and hugs him, but Gray hugs her back and was affected by the disease already.

Episode 234: Juvia made Gray, Gray buns and Juvia buns. Gray decides to eat a bun and blushes before eating it.

Episode 237: Gray and Juvia riding on a cheetah to the council member’s house. Juvia and Gray in the broken town together. 

Episode 239: Gray and Juvia on their way back to the guild. Juvia tells Gray she upset. Gray holds Juvia’s hand and says “Im here with you”. Gray promises Juvia that they will win like always. 

Episode 241: Juvia and Gray with the others fight off enemies at Tartaros Guild. juvia attacks an enemy behind grays back and says she won’t let anyone embrace Gray’s back.

Episode 242: Juvia and Gray with the other jump into Tartarous’s Guild.

Episode 243: Gray tries to fight Keyes. Keyes reminds him of Juvia because his body is made out of shadows.

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By: Sidney Marek

anonymous asked:

Head canons for Urbosa with a f!S/O that is NOT used to the heat of Gerudo Town?

Headshot; Urbosa f!/o totally not used to heat

  • They come from Hebra Mountains
  • “Please! How do you deal with this heat?”
  • Alter their garb to be even more skin-showy in an attempt to cool down
  • They’d develop an absolute adoration of Hydromelons
  • Every single cooling elixir
  • A bit of whining
  • Urbosa would not like this, but she’d deal, knowing the heat can be absurdly.. hot

~Mod Zelda

The flashy display from Rex’s pokemon was impossible to ignore. So all of that commotion and surges of aura that she had felt earlier was him after all. While the break in the rain was nice it sure did spike up the muggy heat of Po Town.

As Ava watched she realized that some of the pokemon were not Rex’s. What were they doing here?

Smart Mouth Chapter Three

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six  Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine

Guzma/Moon or Guzma/Player

Rating: This chapter is teen, the other two are nc-17

Words: 2,438

Notes: Alright you bitches convinced me. I’m making this a full story. I don’t really have much of a plan for this story so far, just small ideas for scenes as the story progresses so we’ll see where this goes. If you have any ideas or recommendations I’d be happy to take them into consideration, or even write little one shots if they don’t fit with this story so much. You can always message me here. All I wanna talk about is Guzma, and I only have one friends who understands my plight.

This is a shorter chapter with less Guzma in it unfortunately, but it was necessary to further the plot. As much as I would love to write time skips to each scene with Guzma in it, that wouldn’t be a very fun narrative. In this chapter I’m starting to get a good feel on Moon’s character and her narrative voice as well. Also sorry not sorry about all the real world pop culture references. They’re fun and nothing will stop me!

Guzma returned shortly, clothes in hand. He tossed them at me saying, “It’s all we got, your clothes got a little destroyed when your Salazzale tried to set one of my grunts on fire.”

I could not hide the pout that appeared on my face. “That was my favorite outfit, I had to slaughter a couple of teenagers in battle to afford that top.” I whined, inspecting the clothes Guzma gave me. It was the uniform of a female grunt, sans hat and bandana. I wiggled my way into the shorts, ignoring the crude comment Guzma made about my hips and how he’d rather me be doing that on his lap. The top was a bit tight, giving me mega cleavage.

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Finally getting all of our household goods moving and they should be here in maybe 2/3 weeks. Bought a couch yesterday and I’m in love with it. We bought fantastic furniture and I am so so excited. It’s our first home together!! I love it so much, it’s so cute. It has Heating AND AC. The town were in is so cute and right by the water. All I have to do is change my national guard music and drive our other car from California to Virginia and I will be 100% established. I will most likely have a nanny job waiting for me, working on getting enrolled in school. I just gotta meet some people here that can match my level of sarcasm and crazy and I’m golden.

I am so sad that I have to spend pretty much all of june in California. I would so much rather be here with my wife in my beautiful little house than in no AC California playing army games and dealing with my crazy mom 😭. But soon so so so soon I get to come back and stay ❤️

Secret Santa [ Gladion x Moon ]

I’m honestly too in love with this ship

first fic I’ve written with them that doesn’t have them kissing yay?

Merry Christmas loves!

Despite the humid heat of Alola, Iki Town is decked full out in holiday decorations. Sparkling snowflakes hang from roofs and windows, trees are clothed in bright red and green lights and fake powdery snow blankets the ground. It’s Christmas Day at the Aether Paradise where the group of Hau, Lillie, Moon and Gladion all sit patiently as they wait to open gifts from their secret santas.

“A malasada gift card! Usable at any malasada shop in Alola! This is the best gift ever!” Has exclaims grasping the tiny plastic card in his hands and hugging it.

“No need to get all dramatic now, geez.” Gladion sighs as he watches his friend roll around the floor chanting how many malasadas he thinks he can eat once the holiday season is over.

“Best. Present. Ever. You know me too well Gladion buddy!” The boy laughs flinging his arm around the blonde.

Gladion grumbles shoving him away, “don’t touch me.”

“Lighten up brother!” Lillie pouts playfully before turning to Moon who sat across from her, her legs crossed. She giggles leaning forward and sliding an envelope towards her.

The Alolan Champion stares curiously at the letter. In nice, bold script letters is her name and a tiny heart curving from the ‘n.’ She opens the envelope and the Christmas card that lies inside.

The blonde girl nods with a grin, “go on, read it aloud!”

Moon begins to recite the words on the card, “’Merry Christmas Moon! While in Kanto, I happened upon on some tickets to a boat that’ll take you to the Kalos region’s Snowbelle City. You always told me how much you wanted to visit a cold area and how Mount Lanakila isn’t cutting it for you. I hope you enjoy them! PS, I bought an extra ticket just in case you wanted to invite a special someone…’” Her voice dies down until it’s nothing but dry air.

Lillie simply sits there, blinking innocently at her friend.

“T-thank you Lillie. I’ll be sure to use them well.” She looks away from the group in hopes of not showing the faint blush that’s appeared on her cheeks. Perhaps letting Lillie know of her one-sided crush on her brother was a bad idea?

“I guess I’ll go next.” Hau announces and Moon sighs in relief. He pulls a crudely wrapped box out from behind his back and slides it over to Lillie. She grabs it eagerly and begins to undo the wrapping paper. She opens the box and  a bright smile envelops her face.

“A new bag!” She pulls out a green bag from the box and flings it over her shoulder, jokingly modeling for the group. Hau rubs the back of his neck and laughs.

“It’s amazing! Thank you Hau!”

Moon smiles at the girl and laughs along with Hau, though this entire time, she notices that Gladion’s barely said a word. She exhales a shaky sigh as she grabs a flat box clothed in green wrapping paper and a large red bow from beside her. Oh Arceus, I hope he likes it.

She slowly hands the box to him, refusing to meet eye contact with him as she blushes subconsciously. 

Gladion slowly works on untying the red ribbon carefully before peeling off the rest of the paper. A white box sits in his lap and he flips the top open. His hands touch fabric as he pulls up his present from the box.

“I-I got you a sweater. I thought you’d like to wear something different.” She pauses watching the blank expression on his face, “b-but you don’t have to. It’s totally fine.”

She gasps as she suddenly feels him pull her to his chest, his fingers rubbing tiny circles on her back. He backs away and smiles at the blush that’s fully reddened her normally pale complexion.

“It’s amazing. Thank you, Moon.”