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“You’re a little bit flushed there, Gilbert.”

Illustration for Blackout - Chapter 3: Cards and Crossbows

Title: Heat of the Moment (Reader x Scott Lang)

Summary: Scott has a total crush on the reader, whom he assumes is shy and innocent. Much to his dismay, they really aren’t.

Word Count: 1246

A/N: I really missed writing Scott, so I was super excited to get this request. I love writing the reader as a badass :) I hope you enjoy!!!! 

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lindsaylove1226  asked:

What are some of your favorite Wincest one shots, AU, series ... well whatever ... what are some of your favorites

oh, that’s a really good question and by good, i mean really fucking hard question because i’ve read so much and trying to find them all is kinda hard but i’ll do my best. *cracks knuckles* let’s do this thing.

  • title: sharp dressed man
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 4,200+
  • warnings: weecest, underaged, spanking, daddy!kink
  • summary: sam gets in trouble at school. dean arrives, playing as john. dean’s wearing a suit, sam has finds it hot, ensuing daddy issues and punishment that turns heated.
  • title: unexpected consequences
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 1,700+
  • warnings: weecest (sam is 17), spanking
  • summary: dean catches sam skipping.
  • title: fullofsugar!verse
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 46,000+
  • warnings: student/teacher, cross dressing, feminization
  • summary: a verse about the love story between a boy and his dearest teacher. little glimpses, long nights, teenage love, everything that’s wrong.
  • title: american sweetheart
  • pairing: jared/jensen
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 7,600+
  • warnings: teacher/student
  • summary: professor ackles lives in a structured world of suits and ties and the monotony of a mundane life. the wearisomeness of his life changes drastically when he stumbles upon a website that alters his once thought of ordinary life and brings out the dark desires of his heart. twenty-year-old jared padalecki lives in a conservative world of class schedules and paying rent and trying to find his place in a black and white world. on the other side of his webcam, jared learns he can be made of lace and soft fabric and pastel colors—bringing out the darkest desires in strange men over the internet. in an odd turn of events, fate will bring them together and it will be their duty to hold themselves together or allow fate to ultimately tear them apart once more. a professor and a college student will together learn the meaning of mortality, vulnerability, and heart break.
  • title: born to die!verse
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 63,000+
  • warnings: underage, rape, drug use
  • summary: this story follows the lives of two young brothers as they try to make it in a dark world. after an overdose threatens to tear them apart forever, sam and dean vow to never leave each other’s side again and hit the open roads of the american west to live fast and free together. they fight and fuck like every day could be their last because one day it just might be.
  • title: v i c e
  • pairing: sam/dean, lisa/dean
  • rating: explicit
  • length: 56,600+
  • warnings: police officer dean, prostitute sam, underage, daddy kink, control issues, drug abuse, abuse
  • summary: dean winchester is an undercover cop in the sex trafficking unit of the chicago pd. he suffers from the loss of his former position in narcotics, a bullet injury that causes him to limp, and the sudden divorce of his wife lisa who'se kicked him out of the house and kept their son, ben. dean meets sam during one of his stings, an underage prostitute who loudly proclaims his sexuality and a penchant for older men. they become slowly fascinated with each other, developing a strange and twisted relationship, while dean struggles to regain what he’s lost, and sam looks for any way out of his life on the street.
  • title: poughkeepsie
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: teen and up
  • length: 5,700+
  • warnings: pre-series
  • summary: the reason “poughkeepsie” became their code word for “drop everything and run” was because that was the one place child protective services ever caught up with the winchesters.
  • title: air catcher
  • pairing: sam/dean
  • rating: mature
  • length: 1,000+
  • warnings: curtain fic
  • summary: sam’s rocking chair always stands to the left of dean’s and no-one will tell dean that sammy’s not coming out to sit with him anymore.

Title: Heated
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 1,365
Characters: Alex Summers x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Arguing, mentions of blood, a bit of swearing, mentions of guns
Notes: Request from anon for “Alex Summers imagine where the reader has ice powers, to sorta contridict Alex’s plasma blasts so they don’t get along and are always bickering until one of them gets hurt on a mission and the other panics and stuff. Angst, fluff and steam? Btw I love your imagines. The Rob Stark one hit me in the honey nut feelios.” // Thank you, lovely. I’m sorry about your honey nut feelios. I’m also sorry that I laughed at “honey nut feelios.” I’m even more sorry that I’m happy my fic was able to do harm to your honey nut feelios.

Originally posted by lucastilled

       “You are the most arrogant asshole I’ve ever met!”
       “Yeah, and you’re the most stuck-up, self-centered bitch I’ve ever met!”
       “Will you two just bone already?” Peter groaned, earning noises of agreement from the others.
       “I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole,” you stated, shooting a glare at Alex. He scoffed, and an expression somewhere between a sneer and a smirk appeared on his face.
       “You know you want me, sweetheart.”
       “If someone told me I either had to walk off a bridge, or fuck you, I’d ask them to point me in the direction of the bridge.”
       “Ooohhh,” a few of the other chorused.
       “I think you might need some ice for that burn, bro,” Scott quipped, snickering.
       “That can be arranged,” you said, lifting your hand and sending a wave of frost towards Alex. When the frost came into contact with his skin, it sizzled, and steam rose from where it touched him as he glared at you. Not that you’d ever admit it to anyone, but it actually looked incredibly sexy.
       Alex took a step towards you, looking furious, but he was stopped by Hank’s firm arm across his chest.
       “Enough,” the blue mutant chided, giving you and Alex stern looks. “It’s time to suit up; we leave in ten minutes.”
       The jet ride was tense and quiet. Jean and Scott talked quietly amongst themselves, Kurt was praying, Peter sat silently, aside from the occasional pop of his gum, and you sat across from Alex, the two of you shooting daggers at one another.
       That stupid, pompous jerk, with his sexy glare, amazing jawline, and gorgeous eyes, you thought to yourself, then mentally shook your head. Stop it with the infatuated thoughts. Things are best the way they are now, with both of you hating each other. It’s not as if he returns your feelings; he loathes you.
       Before you knew it, Raven was going over the plan one final time, and Hank was landing the plane. It was supposed to be a fairly simple mission: get in, destroy the serum they were developing to kill mutants, and get out. The intel that had been provided stated that there would be twenty guards, which was no issue for eight powerful mutants. You all easily took out those guards with ease, and upon entering the building, it became clear that the intel had been very, very wrong.
       Approximately seventy guards all looked up at you all when you walked in. Each of you immediately went into fight mode, taking out as many guards as possible, as fast as possible. Upon glancing at Alex, as you often did during fights, you saw that one guard was sneaking up behind him as he shot blasts towards a few of the enemies. You erected a thick wall of ice between Alex and the guard, just in time to stop the guard’s bullet from reaching the back of Alex’s head. You then encased the guard’s feet and hands in solid ice, preventing him from doing any more damage.
       You were so busy protecting Alex that you didn’t notice the guard aiming his gun at you, until it was too late.
       The bullet impacted with your shoulder, sending pain shooting through you. Alex screamed your name at the same time you dropped to your knees and clutched your shoulder, which was hastily becoming soaked with blood. He was there faster than even Peter, hooking his arms under your knees and behind your back, then picking you up and carrying you back to the jet. Your senses were dulling, but you could hear Alex speaking while Scott began applying pressure to your wound.
       “C’mon, Y/N, stay with me. Keep those pretty eyes open, doll.”
       “There are several arteries in the shoulder, the bullet could have hit any one of them,” Raven stated quietly, handing Scott fresh gauze to replace the crimson-soaked ones. “Hank, step on it; we need to get her to a hospital. Now.”
       Alex held you as your vision began to blur, and your limbs began to feel numb and heavy. All of the heat seemed to escape your body, and you were shivering lightly. Alex only held you closer, and continued speaking to you.
       “Please, Y/N, stay awake. You can’t leave me. I’d miss you too much. I know I’m an ass to you, but I promise, if you… if you don’t…. Just stay awake, and I’ll stop being such a dick. I’ll tell you how I really feel, I swear. I’m just…. No, no, c’mon, sweetheart, keep those eyes open. That’s it, keep ‘em on me. We’re almost there.”
       Alex carried you off of the jet and into the hospital, and Raven began yelling that you had been shot and needed help immediately. Alex placed you on a gurney and the emergency room staff wheeled you off. The loss of Alex’s arms around you left you even colder than before, and once you could no longer hear his voice and words of encouragement, your eyes fluttered closed, and you let the welcoming darkness envelop you.

       When you first began to wake up, you briefly thought that you were in heaven, or whatever lies beyond the state of living. Everything seemed so bright, and it was remarkably silent compared to the chaos that had been filling your ears the last time you had been conscious. Then you heard the beeping of the monitors, and your eyes adjusted to the bright light of the hospital room, and you realized that you were not in any heaven. You looked down to find Alex, his large, warm hands clasped tightly around one of yours, and his forehead resting there.
       “I’m gonna hold you to your promise to not be such an ass, I hope you know that,” you stated, your voice raspy and weak. Alex’s head shot up immediately, his eyes wide and a bright smile on his lips. He murmured an “Oh, thank God” and gently pulled you into an embrace.
       You expected him to return to his seat, and explain to you everything that had happened since you had been out. Instead, he pulled back from the hug, but only slightly. After staring into your eyes for a few seconds, Alex cupped your face in his hands, and kissed you.
       Nope, I’m definitely in heaven… you thought, reveling in the feeling of his soft lips on yours. Eventually, he pulled away with a smile, then pressed another kiss to your lips and sat back down.
       “I thought you were gonna die, Y/N. I really did. And the one thing that ate away at me more than anything else, was that I never told you that I’m in love with you. I think I have been since the day I met you. I was only a jerk to you after you started being a jerk to me. I couldn’t stand the thought of you dying thinking I didn’t like you.”
       “I was only a jerk to you because I figured you would never like me, and it was easier to just pretend to hate you, rather than accept that I’ve fallen in love with you, too,” you explained softly. Another smile crossed Alex’s face, and he was quick to pull you into another kiss. It was even more breathtaking than the last, one of his hands gripping your hip and the other on the back of your neck. Your hand – the one not attached to an injured shoulder – found its way to his muscled bicep, keeping him as close to you as possible.
       Neither of you paid any mind to the fact that your heart monitor was going berserk, until a nurse burst into the room. She exclaimed an “Oh!” once she realized the situation, then briskly exited the room. Both you and Alex chuckled, and he returned to his chair.
       “We’re going to have sex as soon as we get home, you know that, right?” you asked with a cheeky grin, earning another laugh from him. Alex’s amusement slowly faded into a suggestive smirk, and you could see the seriousness in his eyes when he gave his response.
       “Can’t wait.”

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Heat. Castiel One-Shot.

Title: Heat.

Pairing: Female Reader x Castiel.

Prompt: Anon: hi!♥♥ can i requset castielxreader where they are already dating and she’s his mate(she can see his wings&halo) and he’s in heat and have been avoiding her for a while but then he loses it for some reason and fucks her roughly w/ some biting and scratching and wing kink? and after they finish he explains what’s going on with him while being affectionate to each other (btw your writing is absolutely my favorite <33)

Triggers: Smut. Rough sex. Dom!Cas. Grace/Wing Kink. Scratching. Biting. Oral/Face-riding (FR).

Going to need a cold shower. Enjoy ;D

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Have you already written the firefighter au and if so where can I find it??? I'm a new-ish follower and interested in the story after seeing you post so much about it

I wrote a fic about Jefferson’s accident, its up on my AO3! Title is Heat

Can't Take the Heat

Title:  Can’t Take the Heat

Author:  WildJinx

Pairing: Chansoo (Chanyeol / Kyungsoo)

Genres: a/b/o au, friends to lovers, smut

Rated: NC-17

Length: oneshot, 4,676 w

Summary:  Kyungsoo was a stubborn omega who was determined to take care of his heats himself. Until it became too much to handle on his own.

Heated Kisses [Eggsy Unwin One Shot].

A/N: Hey guys! So, I love the film Kingsman: The Secret Service, I went to watch it in the cinema and I recently watched it again on DVD, hence my love for it grew. So, as I love Taron Egerton, I decided to write a one shot on his character! I may even do more ;) 

I’ve checked over this - sorry if there are any mistakes. I hope you all enjoy and thank you for being so supportive with all my writing! This does get a little…heated as the title suggests but no more than that! Enjoy! :)

Originally posted by sbrn-life

After unpacking, Alice lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She had just returned from a mission with Eggsy, which had gone incredibly well. However, something had happened and now, she found herself unable to stop thinking about it. During the mission, they had been at a club, having followed their target in and to fit in, they began to dance on the dance floor and Eggsy had kissed her. Once their target was at the bar, safely thinking that no one had followed him, Eggsy pulled away, winking at Alice, before slipping through the crowd to do his part of the mission. Alice, far too bewildered, with not enough time to worry about what had just happened, continued with the mission, acting as if nothing had happened.

However, when Eggsy began acting like nothing had happened, Alice’s heart sank. She thought that at least after the mission, that he would say something. But he didn’t. Maybe it had meant nothing and it was all a ploy, a part of the job but Alice would be lying to herself, if she said she wasn’t disappointed. During training, she had become quite close to Roxy and Eggsy. Though Roxy had been the only one to join Kingsman, after helping out with the Valentine mission, Merlin allowed Eggsy and Alice to join. That had been a few months ago and Alice found herself falling for Eggsy, much to her annoyance. She didn’t want this – these feelings. She hated liking someone, because it always ended in tears and drama. Everyone got hurt and no one was happy. It wasn’t worth it, in Alice’s opinion.

Groaning, Alice sat up, pulling her golden brown hair out of its pony tail, deciding to have a bath and go to bed. Getting up, she grabbed her towel, some clean underwear, a pair of shorts and loose top, before walking across her room, to her bathroom. Maybe, after a nice bath, she would feel better. She had no such luck.

Opening the bathroom door once she had finished, Alice jumped when she saw Eggsy lying on her bed. He had changed out of his suit and was now in casual clothes.

Putting her free hand over her heart, Alice snapped, “God, Eggsy, you scared me!”

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In Heat...

I guess the title says it all… LOL. Made for me by the amazing @drakyx as my monthly sketch…!

Keeping in mind the Omegaverse universe… This is what the drawing is showing. Although it shows no naughty pieces, I’m sure you can imagine what they are doing xD 

Asami went in heat and Korra being her mate, happily helped her ease the pain of Asami’s heat.

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Honey Pot / Heat Stroke cross over would be so good!!!! please:((((

a ha ha ha ha ha, just after we finish: Heat Stroke sequel (no title yet) Dragging me Down, all the random things we will probably write in the meantime, Carnival of Rust series… so uhu, it will happen. Someday. Maybe. Or maybe not. @cleo4u2 also keeps writing more of independent stuff so… 

Ereri Omegaverse Fic Rec List

So I decided to make a new ereri fic rec list after quite some time. And as it turns out, all the fics on this list are omegaverse fics (or contain some variation of the trope). If you like omegaverse fics, I hope you find something here that you enjoy. :)

Title: “Baby, I’m howling for you.”

Author: WishingSebastianStanwasmyman

Rating: Mature

Summary: Levi Ackerman is a Werewolf and an Omega who lives a rather quiet life in his cottage in the woods. Sure, his Witch neighbor Hange can get irritating and Erwin, the worst Ghost in existence as he is completely incapable of scaring anyone, can grate on his nerves. Especially when the Ghost is insistent on haunting his home.

This was nothing compared to how overwhelmed Levi feels when he finally meets his soulmate- an Alpha and Vampire named Eren Yeager.

(Alternatively titled “the cinnamon roll!AU”)

Title: Red Heat

Author: sciencefictioness

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Eren is one of the few Alphas who go into rut without the presence of an Omega in heat nearby, and after suppressing it for nearly two years, the drugs are no longer working. As a last resort he heads to an Omega refuge, hoping to find a suitable, but temporary, mate. When he finds one lost in a fatal ‘red heat’, he’ll do whatever it takes to ease his suffering.

When Levi’s fist sounded out against the wood, the Alpha did not open it right away. Leaned into it, pressing his forehead against the smooth surface. Felt the pull of the Omega on the other side, just as he had that first day in the shelter. A whole new kind of gravity that tugged him not down to the earth but straight towards Levi. The laws of the universe shifting to bring them closer together, and Eren could not resist their inevitability.

Title: An Exercise in Self-Restraint

Author: kirakiracats

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Levi moves away from the only town he’s ever known, off to university and away from his two friends, Isabel and Farlan. Having roommates is a new experience, one that he thinks will be totally unpleasant, but when the last person to turn up is a gorgeous male omega, his perspective changes.

Unfortunately for him, it’s bad practice to fuck your flatmate. Levi has a tough year ahead.

Title: A Matter of Perspective 

Author: KuroKitty (HaleYes) 

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Eren hates being an omega and is determined to defy his orientation and join the Survey Corps. When a Colossal Titan mysteriously appears and breaks down the outer wall of his district, he and his friends are forced to retreat to one of the inner walls where practices are very different from what he’d grown accustomed to. They are shocked and terrified at the treatment they receive from the military personnel once they arrive on the other side of Wall Rose. With every bit of his humanity and dignity stripped away, Eren’s world is turned upside down. Can Eren still be the hero he always wished to be while trying to deal with the changes occurring within himself?

Note: The “scary” tags for this fic are meant as trigger warnings. I tried to set them up so they can be filtered out. Levi doesn’t abuse or exploit Eren. This fic does not “romanticize abuse” at all. Those tags relate to other character interactions, but not the two of them with each other. Non-con/abuse/etc. are not glorified in this fic at all. They are written as the heartbreaking, awful things that they are. This is also a story with a heavy focus on character growth. Levi and Eren both become better partners to each other as the fic goes on. 

Title: Late Bloomer 

Author: shotgunsinlace 

Rating: Explicit

Summary: For the first time in his life, Levi is at a complete loss on what to do in a situation he can’t control. Luckily, Eren knows a thing or two because he, unlike his Captain, paid attention during Sex Ed.

Title: Dark Waters 

Author: Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house 

Rating: Mature

Summary: Eren, a young mermaid, meets his dark and intriguing mate, Levi, for the first time by the edge of a large lake in the middle of the wetland forests. Hanji and her team of biologists hide nearby to document the elusive merfolk and their interactions.

Or that one merfolk au where Levi (merman/male/dominant) and Eren (mermaid/arguably still male but in the submissive role here) are a pair of mates living in the wild, meeting for the first time by the lake that Levi inhabits.

Title: The Crownless King 

Author: WishingSebastianStanwasmyman 

Rating: Explicit

Summary: In the south lies a werewolf kingdom existing within an ancient forest of giant trees, the golden city of the nobles and royalty lying between the edges of the forest and where the endless sea of sand begins. While to north lies the vampire kingdom, dwelling under the shadow of the mountains and by the shores of the sea. Both kingdoms have been at war since their ancestors first sailed over from the west. Now, thousands of years later- there has been an uneasy peace spanning three centuries.

For Levi, it has always been simple. Even though he does not want to, he will ascend the Obsidian Throne. Not for his own sake, but to bring peace to his people, to end the civil war in his kingdom, and preserve the precarious truce they share with the golden kingdom in the south.

However, fate has other plans for him. 

Title: Butterflies Fly Away 

Author: KuroKitty (HaleYes) 

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Levi is less than thrilled when he finds out his uncle has decided they’re moving in with his girlfriend and her nephew. He’s never met the kid, but based on the fact that Eren is a cheerleader over at the omega High School, he’s pretty sure that living with him is going to be painful - with the younger teen being a manifestation of everything he finds obnoxious in the world.

However, there’s a lot more to the beautiful omega than glitter and pom poms. Enough to leave Levi’s head spinning and wondering just what he’s going to do with the boy he can’t get his mind off of living under the same roof.

Title: Come Home To Me 

Author: Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house 

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Levi’s heat is starting and he’s waiting for his Alpha to come home from work to take care of him.
(bottom!Levi weekend submission - prompts: power, affection, restraint)

Title: When The Wolfsbane Blooms 

Author: WishingSebastianStanwasmyman 

Rating: Explicit

Summary: It all started on a dark night; when the wolfsbane bloomed and the full autumn moon shone bright in the sky. Upon this night, Eren Jaeger met a werewolf by the name of Levi Ackerman. And Eren soon found himself spiraling deep into the secret world of the wolves, that so few were privileged to see. It is one filled with beauty and strength, but it’s not without cost.

And the cost may very well be Eren’s life.

Levi said a few more words in a sort of harsh yet somehow soft tongue, gray eyes appearing to glow silver beneath the light of the moon as he continued to whisper and chant to complete their blood oath.

It took Eren a few moments to realize that Levi’s eyes truly were glowing.                                

Heat (Sebaciel Fanfiction)

Title: Heat

Author: Sebastian Kai/KaiPudding

Shipping: Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive (SebaCiel)

Genre: Fanfiction

Author’s Note: Hello! First off, thank you for reading this fanfiction between Kuroshitsuji’s main character, Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. I appreciate it so much that some of you guys actually really wanted to see this, and so here it is. It took me at least 3 days to write this because of school, computer/phone restrictions due to bad school grades (Which are gladly improving, so my restrictions are loosening up a bit every once in a while), bad memory forgetting to continue this, and simply being lazy. Yet, here it is.  Now second, I don’t mind if you share this around and everything but I beg/ask you to please don’t remove the source and all this information (from the title to this note). Thank you so much! Last of all, for the anti-Sebaciel shippers that complain about this being the whole “anime”, “manga”, “fanfic” and “black butler/kuroshitsuji” tags: There is a “Keep reading” button here. If you don’t like the pairing being used, then don’t read it and skip over it. Don’t ruin other people’s enjoyment and/or coping tactic because you don’t enjoy the same thing as them.

Farewell now, and enjoy.

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anonymous asked:

You guys are still struggling with a Heat Stroke sequel title? Damn, I hate titling fics. That's like the worst part about being an author... Imho (and don't listen to me if this is really dumb just write completely write this off lmao) you should stick with something simple that shows passion you know? Something like 'Fervour' or 'Ardour' (The first one could be like a play on fever?) Of course by now you've probably named the fic and this is just useless dribble so

Titles are horrible. They are the bane of my existence. We were thinking about keeping with the ‘heat’ theme. The problem is we also need to come up with a series name, not only the sequel. I Kind of like the fever/fervor theme though. Will need to discuss it. @cleo4u2 ?

Ken Price is so good I can’t stand it sometimes. I was looking at Windsor McCay stuff last night, and looking at this after having my eyes dart around McCay’s ultra-detailed full-page comic strips feels like dunking my head in a refreshing tub of water. 

This print was originally published in Heat Wave in the mid-90s by Black Sparrow Graphic Arts. Here’s the story… BSGA was an offshoot of Black Sparrow Press dedicated to fancy books, although I think they only ever published four or five titles. Heat Wave is a collection of Bukowski’s poetry mostly related to LA, bound in an oversized hardcover book with a clamshell case built into the back cover that housed 15 silkscreen prints by Ken Price, four of which were signed. Price was nowhere near as famous as he is now, although he had worked with John Martin of Black Sparrow previously and was apparently game to produce a significant body of work for this production. Bukowski collectors weren’t gaga over it, though, since Price’s art is an odd choice to accompany Bukowski’s subject matter. His writing pairs much better with drawings by Crumb, who collaborated with Bukowski on a number of books. Price’s artwork has a sheen to it that’s totally absent from Bukowski’s poetry, so I can see why Bukowski purists didn’t like Heat Wave. (Also, it was published after Bukowski died, so who knows if he would have even liked it himself.) Plus, many people were nonplussed about the elaborate design of the book, feeling that the over-the-top production detracted from the words inside. 

Now, though, all that has flipped, and at least on the collector’s market, the Bukowski poetry is tangential to the fact that Heat Wave includes 15 Ken Price prints, which are very sought-after. What used to be a book that sold for around 75% of its original price to curious Bukowski fans who mostly needed to complete their collections suddenly became an art portfolio worth thousands of dollars. It’s strange when stuff like this happens - I’ll never understand the art world, where someone like Ken Price produces an incredible body of work over a period of decades and only really hits it big in the last years of his life. 

Title: Snowstorm
Prompt: Heat (Day 1)
Universe: Canon
Notes: this is the only fic for the ss smut month that i have written so far :) idk if i’ll write more :) i had high hopes :) now i’m screwed :) but anyway here it is lol

Traveling to the Land of Snow in the winter was not the best idea he has had.

But he missed that place. It brought him good memories. Memories of innocence, of friendship, of new beginnings. Memories that he wanted to share with the person now traveling with him – because they were, in a way, also hers.

This snowstorm was making him wonder why he didn’t wait until summer for that.

It was no moment to be mad at himself for it, though. His priority right now was to keep both of them alive. For that, he needed to find shelter soon. Any shelter. They could not keep walking through these woods with the wind blowing them back this violently, and with their capes not keeping them warmth enough, and with their bare toes practically frozen.

“Sasuke-kun! Over there!” Sakura shouted over the loud whistling of the wind. He looked at her and then followed the direction her finger pointed to. Then, he spotted it: a small cave among some trees, between two levels of the ground.

It wasn’t an ideal shelter, but it would shelter them nevertheless. They didn’t really have another choice. So he grabbed Sakura’s hand and pulled her towards the cave.

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Kate Beckett…

Beckett: What kind of a name is “Nikki Heat”?
Castle: A cop name.
Beckett: It’s a stripper name.
Castle: Well, I told you she was kind of slutty
Beckett: Change it, Castle.
Castle: Wait. Hang on a second. Think of the titles. “Summer Heat”, “Heat Wave”, “In Heat”.
Beckett: Change the name! [advancing on him] Change the name!
Castle: [backing away] No.
Beckett: Yes.
Castle: No
Beckett: Change it!
Castle: [grabbing the cardboard cutout to shield himself] No.
Beckett: Castle?!
Castle: I’m sorry. I have artistic integrity, Beckett.
Beckett: “Artistic integrity?” Change the name, Castle! Today! 

Fic Rec: December 2nd

Title: Relativistic Heat Conduction

Author: sakuratsukikage (@sakuratsukikage)

Fandom/Pairing: Marvel, Steve/Tony

Summary:  Age of Ultron-based, but not entirely canon compliant. Written for the 2013 Cap-Iron Man Reverse Big Bang. Ultron has attacked, obliterating most of the world’s superheroes and resistance in a matter of hours. The remaining heroes band together and share what strength they have to get through it, to survive, and defeat Ultron once and for all. Steve Rogers grieves in the wake of the disaster and the heroes’ defeat, and no one knows if he will be able to provide the leadership they need–but Tony Stark isn’t about to let him slip away that easily.

Why I Rec: Because you needed to have your heart shattered today. Because this is one of the most painful, powerful, romantic, heart-wrenching stories I’ve ever read. Because it’s a chilling AU with incredible world-building. Because it’s just that amazing.

remember when on Jimmy Kimmel niall and harry had their arms around each other and niall kept rubbing harrys fur vest? remember louis and liam joking around at the brits all night and it was clear how much they care about each other? remember in the BBC live lounge liam and harry KEPT talking and whispering to each other, not even aware that they were being filmed? remember during promo season how harry and louis kept smiling at each other and laughing, literally so at ease with the others’ presence? remember how, just a few days ago, liam commented on a meme of niall and said it was “one of the funniest things [hes] seen in a while”, and how liam loves niam in general? remember how nouis went clubbing together and louis keeps liking and commenting on nialls instagram? remember how, on their final performance of X factor, ALL of the boys hugged for so long and jumped around, and when watching videos of celebrities talk about them they kept their arms around each other the whole time?

one direction is lightning in a bottle in terms of chemistry. they were put together, but their interactions have always seemed real, and it’s CLEAR they truly do care about each other. I honestly don’t think they don’t hate each other and they’re not in it just for the money. I’m just saying