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Worse yet Roman has never been on the hero’s journey (pro wrestling edition)
Most guys climb up the ranks with smaller feuds and a mid card title runs on their road to the top.

Reigns began his singles career by winning superstar of the year, the rumble, and main eventing straight away.

If anything his story is more like “The chosen one” where the heel owner handpicks a guy to leap frog everyone else for heel heat as the undeserving champion.

While the Vince on screen character never handpicked Roman the rest of his singles story follows that path.

Posted by Anthony Steven Lewis on Aug 31, 2017 | 1:40 PM
Superstar of the year is a legit fan vote, so he won that because the fans voted him to be…until they found out Vince liked him too.
This idea that everyone needs to start jerking the curtain then move up to midcard titles and then 8 years later win the title has never been a thing. Nobody cared that Rollins did it because he apparently wasn’t pre-approved by the guy who booked him to do it. Nobody cared that Joe went right into the ME scene because he wrestled in front of 500 people for awhile. Nobody cared that Shinsuke went right into the ME scene because he’s from Japan. Nobody cared that Strowman has been an unstoppable monster from the word go because he beat up Roman, and that’s how we’re getting back at Vince. By cheering the guy he’s booking as an unstoppable monster over the guy who lost over and over before finally winning the title(only to lose it immediately)


Cageside Seats

These two comments tickled me. Folks just WANT to hate Roman.

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Silent, you're doing amazing sweetie. Can I please request some general Mipha headcanons? (Anything you want). Don't tucker yourself out and have fun.

Thank you, and yes, I’m having a lot of fun!

Mipha Headcanons

  • She’s able to cheer anyone up, and she is very encouraging.
  • The only one able to split up Revali and Link without dragging them away from each other(like Urbosa does).
  • As an addition to the hc above, she can put up with Revali the longest.
  • Has much sharper teeth than you would expect, which is why she doesn’t openly smile, but she may on rare occasions.
  • She became aware of her smile when she scared a hylian child on accident.
  • Probably the most brutal when fighting out of all the champions without even knowing it.
  • I never really thought Mipha would grow to be much taller than she was before her death, I like the thought of a very short Queen Mipha.
  • Not very good at cooking since she isn’t good with anything heat related, but the champions eat it anyway, she worked hard to make it.
  • Very confused when learning that koi ponds exist.
  • “You keep them… as pets?”
  • Soon becomes very attached to the koi, and would like to own some herself.
  • Loves flowers, but she has a hard time keeping them, because she usually gives them too much water on accident.
  • Zelda usually helps her, since she knows all about most plant species.