heat tamer

Saturday! I headed over to target, whats new?! I actually had a purpose though, I needed hair dye! My hair is like red/brown and really ginger at the roots, I dont know why the dye faded so fast. But people told me they really liked it when I first dyed it. So I bought a new dye, I saw Ashley @allthingsgirlyy post on instagram its the new one by garnier and she said she liked it so I decided to try it! Also since i got my hair trimmed and of course they cut to much off ): I want my hair to be longer than it was before I got it trimmed but I feel like its not going to grow since I have been dying it and using so much heat. So i got the tresemme heat tamer and I really hope it helps my hair. And last I got a bikini top, ive been loving this one. I see it everytime i go to target but they never have a rack of them, theres always just one medium in the middle of a whole different bathing suit, but they finally got a whole rack of them! I was so excited! Then saturday night I went to my friend Emilys, we were best friends in 7th grade and havent hung out since then , so that was nice, we had our friends sean and dillon come over and we watched movies and played wii and went to sonic. I dont want to even get into the guy drama. All i know is im the best friend ever , even if i dont talk to you im still not going to go behind your back or do something i know youd get upset about, and i tell the truth without you even having to ask. You guys probably dont know wtf im talking about so ill just stop lol. ok.