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You Make Me More Than I Ever Was II Jaspar fanfiction

Summary: Sometimes Caspar tells Joe that he is beautiful; and he tells him that he loves him and sometimes, they kiss, but Joe knows that there is nothing weird about it because they are best friends and best friends can do that, but the day must come when they cross the line.


Part I: You Needn’t Say Anything

Part II: And The Thought Of Spending All My Life With You Does Not Scare Me At All

Caspar takes to kissing him after that – kissing him on the temple when they share a bed for the night (not like they do this every night; sometimes Caspar has a girl over and sometimes Joe does; and sometimes Joe just wants to sleep on his own) and kissing him on the cheek when they part ways and Joe doesn’t mind and he doesn’t find it weird either because he knows there is nothing weird about it and friends can kiss each other on the cheek. Sometimes Caspar misses his cheek, though, and kisses him on the mouth instead and Joe doesn’t mind because no one is there to see and no one is there to judge.

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