heat repeat

Sheer Guard Attack

A guardian that takes the form of a relatively small, treaded tank with a skull on the front. It’s actions are completely autonomous, but whenever something of high heat enters it’s range, it will mercilessly pursue that heat whilst repeating the words “Look over here!” Should it ever catch the nearby heat, a detonation shall occur, destroying the heat’s source. The guard will emerge unharmed and check if it destroyed a human. If not, it will continue to search for the highest heat in the area until a human has been destroyed. The shell of the guardian is completely indestructible.

Sheer Guard Attack has no weakness.

Sneaking- Peter maximoff smut

Word count: 944 Requested: yes Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader Raring: M- SMUT A/N: I’m so sorry it took forever, but here! I know it’s not the best but it’s finally up!

The two had been together for a while now. Almost a year to be exact. The tension between the two was growing stronger as the days went by. Yet, even with being legally adults, the two never got the chance to do anything, let alone be alone together.

Readers POV

    Peter draped his arm over my side as we walked down the hallway of Xavier’s school. “Class treat you well today, babe?” He asked, his Goggles sitting on his head lopsided. I nodded and grinned at the silver haired boy. “Pretty good, Hank decided to set up a new course for us at the end of this semester… It’s kind of funny” I raised my hand and fixed his Goggles. “Oh, really? What is it?” Peter asked as we made our way to the school yard. “Sexual education and I think it’s 99% because of us” I replied at the fact it was true. That ,and Scott and Jean were getting pretty close.     Peter scoffed as we sat down at an empty picnic table, dropping our bags. “Seriously… Man we’re legal. I’m old enough to know how to put it in-” “DON’T FINISH THAT SENTENCE, KURT IS BEHIND YOU” Jubilee interrupted and sat down beside us - actually, in between us. Probably because Charles put her and the rest of our friends up to keeping Peter and I separated. Peter frowned and stood up. “Babe, want to go get food with me?” He asked, obvious excuse to find a way alone.   I was quick to follow behind him, we went walking down toward his room. “You know, we don’t even have to have sex, right? We could just go to that carnival that you like so much” Peter looked at me from the corner of his eye. I nodded. “Of course I know that but the most you’ve actually gotten to do was finger me and that was on the bus. I just want to be with you in any way we possibly ever could” I spoke softly and shrugged. We stopped at his door and he was fast to pin me in against the inside of it. His lips found mine and he pressed needy kisses to my lips. I inhaled, taking in all of this scent. He smelt so beautiful.   Much to our dismay, we heard an all too familiar BAMF and Peter sighed in hysteria, pulling away. “Really, Kurt? Man this sucks” Peter looked at he blue mutant who was grinning sheepishly. “I zhought I should finish my homevork”. Peter rolled his eyes and in a rush we were in an entirely new surrounding. A closet.

   “If we can’t get privacy in my room, we’ll get it here” he began to press those needy and list filled kisses to my lips and trailed down. His hand began to move lower to my hips and he kissed down my neck, to my collarbone and stopped. “Can we?” He asked softly and I immediately knew what he meant. I want to. I really want to. “We can get caught, Peter…” I trailed off, not entirely sure I wanted Peters father or anyone else to find Peter getting off inside of me. He grinned at me and held up a silver packet. A condom. Of course he would. “That’s the best thing about it! If we get caught, there’s always that thrill that we proved them wrong that we did get to have sex again” peter pressed his lips to my nose and waited. I nodded slowly.

Within a second or two we were both entirely naked and Peter was rolling on a condom. He pumped himself and looked at me before teasingly running his shaft up and down my slit. I whimpered out and glared at him. “We don’t have time for foreplay”. Peter  chuckled at my hiss. “Of course we don’t. I just like teasing you” Peter lowly pushed himself inside of me until he completely bottomed out, the awkward dull pain between my hips was back from not having him in such a long time. “You okay? You’re making hat face again” he was looking at me seriously this time and he rubbed my cheek softly. “No. I swear, you better not stop” I stated.

I felt Peter roll his hips before pulling out and sliding back into my heat very slowly, then repeating. The face he was making was pure concentration. It was more than likely he was struggling to go slow instead of fast like he’s used to. I kissed his neck and shoulder. “You can move faster, I’m not made of glass”. “ I know I just don’t want to risk hurting my baby girl” Peter said and he started to move in a little faster, but not much. We both let out small moans and gasps.

  Not long after, the sound of our skin was the only think audible. That’s a lie. We were loud. Peter was pounding into me and groaning loud, both of us chasing our orgasms. I felt that familiar tightness in my lower region and let go instantly, a heat and lightheadedness washing over me, my vision blurry. Feeling Peter release info the condom with a loud moan, I heard him giggle. “What?” I asked. “You squirted”. I felt my cheeks get hotter than there was before.

“Okay, fun is up. My office now” Professor Xavier’s voice calls from the opposite side of the door. I heard Erik and Raven mumble something and them walking off, I stared at Peter with wide eyes. He smirked and sat up. “What can I say? You tempted me, and it’s totally worth whatever we have to do now”.

dressing room couch

◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik x taehyung

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 3.8k

◦ request: @everest98 - I accidentally deleted the original ask since my requests were closed at the time but all I remember was that you wanted something about Hyungsik on the set of Hwarang!! Hope you like it!

◦ a/n: The threesome part was an idea that I had as soon as Hwarang aired so I figured I’d throw it in for the request cause why not! xD Also it’s my first time writing one so rip if it’s not that good but I hope you like it anyway

m a s t e r l i s t

“God, you looked so hot in that scene,” you all but moaned into his neck, peppering his soft skin with kisses. He smelled of some kind of lotion. Hyungsik placed his hands on your hips as he relaxed into the couch with a smile. If he had known you were coming for a surprise visit, he would have kept his Hwarang outfit on for longer. He knew how much you loved it. Instead, he laid half dressed beneath you on the couch in his dressing room.

“Thanks, I figured you’d like it,” he winked and chuckled. His laugh vibrated through his body, shaking you as you straddled him. You sat up and smiled at him, your navy dress hiked up to your thighs. “I wish I had known you were coming,” he whispered, coming up to meet your lips for a peck.

“I wanted to surprise you,” you smiled into the kiss, pulling back to look at him. “You’ve been so happy to come to work, and I just wanted to see you work.” You shrugged and rested your hands on his bare shoulders.

“Well if you’re going to start coming to work, I’ll be infinitely more happy.” His grin was wide as his moved his lips to your neck and slipped his hand under your dress. His skin was cold, sending a chilled shiver through your body. Your eyes slipped shut and you hummed at the contact. He sat up and adjusted, letting you straddle him on the couch. He pulled the bottom half of your dress up over your stomach. “Grind on me, baby,” he whispered, pressing lips to your collarbone.

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Kitchen Table

You’re drunk and horny and Harry just wants to get home before you get it on but you need it now

The bar was loud; you were pretty sure it was louder now than what it was when you first got there. Or maybe it was just the alcohol making your head throb slightly and every sound seemed intensified. Although this sound sensitivity was applicable to the music playing, it also affected how easily you heard Harry’s small groans in your ear as you danced. Your ass was pressed harshly against his front as you moved your hips, not caring that Harry was struggling to move his with the same, unsteady rhythm you were dancing to.

You weren’t plastered drunk, no, but the couple drinks built up your confidence just enough so that you could temporarily put aside your usually nagging insecurities. Instead, you felt less afraid to dance like this with Harry. Less afraid of telling him what you really want. This mix of being just drunk enough to really know what you’re doing and not stumbling all over the place, and being just tipsy enough to let your anxiety fade was a beautiful mix. And you had plans to make tonight as fun as you could.

The song changed, and Harry leaned in to put his lips by your ear and speak,

“Your rhythm is terrible.” He chuckled, and you spun around dramatically.

“My rhythm? No way! I’m a great dancer.” You laughed loudly, smiling up at him. He was quick to return the smile.

“Maybe you just think that ‘cause you’re drunk.” Harry was the designated driver, but he didn’t mind. Seeing you tipsy was always so entertaining to him.

“I’m not drunk.” You pouted, a little drunk.

“Yeah, sure babe. You’re completely sober.”

The smile on his face momentarily surprised you by how beautiful it was. Whenever you drank, he seemed that much more attractive, if that was even possible. You matched his smile and daringly ran your pointer finger down the expanse of his chest.

“Don’t make fun of me!” You demanded playfully as your finger now made its way to his hard abdomen. His eyes slightly widened as you kept the movement downward, and once your finger brushed against the button on his jeans his large hand moved to grab yours.

“We’re in public, pet.”

You could tell he was trying his best to maintain the playful mood from earlier, but the lust in his eyes was threatening to take over.

“I want you now, Harry.” You spoke as you looked up at him through your lashes and brought your bottom lip between your teeth. His eyes widened for a moment as he processed what you said. Instead of taking your request seriously, as you’d anticipated, he instead laughed loudly. It only caused you to pout more and yank your hand from his grip that he had on it.

“Is it funny to you that I want my boyfriend? Is it funny that all I want is for you to bend me over and fu-“

His hand quickly covered your mouth and you continued your filthy speech into his hand. His gaze was serious, and you smiled into his hand at the response you were finally getting. Now that your hand was free again, you wasted no time moving it to palm him through his jeans. It didn’t take long before the hand that wasn’t covering your mouth moved to roughly pull your hand from the crotch of his jeans.

“Stop it.” He ordered, and the tone of his voice made you quiver and press your thighs together. Tonight, all you wanted was this Harry. The Harry that told you what to do instead of asked. You gave him the best puppy dog eyes you could as his fiery green ones stared into yours harshly.

“We’re leaving.” He demanded, and removed his hand from your mouth to start to pull you through the crowd and outside. His hold on your hand was soft enough that you knew he was being careful not to hurt you, but hard enough that there was no way you could escape it had you wanted to. But you didn’t want to.

Once outside, his free hand ran through the curls on his head and he let out a deep breath. The parking lot wasn’t large, so it was easy to find the car.

He opened the door and pushed you in, buckling the seatbelt over you. You felt like you were getting punished for something, but it didn’t bother you. Instead, you giggled to yourself as he made his way to the driver’s side and got in. Before he started the car, he looked over at you and shook his head.

“Why do you have to do things like that when we’re out?” He questioned, although his stern demeanor from earlier was long gone. In its place was a smirk, an angelic smirk that put his dimples on full display. For the second time that night, you had to press your thighs together to relieve some of the pressure building inside you. He was just so perfect, that it blew your mind he was with you. Before you responded, you took your sweet time looking from his face down to his chest, clad in a plain black tee shirt, and down to the growing bulge in his jeans. Involuntarily, you bit your lip and slowly moved your eyes back up to his waiting gaze.

“It’s just ‘cause I want you inside me is all.” You tried to act innocent as you spoke, but you knew it failed miserably. Without responding, he started the car.

“Waaaiiitttt” you slurred, and he halted his actions to allow you to speak, “I need you now.” You finished, looking up at him hopefully. Unfortunately, he didn’t look to be interested in your offer.

“I’m not fucking you in the car in this shitty parking lot.” He grumbled, but the growing hardness in his jeans told you otherwise. He shifted the car into drive and began to drive from the parking lot as you frowned at him. You were certain he could sense the frown you were giving him as he drove.

“If you aren’t gonna touch me, maybe I’ll just get myself off.” You huffed loudly, hoping to get a reaction from him. Yet, he didn’t even look over when he responded.

“We’re like ten minutes from home, can’t you wait?”

The alcohol in your veins definitely was what allowed you to prop your right leg up on the dashboard. The dress you were wearing quickly rode up to your hips and left both of your legs bare, and your black lacy underwear on full display for both you and Harry.

His head turned to look at you, his gaze lingering a little longer on the panties you were wearing, before he moved his eyes back to the road.

“Don’t even think about it.” He spoke harshly, and you smiled to yourself. He finally was understanding just how bad you wanted him. The whole night, all you could think about was how good it would feel to have him bend you over the bar counter and pound into you until you couldn’t remember how to walk. The thought drove you to move your finger to the wetness between your legs.

Without bothering to move the fabric, your finger began to circle your clit in a motion similar to the way Harry normally does it. He didn’t realize you disobeyed his order until his wide eyes abruptly looked over to you. Your eyes were closed, but you knew he struggled to keep his eyes on the road. The quiet car was now filled with your breathy moans. You pressed harder into your clit and it elicited a drawn out whimper from your throat.

“Oh, Harry.” You breathed out his name loudly. By now, your hips were moving up to meet your fingers with each circle.

You opened your eyes to see his grip on the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were turning white. His jaw was clenched. Outside, you noticed you were no farther than a couple minutes from home. This is when you had to make it count.

Moving your panties aside just enough to press one finger into your throbbing heat, you began to repeat his name over and over with a string of curses connecting them.

“Stop it. Now.” He barked the order at you, and instead of continuing the prior rebellious attitude you had, you obeyed. Once your legs were back where they should be, he visibly relaxed.

“I’m dripping for you, Harry.” You turned to face him and run your finger across his forearm.

“Are you gonna take good care of me when we get home?”

He gulped loudly. Now, the driveway was only about a hundred yards away.

He didn’t answer as you pulled into the driveway. He took his time shutting the car off and getting out. You didn’t have time to think before he opened your door, unbuckled your seatbelt, and helped you out of the car. His wrapped his arm around your waist as he unlocked the door and walked you both inside. You stood in the hallway awkwardly, not sure what exactly to expect from him tonight. Normally, he would’ve fucked you by now, either up against the wall or in the bathroom stall at the bar. Instead, he kicked his boots off and went into the kitchen to fill up a glass with water from the faucet. You gulped, now nervous.

“A-are you mad at me? I’m sorry I d-“ you began to ramble, but the look on his face stopped your speech.

“You want to be bent over, huh?” He said it casually, almost as if you were talking about what your favorite color was. You coughed, not sure what to say to him now.

“Uhm, well yeah.”

The confidence from earlier was now wearing off, and you didn’t like it.

“You want me to bend you over and fuck you from behind, that it? Is that why you had to put on that little show in the car?”

You didn’t respond as he finished his water, put the glass in the sink, and walked over to stand in front of you. You nodded shyly.

His thumb and forefinger gripped your chin to force you to look up at him; his eyes were dark.

“Does my baby girl want me to fuck her so good that she’ll feel me for days?” He questioned, his tone softening ever so slightly. You took a deep breath and tried to muster some of the confidence from earlier.

“All night I’ve been thinking about how good your cock stretches me out.”

At that, his grip on your chin only tightened, and you would’ve flinched had you not been positively aching for him.

He didn’t answer but instead led the both of you into the dining room. The only light was from the hallway, and it barely illuminated the dark wood of the table.

“Bend over.”

Him saying it now, with the rasp in his voice he only got when he was ready to fuck you, made you let out a heavy breath. His words alone made your insides clench.

You were quick to do what he asked, and you bet at the hips to lay your stomach flat against the table. From this position, you couldn’t see what he was doing behind you. But the vulnerability of it all made you shiver in anticipation.

“Good girl.” He murmured, and moved to pull your dress up around your hips and pull your panties down your legs, letting them pool at your feet. You couldn’t help but squirm under his gaze.

“You weren’t lying. You’re actually dripping for me.” He spoke in awe, and he trailed his hands up the middle of your thighs to brush against the pooling wetness. He hadn’t even touched you, and you were already ready to explode. His large fingers now brushed against your folds and the soft touch was enough to make your knees buckle. It took a moment before you could straighten them again.

Now, his fingers began to run up and down your slit, not yet pressing into your clit or entering you. He was teasing. And even though he was hardly touching you, you were practically panting against the table beneath you. You squirmed and attempted to move your hips against his fingers.

At this, his thick finger pressed inside you. You let out a prolonged moan at the sensation, and your thighs began to tremble. His finger began to leisurely move in and out of you.

“Is this what you wanted, baby girl? Wanted my fingers knuckle deep in you? I can feel you clenching around me already.” His voice was incredibly husky, and you knew how much restraint it took him to not just pull out his cock and fuck you already. Instead, he wanted to tease you just like you teased him in the car.

His words made you clench harder around him and a loud “please, Harry” to escape from your lips. Your hands were now stretched above your head to grip onto the edge of the table to keep you from collapsing.

Without warning, his other hand moved to put pressure on your throbbing clit. You gasped loudly, back arching. The combination of his two hands moving in synch was too much for you and you immediately neared your orgasm. He was watching you closely, however, watching for the tell-tale signs you were about to come. Once your thighs began to shake and your grip on the edge of the table tightened, he suddenly stopped. At the loss of contact, you let out a guttural groan of disappointment.

“Shhh. Patience, baby girl.”

You heard the sound of fabric hitting the floor and the sound of a zipper. You didn’t dare look back at him, it was too risky that he would tease you again. Instead, you waited for him, and it wasn’t long before you felt his thickness pressing against your opening.

Without entering you, he moved his head up and down your slit, collecting your wetness on the tip.

“H-harry, I need you inside me.” You breathed out heavily, desperate.

“Are you gonna be a good girl and take all of me?”

You let a string of yes’s fall from your lips. That was all the answer he needed as he pressed into you. His cock stretched you out so much better than his finger, and the sensation made the muscles in your stomach flex.

“You’re so fucking tight.” He gasped. The new position allowed him to thrust deeply into you, reaching spots that made your vision blurry. His hips harshly rammed into yours as he gripped onto your hips to guide himself. You were certain you would be able to see his fingers on your flesh tomorrow due to the strength of his hold.

His pace only seemed to quicken, and you couldn’t hold back your whimpers for him. One of his hands moved to grip the hair at the back of your head and pull. You gasped at the uncomfortable position you were put in, but the overwhelming sensation of him throbbing inside of you occupied your senses instead.

“You take me so well, fuck.” He groaned loudly behind you. His words made you clench around him. His breathing sped up as a result. Although the position you were in was amazing, you couldn’t help but wish you could see his face. You knew his jaw would be clenched, and that little wrinkle would be prominent between his eyebrows.

As your climax edged closer, your moans got louder and louder with each thrust. When he moved a hand around your hips to press a rough finger against your clit, you pressed your thighs together and screamed his name. He pulled out so just his tip was inside you before pushing in again, seemingly deeper than before. He kept at this pace for a few more thrusts as you felt your orgasm building in the pit of your stomach.

“Be a good girl and come around my cock.” His voice was tense, and you could sense he was nearing his high as well.

With a final thrust of his hips, you finally came hard around him. Your eyes squeezed shut as you tensed around him, raising up on your tip toes as you rode out your high. His thick cock inside you was positively pulsating as your walls clenched around him and his fingers rubbed you through your climax, dragging the sensation on for an incredible amount of time. Above you, you heard a loud groan as he came inside you. It took a couple seconds before either of you were down from your high enough to move from the position you were in.

After he pulled out of you and helped you stand up straight, he yanked his boxers back up his legs. His jeans were at the floor with his shirt and your panties. Before he could so much as speak, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. The fire behind it was undeniable, and although it wasn’t meant to lead to anything, the real love behind it made you shiver. You really did love him so much.

The kiss deepened and it was cut off when you began to smile against his lips. He pulled back, a similar smile on his face.

“What?” He laughed, moving to push some stray hairs behind your ear.

In that moment, looking deep into his happy eyes, you had never been more content.

“I just love you is all.”

“You’re just saying that ‘cause I fuck you good.” He laughed loudly and pressed a kiss against your nose. “But yeah, I love you too.”

kind of really insignificant but…I wonder if Karamatsu always pulling his sleeves up, and zipping down his jumper really low isn’t just because he thinks it looks cool but because he actually always has really high body temperature? It was what I thought  when it looked like he was literally boiling when he was sick compared to his brothers

headcanon that Karamatsu is the warmest and nicest to hug whenever it’s cold~  somehow, the thought of his sleeves being up for a practical reason is so cute to me…

well, Karamatsu himself is just so cute…

Shame/Less: An A/B/O Fic

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Warnings: Graphic smut, swearing, heavy themes

Author’s Notes: So I keep reading interesting A/B/O headcanons thanks to @bucky-plums-barnes and her Sinful Sundays, and I got interested. I read up on the universe, and started thinking about the dynamics between the three groups. I also started thinking about the idea of being an Omega with an Alpha mind. Thanks to that line of thought, this fic is going to deal with social justice dynamics, the idea of sexual repression, and most importantly, abuse and shame.

The Reader is a virgin Omega who grew up in a home of Alphas. Made to hate herself for how she was born, she ran away from home at fifteen and started trying to repress her heats. Against the advice of her best friend Wanda, she’s on three different types of pills, including normal birth control. All she has managed to do is ensure that her heat never ends. One particularly bad day, Wanda takes her to get some much needed medical attention and she meets the most unique Alpha she’s ever seen.



Word Count: 923

“Y/N? Y/N?”

           You could barely hear Wanda over your own screaming. Pain radiated throughout your entire body, coupled with a blinding need that you hadn’t felt since you were fifteen and away from home.

           One minute you’d been curled up on the couch, watching a movie, and the next, you were curled up on the floor, hands over your abdomen, your pajama pants utterly soaked.

           “Y/N?” Wanda skidded up to you and dropped to her knees, still clutching the spare key to your house. “What the fuck happened?”

           With a supreme effort, you turned over onto your back, sobbing breathlessly. “I… I don’t know…”

           She got back up, ran to your bedroom, and rooted through your drawers. “…You forgot a pill.”

           “Which… which one-”

           “I don’t fucking know!” she snapped, and came back to kneel beside you. “If you wouldn’t do this to yourself, I wouldn’t have to try to figure it out!”


           “You need help, Y/N.”

           “No, I just-”

           “Y/N. You’re a (your age) year old Omega who has never had an Alpha in her life. You’re constantly in heat, which is the exact opposite of what you wanted your pills to do. I know you can tolerate it on a normal day, honey, but you’re not gonna just get over this. You’re barely listening to me. Let’s go.”

           “Go… where?”

           “To the Avengers. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner can help you.”


           “Not like that, dork, they’re a bonded pair. They’re not gonna touch you. But one is a doctor and one is a scientist. If you really don’t want an Alpha, they can at least help you get through this.”

           You made a face, which Wanda interpreted correctly. “If you want a hysterectomy, Y/N… they won’t question.”

           You moaned, longing, relief, pain, and need all wrapped into the one sound.

           “I’ll come back and get your stuff,” Wanda reassured you, then grabbed a blanket, wrapped you in it, and helped you up. You leaned heavily on her and the two of you shuffled to the door.

           Wanda got you in her car, buckled you in, then went back to lock your door. You saw her pull out her phone and speak to someone, nod, and hang up.


           “I was just checking with Nat,” she answered, smiling reassuringly. “We have a new Alpha in the house. He and Steve just got back from Wakanda, but he’s gone right now. He went back to where he grew up, and he shouldn’t be home for another few days.”


           “Is bonded to me, remember?” Wanda patted your shoulder. “You’re fine. Maybe a little out of your mind at the moment, but fine. No one is going to hurt you.”

           You leaned heavily to the side, tears leaking out of your eyes. “…Pills…”

           “Absolutely not.”

           Your eyes widened.

           “Y/N, you need those flushed out of your system. You need to go back into normal heat cycles.”


           “I don’t have time to do this right now,” Wanda muttered, speeding through the streets. Briefly, you wondered why she didn’t have ten police cars on her tail, ready to arrest her for speeding, but then supposed that you should thank the universe for small mercies. “We’ll go in the back entrance, okay?”

           You nodded. Wanda did exactly that, screeching into the parking garage and half-carrying you to the back elevator. It went up so fast that whatever part of your stomach that wasn’t in pain managed to flip horribly.

           “Do not throw up on me.”

           You groaned.

           “I don’t know what you actually meant to say, but I can guess it was fuck you, so fuck you right back,” she retorted, giving you a small smile. “You’re gonna be okay, Y/N. I promise.”

           The elevator beeped and opened, and Wanda led you down the hall. “JARVIS!”

           “Yes, Miss Maximoff?”

           “Please inform Tony Stark and Bruce Banner that I’m bringing in someone who needs immediate medical attention.”

           “Right away.” JARVIS beeped, and you stared, making a shaky mental note to ask Wanda about that later.

           “Wanda—oh, shit.” That was Nat, and she stopped in her tracks, staring at you and her bonded mate. “Stay right there, don’t fucking move.”

           “Nat, we need to-”

           “She can’t go through the Tower like that. Bucky’s back early. And he’s in a rut.”

           Wanda went utterly white. “Where is he?”

           “In the gym.”

           “Which one?”

           “The one upstairs across from Tony’s lab.”

           “Nat? Where did you—oh.”

           “Steve, can you keep Bucky out?”

           You flinched at the sight of Captain America, reddening horribly at your ruined state.

           “Yeah… yeah, I can, don’t worry, honey, I’m a Beta.” He gave you a weak smile, meant to reassure you. Instead, it just made you feel worse. “But you really smell. What… what happened? Are you okay?”

           “She’s been repressing her heats,” Wanda answered him softly. “She missed a pill today… and it just…”

           “Took her over.”

           “We’re here!” Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, both looking like they hadn’t slept in seventy-two hours, barged up, but both instantly reared backward. “Sweetheart, you reek…”

           “She’s been repressing her heats,” Wanda repeated, but she was looking past all of them into the empty hallway.

           “I did not know you could do that,” Tony said, blinking rapidly.

           “It’s… not recommended,” you choked out, sick of everyone talking around you.

           “Then why did you do it?” Tony came to your other side, supporting you.

           “That’s a long story, and frankly, it’s none of your…” Wanda’s words trailed off.

           “What the hell is going on here?”


Not In Baby

Characters + Ships: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester 

Warnings:Fluffiness out the wazoo, some brief arguing but it’s all resolved :) 

A/N: Written for @impala-dreamer and her One Prompt For All Dean Challenge. Super glad my first official fic is written for her challenge. I also imagined the Full House episode where Jesse teaches DJ to drive, haha, also the Taylor Swift song Our Song later on. Also, 100% unbeta’d. Any errors are mine.

Word Count: 898

“Sammy, if we aren’t back within the hour, call the cops.” you warned, Dean’s eyes rolling as he strolled behind you.

“She’s so over dramatic,” Dean scoffed, “We’ll be back soon. Don’t blow the house up.”

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Cold Hands - Cassian Andor/Reader

Title: Cold Hands

Pairing: Cassian Andor/Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 1122

Prompt: “You okay? You’re trembling.” “Of course I’m trembling, I’m freezing.” (I mean, if that’s what you want to call it)

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You could understand why the resistance moves to Hoth. It’s a bold move – moving to somewhere so inhospitable just to throw the empire off your tail. It’s smart, and at the same time, kriffing stupid.

The engineers are always on the landing strips, scraping ice off of the Wings and defrosting their engines because the damn oil keeps freezing. You’re out there with them, helping wherever you can. Everyone is bundled up in layers and layers of clothes, wearing thick jackets with fur accents to try and keep the cold out. You’ve been on cold planets before for the sake of missions, but Hoth is another type of cold. It’s the kind of cold that settles in your bones, a constant shiver that wrings through your body when you’re not moving.

You hope down on to the snow-covered landing strip, happy that most of the ice has been taken from the last of the squad’s Wings. One of the pilots claps a hand to your shoulder in thanks.

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For Your Convenience (Part 8)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 1,115

‘For Your Convenience’ Masterlist

A/N: This is still a drabble series, I swear! I just got really carried away with this one. 

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After finishing up your orders, you walked over to the home department and met up with Bucky. As promised, he gave you a review on what to do and what to say when you eventually meet up with Steve after closing. You couldn’t help but wonder why Bucky was so helpful to you. Of course, he was a kind person at heart. You always saw him being as helpful as he could be to the customers and the other associates. He would always volunteer to aid someone if he was able to. Bucky was an all-around sweet and lovable guy and you weren’t surprised that the associates here were drawn to him, specifically the women.

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Burning Desire (Percival Graves x Reader) - Smut One Shot

Summary: You are Percival`s assistant and lover. 

You guys, this story really has no plot whatsoever. This is probably very OOC and just pure smut ;)

Warnings: Smut, Dom/Sub Relationship, BDSM, Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Aftercare. 

“Lock the door.”

The sound of Mr Graves voice made you look up from your notes, and a sudden chill went down your spine when you met his earnest gaze.

“Excuse me, Sir?” you asked cautiously while searching deep in your mind for something you might have done wrong. You couldn’t have, could you? The day had gone by without any problems, but perhaps something had slipped by unnoticed to you?

Percival tilted his head and gave you a meaningful glance as he entwined his fingers on the desk, “Please, Y/N. Do I need to remind you what happens when you’re making me repeat myself?”

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East Texas Gothic

There’s a hidden cemetery on the road to the park. There’s a hidden cemetery behind the Community Center. There’s a hidden cemetery in your backyard.

“It’s a dry heat,” the grocery store clerk reminds you as you buy your 6th bag of ice. “It’s a dry heat,” your second grade school teacher says as she refuels her SUV, white hair tangled with sweat. “It’s a dry heat,” the old man on the corner says as he rolls up the sleeves of his poplin shirt. “It’s a dry heat,” you repeat. The humidity is only 97% today. 

“You’re Ol’ Mike’s granddaughter, aintcha?” you hear. You are. You have no other name. You don’t know who Old Mike is. You’re his granddaughter.

Mr. Miller owns a soda shop on the town square. From the window you can see the courthouse in the center. It burned down in 1937. 

The night sky is vast with no streetlights. Buck Hooten disappeared last year after he got a telescope for Christmas. You don’t look up for fear it will swallow you.

“Watch for coyotes,” they say. You live in town. You have no pets. Still, you lock your door at dark and listen. You can hear them howling. You pray for coyotes.

The Pink Mansion is haunted. You ride your bike past every day, tar sticking to your Keds. The “For Sale” sign sways gently. The July air is still. 

It rains for three hours. The forest weeps for joy. The sun drinks up its tears, leaving it parched again. 

The house next door is abandoned. The house across the street is abandoned. The house catty-corner to yours is abandoned. The house you live in is abandoned. 

There are cracks in the soil. Some of them have marks from scrabbling hands at the edges. You scuff them with the sole of your shoe.

There is a church across the street from another church. The stained glass is red like blood, and when the doors open you can hear the choir. No one attends on Sunday morning.

The football stadium fills with the entire town on Friday night. “Budge over,” a third cousin says. “We need more room. There’s not enough room. Gotta see them boys play!” Outside, people crush at the gates, trampling one another to get into the stadium. Their screams sound like the Fight Song. We need more room. There’s not enough room. Gotta see them boys play.

You walk into the woods to get out of the heat. The woods are hushed and still around you, a sea of green and brown the doesn’t end. When you turn back toward home, you only see more trees. The woods have you now.

Shout out to Snapchat, Pokemon Go, and the season 2 SNK soundtrack for keeping me sane on today’s Commutes from Hell via public transportation

anonymous asked:

How do you make a love potion? Can we do a "change your physical appearance'" one? Would they work?

Love potions can be made using specific ingredients, some with aphrodisiac qualities, and then charming them in a spell. Although I am against using love potions on people since it goes against free will, I will give an example of one just to show that they do exist:


  1. 15 drops of apple juice.
  2. 3 basil leaves (fresh or dried).
  3. 3 cloves.
  4. A pinch of ginger powder.
  5. 10 drops of vanilla extract.
  6. 5 apple seeds.
  7. 5 candles.


Light 5 candles and put all six ingredients into a cauldron (or saucepan) on the night of a full moon. As your stir the potion over heat repeat the following:

“Sweet love potion number six,
My love life I ask you to fix.”

Bring the potion to a boil and then reduce the heat and let it simmer for six minutes. Remove the cauldron/saucepan from the heat and allow the potion to cool down. Blow six times upon the potion and strain it through cheesecloth into a clean container. Cover the container and refrigerate it until you are ready to use it. Pour the potion into a drink of the one you love and watch their feelings grow over six hours

I personally believe that through glamour you can achieve temporary physical appearance, although this is in fact an illusion that you put on yourself that makes people perceive you in a certain way, much like the sort of glamour faeries do. For this however I do not have a spell, although I do have spells that can enhance your features or glamour your aura/give you a certain charm. 

Body Heat

Part 4

As promised, part 4 of the Feysand modern AU I’m writing. Like i said before I should name the whole thing but coming up with chapter names is fun! 

I would love feedback for this, so don’t be shy. I promise I’m a friendly human!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

Word Count: 1,938


All words were ripped away from me, my heart was already pounding in my chest. Rhysand’s lips were as soft as his hair. Distantly one of his hands slide around my waist as the while he brought the other to my cheek. His calloused fingers were gentle against my skin as he kissed me slowly.

The way he held me said more than he needed to. The way his fingers flexed around my waist made it feel like he thought I would disappear if he let go.

He tugged me closer, our bodies now flush together.

I was basically laying on him. His body was a hard wall of muscle. He was a force of nature. I honestly would hate to be the guy who egged him into a fight.

We tested the water, our kiss soft and gentle.

When he finally pulled away and I looked down at him, his cheeks were flushed—not that mine weren’t.

He just looked up at me as I looked down at him. His thumb ran over the pane of my cheek, his other fingers milling in my hair in attempt to keep it out of my face.

He was the one who initiated the next kiss.

His lips clashed with mine in a heat of desire. But he reined himself in, not pushing it. That is until my tongue traced the seam of his lips and he completely opened up for me. His body went loose and tense at the same time. It was only then that I let my hands wander slightly: running through his hair, down and across his chest, over his powerful arms.

And he did too. I felt everywhere he touched me. From where my chest pressed against his, to where his hand traced the line of my spine, to the hand that dug into my hair, to our lips. Our lips that are locked tight in a passionate embrace.

It was me, high from the endorphins that were pumping through me, that broke the kiss. It was me who brought my lips to the side of his throat and left a trail of feather-light kisses along it.

But it was Rhys who gently pushes me away. He laughs when he sees the pout that was playing on my swollen lips.

“Oh, Feyre darling, as much as I would love to feel your lips all over me, I do not plan on doing this all in one night. I am going to take my time with you. And only when you are mine am I going to have you begging for me.” His voice was gravelly, but his eyes were alert and searching my face

I push off of him with a huff of breath. I lean back against the couch and immediately wish I was wrapped in the warmth of his embrace. “You’re a terrible tease, you know that?”

A deep laugh rippled through him as he leaned over and kissed my cheek with heartbreaking gentleness.

I turn and stick my tongue out at him causing him to laugh again. I shove him and roll my eyes.

“Oh, come on, Feyre darling. I wasn’t sure if you were going to kiss me or not. Forgive me for not expecting you to put out the first time we are alone together.”

I look away from him too quickly. I know he sees the pain that crosses my face. “What you said before, about moving on from something. That something was someone wasn’t it?” Our conversation suddenly took a drastic turn that I don’t think I am prepared for.

I nod, only once refusing to meet his gaze.

As much as I wanted to slap him for teasing me, I was grateful he wasn’t going to push it.

“Did he hurt you?”

Another nod.

I watch as his body leans back against the leather of the couch. There was a cold rage that now radiated off of him.

“Rhys that’s not a story I want to talk about right now. Plus, it’s late, we should get some sleep.” I couldn’t meet his gaze.


My lips still tingled from our kiss. After he had brought up my last relationship with my ex, Tamlin, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything other than curl into a ball and cry. I didn’t do either of those things though.

I got him a pillow and as many blankets as I could find because the apartment got to ridiculous low temperatures during the night.

After that I let him get ready for bed, and I retreated to my room.

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