heat repeat

kind of really insignificant but…I wonder if Karamatsu always pulling his sleeves up, and zipping down his jumper really low isn’t just because he thinks it looks cool but because he actually always has really high body temperature? It was what I thought  when it looked like he was literally boiling when he was sick compared to his brothers

headcanon that Karamatsu is the warmest and nicest to hug whenever it’s cold~  somehow, the thought of his sleeves being up for a practical reason is so cute to me…

well, Karamatsu himself is just so cute…

Imperial Hero Wilhuff Tarkin Visited My Academy On Carida And Told Me My Aim With My E-11s Long-Range Blaster Rifle Was Impeccable (92% Accuracy Rating)! Imperial Hero Wilhuff Tarkin Ruffled My Hair And Reminded Me To Always Watch My Barrel Heat When Using Repeating Blaster Cannons!
East Texas Gothic

There’s a hidden cemetery on the road to the park. There’s a hidden cemetery behind the Community Center. There’s a hidden cemetery in your backyard.

“It’s a dry heat,” the grocery store clerk reminds you as you buy your 6th bag of ice. “It’s a dry heat,” your second grade school teacher says as she refuels her SUV, white hair tangled with sweat. “It’s a dry heat,” the old man on the corner says as he rolls up the sleeves of his poplin shirt. “It’s a dry heat,” you repeat. The humidity is only 97% today. 

“You’re Ol’ Mike’s granddaughter, aintcha?” you hear. You are. You have no other name. You don’t know who Old Mike is. You’re his granddaughter.

Mr. Miller owns a soda shop on the town square. From the window you can see the courthouse in the center. It burned down in 1937. 

The night sky is vast with no streetlights. Buck Hooten disappeared last year after he got a telescope for Christmas. You don’t look up for fear it will swallow you.

“Watch for coyotes,” they say. You live in town. You have no pets. Still, you lock your door at dark and listen. You can hear them howling. You pray for coyotes.

The Pink Mansion is haunted. You ride your bike past every day, tar sticking to your Keds. The “For Sale” sign sways gently. The July air is still. 

It rains for three hours. The forest weeps for joy. The sun drinks up its tears, leaving it parched again. 

The house next door is abandoned. The house across the street is abandoned. The house catty-corner to yours is abandoned. The house you live in is abandoned. 

There are cracks in the soil. Some of them have marks from scrabbling hands at the edges. You scuff them with the sole of your shoe.

There is a church across the street from another church. The stained glass is red like blood, and when the doors open you can hear the choir. No one attends on Sunday morning.

The football stadium fills with the entire town on Friday night. “Budge over,” a third cousin says. “We need more room. There’s not enough room. Gotta see them boys play!” Outside, people crush at the gates, trampling one another to get into the stadium. Their screams sound like the Fight Song. We need more room. There’s not enough room. Gotta see them boys play.

You walk into the woods to get out of the heat. The woods are hushed and still around you, a sea of green and brown the doesn’t end. When you turn back toward home, you only see more trees. The woods have you now.

If and i mean if the writers aren’t bsing us and we get an Emison sex scene, i want it to go all out. I want this moment to be on freaking Ezria’s level. They are GROWN now so I better be seeing some GROWN things. They keep advertising that the channel is now “FreeForm” every 2 seconds so they better prove it. If we can watch Spaleb basically do softcore porn, SOMEBODY better be going down on SOMEONE when it’s emison’s moment

Heat Song, Benjamin Chandler, 2016

The eggs will hatch in days, but the sun is baking the landscape. The mother nestles down after turning the eggs and begins to sing. It’s a falsetto song, a series of pips that seems too small for a creature of her size. Be-be-be-ba-be-be-bee. Be-be-be-ba-be-be-bee. The chicks are listening. Be-be-be-ba-be-be-bee. It comes through their mother’s body, through the speckled blue shells, into their little ears. Be-be-be-ba-be-be-bee. The song does something, hardwires their development, braces them for the heat. They’ll be smaller chicks because of the song, their bodies’ growth slowed to cope with the heat.

And when they mature and breed, they’ll find toasty spots for their nests and repeat the heat song to their little eggs. Be-be-be-ba-be-be-bee. And their offspring will outnumber those whose parents did not sing the heat song when the sun felt so close. So the little song flows from generation to generation, chirped over centuries, helping the unhatched to be ready for the world.

It’s no fun to burn your mouth...

I have a trick for eating hot (temperature hot) food or drinking hot drinks that helps me avoid surprise burns inside my mouth.

I’ll get whatever it is on the fork and first check to see if steam is coming off it. Then I touch it to my lips. If I feel pain, I immediately pull it away and blow on it until I don’t feel pain when I touch the food to my lips. 

With soups or stews, I’ll put the spoon in the broth, take it out without anything on it and touch my mouth. If the spoon hurts, the food is too hot and should be stirred while gently blowing on it.

For foods that might cool on the surface and have a hellish hot center(like ravioli, for example), I’ll push my mouth against it to see if I feel heat and repeat the process of blowing on it until there’s no pain.

With drinks, like coffee, hot chocolate or tea, I’ll tip the glass and let the liquid touch my top lip without letting any into my mouth. If it hurts, I can pull away and set the glass aside to wait for the drink to cool. And btw if the cup or glass feels hot then your drink is really hot. 

But some glasses may not give you a real hint as to how hot the drink is, so that’s why the lip trick is better. You might have to take the lid off the cup if it’s from Starbucks or something, but you can put it back on after you test. 

Don’t be fooled by a cup that feels kind of warm because, depending on the material, the cup itself may give a false impression of its contents’ temperature. Better safe than sorry!

This trick isn’t just for autistic people, it’s for everyone. I’m tagging it #actuallyautistic because I know the temperature of food can be a sensory issue, and this is one trick I use to sneak around that. ;)

Anybody can reblog. Save your tongue and mouth from the pain.

I really don’t want to shit on anyone’s post, but really… Don’t burn incense on aluminum.

It is not good for you. There has been links between repeated heating and cooling of aluminum (say, from smoking or burning things on it) to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Substitutes include steel, mica lenses (you can even get those from fire mountain gems), and incense stoves made of steel or ceramic. If you just can’t bring yourself to use coals at least please don’t use aluminum.

(Note: My original phrasing of this post was poor. There have been links to various neurological problems. Those links are debated. Do your own research, please.)