heat protecting spray

Quick Packing List for Protesting

For every 3 hours you’ll be there:

  • 1 granola bar (or protein bar)
  • 1 fruit (or fruit serving)
  • 12 oz water (freeze it the night before; try to get a spout/athletic bottle)

For every 5 hours you’ll be there:

  • 1 sandwich (or any “meal” you can eat with one hand)
  • Emergency bathroom supplies (a funnel to pee with, extra menstrual supplies, tissues/toilet paper, wet wipes, etc. - whatever you may need if there are no bathrooms available)

Assume you’ll be there at least 50% longer than you expect.

Other suggested items:

  • Umbrella (either for heat, or protection against pepper spray)
  • Milk (to wash your eyes out if you get pepper-sprayed - remember to wash out your eyebrows, too)
  • Thick Jacket (pad yourself against bruising)
  • Scarf or Bandana (in case it gets cold, or for shade if it gets warm, or to protect the rest of your face from pepper-spray)
  • Those little art sets people buy as last minute gifts for kids, these are really versatile for sign-making (multiple mediums = can be used on multiple surfaces/types of posters)
  • Wrist braces or cotton bandages (makes holding up signs for long periods of time easier, and can protect your wrists from handcuff/ziptie bruising if you get “detained”)

If you know someone who wants to protest, tag them.



  1. Start with clean, freshly brushed hair without any knots.
  2. Using a curling iron (at least 1″ wide), grab small chunks of hair and wrap your iron vertically around the strand, twisting it up to around the near. Make sure you’re curling outward from the face, not inward, and preface with heat protectant spray if necessary.
    1. If your hair is unlikely to keep a curl, try using hair that’s freshly washed and dried and has been gently combed with mousse to help strengthen the curls and keep them in place.
    2. Alternatively, using cotton hair rollers like these and sleeping on them will ensure that your hair stays curled longer. However, take the curlers out at least an hour before you plan to be presentable—the curls will start out extremely intense and need some time to soften!
  3. Carefully run your fingers through/comb your hair after curling, and after the strands have cooled, ruffling your hair from underneath to give it extra volume
  4. Comb all hair back so there is no longer a part. Then a two inch chunk of hair from the top center of the forehead and separate it from the rest of the hair. Lift this chunk so you have access to the back, using a comb to tease the hair from the underside (make sure to stay close to the root of the hair to avoid damaging the hair).
  5. Pin the teased hair down to the top of your head with a few bobby pins.
  6. Finally, give the back of your head near the top the same poof of volume that Lydia has. Grab a handful of hair sitting high at back of your head and repeat the same teasing just finished with the bangs, making sure not to disturb the curls. Be as vigorous or as gentle as you’d like to determine how much extra volume you want to have.
  7. Finish with hairspray if necessary to keep the look in place all day.
  8. Good luck!
Weave 101

Hey tumblr wouldn’t let me rev log your ask from BWC, but here is my answer and tips in regards to your submission:

Braids are a good option. I would suggest Senegalese twists or box braids. I usually leave mine in for 6-8 weeks.

But weaves are good too. Here is almost everything you need to know about getting a hair weave(sorry for the long post😁)


1. Get a closure , or a full sew in. If you don’t, you will end up flat ironing your leave out too much and damage your hair. 
If you don’t get a closure or full sew in just be careful not to put heat on your leave out more than once a week and use a heat protectant spray every time.

Do not get a vixen or a 2 part sew in. If you’re leaving hair out tell your stylist you want to have the minimum leave out

2. Don’t get an outrageous length the first time. I’d say stick to 18in or shorter.

3. Get 2 bundles if you are getting 10-14 inches. 3 bundles if you’re getting anything from 16-24 inches and above 24 I’d suggest 4 bundles.

4. Do not get hair from the beauty supply store. Here are some affordable hair companies that have quality hair:
Blossom bundles
Pretty hair weave
Kendra’s boutique
The closures are good from all of these places too and they offer bundle deals

Blossom bundles is my favorite and Kendra’s boutique is a close second. All companies Have a website and Instagram, you should check both out.

I’d suggest a deep wave or curly texture if you’re leaving your hair out. It’s easier to blend coarser textures with curly hair that is flat ironed than it is to blend your natural hair with wavy hair.

If you’re getting a full/ closure sew in if suggest wavy, loose wave, or body wave hair. It’s easier to manage and you still have some texture if you choose to wear it in the natural state.

I’d only suggest curly or deep wave for a full sew in if you plan to wear the extensions in its natural state the majority of the time.

5. Get your ends clipped before each install and make sure you’re scalp is washed and properly oiled before each install too.

6. Don’t use too many products. I only use Argan oil, heat protectant spray and a flexible hold hair spray.

7 . Get a set of flexi rods. I use 6-8 on my head every night. It’s an easy way to maintain your curls and you hardly ever have to do your hair. You’ll wake up every morning looking like Beyoncé when you use them over night. There are a lot of good tutorials on YouTube

Weave advice courtesy of: memoirsofasugarbaby @http://memoirsofasugarbaby.tumblr.com/