heat on my feet

I’m holding out for a hero to awaken the Light,
She’s gotta be strong, and she’s gotta be fast, 
     and she’s gotta be fresh from the fight!
(Racing on the Falcon and rising with the heat,
It’s gonna take a Jedi Knight to sweep me off my feet~! )

Riffing off the Disney/fairytale theme once more, because Rey is the hero we all need and I’ve always dreamed of, I’m in love…….. *__* 

also having fun with potential “level-up” Jedi outfits! (I know this is more PT than OT style, but I really like the PT tunics…) I can’t decide between Rey making her own classic lightsaber, or making a dual-bladed saber to complement her quarterstaff… the dual blade was just fun to draw :D

So we don’t heat our house very much during the winter and my feet tend to be really cold all the time, even if I wear socks or slippers. Recently I’ve discovered that taking a bath right before bed is a great way to warm my feet up so I don’t have to spend half the night rubbing them together to warm them by friction.

So tonight I didn’t shut the bathroom door all the way and Ivan came around the corner and saw me submerged in water in the tub and I think his entire world shifted. I have never seen his ears and whiskers stand up quite so far. He stood there stretching his neck out and looking at the bath for several minutes with his forehead all wrinkled and his eyes all buggy, trying to decide wth I was doing.

In other news, warm baths in the winter– especially after being out hiking in the rain– are really nice.

That time of the year ey Sansy?

hozier meme

from the self-titled album; including deluxe edition.
for prompts, starters, etc.

  • my lover’s got humour.
  • i should’ve worshipped her sooner.
  • worship in the bedroom.
  • i was born sick.
  • good God, let me give you my life.
  • to keep the goddess on my side; she demands a sacrifice.  
  • there is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin.
  • toying somewhere between love and abuse.
  • i lay my heart down with the rest at her feet.
  • the sweet heat of her breath in my mouth I’m alive.
  • so tired trying to see from behind the red in my eyes.
  • i never felt young.
  • it’d be great to find a place we could escape sometime.
  • she’s gonna save me, call me “baby”, run her hands through my hair.  
  • honey, there is no right way.
  • i wake at the first cringe of morning, and my heart’s already sinned.
  • all i’ve ever done is hide.  
  • there’s something tragic about you.
  • get closer to me.
  • there’s something wretched about this.
  • our veins are busy but my heart’s in atrophy.
  • no grave can hold my body down.
  • i was three days on a drunken sin.
  • don’t let me in with with no intention to keep me.
  • always a well dressed fraud.

anonymous asked:

What do u do wen ur feet get cold?? a whole other blanket just for the feet??? u could just wear a blanket designed to fit over the feet....aka socks

no i curl the blanket under my feet and also i have an electric heat pad that i use because i’m THAT extra…socks make me feel too Confined

I Dare You. (Josh x Reader)

Anonymous said: This has been running through my head for so long now but do you think you can do a Josh X reader where the whole squad is chilling in the lodge and everyone shares their weird talents, but the reader doesn’t have any but she jokingly goes “I can take off my bra without taking my shirt off” and Josh goes “Do it, you won’t” and everything just gets reaL HEATED 😩

“I can draw things with my feet!” Mike boasts, wiggling his eyebrows at the group, a triumphant look on his face which contrasts greatly with the looks of disgust from the rest of the group. “Ah come on guys, it’s really cool, I’ll show you!”

“NO!” The group shouted, arms outstretched as they tried to stop him.

Ashley had decided it was a good topic of conversation talking about weird talents. For you though, it was a nightmare. 

Jess cleared her throat. “I can put my lipstick on the way Claire can on The Breakfast Club.”

“And here I was thinking you were going to brag about your mediocre blow jobs.” Emily smirked over at Jess who was scowling over at her, arms folded.

Josh turned to you. “What’s your weird talent?” He asked, causing everyone to look over at you.

You blushed and opened your mouth a couple of times. “I don’t…”

“You must have something you’re good at!” Chris probed.

You looked around at everyone, their eyes trained on you. A smirk appeared on your face as you folded your arms. “I can take my bra off without taking my shirt off.” 

Josh’s smile turned into a teasing smirk as your eyes met. “Prove it.”


“You heard me, prove it. Take it off. I bet you won’t.”

Your heart was beating loudly in your chest, you were so sure everyone else could hear it. Josh never broke eye contact with you, his eyes had a gleam in them. No way would you ever back down from a bet. Especially not one from Josh Washington.

You lifted your shirt up slightly, flashing off a little bit of skin as your hands went behind your back to undo your bra. You never broke eye contact with Josh. Not for a second. As you pulled the bra straps from under your sleeves, you pulled your bra out and waved it triumphantly in the air, gaining a round of applause from the group.

“Here.” You threw your bra at Josh. “A souvenir for you.” You winked playfully at him and stood up, taking a bow as everyone cheered.

“You got monked.” Chris nudged Josh who had his eyes still trained on you, your bra in his hand as he shook his head and laughed.

Not long after that everyone had decided to go up to bed. Everyone except you and Josh. 

“Are you gonna give me my bra back now or are you just gonna hold onto it for the rest of the weekend?” You teased him, moving to sit beside him on the sofa. You noticed that gleam he had in his eye earlier was back.

“I think I prefer you without it.”

You could feel your mouth going dry and your cheeks burning. Was Josh Washington flirting with you?

“You…er, what now?”

Josh smiled, leaning close to you and touching your lips with his softly, one hand reaching up to your cheek. It took you a second, your eyes widening before you realised what was going on. You reciprocated the kiss, moving yourself close to him, arching your body into his as the kiss deepened.

You both had to come up for air, your smiles reflecting each others.

“Wanna take this up to my room?” Josh’s voice was husky, one of his fingers was running up and down the inside of your thigh, tickling your skin beneath your tights.  You breathing was deep as you looked into his eyes, nodding your head and kissing his lips deeply again.

“Yes. Definitely.”

it is freezing but my feet are drenched in sweat because I drive with the heat on full blast at my feet and the drivers window halfway down and all of my senses are at full alertness and there’s bolts that bang around in the rear and there’s a turbo spooling when my right foot asks it too and there’s a clutch chattering when my left foot wants it to and there’s coconut and vanilla from my hair burning in the fumes of gasoline and synthetic oil, and there’s an exhaust choking on flames and spitting out roaring echoes and there’s my heart slowly beating trying to touch my rib cage and I can feel every ounce of this car in my fingertips on a small tight steering wheel that shakes and I am god right here and now and the red lights I bathe my skin in burn my eyes with the red heat blowing from the vents and the wind blowing the hair from my face and I swear that I am God in every moment more

I don’t know why people are afraid of lust. Then I can imagine that they are very afraid of me, for I have a great lust for everything. A lust for life, a lust for how the summer-heated street feels beneath my feet, a lust for the touch of another’s skin on my skin…a lust for everything. I even lust after cake. Yes, I am very lusty and very scary.
—  C. JoyBell C.
I Like the Sounds You Make - Niall Horan

Wow, has it been a while since I’ve posted smut. So I thought I’d write up this short scene with Niall. Enjoy and please leave feedback. <3

Word Count: 1.3k+
Warning: SMUT!

Thesheets felt cold against the bottom of my feet before feeling a wave of heat on my thighs. I realized it was only Niall, lying beside me and cuddling closer into my side. I smiled and let my eyes flutter shut before I realized it was his hand, creeping between my legs until his fingertips made contact with my panties and I squirmed from his touch. I felt his breath, hot against the back of my neck and arched my back towards him, noticing the glow of the alarm clock that sat on the bedside table. 6:09am. 

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I miss you so much.
My heart has begun to remember how your hands felt.
There are so many things I want to ask you.
Questions that go beyond,
how are you and how are things.
I want to know what’s hurt you?
I want to know how you feel about sunsets
or if your feelings toward rain have changed.
Have you loved since then?
Even if it’s a little and not as passionate.
Is your faith still as strong
as it was when I used to hold your hand?

I remember trying to forget you.
Forcing my lungs to breathe new air.
Adjusting my vision to a light that didn’t shine from your eyes. Rubbing my hands in new heat.
My new shoes felt too small,
my feet grew tired from walking for
months looking for a path that felt familiar
like the one that led to your arms.

I haven’t been able to breathe the air that surrounds me.
I’m left with the feeling of an empty side of the bed.
Of an empty chair across the table from me.
I’m left with no other hand to hold just a
cold breeze slipping through my fingertips.

I miss being the reason for that smile that spreads across your lips.
I miss being the reason I get to hear your cackle
and your silence that you emit when I said something stupid.
I miss being loved the way you loved me.
I remember loving the way I loved you.

They say that when someone goes away or you lose them
they never come back the same.  
I’m afraid that I can no longer love you the way I once did.
I can no longer feel the passion that you brought out of me.

I’m scared and disappointed that this is our grand story.
The grand story that we were supposed to be writing together.
We were supposed to be the fairytale from our dreams.
But it was cut short.
I cut it short.

And if there is a God
I’d like to know why he would let me do that.
Why did he not stop me from losing you,
from letting you go,
from pushing you away?
Were we supposed to be a short story that was supposed to give us hope for a novel?
Or is there a better ending for both of us?
Is there a way to go back?
Is there a way to start over if only for a little bit because I miss you?

I miss seeing you.
And I miss my friend.
I’ve missed you so much.
And I’ve never fully cleansed my system of you.
I felt as if I had but it was a simple magic trick to disguise the pain as being okay.
I still feel you in my veins.
I feel the ghost of your hands,
your touch,
your embrace,
your shoulder under my head,
your legs intertwined with mine.

I feel you filling up my lungs, you make it harder to breathe and you are not even here anymore.

—  You fill up my lungs.

“it’s startin’ to get cold out.” daryl says while rubbing his arms for warmth, “perhaps you should start wearing a long sleeve shirt?” jesus teases nudging the other man, “i have a few shirts you could borrow if you like i sure am going to miss seeing those arms though.” he ran his hand down daryl’s bicep causing tiny bumps to form and a chill ran up daryl’s back. “stop.” daryl jerked his arm away quickly, not wanting to admit he was enjoying the other mans warm touch against his own skin. “you wanna borrow my hat? heat escapes from your feet and head.” jesus gave a soft smile removing his hat from his head “here,” he says approaching daryl slowly and pulling the hat down over daryl’s head, “there.” he smiles proudly, “looks better on you,” he says with a playful smirk, “shut up,” daryl softly pushes his chest.

Improving Farming Efficiency for The Village: Part I

“See each one of those dots out there?  Those are all large balls of hydrogens  Pop told me that’s our best hope to beat the heat come next summer,” I said, dragging my feet in the sand a little to extend our time in the lightless air.

“What’s your Pop talking about? How are them hydro balls going to help?” replied Jeffrenkins, curious as ever.  Six feet tall and eyes like watermelons, I could tell I had him on the line. 

We were just two farmhands walking back to The Village after a hard fourteen point five hours of planting squash and beans.  ‘14.5 will keep our Village alive’, they always said.  I had to agree: I was alive. Anyway, back to the dialogue.

“Hydrogens, not hydro balls–there’s a difference,” I said.  “And it’s simple really. You know water is just two hydrogens plus one oxygens, right?”

Jeffrenkins looked up as if he were searching his big ‘ol brain, shook his head around a little bit to dislodge some knowledge and learnings and then finally gave me a soft nod.  He looked like he was carrying a pair of twos but had already thrown all his chips into the pot so had to call me.  I didn’t blame Jeffrenkins–it was tough not knowing nothing and tougher saying so.

“Alright, good, so obviously we in a bit of a water pinch round these parts,” I asserted, kicking some sand into Jeffrenkins’ boots to solidify my point.  “But what we do have is plenty ‘o oxygens. And up there is plenty of hydrogen balls. So my Pop tells me all we got to do is gather up some oxygens, shoot it into the hydrogen balls, and then we should get rain falling straight down on us within a few good hours.”

Jeffrenkins stopped straight in his tracks and stared at the sky, pondering the idea.  “But ya said earlier that we need two hydrogens, so wouldn’t we need to shoot it at two of them hydro balls?”

I was dang-near flabbergasted at that notion.  “Dang it, Jeffrenkins, Pop and me didn’t think of that, but you gotta be right.”