heat exhaustion

Runners have a creed similar to the Postman, ” Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. No matter the weather, we get out there and run. This is especially true if you’re training for a marathon. I knew it was gonna be a hot day, so I took steps to take advantage of my scheduled 6.25 mile run. So here are

Tips for Running in the Heat

  1. Run early morning or late evening - This is when the sun rays won’t be strong and the temps will be cooler.
  2. Hydrate before, during and after your run - This is important. You want to ensure that you are replacing fluids lost during sweat. If you’re running for more than 40 minutes, include a sports drink to replace electrolytes.
  3. Run on trails or shaded areas - Dirt trails hold far less heat than concrete or asphalt surfaces. They also tend to be shaded which means that it will be cooler.
  4. Reduce your running speed - It’s important to manage your body temp. so that you don’t overheat. I was scheduled to run intervals at race pace this morning and slowed down as soon as I realized that my body was rising too quickly. I didn’t want to get exhausted and cut my run short.
  5. Wear cool, light colored, loose clothing - Dark colored clothing absorbs heat so make sure you wear light colored moisture wicking clothing that will help keep you cool.
  6. Wear sunscreen/sunblock - This helps protect your skin from sun damage. Use a product of at least SPF30 and ensure that you use it on all exposed areas.
  7. Wear sunglasses & a hat/visor - This helps protect your eyes and skin from too much sun exposure. Some hats & visors have an internal headband that can help soak up sweat.
  8. Carry your cell phone in case of emergency - This is a must during any run. You never want to be stranded somewhere. I once got super dehydrated during a run a couple years ago and thankfully I had my phone so that I could call my husband.

Happy Running! Please feel free to share:)

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How to Prevent Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion In the Garden

By Toby Grotz

In order to maintain an internal body temperature of 98.6 F, the body perspires or sweats. As the sweat evaporates off the skin it cools the body. The trouble starts when the humidity is so high that the air is saturated with moisture and sweat drips off of you rather than evaporating. Your body temperature starts to rise. Your body will compensate for the heat when the the brain begins to receive heated blood. As body temperature rises, the brain sends out instructions to decrease the muscle tone.  Individuals may feel tired and listless, and not able to work as well. You may feel light headed and sick to your stomach. This is heat exhaustion. [Keep reading…..]

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Very tired of the horses in NYC breaking their backs on hot days to cart tourists around who should be walking.  Most of these horses are used until their breaking point and then sold to kill buyers.  This lady thinks better of her choice after the horse falls down.  Yes, she freaks out.  But then she stood up for the horse.  Good for her.

Heat Exhaustion || Harmony & Lachlan

The day had started off well enough, truly, it had.  The sun was out.  She’d woken up ten minutes before her alarm, gone for a run, taken a shower, straightened up her room, gotten breakfast and then she’d headed off to class. All of her assignments had been completed and seemed more than satisfactory.. the only thing she still hadn’t managed to complete was the meeting with Quinn Fabray to learn about punishments.  She was anxious and nervous about that one.  

First period was easy enough, she liked Miss. Pilsbury and she enjoyed housekeeping.  The first five minutes of Fitness were fine until Sue had them running suicides out in the heat of the sun.  She began feeling ill right then and there but she pushed herself to make it through without so much as a complaint.  Cooking just seemed to bring on the nausea and after trying one bite of lunch she opted not to eat just incase she was, in fact, sick and would just throw it up anyway.  During fourth period she was looking pale and the room started spinning once or twice, her muscles were cramping up and she still felt lightheaded.  When Miss Holiday asked her if she was alright .. Lachlan had just forced a small smile and nodded. She could barely recall Slave Etiquette today all she knew was that not only was her head spinning but it had been pounding as well.  By the time she made it to Obedience Training she was so pale she looked like she’d seen a ghost.. her temperature was so high that she was nearly hallucinating.  She’d passed out in the middle of class and had woken an hour or two later, hooked up to an IV with the nurse tending to her.

After spending most of her evening in the infirmary the nurse released her.  She’d just kept her long enough to get enough fluids in her system and long enough so that her temperature would at least go under 101, it had spiked to 103 earlier.  Once back in her room she’d promptly showered, gotten into her pajamas and climbed into bed.  Posting on tumblr and then seeing a quick response from Miss Pearce she raised a brow.  Did the Elite care?  Well, she supposed she would seeing as she liked the way Lachlan cleaned her room.  Her brow only arched higher when she read that Harmony wanted her up in her room.  

Getting out of bed on slightly wobbly legs she grabbed her little lamb stuffed animal she couldn’t sleep without and put it into a small bag that she was instructed to carry with her at all times today and tomorrow.. it had a large canister of water in it, granola bars, a few breakable icepacks and her journal.  She wasn’t really supposed to leave her bedroom tonight but it had been made clear to her that the Elite students had more ruling here than the nurse so if Miss Pearce wanted her in her room that’s where she’d be.  Making her way up to the Elite’s room she took a breather here and there getting dizzy only once or twice. Finally she made it to the other girl’s room and knocked gently on the door.  

Her hair was worn down in messy, damp, dark waves.  Her light grey cotton bed shorts had tiny pale pink polka dots on them that matched the long, cotton pale pink vneck.  The top was just short of hugging her figure..the soft, thin, worn fabric ghosted over bare skin.  Slippers were worn on her feet.  Lahk still didn’t feel good.  It wasn’t as bad as earlier but one look at her and you could see she wasn’t herself.

The temperature of the body will increase to one hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit, however, this degree is common when a person have sunstroke. Skin is hot and dry most of the time, but will change sometimes. Dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and unconsciousness are the symptoms of heat exhaustion. It is extremely important to immediately send a doctor. If you happen to see a runner had heat cramps, then massage can generally play a role in mitigation. In addition, drink half glass of salt water every fifteen minutes, remain one hour, your body can restore the chemical balance It will be…

I’ve got a collection of symptoms here and a theory that I was wondering if anyone could add their thoughts on? Disclaimer: I am going to the doctor and will talk to her next week; however, I have had such bad luck w doctors lately that I don’t have high hopes.

For the past year, I’ve had these weird episodes in stores and malls. I was doing some poking around online researching my symptoms and I was wondering if they could be episodes of heat exhaustion? The episodes happen in, well, most temperatures, really- from when my friends agree that “yeah, it’s pretty hot” to when we’re standing in the freezer section of the grocery store.

When they happen, I get really hot, I usually sweat a lot, everything kind of feels slowed down though I know it’s going at normal pace if that makes sense, it’s hard to focus both my vision and my mind, and lately, I’ve been feeling more fatigued and weaker, like I have to stop and rest if possible between stores in malls. Sometimes, people say I look really red.

After these episodes, I always get a headache and nausea, and sometimes I just don’t feel well for the rest of the day/night.

Does this sound like heat exhaustion to anyone? Or, if it doesn’t, does it sound like anything anyone knows something about? Because honestly I’m really tired of not being able to really go shopping. Obligatory question mark so people can answer: ?