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A Changed God

Summary: Few years after the Battle of New York, Loki goes to the Avengers Tower, with a precise objective in mind.


It was a beautiful night, the kind of night that makes you look up. The sky was so bright, so starry, but not in New York City. Without any hesitation, Loki jumped on the glass window of the Avengers Tower and started running. Not inside the building, no, he vertically ran on it, thanks to his magic stolen boots. If he had wanted to, he could have run on rainbows or waterfalls, but he was here for a reason.

Soon he had reached the floor he was looking for, the 76th. Without a noise he cut a hole through the window and easily entered the room. The also stolen shadow-thread from his coat made him invisible to everyone, but not to any heat detector. Fortunately for him, Frost Giants have a low body temperature.

Nobody was around, the God walked to the third door on the right.

As he opened it, a soft lullaby started playing. He came in and a dim light turned on.

There she was, sleeping in her cradle.


It looked so comfortable it hurt him to pick her up. He slid one of his hand under her head and neck and put the other under her hips and bottom, then lifted her. She didn’t wake up. For a few second he stood there, transfixed. The three-month-old looked fabulous with her big tuft of black hair. She opened her eyes, emerald-green, just like his own, and looked at him. He smiled… She cried. He rocked his baby, trying to soothe her.

“Please don’t cry. Please, my little bird, don’t cry.” He pleaded.

She kept wailing. He decided to put her back in her crib. She rolled onto her side and smiled. He kneeled to be at her level and looked at her delighted face behind the cradle’s bars.

“So you are actually happier when you are caged?” He chuckled “They want to put me in a cage too, you know… Is that why you don’t want me to hold you?” He lamented. She just looked at him and squealed.

“Don’t take it personally, she just really doesn’t like your perfume.” An unfamiliar Scottish voice behind him affirmed. He turned to face a grey-haired man in a red velvet jacket.

“How do you know that?”

“I speak baby.” The stranger replied as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Who are you?”

“I’m the Doctor,” He answered before taking a bite out of the hot dog he had in hand. “And you’re wanted for trying to take over the Earth and subjugate more than 7 billion people. Along with other countless crimes.”

“All in the past.” He retorted. “I’m a changed God; I swear I’m here on a purely friendly visit–”

“You’re not my friend.” A familiar voice boomed “You’re my brother.” There were Thor and a suited Tony Stark. “Why are you here? Are you insane?” the Thunderer asked.

“The voices tell me I am entirely sane.” Loki grinned. “I just want to see my daughter and my better half…” He looked behind the two superheroes. “Where is she?”

“Right behind you,” You breathed. “Now, am I here to kick your ass or kiss you?”

“I’ll take the latter, pretty bird.” He answered in a low voice as he leaned forward. When your noses almost touched he stopped and smirked. You seized his wrists, pulling him closer. When your lips met, and your tongues touched, he groaned softly, closing his eyes. His arms circled you. You broke the kiss and took his hands. Click! You had handcuffed him.

“Really? You could have waited until we’re in private.” He joked and Tony vainly tried to hide his grin.

“I designed them, especially to restrain you.”

“How considerate of you.” He replied with a fake smile.

“We’re taking you to your cell. Just don’t do anything stupid.”

He looked at the ceiling of his cell, everything was so white, so coldly impersonal, but he could not care less. Of course he would escape, but not without saying goodbye to the woman who had stolen his heart… Speak of the devil and in he walks.

“Thor and I spoke on your behalf, but Midgard’s laws are as they are. And you did cause the death of 74 people and deeply damaged the city.” You said, sitting next to him, your sleeping baby held against your chest with your right arm. “They want to condemn you to lifelong imprisonment. I thought you’d want to see her before you inevitably leave.”

He lifted your left hand and kissed your knuckles.

“Take care of our little bird.”

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Good Landlord vs Bad Landlord. Decisive victory.

Background: I’m a real estate developer and investor, and I own/manage several mid-size multi-family rental properties. I’m aggressive with rents, but I love the construction side of the business and take great pride in keeping my properties in excellent condition. I also ensure my staff provides top notch customer service - I never understood why property managers don’t have the same attitude towards customer service as hoteliers. Anyways…

One of my friends lives in a building owned by a very “traditional” landlord. A grumpy old lady bangs on the door to collect rent every month, things don’t get fixed unless you threaten to file a dispute, and in general everything is fixed as cheaply as possible.

My friend called me last week and said her fire alarm has been going off since 3am. Not the fire alarm actually, but the warning tone on the annunciator panel - this is the device that receives inputs from heat detectors, smoke detectors etc all around the building and monitors and provides power and battery backup. This panel was apparently detecting a fault, and sounding the warning tone. This isn’t the fire alarm, but it sounds like a loud smoke detector going off. It cannot be silenced until it is serviced.

In my buildings, they occasionally do go off (every few years) and, as with everything else, my staff must attend within ½ hour and in this case, appropriate action would be to call the fire safety contractor for an emergency service call.
My friend’s landlord informed her that the contractor had been called, but it was not an emergency so they would be there in 4 days. 4 days of this alarm going off 24/7 constantly No sleep for anyone.
This was likely to avoid the overtime surcharge for an emergency service. Or about $150.

But, the manager was kind enough to wrap the panel in several towels with packing tape, to slightly muffle the alarm. He made a half-hearted attempt to silence it by pulling the leads off the backup battery. Since the device is hard-wired, this just doubled the frequency of the alarm to include a “backup battery warning.”

I grabbed by panel keys, and went over to see if I could help my friend out.
I was able to open the panel, since I have keys for my own, and they are the same. The battery leads had been pulled off, but the main was still connected, so the beeper was going off like crazy. The manager didn’t know enough to turn off the breaker in the electrical room, and I couldn’t access it. The manager didn’t answer the phone.

Upon opening the panel, I saw immediately why it had been failing on and off for years (according to my friend) - the batteries were 10 years out of date, and the leads on the terminals were blackened. It looked like the landlord had been swapping out the old batteries with new ones for the yearly inspection, then putting the old ones back in and maybe returning the new batteries for a refund. Now I realized why the service call was scheduled so late - so the LL could get some temporary “new” batteries put in time.

Now, I’m a licensed property manager, but not an electrician, so it would be unethical for me to remove the hot lead from the bus bar and silence the alarm, BUT low voltage wiring is a different story. Unfortunately my insulated screwdriver slipped as I was tightening the battery lead back on, and I accidentally bridged the hot side of the bus bar with the low voltage side of the circuit board. Luckily, my eyes were averted to avoid arcing injury. 120V right to the control board. Ouch. A big flash, breaker tripped somewhere, and silence. The circuit board was toast - the service tech would have to install a new panel with new batteries.

My friend contacted the landlord and reported that something had happened, and the panel was silenced. Also, did he intend to provide a 24 hour firewatch until such time as the fire alarm system is fully functional as required by section 6 of the Fire Code?
He affirmed that he did not, and that she could fuck off.

Her next call was to the assistant chief fire inspector, since she happened to have his business card handy. His response was much more gracious - he was happy to provide the necessary firewatch, and contacted the landlord to inform him of the fact. The fireman’s union is a strong one, and their hourly rate for emergency services like this are comparable to a mid-town Manhattan law firm.

I’m told the bill reached $3000 before the landlord called the service tech to replace the annunciator panel. I’d like to say he also paid the $5,000 fine, but I understand he is fighting that in court.

In the meantime, the building sleeps peacefully with a fully functional and up to date fire alarm.

Big hero 6 Sequel idea

Soooo i had an idea for a Big hero 6 sequel, and i would like to share it with all of you ( Since english is not my native tongue, i hope you will still understand what i’m talking about below) :

Basically, i had this idea while watching the work that Scott watanabe ( i hope i’m spelling his name right…) did, by exploring the “dark side” of San Fransokyo”. 

And when he said, with his post, that : “Yama used to be have a more predominate role along with his roller geisha. 

He used to have a kinda “palace” or hideout on top of this hill where most of illegal actives in San Fransokyo were taking place.” I immediatly found a possible story for a sequel… ( even tho there is still a lot i need to think about, some details, or even important part of the story i don’t know how to create…)

So, basically, if there is new heroes in San Fransokyo, that means a regression of criminal activites. And that’s a thing Yama clearly wouldn’t like. So what is he going to do ? He is going to try to take down those new heroes before they ruins his crime empire.

First he is going to learn more about them, and send spies ( maybe his geishas, since we’re at it) to discover the’yre true identity. And when he’ll learn that one of the heroes is the kid that once beat him at bott fighting…Destiny have the sense of humour, doesn’t she ?

Anyway, Yama and his gang will embush our 6 heroes and defeat them.

Buuuut…Since the beginning of the movie, Hiro feel like he’s being followed. It seems like something or someone ( beside the undercover spies of Yama) follow him when he goes on mission with the team, or when he go back to the café, even when he study at the university he feel watched…

When he ask Baymax to scan if anyone follow them sometimes, the robot keep saying that he don’t detect any suspect human activites around.

Once, Hiro even woke up in the middle of the night and saw something really bright watching him by the window. Something on fire…. but when he tried to follow it, it disappeared.

He sometimes see something similar during the next days, but he’s never able to catch that thing, it’s way too fast. 

Back to the embush : Suddenly the thing appears for good : Tadashi.

He never died in the first movie, the explosion was caused by one of the inventions of the exposition, and the chemical reaction that followed saved Tadashi from death, and changed him. His body is unstable, sometimes he looks almost human, but the next second it’s just an indescriptible inferno.

He save our 6 hero, but never directly attack yama’s gang, he just give time to the team to escape, by creating walls of fire, or making a human shield of his fire-body to protect his friends. When hiro try to stay, to see if it’s really Tadashi, and not an hallucination, Wasabi grab him and force him to run away from Yama’s gang.

At first, Hiro kind of refuse to  believe Tadashi could be alive. He already found peace, and accepted the death of his big brother, so he refuse to let himself into hoping that Tadashi might never died … because losing that hope would be too much, and he’s not sure he would recover from it this time. Beside, why Tadashi would fear him and run away from him ?

Because Tadashi is unstable. He don’t control himself, and he don’t want to take the risk to hurt anybody ( would be nice also, if while rescuing the team, he hurt Hiro or one of his friends by accident, to justify his attitude)

He have been trying to control his “powers”, but never really could. But after a long time he missed his family too much, that’s why he only tried to see them again, way after his “death”. And only in secret. Plus, he saw they accepted that he was gone, and maybe they just wouldn’t understand why he took the choice to never come back…

To find Tadashi, or the entity that saved them, Hiro add a heat detector to baymax scan. And when they localise Tadashi, it’s in Yama’s palace.

Yama’s gang managed to capture Tadashi and put him in a specialised jail, were scientist paid by Yama make test on him. To create a new unlimited source of energy that  Yama’s gang would entirely control ($$$)Or to create a new weapon. Or even just to bait the team to come rescue their friends actually( need to think about this more)

The team enter Yama’s Palace, defeat his gang, and almost succed into rescuing Tadashi, but at the last foment, Yama take fire-Tadashi ( i count on fred to find him an original nickname, since Sunfire is the proprety of Fox etc…) as hostage. Because the jail Tadashi is in, comes with a protection(Imagine a kind of underground, fireproof-bunker jail, with glass wall so we can see what’s going on in it during the experimentations). Yama only have to press a button, and Tadashi will be annihilated ( by Weapons, water…different possibilities…) 

The team are about to drop their weapons and surrender, when Hiro suddenly turn his face to see Tadashi, again. Seeing this, Tadashi focus to stabilise his body, at least for a short moment, so Hiro can read on his leeps what he is saying to him : “Look for a new angle”.

After this, Hiro find a way to neutralise the mecanisme that would kill Tadashi ( would be funny that the fight bot Hiro used vs Yama at the beginning of the first movie is used again) aaaaaand final fight.

After all of this, Hiro convince his brother to accept his help and the help of his friends. They all worktogether to find a solution for Tadashi. They study him in the univerity, they try to understand what happened to him, and how they could help. Hiro find a temporary solution, he create an armor that would stabilise Tadashi’s body and help him control and contain his power ( credit to spontaenous arting for the picture below) .But since the problem of Tadashi is bio-chemical, it’s Honey Leemon that finally find a definitive solution. She succed to create a serum that would take back Tadashi to his human state for good. Which means destroying all of his powers. But those fire power were more of a curse than a blessing, and Tadashi accept without hesitation.

Honey Leemon administre the serum, and Tadashi become human again, for good.


That’s all for me…I really wish Disney could see this, maybe it could give them ideas for a possible sequel… i really enjoyed the first movie, it was refreshing, funny, original, sad, exciting, epic…The team behind Big Hero 6 completely deserved the Oscar they won, and a good sequel would be the most amazing thing !!!


“ The Antwerp Diamond Center, as you very well know, houses an 82-carat diamond center piece. The possible estimated haul would be 119.5 million yen- that is if you succeed to surpass the multiple security mechanisms, computer-generated lock, infrared heat detectors, a seismic sensor, doppler radar, and a magnetic field that secures the diamond center itself.

You know the drill Agent A.

Your mission: get it before she does. ”

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 169)

1. Banks in Switzerland lose money if they don’t lend; at times, customers lose money if they don’t borrow. This is the result of the negative interest rate that the banks maintain.

2. In 2003, a Belgian man stole diamonds, gold, and other jewellery worth $100 million after breaking into a safe that had 100 million possible combinations, and was additionally protected by infrared heat detectors, a seismic sensor, Doppler radar, a magnetic field, and security force. He was arrested because he left a partially eaten sandwich near the crime scene.

3. In 1978, rock band Aerosmith paid approximately $4,200 to bail out every single fan that was arrested when cops invaded the crowd on a pot bust during one of their concerts.

4. The bumblebee bat, also called Kitti’s hog-nosed bat, weighing in at about 2 grams, is not only the world’s smallest bat, but also the world’s smallest mammal in terms of skull size.

5. There is a pen that digitally records everything that you write, sketch or draw on any surface. It also lets you…

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