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Long Distance (Chapter Thirteen)

2500 words of NSFW guys. Bucky tries out his arm. And it works really well. That’s actually all I’m going to say. Smut Under The Cut


Enjoy :)

Tony was on all fours, straddling Steve’s legs, pressing his face into a solid chest, trying to quiet his moans, digging his fingers into big arms, trying to keep himself still.

It wasn’t easy.

Not like this.

Steve was running gentle circles over his back, soothing strokes and soft words of encouragement, scratching his nails lightly through Tony’s hair.

And Bucky— well Bucky was trying to make Tony scream.

The elevator ride up to Tony’s penthouse had passed in a blur of heated kisses and roaming hands. Tony didn’t even remember leading his boyfriends to the bedroom, but here they were. He didn’t even really remember getting undressed, even though he was pretty sure Steve had ripped his pants as he yanked them off, and Bucky hadn’t even tried to save his shirt.

So they were naked , all of them, and there was so much skin and heated flesh that Tony thought he could be drunk on it.

Or at least he could be if Bucky wasn’t currently trying his damnest to make him lose his mind.

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20 Questions Led to This (Cheryl x Jughead SMUT)

Summary: Jughead found out that Cheryl has liked him for a while now they decided to set up a date. Only the date ended up being sex at Mayor McCoy’s House. Based on my RP Blog, when Josie and Jughead save Cheryl from her mother. Cheryl’s secret crush on Jughead had come out. With Josie at a sleepover at Val’s and Mayor McCoy out of town, Cheryl invited Jughead to come over and fix a little problem of hers that he started.

Warnings: Smut, Like A lots of Smut, Unprotected sex (literally they used a condom once. wtf), heartfelt conversations too, dirty talk, daddy kink, I mean Cheryl is in this,

Disclaimer: Betty and Jughead are not nor were they ever a couple in this! Also, @jugheadkingofweirdos helped me writing this! <3


20 Questions Led to This (Cheryl x Jughead Smut)

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Bond Fire

Ship: sansby

Word Count: 5,126

Type: Hurt/Comfort

Universe: Undertale

***Author Note***

I’m so excited for this! This is my entry for the Undertail Fanfic Contest. I was originally going to try to write a fluffy story, but I can’t help wanting to add a little angst to what I write. I also wanted to make things a little different, and have sans comfort Grillby instead. (Also cute title idea by @kimiwillsinforever)

The theme is “New Experiences”, and in this story sans has just moved in with Grillby, and they’re learning about how different it can be living with someone else. Grillby was excited at first, but after a few days his hidden insecurities arise and he worries he might accidentally hurt sans. He’s never been this close to someone for such a long period of time before, and he begins to think no one would ever want to be around him or his fire.

***End Note***


Everything was so dark and far away, but he was dimly aware of Papyrus’ voice in the distance.

His smile felt a little easier to bear as he made his way toward the sound, wondering what puzzle the human was reaching next. The dull repetition wasn’t as painful when he managed to see Papyrus’ excitement at finally finding a human. Heck, who knows? Maybe he’d truly capture them this time and fulfill his dream of becoming a Royal Guard. He laughed to himself at the thought, but anything could be possible right?

He was so focused on finding his brother that his silent steps in the snow raised no flags. Trees seemed to move out of the way for him as he walked, but the darkness only increased.

It’s getting darker.

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anonymous asked:

I love your omegaverse! I want to know everything about it 😍 how do ruts work in this world? Can omegas of all genders become pregnant? I know you said bonding marks aren't permanent, but is there any way to permanently bond to a mate? Once yuuri's out of his heat haze, will he still be desperate for viktor? Or more calm? Sorry for so many questions, I just love this world you've built! Much love ❤️

I’m glad you’re enjoying my little a/b/o world! ❤️💕 I’ll see if I can answer these questions well enough for you:

1. Yes, there are ruts. But they’re not very regular. I know there was some interest in seeing Victor go into rut, which I might do at some point (any real interest in a side-story for this or something?). But it wouldn’t be until he’d been off suppressants for a while. They’re so irregular, you really can’t plan for them. 😂

2. Any Omega can become pregnant, as can anyone with a uterus. It makes for a large portion of the population that are able to reproduce (which is probably why natural selection allowed secondary genders). But I won’t be dealing with mpreg in YCPfE.

3. To my knowledge there is no way to make bonds permanent. It has to do with stimulation of the scent gland, so it’s impossible for a single bite to continually do that. HOWEVER, you can become habituated to it, so each bond bite lasts longer. Even to a point that between a long-term couple, a bond might last a week. But it would still need to be refreshed, and most couples enjoy the bonding enough it’s a more regular occurrence than that. 

4. Oh goodness, yes. While Yuuri is in heat, he’ll be desperate for Victor. The heat haze (the feverish blur) doesn’t last the whole thing (sometimes days, sometimes hours, depending). But the need for dick? That lasts the whole week. You’ll just have to see how calm/not-calm he gets once the haze is gone. 😜

If you have any other questions, or want clarification, just let me know. 

Jonerys AUs 10/? : Road Trip 

Happy late birthday to the amazing @joenerysiseverything ! I hope you had a wonderful day, Zsani! 

Dany and Jon have never met. They’ve never planned to meet. They’ve heard about each other a little from their mothers, who went to school together. They go to private schools in upstate California less than two hours apart, but they’ve never heard much about each other besides a name.

All that changes when Dany’s mother suddenly dies and she finds herself without a car or a plane ticket. The only thing she has is an old address book her mother gave her when she left for college-and the first name on the list is Eddard Stark.

Jon doesn’t know what he expected to do with the first month of his summer vacation-probably find a job-but it certainly wasn’t driving one of the world’s wealthiest heiresses across the country to her estranged brother in upstate New York. But here he is, with a girl he doesn’t know in the passenger seat, her duffel in the back, and an itinerary clipped to the rear view mirror. And he’s never been outside the state before-might as well do some traveling while they’re out. 

Loosely based on the book Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

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Cernnunos and Anu (A Binding on Ichor)

Originally posted by sweet-cider

Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2100

Warnings: Graphic bird and people death and the uwu cranked up to ten

-The Morrígna- -Odin- -Cernnunos- and -Anu-

@superanonymousreader @heathen-army

After taking the Drink of The Gods, what is experienced on the inside is not always a reflection of what is experienced on the outside. Ivar has since passed out and you worry about what he saw might bring for you and your people.

It was your thirteenth birthday, the celebration ending in the traditional way, with your first received prophecy.

You’d practiced night and day the motion to gutting the bird from breast to belly in the smoothest, most merciful way. Your mother told you to think long and hard on a God to mark as your own and you chose Morrigan, the Great trio of war sisters, the bloodied Morrígna

For the Saxon’s their world was peace and farming, and eradicating your people. They caught men, women, and children of the druidic following when they were alone and vulnerable, claiming them demons and witches, hunting down entire villages and denying their own ancestors once followed and praised the same gods. The druid’s blood ran in their veins and it always would no matter how much they would fight it.

So you needed strength. You needed fire and metal and blood to keep the old ways alive, no more hiding and being purged from the Earth they worshiped. Only with the combined Morrígna by your side could that happen, and they were hard women to please.  

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A China Rose: Chapter 12

Originally posted by rhyangosling

Summary: Y/N was once an employee at Prince Adam’s castle along with being his childhood friend but she doesn’t remember. Caught up in the curse, she ends up in Villeneuve where she stands out. But circumstances arrive and she somehow returns to the place she once called home, and a beast she once thought a friend.
A multi-chapter fanfiction. MASTERLIST

Author’s Notes: Well, here it is! A bit late I know but as you know I had to re-write this whole thing. I hope it is still up to par. As usual requests, tags and questions are OPEN! Hope you all enjoy! :)

Chapter 12: For the Love of Books
You weren’t sure that following him was a good idea. Number one, he had just been mauled by a group of wolves, only seven days before. He should have been resting as he still required bandages on his back wound and leg. You could tell that it was causing him pain as he was limping and grunting every few steps. You should have ordered him back into bed, telling him that his health was more important than whatever he had to show you. Number two, he didn’t tell you where you were going. In all the books you had read that meant one of two things, that he was going to show you something spectacular or he was going to kill you. As much as you told yourself that he wouldn’t kill you as he just saved your life, you couldn’t help but feel a little bit scared. Number three, he had just insulted your favourite story of all time. The last time someone did that, they got a punch in the face (it’s no surprise that Gaston was the one who received it as he’d also thrown it in the mud). You were unsure how anyone could hate ‘Romeo and Juliet’ but apparently he did, which meant that any trust you had with him was now diminished to nothing. Finally there was the fact that you didn’t like him. He was rude and terrifying, the only times he’d shown a softer side was when he saved your life and when he offered his paw for you to stand. You had been shocked by the gesture and after seeing the shock he’d withdrawn it and he quickly turned away before gesturing for you to follow him.
You had and now you were stalking behind him as he led you through a maze of a corridors. You noticed that the further away you went from his room, the less derelict and dark the castle became. It became brighter and more welcoming, which made you question why he’d want to confine himself to the darker part of the castle. You were about to ask why he did but you abruptly stopped yourself when you heard him mumbling to himself. You tried desperately to cling to any of the whispered words. You heard stupid a couple of times but you couldn’t tell whether that was directed at you, your book choices or something else entirely. You felt the silence between the two of you and the longer it went on, the more uncomfortable you felt. Eventually it became too much and you blurted out,
“Where are we going?”
He didn’t stop walking (or more accurately limping). Instead he turned his head to look at you before giving you a coy smile. With that simple gesture, he turned back facing the way you were heading. You on the other hand paused briefly in the corridor. That was the first time you’d seen him smile. Admittedly, it wasn’t perfect as his discoloured fangs made it look slightly like a sneer but you saw the genuine emotion behind it and you were touched. Maybe there was more to him than you thought. You had to shake your head to break yourself from the slight spell you were under. It was only then that you realised that you were alone in the corridor and you bolted down to try and locate the Beast, wincing as the gash in your leg (which you’d completely forgotten about) caused you slight pain. Eventually you caught up with him to see him standing patiently waiting outside a set of large double doors. You recognised them immediately as the ones Cogsworth insisted that were locked when you were on your tour. He had a deep look of concern etched upon his face but it instantly dissipated when he saw you approaching. He mumbled slightly to himself and this time you managed to pick up on his words.
“I thought I’d lost her.”
You had to stop yourself from giggling at his comment and you tried desperately to feign ignorance whilst also trying to attempt to hide your excitement at finally finding out what was behind the closed door. He stood there, silent, for several moments whilst you stared at him, waiting for him to do something. When he didn’t you decided to try and make him doing something.
“I still think Romeo and Juliet is the best play.” You said finally and he jerked quickly out of his daze. You ignored it and continued. “There is not a better one.” You expected him to shrink away and smirk but instead he let out a low chuckle. You were taken aback by the low noise and were only vaguely aware of him pushing the grand doors open. You heard him say something from inside the room.
“Well, there are a few things in here.”
You slowly walked into the room behind him before stopping suddenly in the middle of the floor. You weren’t sure whether you wanted to cry or jump up and down with glee. Instead you simply stood in what had to now be your favourite place in the world. There was too much to take in and it took every ounce of effort to not crumple to the ground with pure delight. Never had you seen so many books. Every wall was covered in hundreds of the beloved objects. There were large windows which illuminated the entire room, making all the books shimmer as if they were calling for you to touch them. You couldn’t tell how big it truly was from where you stood frozen as there was a clear upper floor and a large archway which lead away into another section. There were more books than you ever dreamed of owning in your entire lifetime. You let out a small yelp of delight and the Beast who had been facing away from you turned, a look of concern on his face.
“Are you alright?” He asked. You would have been taken aback by his concern but you were still too focused on the books.
“Oh, yes I’m fine.” You stuttered quickly. “It’s just so beautiful.” You added on unintentionally, as you simply let your thoughts out. His face seemed to slacken as he looked around as if taking it in for the first time. The wonder in his eyes was something to behold, he looked like he was a wonder-struck child.
“Well yes, I suppose it is.”
You ignored his comment and continued to stare around in awe. He clearly saw your enthralment and he uttered out the next words rather loudly, to ensure that they would break through your trance.
“If you like it this much then it is yours.”
You snapped out of your daze and stared at him, not quite believing what he just uttered.
“What?” You spluttered out.
“It’s yours. You are the master here.” He said giving you a small smile. He turned and began hobbling away. Strangely, you didn’t want him to leave.
“Wait!” You blurted out. He turned to look at you. He raised his brow questioningly. You realised that you didn’t actually have anything to say to him. You quickly glanced around to see that there were more books behind him. Stupidly, you breathed out,
“Have you read all of these books?”
He looked around before shrugging slightly.
“No.” He stated, “Some are in Greek.”
You let out a small chuckle. He had just made a joke, but you couldn’t tell whether it was on purpose or if it was simply a slip of the tongue. If he didn’t have fur, you’d have noticed the thick red blush that was spreading through his cheeks.
“Was that a joke?” You asked, a grin plastered on his face. “Do you make jokes now?” You added on sarcastically. He once again merely shrugged before muttering a small “Maybe.” With that he hobbled away through the archway leaving you alone. You turned once again and finally lost control letting out a loud squeal. This was all yours. You could help but want to rub this in the schoolmaster’s face, that you had a larger one than him. You ran to the nearest shelf and began studying the titles, to discover that you knew none of them. Hastily you gathered as many as you could in your arms and began hobbling over to the nearest desk. You dropped them down quickly and was about to sort through them to decide which one you were going to devour first but before you could you heard a loud crash. You rushed to where you heard the noise and as soon as you saw the cause you ran in the opposite direction, towards the doors calling for someone to help you.
The Beast had done too much work. He’d walked here and was then a blushing mess after you smiled at him. He’d walked off, feeling slightly dazed and nauseous. He’d clung on to consciousness for as long as possible but as soon as he reached a desk, with a globe atop it, he lost the fight. His stomach wound suddenly became heated and his vision blurred before becoming nothing. Then his leg crumpled and he fell down against the table with a loud thud. You saw his unconscious form and had run from the room in search of some staff. All of them seemed to come to your call and they all helped you move the Beast back to his chambers. The trip was much easier this time around as your leg was practically healed and you weren’t frozen half to death. You had checked all his wounds to see that he had re-opened the wound in his stomach. You waited by him after you’d cleaned it, hoping that he’d wake up. You were settling down into the armchair by his bed when you saw a petal fall from the rose that caused all of this damage. It seemed to fall in slow motion and as soon as it touched the stone plinth, a loud rumble echoed throughout the castle. You felt the floor shake and you saw some of the decorations in the room fade and crumble along with the sounds. The rose caused all this damage? You were unsure how such a thing could occur. Before you realised what you were doing you had blurted out to the staff,
“What happens when the last petal falls?”
The staff all looked at one another, forlorn expressions on their faces.
“Then the master remains a beast forever.” Lumière explained. You could help but gasp in shock. So the Beast was once an ordinary man. It seemed unreal to you. It scared you, knowing that the Beast was once like you and someone or something could do that to you. Lumière continued after your gasp.
“And the rest of us we….” He trailed off, clearly disturbed by what he was about to utter.
“We become antiques.” Y/F/N finished for him.
“Knickknacks.” Plumette added whilst giving Lumière a sombre look.
“Rubbish.” Cogsworth stated finally. “We become rubbish.” His voice didn’t have a glimmer of his usual sarcasm. There was no joy, no hope in his voice. All the servants’ positions and faces reflected Cogsworth’s tone. Your heart twinges for them all.
“Surely there is a way to break this curse?” You asked.
Cogsworth looked as though he was about to speak but Mrs Potts got to it first it seemed.
“It’s not for you to worry about lamb.” She said sweetly. “We’ve made our bed and we must lie in it.”
You nodded at her words and slowly the crowd of servants began to dissipate. You rose with them and slowly began to look back at the Beast who was sleeping peacefully. You smiled as you closed the door behind you as you went to fetch your chosen books from your new library.
You had fallen into a comfortable routine. You’d dress his wound and read by his side whilst he slept. He’d awaken and try to get out of bed which always resulted in you whacking him with your book to tell him to remain in bed. You didn’t want to repeat what had happened in the library a week ago. The staff brought your meals to his room, where you fed him his broth as you didn’t trust him not to spill it. He’d never admit it but he enjoyed the attention despite how humiliating it was. The only time you weren’t by his bedside was when you went to sleep and the hour before six, where you’d go down the stables to check on Phillipe and go for a quick ride around the grounds. The Beast always got out of bed when you weren’t present and he’d sit by the window, admiring you from afar. He usually spent that hour reminiscing on memories of his childhood with you. Memories he had buried deep within his mind. He hadn’t smiled this much in years.
One day, about a week after he’d fainted, you let him out of his bed. You had told him not to do anything too strenuous so you had banned him from running anywhere and to ensure that he’d stayed true to his word, you decided to go with him.
“Where would you like to go?” You asked as you supported him as he walked. He said nothing so you decided to pick for him. You went down to the library, where you set him down in one of the couches in front of the fire before you wandered off.
“I’ll be around here if you need anything.” You said as you drifted off into the depths of the shelves. He couldn’t help but feel upset. The only thing he wanted right now was you. Someone to talk to. He sat there staring into the fire before looking around the grand room. It had been so long since he’d been in here. It was because it brought back to many painful memories. Most of them if you. He’d thought you dead, and when Y/F/N told him that it was you who he’d in-prisoned he felt both a wave of joy and guilt. He was relieved that you were alive, that you’d returned, his only true friend but he couldn’t help but inwardly cringe at how you had rejected him. How you’d seen him like this, a beast. One thing he was certain about was that he could let you die because of him. He saved you and in return he’d almost died. He’d do it all again though, if it meant you’d be okay. He was torn by his thoughts when he heard a whooshing sound from behind him.
He turned to see you rushing up and down one of the large bookcases on a ladder. You were giggling as you went back and forth from one side to the other. A book was clutched tightly in your hands. His curiosity was piqued and he stared at you whilst you played about on the ladder. He could see the childhood friend he’d known all those years ago. He recalled the time when you and he pushed each other on the ladders, to see who could go farthest. That was a good day. He smiled to himself but quickly changed it to a blank expression as he saw you approached, a wide grin on his face.
“What?” He questioned as you plonked yourself down heavily on an opposite armchair. You merely shrugged as you giggled again and opened the book to begin reading. He noted the cover and let out a groan.
“The whole point of the library was for you to find a better book to read.” He said plainly as he stared loathingly at 'Romeo and Juliet’ in your hands.
“Well it was in this library.” You said not looking up from the page. “And you were adamant that this had the best possible books so this must be a great play.” You smirked as he let out a frustrated growl. You looked up and began reading aloud, to annoy him further. He leaned back and placed his paws on his face in frustration as you began reading to him.
“I hate this.” He mumbled which made you only speak louder. What he didn’t tell you was that he was enjoying every moment of you reading to him, even if it was intended to annoy him.
Meanwhile, in Touquet, the day was going on as usual. That was until, the father from Villeneuve arrived, desperate to speak with Marcus the bookseller. Everyone stared as they entered the bookshop and pretended to be doing activities as the father emerged out again, looking rather flustered. He left in a hurry and many tried to badger Marcus for gossip. He refrained from speaking, simply stating that he wanted a book. It seemed to satisfy the masses as they went back to their usual business, forgetting about what just occurred. The same couldn’t be said for Père Robert at what Marcus had told him. You, were now missing, having never arrived in Touquet like you had said. Quickly, he headed further away from Villeneuve, towards the next closest village, desperate to find where you had truly gone. With each gallop, the pit in his stomach grew until panic and fear encased his whole body. He ignored it, desperate to find you, praying that you were alive.

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Imagine Steve, Peggy, and Sam in a poly relationship while they all fight together under the cap title. Not a single one of them has a single self-preservation gene in their body, and their battle plans are always reckless and spectacular.


“—only option, James. You know Sam can do it.”

“I said no. That’s final, Pegs.”

Oh, sweet Jesus. Not again.

“Buck, we’ll be fine. It’s no more dangerous than th—”

“I dare you to finish that sentence, Rogers.” Damn, he sounds hot like that. Sam bites away a smile as he rounds the corner. He’d left them alone for ten minutes to suit up and they’re already at each other’s throats. It’s almost enough to take the excitement out of wearing wings. Flying. He can fly.

“You are not doing anything reckless,” Bucky continues. “Sam’s only been out of the hospital for two months. You will not drag back into some harebrain—”

“Bucky, please.” Sam walks into the cargo hold and up to his boyfriend. Peggy smiles at him tiredly. He grabs Bucky’s hands and pulls him close. Physical touch always grounds Bucky even though sometimes he can’t handle it. He knows how worried Bucky can get, how worried he had been when Sam was hit. And he hates making Bucky worry, he hates making Bucky doubt and yet… “I’m completely capable of taking care of myself. I’m fine. I was cleared by Dr. Cho herself. Regeneration tech is the future.”

Bucky flushes, caught. His fingers tighten their hold on Sam’s. “You just got out of the hospital. I’m not letting you go into a situation where you can get hurt again.”

Sam softens. He rests his forehead against Bucky’s for a moment. “But that’s not your choice to make. We’re superheroes, sweetheart. This is what we do.”

Bucky swallows heavily, looking down on their entwined fingers. When he looks up, his face is carefully and completely blank. “Do whatever you want.”

He’s out of Sam’s hand and the room before Sam can react. Shit.

Steve starts after him, but Peggy pulls him back. “We don’t have time, Steve. He’ll be fine.” She rests her head on his arm. “We’ll all be fine. Bucky’s simply overthinking it. We have only have twenty more minutes to come up with a solid plan. That’s the best thing we can do right now.”

Steve sighs and nods. Despite his aching heart, Sam smiles and opens his arms to let Steve fall in. “Peggy’s right. It’ll be fine.”

“THIS IS NOT FINE! THIS IS SO FAR FROM FINE! STEVE, 5 and 8. PEGGY, BEHIND YOU.” Sam swoops down between two warehouses and knocks out two of the HYDRA agents as Steve round kicks the soldier who crept up on his five and somehow simultaneously just about beheads the other guy with the shield. Despite all the practice he’s had with it, he still can’t quite manage it like Steve does.

Sam touches down for a moment and uses that momentum to get back in the sky. Soaring between whizzing bullets, he gets his eyes on Peggy again…who is nowhere to be seen.

“Carter, you get in?”

When he doesn’t get an answer, “Red, I need eyes.”

<initiate seek protocol>

<infrared: negative>


<heat signature: negative>

<last known heat signatu

“Red? RED! No! Goddammit.” Sam sweeps back down, landing where he saw Carter last. There were no soldiers around, nothing. He couldn’t hear anything, not the bullets, not Steve or the shield, not Bucky or the quinjet.

It was too quiet. Dead silent.

“Peggy?” Sam whispers. Why, he doesn’t know. Probably because this is Creepy AF and he doesn’t do creepy, much less Creepy AF. He likes his life just fine, thanks.

See, here’s the thing, he’s been in enough combat situation to know this ain’t normal. Which means 0-84. Which means he should contact SHIELD. But he can’t. Because his communications are dead.


Just…so fucking great.

Sam pulls out his glock and does a perimeter check. Nothing.

So. She’s inside. She went inside the creepy base without backup. Now, to be completely honest, Sam totally understands why Bucky’s always harping on them. Because they pull shit like this. Unnecessary shit. Not that she can’t take care of herself, but there’s three of them for a reason.

He remains alert as he slips into the base with an open door. No locks, no keypads, nothing. Again, creepy.

Maybe Wanda and Nat should’ve taken this case. They probably have a better background in this sort of stuff.

He clears each room as fast as he could while also being thorough and keeping an ear out for the comms getting back up again. He goes to the basement before the upper levels. He touches every piece of equipment he can. He touches half-filled coffee mugs and toasters. They’re all cold. There’s no one around. It’s like there’s never been anyone around except all the equipment is state-of-the-art and there are no cobwebs anywhere. It’s clean. Perfect.


Could he be hallucinating?

He can’t see Peggy anywhere. He can’t hear anything aside from himself. Not the ventilation systems. The quiet…the quiet is almost deafening. It can’t be real.

This can’t be real.

Sam sprints down the stairs and outside. The sun feels  warm. He can feel the breeze on his skin. He darts between trucks, cold trucks, to where he saw Steve last, but there’s no one there. No Steve. No fallen soldiers. No bleeding guards. Nothing except abandoned vehicles and buildings.

This isn’t right.

He has to get outta here. He has to find Peggy and Steve. He has to get back to Bucky. He hasーhas toー

The quinjet.

He needs to get back the quinjet.

Bucky parked the quinjet 1.3 miles from the base, 17 degrees southwest.

“That’s.” Sam gulps. “That’s…alright, so the sun’s over there and so I need to…over here. There. Somewhere. Right. Sam, you got this. You gotーIs…is that smoke? Please tell me it ain’t smoke. Oh, no no nononononono.”

All thoughts of a solid plan slip out of his mind and he runs towards theーyep, smoke. Smoke means fire. Fire never means anything good.

Panic bubbles through him and he tries to regulate his breathing before he passes out or something equally stupid. The closer he gets, the stronger the pungent smell of smoke is, the more ashes float to the ground and here he is, running into a forest fire. Any other day, he’d be hightailing the other way, but this is Bucky. This is Bucky. His lover, his family, their forever.

Sam shrugs off his jacket and balls it up to cover his face as he moves closer, slower, more careful. Bucky has to be okay. Bucky will be okay. And then they’ll go back and find Peggy and Steve. It’ll be fine.

It’ll be fine.

It’ll be finー

“Sam? Is thatー”


“Peggy!” He runs towards the direction of her voice only to bound back when the air around him burns.

“Sam!” A shout.


Sam runs.

He waves a hand in front of him, trying to clear the heat from blurring his vision, but that only makes him cough.

Covering his face almost completely, he searches for her voice. Her voice. That’s what’s important. Forget everything else. Forget the heat. Forget the panic. It’s okay. It’ll be fine. “Peggy, talk to me. Hey girl. Please. What are you doing out here?”

“Iー” she coughs then chokes. “I’m okay. I came toーfind….Bucーky. Somethーing was s-strange. Iー”

“Yeah, me too,” he replies and peeks over his covering. His vision blurs and dances, but he can see her on the ground, Steve hovering on her side overー




“Come here,” Steve gasps out. “I’m trying to wakeーhim up. But he won’tーyou were a paramedic.”

Steve looks up at him, his eyes wide. He was trembling. “Sammy, you gotta save him. You have to save hi-im. Sammy please.”

Sam makes himself move. He has to. He has to try.

A sob ripped out of Peggy when he comes closer. He feels her cold touch on his arm, gripping.

“I tried to help,” she says.

“I couldn’t get him out, she says.

“He was alreadyー”

Sam can’t take his eyes off Bucky. Burnt, bleeding, broken and bruised. He’s not moving. Every second between Steve’s desperate CPR, he’s not moving. He’s just…there. He’s just…a body. Like Riley had been. A pile of bones and marred flesh. He’s just

Peggy’s hand falls away.



“Sam! Sam, I need you to hear me, okay? I need you to breathe. Count and breathe. Deep breaths. For me. For your Bucky. Please.”

Bu “ーcky?”

He doesn’t wake up to incessant beeping.

Sign #1: he’s actually dead and in heaven

He doesn’t open his eyes to bright white lights either. He’s in the dark and warm. He takes a deep breath and feels a familiar touch on his sternum. He looks down and there’s nothing there. There’s no one here.

And then, the noises reach him and he almost dies in relief. Sounds. Thank god.

He swallows dryly and tries to move. He manages to get an arm up before it flops back down as exhaustion floods his system.

“ーrrified, but he’s okay now. Tony came by to visit. You know what he’s like. Pepper was with him which was nice. We talked…”


Is thatー

Sam opens his eyes, blinking against the lights until a dark form appears before him. “Peggy?”

“Yes, Sam, I’m right here.” Her arms encircle his.

“Peggy…you’re…” alive.

“Yes, I’m okay, Sam. I’m completely fine, darling.” She soothes away the frown between his eyebrows before kissing him on his forehead.

“What happened?”

“Magic. It was a spell.” Peggy grimaces. “Strange helped us with it.”

He catches her arm and drops a kiss in the middle of her palm. When she smiles at him, he tugs her close to give her a real kiss. He tangles his fingers in her hair and holds her steady. She’s warm under his fingertips, moving and smiling. Oh, thank God she’s okay. She’s here. Right here. She’s safe. Sam, it’s okay. She’s safe. He pulls back a little to look at her. “Are you okay?”

Pain flits through her eyes as she nods, echoes of his own, of whatー

Sam jolts up in his seat, almost butting into Peggy.

“SAM!” Peggy tries to push him down, but Sam’s out of the bed and out the door before she can.

He follows the voices down the hallway to the living room where Steve andーBucky. Sam’s across the room in a flash and in Bucky’s lap. Bucky who is warm and moving. Bucky who isn’t burned or broken.

“Whoa, darling. You alright?” Bucky grins at him.

Sam dips down to kiss his boyfriend before he starts crying. Blindly, he reaches for Steve and pulls him close, sliding an arm around Steve’s neck.  He gasps when Steve joins them, his face smushed against Sam’s, his hard body pressed against his side, his back…just present. He pulls away from Bucky to pull Steve into a deep kiss. You’re okay. You’re all okay. Thank God.

Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.

Steve wraps himself around Sam, his warmth sinking in Sam’s skin and he basks in it. Peggy joins them a few seconds later, pressing a open-mouthed kiss on Sam’s exposed throat and he shudders. They’re all here. They’re all safe.

It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.

Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt? (Chapter 1: Memento mori)

Chapter masterpost

Summary: After a heated, recurring argument, Dan leaves the apartment to calm down. Little did they know that by Dan walking out on his and Phil’s fight, both of their lives will change drastically. It’s a story of how unfortunate coincidences and an unjust sentence can forever change a person.

(Originally based on this prompt (SPOILERS) by @free-to-being (It won’t let me tag you :c ): Someone almost kills Phil,he is left in a coma. Dan,his boyfriend,is sent to jail unjustly. A couple of years latter Phil wakes up and clears Dan’s name. Phil is left with the trauma of his attempted murder and loosing years of his life. Dan is left with the trauma of his time in prison (prison non-con). They still love each other but the road back to each other is hard with all the trauma they’ve been through. You can throw in a culprit that still wants blood)

Read it on ao3!

Trigger warnings: Near Death Experiences, Rape/Non-con Elements, Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide Attempt, Brief clinical death, Blood, Attempted murder, Violence, Swearing, Homophobia, Homophobic slurs (Let me know if I have missed anything and I will add the warnings!!)

Word count: 2621/?????

A/N: So this is a new fic that I suddenly got an inspiration for and have been working on for a week or so! Hope that you will enjoy it through the dark themes!

Posting schedule: Every Sunday.

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Leonard McCoy had a minor problem. Well, actually, Jim Kirk had a problem, but as usual, it became Leonard’s problem.

It seemed that when his roommate was at all tired or exhausted, he developed a tendency to become a human blanket. It was happening several times a week now. Leonard would wake at dark o’ clock in the morning with the blonde out like a light and sprawled on top of the doctor. And the man was surprisingly heavy, and an even heavier sleeper.

And of course, when he woke, Jim said nothing about it. Just stumbled off and yawned and became his usual chipper self. Whenever Bones tried to bring it up Jim just looked at him strangely before changing the subject.

Calling his name made him just murmur a sleepy “Bones…” but he’d remain asleep. Trying to tap or shake him just made the man nuzzle into his chest or try to burrow his face in the crook of his neck (and Leonard was an unfortunate amount of ticklish). Trying to push him off completely was futile when the damn brat’s grip on him would then become octopus-strength.

And sleepy Jim was apparently opportunistic in becoming McCoy’s blanket. If Leonard took a nap on the couch, he’d wake with Jim dozing on top of him. If he nodded off at while studying at his desk, Jim would be in a chair next to him, passed out on his shoulder. And of course there had been that one particularly memorable time when Leonard had dozed off while taking a bath.

McCoy had given up on fighting it now (except for the bath incident, he’d been sticking to showers lately), and he’d begrudgingly admit to himself that it wasn’t completely awful to have a Jim Kirk blanket. He was a warm and solid weight, and nights that Leonard went without had started to seem a bit…chillier. And Jim was finally fully rested, so it was hard to argue with that.

It wasn’t an issue until they’d both ended up drunk, Leonard having a few with M'Benga after a long day, Jim arriving back later after hitting the bar after a longer day, and Leonard fuzzily waking to slow but insistent rocking at his hips.

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anonymous asked:

Would you ever get jealous daddy? 😁

“I wouldn’t say that I get jealous-” Rick said, the sun overhead reflecting in his sunglasses. The road ahead was black, and hot, with heat waves blurring the air. Wind blew past your ears, and with the top of the convertible down, it would have been easy to miss what he said next.

“I just know I have a right to what belongs to me. And if anybody tries to take that from me, well-” He looked at you, a careless grin on his face. “I’ll kill them.”

shastar24  asked:

Oh ok I'm so sorry!! I didn't know about the rules it was a simple prompt but long to type so I'll just say show Amy proving the ultimate proof of love in hug form like she normally does but it had the angle of saving him which is the best proof of Love's definition. Thanks so much!! Sorry again!!

Please don’t be scared by the post with all the rules and purchases!!! You can still ask for prompts and not have to pay a dime! It’s an option for those who would like more than just this. And it’s cheap! :Db It also hasn’t been set up yet, so don’t worry and be happy now~<3

And no problem ^^ I enjoy it!

(x) Used with artists permission, please support her as well! (Also, if you know where the Christmas broadcast of the Japanese voice actors singing this then please- LINK ME CAUSE I WANT TO HEAR IT *cries*)


It had been over a year since she had seen him…

She hovered by her window, sitting down and looking out the window, bored and depressed.

It was tiring… wishing she could somehow… transfer these feelings of longing and how much she loved him to him.

She stretched her arms over the windowsill, as if figuratively trying to send a ‘signal beam’ through the tips of her hand to Sonic. Hoping… somehow… they would magically reach his heart and let him know how much she missed him.

Suddenly, as she wiggled her fingers and smiled the pleasant thought of him halting in his run, only to look back over his shoulder in her way- there was a huge explosion.

Instead of fear, there rose adrenaline with excitement.

She was worried what was happening, but absolutely no fear, just some jitters from shock.

She raced down the stairs of her home, pulling a jacket but realizing it was probably super warm out and tossing it in a hurry to her couch, and then bolting out the door.

Not bothering to lock it in her frenzy, she almost ran off without letting the door fully closed, and swished her arms about in circles to stop her momentum. Turning around, she shut the door and locked it quickly, before dropping the key and scooting it under the mat.

Another explosion.

Her eyes shot up, and she raced towards the sound, giggling like a true girl in love.

A little odd for any outsider to witness someone getting so excited over explosions close to their own home… but if anyone knew Amy, or Sonic for that matter, they knew that if there was excitement- there was none other than Sonic The Hedgehog on the scene.

Rushing into the forest, she came out on a clearing and ducked slightly at the wind blast of further explosions.

Moving her arms from shielding her face, she gasped as she leaned forward, seeing the meadow on fire and Sonic’s weary self lifting off of the ground, his breath looking horse and hard, seeing as he was sweating from the fire around him and the effort being put into the fight.

He crooked his arms, hoisting them up as he summoned more power to him.

He cried out as energy burst from him, his Super Form radiant in the flames, before a figure flickered out in front of him…

As the figure walked, the sparks of the flames would curl over his metallic feet…

Finally, she saw through the blur of heat….

Metal Sonic’s glowing red eyes.

They rose to life like they were also powering up, burnt already but not melted yet, he mimicked Sonic’s actions, and his engine roared a returning battle-cry.

The two slammed their heads together, spiraling the fire upwards before it whipped out of existence, just the burning around them remained as they strained in the air to push the other back…

A power struggle of epic proportions.

“Sonic!” Amy cried out, stepping forward.

The two’s eyes twitched to look back at her.

Bad move…

Amy suddenly realized this… and stepped back.


Sonic tried to pull Metal’s attention back to him, but he already broke from the headbutt and crushed a hand against his skull, keeping Sonic down as he sent a missile out to Amy.

Responded prepared, she summoned her hammer and whacked it away. The explosion knocked her back though, and she flinched a moment with a cry of fright.

Falling back, she tried to get her bearings again, before seeing Sonic smashed to the ground at incredible force, and Metal lay a heavy bombardment of missiles down on him…

“NOOO!!” Amy quickly got up and raced to him, jumping out to try and knock some fire-power away.

As if by random luck, she managed to swing and knock one missile into exploding; which pushed back two to three others coming down after it.

But with that act came a price…

She fell next to Sonic, the front of her body twisted on it’s side; crushing her into the small crater created by the heavy downpour of attacking missiles.

She strained her face at the momentary pain before leaping her body forward and trying to crawl to Sonic.

This looked bad.

Badder than any situation she had before been kept in.

“Sonic… Sonic, please!” she shook him, but Metal Sonic held his place in the air… he stopped his attacks only to see if his objective had been accomplished yet.

He was like a shimmering death… looming over the two from the sky filled with smoke and small flares from the fires.

A morning star that shone at night’s wake.

“Sonic..!” Amy cried out, seeing him not stir and his super form fading.

She heard a engine roar and looked up, “Metal, no!”

Metal Sonic brought up his arms, holding a large platoon of missiles behind him.. they steadied themselves as fire raged behind them…

They would descend at any minute.

She turned back to Sonic, tears starting to from in her eyes.

“I missed you… I missed you so much, Sonic… please.. don’t make me have to miss you again.” she moved a hand to his face, feeling his slow breathing as more of his chaos power was draining from him…

His face looked war-torn and exhausted… she had never seen him so drained of life before, so thinned on youthful energy…

He wouldn’t last another downpour…

She moved her hand and looked up, glaring to Metal Sonic.

She got herself up on a knee, looming herself over Sonic.

“I won’t let you win, Metal!” she cried out. “I won’t stand for it!”

He narrowed his eyes.

The missiles shot down.

She gasped and turned, embracing Sonic as she closed her eyes, her back exposed to whatever may befall them.

“I don’t want to wait!” she declared in finally her fright and fear taking over her. She was desperate now, crying as she clung to him.

“I never want to wait to see you ever again!”

in a split-second… almost with a heavenly glow, Sonic’s body rose in light and power…

She felt her body… almost floating as the power soared around her in small, yellow, whimsical whisks around her.

Caressing and seeming to lick or bend around her, she looked down to notice Sonic’s eyes slowly open, his super form restored fully as he smiled.

He put his arms around her and looked up.

Amy looked to see the blast of his renewed strength had sent a sphere of forceful pressure out around them.

It completely pushed back Metal Sonic’s missiles, and left him making robotic noises of distress, seeing them fly out in incalculable directions before one surprised him and crashed into him.

He was thrown back in a streak of black smoke, and crashed somewhere far, far and away.

Breaking from Amy, Sonic smirked and took off like a comet towards where he had disappeared too.

In amazement, still caught up in the alluring feeling of relief and renewal of life, her quills suddenly came down and the healing energy left her entirely, slowly floating her back to the ground.

“…Sonic?” she had never experienced that kind of sensation from his Super Form before…

“What…” she blinked, before gasping and putting her hands up to her mouth. “That was amazing!” she praised, before wobbling to her numbed knees, still apparently taken aback by all that happened, and started laughing in small spurts.

She caught herself from falling and rushes to her feet, stumbling a bit out of the crater before looking around her.

“Beautiful…” her head scanned the surrounding environment in wonderment.

The light that Sonic had produced gave energy to the life under the ashes… flowers and new plant life had grown around it, on the burnt trees now lush and green with life…

There was no sign of destruction, only rebirth.

She wasn’t sure how this could happen but she crawled out and fell down again, happily landing in some daises that had their petals and pollen splash out into the air, softly floating in it’s breeze.

It was surreal… the sky was still filled with smoke… slowly clearing up but oh, the sights of bright green and vibrant colors all around her… an exact opposite of the destruction that once made her fear, even for an instant, that this could never be possible.




“Sonic.” her eyes batted a second.

She rose up and turned herself towards the sky.

“Ohhh..! Hmph!” She smashed her hands on the ground, puffing up her cheek. “He left me again!” she pouted, before sighing and drooping her head down.

“Heh… oh well.” she looked up with a understanding smile. “Maybe it’s just meant to be… me waiting for him like this…”

As she seemed to get herself together and leave, a sonic boom grabbed her attention, and turned her eyes skyward yet again.

She panicked for a moment and scrambled away when she saw a yellow streak of blasting glory coming straight back her way, and ducked into the crater again.

Shivering a second, she suddenly lifted her head to peek and see that there was no explosion.

The light just flashed and suddenly… he was hovering just off to the side of the crater.

“Amy… What you did was crazy.”

That voice…

It was so reassuring for some reason, as if there was no reason to fear anymore.

She immediately bore an open-smile on her face, and tried to rush out of the crater.

He stepped onto the ground and offered her a hand.

“W-well…” she was pulled towards him after taking his hand, shocking her a minute before getting her feet situated… and her blush under control.

“What better way to say… w-what I needed to say,.. then with a hug?” she smiled up at him, but there was a faint sweat drop on the side of her face.

Was she still not going to say it?

Sonic’s eyes bent to a holy grace, as suddenly he dipped his muzzle down to her.

“I would say that you should take more caution when telling me what you… need to say.” he kidded a moment, before chuckling under his breath and closing his eyes a moment. “But I know you wouldn’t listen.”

She giggled too, putting a hand up by her mouth before noticing how close they were.

Were there things… in his eyes… that he wanted to tell her too?

It’s true that he kept holding her… even after she had got her bearings straight again…

“Sonic… I-”

He suddenly embraced her.

“I think you’re right.”

He admitted.

Her eyes blinked in puzzlement.


She questioned, tilting her head cutely and shifting her eyes about over his shoulder.

“…I think the best way to put it… is also in a hug too.”

She was thrilled he understood, her eyes lighting up at him saying that, and then embraced him as lovingly and passionately as she could.

“Emmmm-EM! I love you, Sonic The Hedgehog!”

To her surprise? He smiled and closed his eyes, retaining the hug just a little… bit… longer…

than ever before~<3

variations on a theme

For NurseyDex Week Day 1 (mutual pining/getting together), posted a day late because I wrote this at the last minute like a fool. Thanks for reading!

“You look good,” Dex says, and it’s not the champagne speaking, because his glass is still fizzing full and his face isn’t as pink as the table centerpiece yet. Which means it must be a feint.

“My tie was stolen,” is the first defense Nursey can scrounge up. At least it’s true; Chowder’s cousin’s daughter is wearing it like a pageant sash over her fluffy yellow dress.

“You can’t call it a crime if you gave it away, Nurse.”

“I was coerced! She sent her goons after me.” He points to the girl’s two older siblings, each probably about six or seven years old. One of them waves shyly when he notices Nursey looking his way.

“Strong-armed by some first graders? Incredible.”

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it’s hard to find solace in distance when my hands are empty and my heart is aching.
if missing you is romantic then call me hopeless-
my knees are bloodied from tripping over these unpaved miles.
it’s easy to understand why so many people give up because my ankles are swollen and the heat is blurring my vision
but I can feel your hands on my back and your lips brushing my ear-
that’s when I’m assured that
finally coming back to you will taste that much sweeter
and being in your arms
will feel that much more like home.
—  a.w
you love the sea: part two, lachesis [connection]

setting: non-magical, mythical AU
pairing: marcus flint/oliver wood
word count: 2743
A/N: part two of @flintwoodandco‘s giveaway winning fic! the brilliant selkie’s idea belongs to them <3 like I said, this fic is four parts long, and I’ll be posting the rest of them for the next two days (part 3 on monday, and the final part on tuesday ). (and, of course, another shoutout to my beta @nymphadoraholtzmann!!)

(part one)(you can also read it on ao3!)

I’m not excited, but should I be?
is this the fate that half of the world has planned for me?
I know I love you
and you love the sea
but what holy water contains a little drop, little drop for me?

- unbelievers, vampire weekend

Marcus had never quite realized, before, that he could actually be lonely. He had spent his entire life surrounded by friends - other gang members kids, for the most part - and when he had decided to move away, one of the things he had been looking forward too was getting to skip all of their parties and not have to listen to their rambling and complaining and drama. But instead, he found himself… wondering. Wondering if Adrian had ever told Terry how he felt. Wondering if Draco had finally proposed to the fluffy haired girl.

When his phone rang, he took one look at the caller ID and hit answer before he had even decided he wanted to speak to her.

“Parkinson,” he breathed out, trying not to sound as desperate for human contact as he felt.

“Marcus!!” Came the half-shrill excited voice from the other end of the line. “Oh my GOD Marcus you have been gone literally forever, and then you don’t even return my texts? I thought we were friends you know.”

“Pansy,” he managed to laugh in response, “we’ve never been friends.”

“Oh, don’t be an idiot, Marc. You’ve known me since I was in nappies.”

Marcus couldn’t stop the grin that broke out on his face and he headed out of the cottage to sit on his front lawn, just in case he lost cell reception. “Sure, Pans. What do I owe the honor, then, for the phone call?”

He could nearly hear the girl on the other end of the line rolling her eyes, and he couldn’t stop the joy that bubbled up in his chest, just a little, at the reminder that he actually did have people who cared about him. That he wasn’t the only person in the world - him and the mysterious quite possibly not real naked man from his beach.

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All Along (Draco)

Requested- mind I have a draco one pls? (during when he became a death eater) where draco has been avoiding the reader bc he doesn’t want her to get hurt so she confronts him about it. after he tells her it turns out she’s been one all along. pls and thank you xx

- - -

Tick-tock. Another minute had passed, and you were still staring blankly at the wall. You sighed, covering your face with your palm. These days had been stressful, with the matters of Voldemort going on. Your classmates and the rest of the wizarding world were in fear, uncertainty filled the entire atmosphere. You didn’t agree with everything that the Dark Lord did, but because of your family, you were a Death Eater. You could still remember the pain when you first got the mark, the image burning onto your skin. Every now and then it hurt, and you could never forget its presence.

You lifted your hands from your face. The Slytherin common room was filled with people chatting around as you looked around, searching for the sight of Draco. The two of you had a connection, one that neither of you could and bother to explain. Yes, sure, you loved him, but you didn’t know if he felt the same. He was there, alone by the window. Looking up, he saw you staring and avoided the eye contact. You knew he had been avoiding you and it hurt you. You stood up, decided to go talk to him, but he seemed to notice it and walked towards the exit of the common room. Running after him into the hallway, you called, “Draco!” He didn’t turn around to face you, instead, he kept walking. You frowned and ran faster, “Hey! Draco!” You grabbed his wrist to stop him.

“What is it?” He said quietly. There was something wrong, something that had been bothering him. He looked exhausted, there were dark circles underneath his eyes and his face was a lot paler than before.

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Maul Drabble #3

( Maul tells his apprentice that they’re a contradiction and they are very confused about that and eventually confront him and there is kissing. @the-flying-elephant gave me this idea a long while ago, so enjoy, love!)

Words: 972

It’s the sun, more than anything, that’s driving you crazy.

You can deal with the sweat and the burning of your muscles, the sting of blows landing on you when you weren’t fast enough to dodge them. You can deal with moving so fast the world blurs around you.

But this heat - it’s making you angry. Which, possibly, was Maul’s intention, since you are training with the Dark Side and all.

The wooden staff smacks into your shoulder. “Ow!” you hiss, and bring your own up to knock it away. 

“Pay attention,” Maul growls. “If this were a true fight I could’ve slain you nine times already.”

“Then get it over with,” you snip back, grinning at him as you swing your staff at his head. “Since I’m such a disappointment and all.” The staff glances off one of his horns, and the snap of sound echoes around the stony courtyard.

“Funny.” He takes your staff, then throws it, along with his, off to the side. “Hand to hand. No Force tricks. Fight me, apprentice.”

“You’re on, red man,” you pant, and lunge at him.

There’s a chaotic blur of heat and pain and motion. You grit your teeth, shut down, and react. Let your instincts take over, blocking and lunging. You’re doing better than usual, but it still ends the way it always does - with your back slamming into the ground with his forearm pinned across your shoulders. The breath huffs painfully out of your lungs and you cough, turning your face aside.

“Good one,” you croak. “Almost got it that time.”

“Oh, did you?” He smirks as he helps you to your feet. “Could’ve fooled me.”

“Well, maybe you’re easy to fool.” You shake the dust from your hair and clothes. “Maybe I’m letting you win.”

He laughs - an unexpected sound, loud and ringing and clear. You’ve made him smile before - quick, reluctant smiles mostly - but this is different. You’ve never heard him laugh like this. He looks you up and down, every dusty inch of you, and you really, really hope the heat creeping up your neck and face is from the sun. For a minute, you’re distracted by the vivid gold of his eyes.

“You’re quite the contradiction, my apprentice,” he says, and then turns on his heel and leaves.

Wait…what? You blink, staring after him and wishing you’d asked earlier. Just as you’re about to call after him, he shuts the door behind him. 

Ooookay. You kick at the ground, frowning. “What does that even mean?”


Hours later, you’ve had about all you can take of pacing and wondering and thinking. And for some reason (you suspect he’s avoiding you, but why?) he left the house soon after your sparring session ended, saying nothing more than for you to stay there and wait.

“Wait, my ass,” you mutter venomously, watching the front gate with narrowed eyes. “He’s gonna get it when he gets back.”

“Oh, am I?” Maul strides through the gates, locking them behind him as his golden eyes flare. “Please, enlighten me as to how.”

“With a hacksaw,” you fire off automatically. Part of you cringes, but you’re miffed enough at him that you don’t stop; you stomp forward to meet him. “You can’t just say cryptic statements like that about me to someone so curious! I need to know things, okay?”

He narrows his eyes at you. “Careful,” he growls. “You know to whom you speak.”

You huff and look down. “Fine. Sorry. But please, just tell me what you meant? I’ve been going mad thinking about it all day.”

“Have you now?” he muses, the corner of his mouth lifting. “Well, that’s useful information.”

Unable to stop the reaction, you stomp your foot and whine at him. “Tell me! Come on, please?”

With his arms crossed, the zabrak tilts his chin up and considers you - again. With that raking gaze that makes your stomach flip. He so does that on purpose, you just know it.

“What did I mean?” His voice is quiet as he meets your eyes, and you can’t look away. “Just what I said - you’re a contradiction made flesh.”

“Thanks,” you say weakly. “That really clears it up.”

“You’re powerful, but vulnerable. Strong in your anger, but stronger in your laughter.” He smirks. “You hurl your petty insults at me, always ready with a clever comment, and yet I sense you crave my approval.”

Okay, your face is definitely too hot now. You look down. “I do not,” you mutter lamely. It’s a total lie.

“As you should,” he purrs, stepping closer to you. “Am I not your master, and you my apprentice?”

“Y-yes,” you mutter, swallowing hard. “And there’s maybe kind of a little bit of truth to that? Just a bit, though.”

“Of course.” His eyes flare and he smirks, stepping even closer. “That is also a reason, you know.”

“What is?” You’re hypnotized by him. Your voice is barely a whisper. 

“You act like you feel nothing - like an accursed Jedi. And yet any fool with even the slightest Force sensitivity could sense the depth and intensity of your feelings.”

“Great,” you mutter, finally breaking his gaze. “So you know then.” You don’t have to say what he knows. He’ll - well, he’ll know. Know how much you love him.

“Of course I know.” Suddenly he’s inches from you - you can feel the heat of him, and look up sharply to meet his eyes just as he grabs your face and crushes his lips to yours, breaking away only seconds later. “How could I fail to see?”

And with the most smug face you’ve ever seen, he walks away from you for the second time that day. Only this time, you’re quick enough to go after him.