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Steve Rogers Drabble 2

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Prompt: “The kids, they ambushed me.”


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“Okay, you are all set, Mrs. Rogers,” The nurse behind the counter said as she handed you two access badges. Heat flushing through your body, your eyes widen a bit as you take the badges from her.

“Oh, no, I’m not-” You quickly stuttered out, but you were soon saved by Steve.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Steve smiled as he placed a comforting hand on the small of your back. “Have a nice day.” 

Leading you away from the nurse’s station, Steve guided you through the hospital halls as he clipped his badge onto his uniform.

“You know,” Steve started as he laced his fingers through yours. “You’re going to have to get used to that sooner or later.” He finished with a smile as he held up your left hand encased in his as he proudly displayed the engagement ring on your finger. 

“Yeah, but I’m not married to you yet, Captain,” You mumbled as you felt your blush fade away.

“Not yet,” Steve reminded you as he placed a gentle kiss onto your cheek. “Don’t forget your badge.”

“Oh, right,” You said as you pinned your badge to your shirt. Taking your hand once more, you walked through the hospital halls, hand in hand with your soon-to-be-husband. Rounding the corner, you were soon faced with the children’s common area. A quiet hush filled the room as all of the children stared up in awe at Captain America. The silence was soon broken by the excited squeals of children as they rushed towards Steve.

“IT’S CAPTAIN AMERICA! MOMMY, LOOK!” One boy excitedly shouted as he repeatedly hit his mother trying to gain her attention. The mother, taking notice, unlocked the brakes on the small wheelchair and wheeled her son over to Steve.

“Hi, everyone!” Steve said as small children engulfed him. Standing back a little ways, you converse with the parents as you watched Steve interact with all of the kids. It was adorably heart-melting, watching Steve with the children. He payed each and every one of them attention as they all clamored around him. A smile graced your lips as you watched Steve pick up a small baby that was handed to him by one of the awaiting parents. Your heart melted as you watched him coo at the baby, lightly bouncing her up and down. 

“Mrs. Rogers?” Someone asked you, breaking you out of staring at Steve. 

“Yes?” You responded as your eyes flitted back over to Steve where he was now signing some little boy’s cast. You didn’t even think twice about what she had called you. 

“Would you mind taking some pictures for us?” The nurse asked as she handed you the camera. Nodding, you began to take pictures as the sound of children laughing erupted around you.

“Okay, everyone,” You called out above the roar of the crowd. “Get around Captain America for a group picture!”

And just like that, the kids swarmed Steve as they all tried to get closer to him. Wrapping his arms around as many children that he could, Steve smiled brightly at you as you snapped the picture. The rest of the day went like this as Steve visited with each child and as you became the honorary photographer. 

Unfortunately, Captain America was pulled away from the children as his time ran short. Saying goodbye to the children and promising to come back soon, you and Steve left the chaotic room full of children. Back in the safety of the hallway, Steve let out a sigh of relief as you grasped his hand.

“You did well, Cap,” You complimented as you kissed his cheek gently.

“The kids,” Steve said, eyes wide. “They ambushed me.”

Laughing at his comment, you flattened out his Captain America suit. “I know,” You laughed as your hands rested on his shoulders. “I was sure that a few of them were about to take you down.”

“I felt like I was about to be taken down,”

“I bet,” You chuckled. Hands going up to the soft blond hair at the nape of his neck, you gently toyed with his hair. “You did extremely well, Steve. You are so great with kids.”

“Yeah?” He asked with a grin as his arms found your waist. Nodding your head, you stood up on your tippy-toes to plant a loving kiss on his lips. 

“Yeah. Seeing you with that baby, that was my favorite part. You looked way too handsome for your own good, there.”

“I did?”

“Yes,” You smiled as your hands slid down his chest. “We might need to get us one of those if I get to see that sight everyday.”

“And by ‘one of those,’ you mean have a baby?” Steve asked, a smile breaking out onto his face. 

“Only if you want to,” You quickly added.

“Doll,” Steve happily breathed out. “I would love to have a baby with you.”

Your own smile breaking out onto your face at his words, you once again leaned up to place a kiss on his lips. Pulling away reluctantly, you threaded your fingers through Steve’s once more. “In the meantime, let’s go schedule your next visit, yeah?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Steve agreed as you made your way to the nurse’s station once more. “Except we have to bring Bucky next time. There was a little girl with a prosthetic that wants to meet him. I think it would do him good.”

“I think so too.”

I totally missed it the first time I watched the most recent episode because the syfy stream was being a poo, but!!! It seems like Doc is working with Rosie to reverse engineer Dolls’s medicine so he can come back to Purgatory once the heat from Black Badge dies down (or once they take care of the problem) so that Dolls can come back without worrying about being blackmailed by Black Badge with his medicine. 

things the fairy tail girls remind me of

Lucy Heartfilia: the smell of night, gold glitter, the scent of coffee, new clothes, vanilla essence, the warmth of a fire on a cold day, stars, sharing a blanket, seeing a very old friend again, pointing out constellations, smiling until your cheeks ache, cherry blossom trees, antique shops, melted chocolate, honey, rooftop gardens, holding hands, sunshine on sandstone

Juvia Lockser: wet hair, raindrops on glass, the sea swirling around your ankles, curling up in a blanket on a cold day, kisses on the cheek, the feeling in your chest when you see someone that you really like, the sounds underwater, hugging someone tightly, giving gifts, warm scarves, moonlight, the sound of very early morning before the world has woken, waves crashing against the shore, the smell of rain, the warmth of belonging somewhere, the feeling when you return home after a long time away

Levy McGarden: the scent of old books, warm tea, cozy jumpers, messy buns, fresh daisies, hot soup, hidden bookshops, dusty sunlight, the joy of finding something lost long ago, glasses slipping down your nose, the smell of cinnamon, the quiet of a library, the feeling of belonging in a friendship group, spiral staircases, peter-pan collars, oak wood, shakespeare, going to the theatre

Erza Scarlet: cool metal against your skin, the feeling of wind in your hair, boiled sweets, dainty china tea sets, sunsets, a quiet smile, poppies on long forgotten battlefields, strawberry cake, blushes, wild strawberries, secret glances, strong coffee, violin music, feminism, the endlessness of love, the sound of boots on a stone floor, dark wood staircases, velvet curtains

Mirajane Strauss: white lace, silk bedsheets, roses, earl grey tea, new lingerie, weddings, sentimental objects, nostalgia, long skirts, spring mornings, chandeliers, making someone else smile, old ballet shoes, plaiting your hair, clean sheets, kitchen curtains blowing in the wind, lilies, pink lipstick, the sharpness of a stiletto heel, birch trees

Cana Alberona: fireworks, the smell of gasoline, the burn of liquor, tight dresses, hair flicks, secret smirks, fire, the feeling of acceptance, poker, ouija boards, recklessness, laughing until your stomach hurts, the blurriness of alcohol, sneaking out, driving fast with the windows open, denim jackets covered in badges, the heat of a motorcycle


Obtained the Heat Badge from Flannery. 

Her first Slugma was easily beaten with a single Mud Shot from Jepp. The second Slugma didn’t do much better either.

The real trouble came when Torkoal appeared for the final round. I had to think of a way to outwit Flannery. Knowing that Torkoal’s speed was dismally low, I sent out Zenn against it, using Sing to put the Pokemon to sleep. While she was asleep and unable to do anything, I switched Zenn out for Jepp and unleashed Mud Shot upon her. Unfortunately, it woke up during the next turn. I predicted Torkoal would use either Body Slam or Flail, so I switched out to my wall, Ryuu. Ryuu took the hit and I switched back to Jepp. Torkoal then used Overheat, which was also what I predicted. Finally, Jepp finished her off with a Mud Shot attack, sealing my victory.

Strap on those Tin-Foil Hats, my friends, ‘cause it’s time for a theory!

So we have a new episode title, my friends. As you know, it’s “Ash and Serena! Getting One at a Dance Party!!” The first part is pretty simple to understand. The episode will revolve around Ash and Serena (sorry, Lemon Kids).

But what about that other part? What does “Getting One” mean?

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