New York State Assembly votes to ban conversion therapy for minors

Another state has taken another step toward ending the harmful practice of anti-LGBT conversion therapy for minors. 

New York’s State Assembly yesterday voted to approve a bill banning conversion therapy for minors, paving the way for the bill to get picked up by the Senate and eventually find itself on the governor’s desk. 

Empire State Pride Agenda praised Assembly Sponsor Deborah J. Glick and Speaker Carl Heastie for moving the bill so swiftly through the chamber. Jane Shurka, mother of Mathew Shurka, a survivor of conversion therapy, spoke outside the Capitol Building yesterday at a rally, stressing the necessity of the ban:

“I don’t blame my ex or myself so much as I blame the therapist. He’s the one with the license and he convinced us that orientation can change when we didn’t know any better. If conversion therapy is not available to minors under 18, parents may question themselves and realize there’s a good reason not to do it. We must pass this bill and make conversion therapy illegal in New York. If it were illegal when my son was coming out, he may not have lost five precious years of his life to this dangerous practice. And I could have been the proud mom of a gay son a lot sooner!”

One step closer, and every step matters.