the fucking anime awards were a fucking popularity poll not an actual contest in each category Im so mad
they did deserve the couple and hearwarming moment, but COME THE FUCK ON
the best boy one Im conflicted, I love yuri but I wanted to see reigen win that one shdjada
and then for the best ending and opening they won again
come the fuck oOOOOOOOOOOOnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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33, 62, 68

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33. One reason why you love UT:
Undertale really is an emotional game. It goes from hilarious to hearwarming to deeply unsettling, and when it’s done it leaves you with a sense of completeness and sweetness that you don’t often find in fiction. It really is so, so well done in that respect.

62. The saddest moment:
Ooo, that’s really hard to say…of course there’s the standard “having to let Asriel go” moment…but honestly, even more than that, something that really gets me every time I play through is going to fight Asgore. Specifically, when you’re in New Home and read his journal, with only the words “nice day today!”

It’s clear that he never really let go of his old life with Toriel, Chara and Asriel, and has been trying to push on and keep himself going in spite of that, so seeing something so optimistic surrounded by all the indications in his room and home that he hasn’t moved on just speaks volumes to how hard he’s trying to be okay when he’s really not. That alone is absolutely heartbreaking, but, well…I always thought that, when Asgore wrote that, he knew that he was going to have to kill you that day. He knew he was going to have to commit one more murder, one more act of violence for which he’d never really be able to forgive himself, for which he doesn’t really think he deserves to be forgiven. And he can’t deal with that. He can’t acknowledge that. So he writes that it’s a nice day and moves on.

Honestly, Asgore in general just makes me want to curl up into a puddle of tears for all eternity, but that moment does it the most.

68. The funniest situation:
I feel like my answer to this is probably really predictable by now, but it has to be either this phone call or the thing with Papyrus talking about feeding Sans’ pet rock sprinkles. I just…they get me every fucking time man. There’s so many layers of beauty to each one.

moment of heartwarming

I work at Gamestop.

We regularly have to scan our games to make sure everything is set out on display for the customers to see.  I had just finished a scan on new DS games, and I discovered that we had a box and little toy (a wind up hamster) for a Zhuzhu Pets game, but not the game.  So I pulled it off the wall and wondered what to do with the toy.

Two women and a little girl came in the store during this and were being helped by my coworker.  The little girl whispered something to one of the ladies, and she lifted the girl up to sit on the counter.  The girl looked at me and hid her head.  

“Do you like animals?” I asked.

The girl shied away.  The woman who had lifted her apologized.  "She only speaks Portuguese.  But she loves animals very much.“  I offered the little toy to her.  We really had no use for it, and I didn’t want to just throw it away.  "Oh, how kind!  You know, she actually asked me to lift her so she could see the pretty lady working!”  The little girl smiled and took the toy happily.

As they left, the little girl tried to say “thank you” in English (it came out more like “shanku” which was really adorable).

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Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, your messages are all so sweet and hearwarming, really, I’m so glad you liked my work, and I’ll do my best to keep at doing more silly comic and fanart (maybe not this LONG anymore, this was insane). I’ll try to reply at the most of you this weekend, you really sent me a LOT of messages, don’t take me wrong if I can’t reply to all of you /)__(. You know at least that I read them all, and I feel blessed to have so many wonderful people following me ♥

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Okay but, can we talk about the whole Undertale moment in the upd8?

Like, it’s no secret that Toby Fox started making Undertale back in Andrew Hussie’s basement. Andrew’s been so supportive of Toby and his project and it’s so sweet.

So to see Andrew put that in the flash, which he likely did on short notice at that, is just so hearwarming. Especially since a lot of former and current Homestuck fans are into Undertale, so it’s meant for Toby and us.

And that’s just beautiful.