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House traits: trustworthy, loyal, kind, just, friendly, patient, hardworking, dedicated, inclusive

  • FEMINISM IS FOR EVERYBODY, by bell hooks - non fiction - Hufflepuffs care about justice, equality and inclusion, and they aren’t afraid to fight for what’s right. Helga Hufflepuff never stood for discrimination of any kind and for this reason I would recommend this amazing and inspiring work by bell hooks, which presents a passionate theory of feminism sure to appeal to the socially-conscious Hufflepuff!
  • THE PRINCESS BRIDE, by William Goldman - fantasy - Adventures aren’t just for Gryffindors! And in any case, The Princess Bride is about lots of things, not least of all perseverance, endurance and working hard for revenge (like Inigo) and for true love (like Westley). A funny and hearwarming story that could be read aloud in the cosy Hufflepuff common room for everybody to enjoy.
  • A LITTLE PRINCESS, by Frances Hodgson Burnett - children’s - “I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses.” I dare you not to cry when reading the story of Sara Crewe, a kind-hearted girl who goes from the most pampered student in an all-girls school to the lowliest servant when her father dies, and stays just as loving, friendly, generous and patient, because even all the terrible things she suffers cannot change the fact that she’s a princess in her heart.
  • FANGIRL, by Rainbow Rowell - YA; romance - Cath is a Hufflepuff with crippling social anxiety. When she goes to college, she has to juggle the challenges of her new life, a bad home situation, a new distance from her twin sister, and a crush on her intimidating roomate’s cute boyfriend, Levi (also a total Hufflepuff). It can be quite sugary-sweet at times, but I think Hufflepuffs will appreciate the characters a lot.
  • PERSUASION, by Jane Austen - romance - Anne Elliot is unfailingly dedicated to her family. When she’s 19, she’s reluctantly persuaded that her engagement with naval officer Frederick Wentworth is beneath her family’s status, and gives up on her love. She spends years being treated terribly by her family but enduring it with the patience of Job. When Frederick reappears in her life, he’s rich and respectable, and looking for a wife, while Anne (at 27) is quite “on the shelf” by Regency standards, but strong, quietly dignified and much more mature than the girl she was. Could Frederick ever forgive her? Could Anne hope for a chance of happiness?
  • COTILLION, by Georgette Heyer - historical romance - Did you know that Georgette Heyer is the inventor of the Toaster Strudel Regency historical romance? Cotillion is absolutely hilarious (it’s actually more of a comedy than a romance, really) and follows Kitty and Freddy, who get up to all sorts of hijinks in London after getting fake-engaged. They are consistently underestimated by the people around them but are, of course, as trustworthy, kind, friendly and dependable as you’d expect from two Hufflepuff cuties!
  • SCANDAL IN SPRING, by Lisa Kleypas - historical romance - Daisy Bowman is a nice, romantic, kind girl who is told by her father that if she can’t find a husband by the end of Spring, she would have to marry the bridegroom of his choice, Matthew Swift, whom Daisy hasn’t seen in years, but considers to be cold, aloof and ruthless. As they reacquaint themselves, however, the idea of marrying Swift starts looking decidedly attractive…
  • RADIANCE, by Grace Draven - fantasy romance - Ildiko and Brishen are nobles who enter into an arranged marriage to seal an alliance between their kingdoms. Just a teeny, tiny, problem: Brishen and his people aren’t actually human. This is a cool twist on the Beauty and the Beast story because both parties think the other is a Beast. But Ildiko and Brishen are both decent people who try to make the best out of a difficult situation and end up forming a deep friendship. If being a Hufflepuff is all about accepting those who are different and not being judgmental, these two are definitely Hufflepuffs.
  • THE BOOK THIEF, by Markus Zusak - historical fiction - Liesel Meminger is a girl who comes into the care of Hans and Rosa Hubermann feeling like there’s not much in the world that isn’t scary or dangerous. However, through the patience, humor, warmth and kindness she finds in her new surroundings -even during WWII in Germany-, she slowly begins to see everything in a different light. This book is filled with tons of Hufflepuff characters that not only see the value of being accepting and compassionate, but of actually following those feelings with actions that benefit those that might need it most.
  • THE COLOR PURPLE, by Alice Walker - historical fiction - Set in rural Georgia in the 1930s, this epistolary novel tells the story of Celie, a black woman that has to live a life filled with as many hardships and heartbreaks as you could imagine. Don’t let that depressing summary convince you of not picking up this book though, because what makes it great is that it’s actually a story very much about the triumph of the human spirit. Celie sees the world in a really moving way, and it helps to show you just how big of an impact empathy and acceptance can make in someone’s life.
  • MAUS, by Art Spiegelman - graphic novel - This graphic novel set tells you the true story of Art Spiegelman’s father, who was a survivor of the Holocaust. Here you’ll find a man that, in true Hufflepuff fashion, works carefully and relentlessly to make the best he possibly can out of a horrible situation for himself and his family. As with most of literature set in or about this time period, you get to see how it in some ways shaped the man he was later in life, but that doesn’t prevent you from seeing just how intelligent and perseverant he always was.
  • THE HISTORY OF LOVE, by Nicole Krauss - fiction - I honestly think this book is better if you go into it not knowing much about it, but I’ll tell you this: it has 3 stories that are linked in one way or another, it’s a book about human relationships and the endurance of love, and it will probably make you very very sad and very happy at the same time.
  • UPROOTED, by Naomi Novik - fantasy; romance - This book may have been marketed as more of a romance but the most important relationship in it is the friendship between Agniezka and Kasia. You could argue Agniezka is actually a Gryffindor on account of the many brave deeds she performs to save her friend and her village but I just think she has a very laid-back, Hufflepuff vibe, and more than bravery it is her loyalty and empathy that define her.
  • DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST, by Juliet Marillier - fantasy - [tw: rape!!!] Sorcha, the protagonist, is very much a Hufflepuff. She is fiercely loyal to her six brothers and her people, and kind even to her enemies. She is really into plants and healing (herbology, anyone?) and always rushes to help those in need no matter their social station or if it will get her in trouble. And when her brothers are cursed she really goes above and beyond to save them, in an impressive display of patience and hard work.

This is what i do when i’m feeling stressed out and sad, i draw my favorites ships, and at the moment the one that has my heart is sansby!

these are actually based on two of @ceata88​ 1 shot fanfics.

the first two pics are from THIS fanfic that i’ll just call “you can talk?” - Normal Undertale universe

And the last 2 are from THIS story that i’m gonna call “show me your name” (come on dude!, name your fanfics, there too cute to remain unnamed!)            - Outertale AU

I’ve been feeling very down lately specially at nights and these little stories are just what i needed to help me go to sleep, also they writes one of my favorite versions of grillby EVER! he’s just such a sweetie!

So, if you’re a sansby lover and you’re in the mood for some adorable sansby fluff, i really recommend there stuff! it’s short, cute and hearwarming.

Take a Chance (Part 5)

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pairings: Reader x Steve Rogers
characters: Reader, Your Mother, Your Sister, Victoria OC, Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanoff (mention), Steve Rogers
word count: 1,580
warnings: pregnancy talks, mentions of abortion
a/n: i feel like I downplayed a lot in this chapter? even though it’s supposed to be very hearwarming and sweet
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could possibly change your life and views on life for the better or worse.

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Remember that time, only a few hours ago, really, you thought your mother isn’t as meddlesome as Steve’s parents? Yeah, you remember. Well, turns out you were wrong. Completely wrong.

After a lovely, albeit awkward dinner at Steve’s, where you heard stories about Steve as a child from his mom, offhanded remarks from his dad, and the two of you constantly dodging relationship questions and trying not to mention the pregnancy, he offered to drive you home. He kept apologizing on the whole ride home, promising you another outing as a way to get to know each other. But what other way is there to truly get to know someone than to meet their parents?

Now you’re wishing you had stayed at Steve’s a little longer. At least until your mother grew tired of waiting for you and went on her way. But no, she just had to be stubborn and stay.

“What’s this I hear about my baby being sick?”

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the fucking anime awards were a fucking popularity poll not an actual contest in each category Im so mad
they did deserve the couple and hearwarming moment, but COME THE FUCK ON
the best boy one Im conflicted, I love yuri but I wanted to see reigen win that one shdjada
and then for the best ending and opening they won again
come the fuck oOOOOOOOOOOOnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

@BTS_twt 너는 임마 늙어써 나는 갓 어른이아 하하!! 풋풋한 은발머리 과 새내기!! 상상만으로 흐뭇해지지. 너는 늙은이 말타고 등교하는 복학생!! (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ <<< 제이홉

[J-HOPE] You’re already old I’m a god adult haha!! Your lively silver hair with newbies!! Only in your thoughts it’s hearwarming. Just ride your old people horse and be a suspended kid returning back to school (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ <<< J-Hope

Trans cr; Ellie and Veronika aka Senpai @ bts-trans

moment of heartwarming

I work at Gamestop.

We regularly have to scan our games to make sure everything is set out on display for the customers to see.  I had just finished a scan on new DS games, and I discovered that we had a box and little toy (a wind up hamster) for a Zhuzhu Pets game, but not the game.  So I pulled it off the wall and wondered what to do with the toy.

Two women and a little girl came in the store during this and were being helped by my coworker.  The little girl whispered something to one of the ladies, and she lifted the girl up to sit on the counter.  The girl looked at me and hid her head.  

“Do you like animals?” I asked.

The girl shied away.  The woman who had lifted her apologized.  "She only speaks Portuguese.  But she loves animals very much.“  I offered the little toy to her.  We really had no use for it, and I didn’t want to just throw it away.  "Oh, how kind!  You know, she actually asked me to lift her so she could see the pretty lady working!”  The little girl smiled and took the toy happily.

As they left, the little girl tried to say “thank you” in English (it came out more like “shanku” which was really adorable).

Okay but, can we talk about the whole Undertale moment in the upd8?

Like, it’s no secret that Toby Fox started making Undertale back in Andrew Hussie’s basement. Andrew’s been so supportive of Toby and his project and it’s so sweet.

So to see Andrew put that in the flash, which he likely did on short notice at that, is just so hearwarming. Especially since a lot of former and current Homestuck fans are into Undertale, so it’s meant for Toby and us.

And that’s just beautiful.