heartwrenching performance


 [NOTEWORTHY GEASS NEWS] MBS Anime Fes 2015 on 10 October had Code Geass as one of the event’s features, and Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch) and Sakurai Takahiro (Suzaku) were in attendance.

The pair performed a live dub/rerecording of their lines for Zero Requiem (I assume the scene was playing on screens in the background) and Fukuyama Jun reportedly cried on stage by the time he was done with his lines.

Here’s a translation of the tweet from the official Geass twitter:
[Lelouch of the Rebellion] We chose to focus on the significance(*lit cost/value/merit) of Lelouch and Suzaku’s relationship for MBS Festival’s Read Aloud & Live Rerecording. While live-acting the Zero Requiem finale, Fukuyama-san had tears rolling down his cheeks. A heartwrenching performance, wasn’t it?

Partial translation of a slightly more detailed report from an audience member:
Rough summary of the Geass segment at MBS:
- live dub of Zero Requiem
- Fukuyama-san with tears flowing by the end of the live dub
- Suzaku: “Lelouch betrayed love*”
- (the rest is something about how they parodied/referenced Black Butler a little as Knight and Emperor [probably since Kuroshitsuji was one of the other event features] Sakurai was dressed in white and Fukuyama in black.)
As he was exiting the stage, Sakurai-san handed Fukuyama-san a letter and Fukuyama-san read it aloud with a sinister (facial)expression.

*the word “love” in the second tweet pictured is 愛 i.e. the noun for the emotion/affection, not a synonym for ‘lover’ as it might possibly be in English. I wish we knew the context of that statement, though. Pronouns are often dropped in Japanese speech, so knowing the context would give me a better idea of whether he is referring to love as a concept/in general, or if it’s something more like “Lelouch betrayed (my/our)love”. For now though, there’s nothing much else I can make of it besides giving you the literal translation.
I wouldn’t take it too seriously, of course, given that the second tweet is a fan report, and that this is all very much just side material - and even if it IS “my/our love”, they probably mean it platonically - but it’s nice hearing that official events cater so much to the Suzaku and Lelouch fans all the same!