Photo captures elderly woman’s kind gesture to aggressive man on train

According to Taha, who was riding the Sky Train in Vancouver, B.C., the man was cursing and shouting, while everyone else looked on scared.

Taha writes how the man may have been struggling with drug abuse or mental health issues.

Instead of turning away, the elderly woman reached out her hand and “tightly gripped his hand until he calmed down,” Taha writes.

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Meet Laura the piglet and Marina the kitten, the newest members of the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship. Both adorable babies were rescued from dire situations, Laura from a factory farm and Marina alone on the streets. Each was taken to an animal sanctuary in Chile called Santuario Igualdad Interespecie where they met and immediately became inseparable friends.

“Since her arrival, Laura has been treated with the love and care a baby deserves, and has developed a deep friendship with Marina the kitten, showing by example, that when it comes to relations of friendship and respect, belonging to different species doesn’t matter,” writes the shelter.

Now Laura and Marina spend their days together cuddling, playing, eating, and taking lots of cozy naps. Follow the pair on their Facebook page as they grow up together.

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pelagie submitted to faithinhumanityr: I don’t know it you already posted this story, but I found it today and it really cheered me up; this man is amazing.

Thank you for your submission pelagie, I don’t think I posted it before so - here it is! :-) 

The Radioactive Man Who Returned To Fukushima To Feed The Animals That Everyone Else Left Behind.

Naoto Matsumura is the only human brave enough to live in Fukushima’s 12.5-mile exclusion zone. He fled at first but returned to take care of the animals that were left behind.

He returned for his own animals at first, but realized that so many more needed his help, too.

Matsumura, who is 55 years old and a former construction worker, knows that the radiation is harmful, but he “refuses to worry about it”.  

“They also told me that I wouldn’t get sick for 30 or 40 years. I’ll most likely be dead by then anyway, so I couldn’t care less”.  He does take steps, however, by only eating food imported into the zone.

Matsumura discovered that thousands of cows had died locked in barns.

He freed many animals that had been left chained up by their owners.

Many of them now rely on him for food.

The government has forbidden him from staying, but that doesn’t stop him either.

He started in 2011 and is still going strong 4 years later.

He relies solely on donations from supporters to work with and feed the animals.

His supporters are calling him the ‘guardian of Fukushima’s animals’.

The man clearly has a sense of humour as well.

Today the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship brings us the tale of a traveling turkey. While traveling through San Francisco International Airport last week, KTVU evening news anchor Frank Somerville spotted a turkey making its way through security, but the traveling bird wasn’t on holiday, it was working.

This turkey is a Comfort Animal for a woman coping with the loss of her husband. The turkey is this woman’s constant companion, even at night the bird keeps her company while she sleeps.

According to the National Service Animal Registry, comfort/emotional support animals can be any domestic animal (cats, dog, mice, rabbits, birds, snakes, hedgehogs, rats, mini pigs, ferrets, etc.) of any age. They’re all permitted to travel with their people on planes provided they have the proper documentation from a mental health professional. However while onboard they are not allowed to walk through the plane cabin, block the aisles, or occupy seats near emergency exits.

Somerville made a couple great points when he shared his photo of this special turkey:

“It would be easy here to make fun of the woman. But I’ve seen enough things in my lifetime to realize that what may seem bizarre to me, is perfectly normal for someone else.

And think about this. If you happened to be the passenger next to that turkey, you’d sure have a great story to tell all your friends.”

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May 13, 2015 - Tanner Brownlee, son of a sheriff’s deputy that was killed during a pursuit in 2010, was trying to win his father’s decommissioned Dodge Charger at a police-sanctioned auction. However the bids were too high, much higher than the Kelly Blue Book value of $12,500. It was sold at $60,000 to a local rancher… who in turn, gave Tanner the keys. The rancher bought the car and gave it to the teen, leaving him stunned and stricken with overwhelming emotion.


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The best stories have a sprinkle of truth about them, the kind of uncomfortable truth that stems from the deepest parts of the human soul. A writer’s job is to dig for that truth and hold up a mirror for the world to see. That’s all in a…


Night of Owls, feat. a Scooter LaForge Tee.

Last Wednesday, after going to (Le) Poisson Rouge with Dominic to listen to a transformational performance of the seminal avant garde musical piece In C, by Terry Riley (which was performed in celebration of his 80th birthday by the Darmstadt Ensemble), we headed on to Midtown.

On the way there, we saw an owl mural near the W4 station, and Dominic took my picture next to it. I was wearing a Hina Mizoguchi sweater that is one of my favorites, an Agnes de Garron bespoke hat, Andy Warhol Uniqlo SPRZ sweats and vintage Adidas Kegler Super sneakers. Dominic was wearing a Koos Of Course jacket. 

First we stopped at Westerly for some supplies as Dominic was preparing for his trip to Hawaii, and I picked up some yogurt and eggs.

Giddy from the power of the music, we went to Times Square and took some more photos, especially standing on a favorite spot in town, Max Neuhaus’ Times Square sound installation on the triangular pedestrian island located at Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets.

Scooter texted and we stopped by his house. We had some seltzer with lemon water and ginger to clear our throats. Dominic tried on his new owl tee which Scooter painted, and it fit him perfectly. We took some photos in front of Scooter’s wall…a heartwarming moment brimming with luminous intention, perfect to send him off on his visit to the tropical island.

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