English Hearts || Fall Break

It was mid October, and the leaves had started turning colors.  A few weeks of academic term were behind them at last, and a week and a half of bliss awaited the young lovers.

Or, so Aeron had thought.

Instead, he was woken up early on their first sleep-in day by a phone call.  One that quickly pulled him out of bed and into the bathroom, where he talked in hushed tones for a good ten, fifteen minutes.  In Japanese.

When he finally did come out again, he stared at the phone for a minute more before setting it on the nightstand and running a hand through his hair, collecting his thoughts.


English Hearts || The Foreign Student Crisis

Aeron glanced around as he pulled his suitcase behind him through the lobby, trying to make himself look as small as possible despite his tallness and rather striking appearance.  Especially with his slightly fluffy, jet-lagged hair.  No, he didn’t want to be asked any questions.

And yet, he managed to bump into someone on the elevator.  “Soll-” He swallowed, and glanced to the side.  “Sorry,” he said, trying again.

Once he made it to his floor and got off, he looked at the room information slip he’d been given.  He hadn’t understood most of what the people had told him, besides their worried looks and something about a mistake.  They had kind of pushed him on when they saw his confused look and hoped to explain things to the foreigner another time.

And so, when he came to the right number, he barely glanced at his room-mate’s name in the window before opening the door with his card.  “Soon…?"  How did one say his name, anyway?

i had my first real kawaii thanksgiving dinner ever. 


and i made a fool of myself in front of ghostie’s family

and ate a lot

and it was really good an fun. c:::: 

aa thanksgiving isn’t actually the worst holiday. this was really nice. 

i am thankful for ghostie and mariska for giving me a place to go whenever i need one. <3


happy thanksgiving guys (at least the rest of it)