Were We Ever Here

Casting lots
and choosing sides
our anger a bold
bright neon sign 
while in the shadows
beauty hides
children’s dreams
bought with tears
then one by one
each disappears
coldness colors 
calendars and hearts
that which arrives
forever departs
afraid of living 
no greater death
we toil and spoil
til final breath
words unspoken 
promises broken
a distant lamppost 
not quite clear
left to wonder 
in our darkness
asking were we
ever here

i like how steven universe is the animated embodiement of the film rule to make people cry 

u show them something cute and silly, something to make u laugh and open up a bit, connect a bit with the show and the characters but in a light hearted way

and then u lead on with something sad to break hearts

thats one of the best ways to make people connect to characters and situations in short amounts of time

to make the sad parts sadder, horror more horrifying, so on,,

SU really captures that well as an overall show and just in tonights ep alone

we got a good chuckle out of actual-five-year-old peridot and then body slammed with the emotion and terror that garnet was expressing over the horrible things homeworld had been doing

SU has a really good formula going to fuck people up

Fifteen long years
on a losing streak
And a lot of bodies unburied

And there comes a time
When you cannot turn the other cheek
You have got to ride the ferry

Past the battered old bodies of dead day dreamers
Past the tethered and fettered
And desk bound schemers

The punks and the drunks and the bad guitar players
And the dewy eyed teenage dragon slayers
You come to this place where you can say
I just want to work with you

As we do the things that we know we have to do
Ever hopeful and ever blue
We do the things that we know we have to do

And though we all know deep down in our hearts
That someday this will all fall apart
For right now let’s just be heroes


ok the whole pansexuals claiming their sexuality is the (only) one that sees/falls in love with “hearts not parts” and “personality rather than gender” bullshit needs to stop

the rest of us do not fall in love with people’s genitals

maybe some people do and I will not judge them, but do not act like you’re special bc you think you’re the only one who falls in love with personality and hearts

that is what most people do (and I’m not just talking romantic love here as I am aro)

the people I am attracted to I love bc of their personalities (yes I am attracted to their bodies as well but personality and feminism and sjwness matter more to me than what ‘parts’ a person has)

saying “hearts not parts” is very cissexist and transphobic so please stop. also stop acting like bisexuals can only be attracted to two genders and STOP saying those genders are men and women. and if you are saying only cis men and cis women, then you REALLY need to shut up.

tell me, we are not found in the desperation that lies
between us-

the love, so achingly in me, and this pull with you;
i don’t see it, but you haven’t left, and i am grateful for it
in the moments we spend with our glowing hearts

that has begun to fade into a plane; don’t get me wrong,
it still beats, as we hold hands at the end of the day,
and jump from opposite sides- the ocean is divided 

equally, between us- do you see my flickering windows,
from your palace home; i am not greedy, but i have 
every reason to ask you, and not a right to-

from the corners, we ask for the world to dissolve
in our mouths, and come together closely, but 
as for now, we settle into maybe’s, in this soft

aloofness // and my trying to be forever more.

The Parable of F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a drunk,

who penned the Great Gatsby,

and was once the toast of the literary world,

but sometimes at night,

he’d hear the clock tick on the wall

and know in his heart of hearts

that all the money, power, and fame,

didn’t change who he was,

it only changed the way

superficial people saw him,

who were ironically,

the very people he despised most.

Major Crimes 4x15

Ok, people, for first course we open with some sweet Shandy to melt our hearts

That nurse! OMG too funny

Then we continue to Amy standing up to Provenza, while being respectfully sarcastic. Fantastic.

WHAT IS UP with that bone coming out of the leg?! Are they trying to make us vomit the sugar we ingested in the beinning?

Romy Rosemont is such a great actress! I loved her acting vm

Slider Greg thinks Rusty is his friend hmmmm… how uncomfortable for Rusty, Especially since we know Alice’s brother is coming back for the trial

Buzz: Take off your shirt??

Tao: I’m not doing that!

HAHAHAHA thanks for clearing that up, Tao!

Andy letting it slip about Provenza and then trying to change the subject with that drink lol

speaking of that… HOW CAN PROVENZA STILL BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE?? Bless his gentle innocent soul.

Anyway, jumping a few scenes forward - that Samir guy not realizing he was raped is so upsetting. The fact that our society doesn’t see male rape victims as such, shows how little to none progress we’ve made in eliminating rape culture in the last several decades. I wish there was more awareness to it, and more shows dealing with it. Thank you, Duff.

Aaaand moving back into the light - Sharon and Rusty cheering Andy’s progress at the hospital skdfjdskfjsdkfjsjf SUCH A SWEET FAMILY

I appreciate Andy wanting to be independent and not to burden Sharon and seem weak in front of her… but, man, get over it. You were injured on the job. You’re a hero. You deserve to be taken care for by this incredible, strong woman. Okay?

BTW did you notice how each time she was with Andy, Sharon’s jacket was unbuttoned?


and them staring at each other+smiles LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY DARK SOUL

I think Rusty is over being anti-Shandy. Now he’s just grossed out from their lovey dovey looks

Last but not least - P&P (Patrice and Provenza of course) SO SO SWEET I THINK I FLAILED TO DEATH AHHHH