My reaction for Pokémon game Shippings

I did this with the anime ones

why not with the game ones too? >.<











RedemptionShipping (I Just don’t care about this Shipping >.<):



NewRivalShipping (Yes,i like it >.<):


















Shippings with Gym Leaders:

I don’t have a FanGirl Side



Specialshipping: i~ know~ you~ from somewhere in once upon a drea- *snoring*

Oldrivalshipping: she stole his wallet and they never parted since he’s constantly tried to get it back and got used to trailing her

Feelingshipping: feel the calm radiate off the blonde. Feel the salt radiating from the boy. Feel bad as she cries cuz her pokemon evolved. The boy is confuse

Luckyshipping: “I’ll take your badges, your moneys, your keystone, your heart, and your soul while I’m at it thanks for contributing to my charity”

Originalshipping: GOIN BAAACK TO THE BASICS*can’t remember the rest of that song for my life*

Jadeshipping: “hay cute lil girl you wanna help me steal things”

Chosenshipping: they are literally siblings d o n t

Mangaquestshipping: NICE LEGS, DAISY DUKES, MAKES A MAN GO cry because he got kicked in the balls

Preciousmetalshipping: *melts some gold and silver ore in a furnace in skyrim* so hot

Specialjewelshipping: the night is beautiful (also Capricorn and Taurus heyy)

Blacksoulshipping: polar opposite feelings also one doesn’t canonically exist but i want her to

manga heartsoulshipping brokenheartshipping: tough kid, lost kid, hay look they hangin out **still desparately wishing lyra will exist in spe future**

Viridianshipping: “hOLLA TO MY VIRIDIAN BROTHA”

Ambershipping: the flutterdash of pokespe

Lazuriteshipping (?): *stares into blue eyes* *stares at expensive looking gold star earrings*

Polishipping: *Gold tosses polibo at poli and Red* “O SHIT WADDUP”

Imperialshipping: “we could be HEDGEHOG OCS TOGETHER ”

Buttshipping: why this name tho

Depressionshipping: WHY THIS NAME THO

franticshipping: how many chapters does it take to get to the shipping confirmed chapter of ORAS? One, two, th-three- *One of them dies* th-the world may never know,,,

Raltsshipping: hey look at that cute boy why did you leave him alone


Commonershipping: cinnamon rol thinks princess is p cool

Haughtyshipping: sugarhigh boy thinks princess senpai is bEING A LITTLE PIECE of SHIT WHO WON’T N O T I C E H I M TRYING TO HELP

Absurdistshipping: it’s all fun and games until sOMEONE IS SENT TO THE DISTORTION WORLD

Entourageshipping: the gangs all here

Agencyshipping: “make a contract with me and I’ll get black out of the fucking rock, White”

Corruptionshipping: you’re hot then you’re cold, you’re team plasma, you’re the international police

Mangasequelshipping(i wanna call it pastelshipping for ironic purposes): “I wanna murder you for being a part of the thing that ruined my life but I also have the overwhelming need to protect you from everything???”

dreameatersaki  asked:

D'ya ship em precious metals? And if so, d'ya got any headcanons friend? uvu


Actually, I ship SamisenShipping, which is Silver/Ethan/Lyra. But there’s hardly any stuff for that, or in the Johto OT3 tag (which I know is supposed to be Krys instead of Lyra, but there’s not much stuff that has Lyra in general) so I have to dig through the PreciousMetalShipping/SoulSilverShipping/HeartSoulShipping tags pretty often.

As far as headcanons go, neither @turbomun nor I use the PokeSpe comics as a base. So it’s mostly Gameverse Silver, plus our own take on Gold/Ethan.


  • His full name is Silver Batalino.
  • He is demisexual/romantic with no preference.
  • His birthday is June 29th.
  • We go with the popular fan theory that Ariana is his mother.
  • Giovanni’s Persian took a liking to him immediately the very first time they met. He treats him like his own kitten and likes to groom his hair a lot.
  • Giovanni and Ariana were actually fairly decent parents when they were just starting out. Not too physically affectionate and they were careful not to spoil him, but still not the WORST parents. As Team Rocket started to pick up steam, though, they had less and less time for him and he was left to stay with his Aunt Lola (Giovanni’s sister).
  • He has a Persian plush that acts as his comfort item. Giovanni got it for him while he was sick at a very young age (two - nearly three years old.)
  • Sneasel was a third birthday gift. Giovanni took him to a Pokemon shelter to adopt a companion, and as soon as Silver saw her, that was it. He wouldn’t be denied.
  • He never had any direct contact with Team Rocket members (other than his parents) and only figured out what was going on as he grew up. The pieces first fell into place when he was nearly seven years old.
  • He was nine years old when Red defeated his father and Giovanni went off to better himself (according to the Pokemon Origins story). Giovanni said he would return, but Silver was absolutely convinced that he was gone forever. So, he ran away with Sneasel. He also tried to bring his plush Persian along, but misplaced it along the way. Of course, his aunt tried to search for him, but all they could find was the toy. By the time Giovanni heard the news, it was too late.
  • Speaking of Giovanni, he truly does love Silver and spent years searching for his son. Ariana, at that point, was more concerned with Team Rocket and was thoroughly upset with Giovanni for disbanding the criminal syndicate.
  • In the three years between Silver running away and the start of HG/SS, Silver spent his time moving from town to town, stealing food and supplies when he needed to, finding berries and herbs to eat with Sneasel’s help where he could, and either camping out or finding a local homeless shelter to stay overnight. After three years, though, he was fed up with it all and was determined to make it on his own, without having to rely on soup kitchens or thievery to survive. So at twelve years old, he stole Professor Elm’s Chikorita and the G/S/C/HG/SS timeline begins.
  • Ethan gave Silver his number, but Silver didn’t use it for years. Silver never offered his number in return, either. He never even set up Ethan as a contact in his phone, but he still kept the scrap of paper with Ethan’s phone number written on it.
  • After the G/S/C/HG/SS timeline, Silver takes to camping out around Blackthorn City, where he trains in the Dragon’s Den during the day. Eventually, the elders there agreed to help teach him upon seeing how far he’d come in trusting and loving his Pokemon. Clair followed their example not long after, and even Lance pitches in every so often when he comes to visit his family.
  • Not long after Silver’s training began, Clair found out he was homeless. She offered him help getting an apartment or similar arrangements, but he flat-out refused her. Nevertheless, she made sure he knew the offer would remain valid if he ever changed his mind.
  • About half a year after the events of the games, Giovanni found his son again. Needless to say, Silver wasn’t too happy about this turn of events and flat-out refused to talk to his father. It was two and a half years more before they finally pulled together and made up. Now, Silver has taken up residence in his father’s current house in Mahogany Town.
  • While living on his own, Silver learned a lot about survival. He knows how to ration food, construct temporary shelters, avoid wild Pokemon, and even what kinds of plants and berries are edible and which are toxic.
  • Silver’s time in Mahogany Town has been less than comfortable, especially with how it used to be the sight of a Team Rocket base. The town held nothing but bad memories for him, but he’s slowly starting to build more positive memories there.
  • Silver is very sensitive to being touched. If you touch him unexpectedly, it’s almost guaranteed that he’ll freeze up, at least for a second. The only way you can possibly avoid this is if you go to touch his hair. He’s used to Persian grooming him and Sneasel/Weavile running her claws through his hair, so he’s much more receptive to it.
  • And speaking of his hair, he’s always hated haircuts ever since he was little. Still, it has gotten so long that even he got annoyed by it. At that point, he asked Sneasel to help him chop some of it off. Since then, he’s let it grown out during the winter and had it cut for summer. 
  • Silver is basically Cat Incarnate. If you try to bother him, he will be annoyed by you. If you leave him alone, he will get lonely and might go seeking attention. He’s still very prideful about it, though, and even the slightest criticism about it will have him turning around to leave.
  • Giovanni gave Silver the Razor Claw he used to evolve Sneasel for his birthday.
  • Silver typically doesn’t care about what people think of him. He’s done bad things and he knows as much. He’s done and is doing his best to atone for his actions, and anyone that has a bone to pick with him can go fuck themselves. However, the exception is anyone he cares about. Especially Ethan, Lyra, and his father when they are on good terms.
  • Silver isn’t really interested in watching TV or movies most of the time. He’d rather relax with his Pokemon and read a good book. However, he will pay attention when someone else turns the TV on, and he tends to default to watching anime when he’s sick. It’s his guilty pleasure.
  • Once Silver decides he likes someone, he is fiercely protective of them. 
  • Some would think Silver would hate Red for causing his father to disband Team Rocket and leave, but he really doesn’t. If anything, he’s grateful to Red because that was the start of his life changing - maybe not in a good way at first, but ultimately, it was for the better. Still, he’d relate much more to Green, as he is also the rival of a champion who had trouble investing his love and trust in his Pokemon.
  • Silver has several irrational fears. One: Team Rocket returning once more. Two: losing the ones he loves (whether that means them dying or him driving him away). And three: turning back into the cruel, selfish person he was during the games’ storyline.
  • Silver actually likes sweets very much, but since he had a hard time simply supporting himself, he never had the opportunity to have any after he ran away. As a result, he always eats things like cake, ice cream, pie, candy, etc. very slowly.
  • He is scared of thunderstorms, because once, shortly after he ran away, he was stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm. Lightning struck a tree near him, causing it to fall and nearly crush him. He ended up running away as fast as he could until he tripped and fell on his face.
  • Silver actually enjoys traveling when he’s not struggling to survive. There’s a sort of peace in it, and it’s even better when he finds the time to go with Ethan and Lyra, even if he tries not to show it. (Don’t let the snarky quips fool you.)
  • If Silver ever met the other three Main Villain Children, he would be sooooo fucking protective of them all……… (And he will actually meet Lillie and Gladion soon in my RPs @glitch-generation!)


  • His full name is Ethan Hibiki
  • He is pansexual
  • Also autistic and has a sensitivity to light and loud noises.
  • His birthday is November 21st.
  • His eyes are blue
  • He used to have a speech impediment (a stutter) that he was teased over. He had to go to speech therapy, and learned how to overcome it by the time he turned seven.
  • Gold is his nickname. It was given to him at the start of his journey by Lyra, who jokingly started calling him “Professor Elm’s Golden Boy”
  • He nicknames all his Pokemon
  • He was heavily inspired to go on his Pokemon journey by Red.
  • He is a people person, which is very helpful with his position as the Champion, but he easily gets nervous about annoying people, since his autism makes it hard for him to get a read on other peoples’ body language.


  • Silver always lets Ethan choose the places they go out to. He honestly has no preference and is happy as long as they’re together.
  • Because Silver is demi, he has had no prior experiences with crushes or love. He agreed to go out with Ethan after thinking on it because there’s no one he’d trust more with something like that, and he figured he may as well give it a chance. They both agreed that if it didn’t work out, they’d go straight back to being friends, like nothing ever happened.
  • Silver has trouble opening up about his problems. He doesn’t want to bother anyone with them, especially Ethan. Ethan gets frustrated at this, and often tries to make Silver see that his feelings are valid and that he doesn’t need to keep things in.
  • Silver is downright terrified of the thought of being a parent, whether the child is adopted or otherwise (taking into consideration SamisenShipping). He didn’t have very good role models growing up, and he’s not exactly the most nurturing person. Ethan is thoroughly convinced that he’d be a fantastic father (and he’s right!)
  • In @turbomun‘s and my roleplays on @glitch-generation and @thezzazzglitch, Silver is going to get Ethan tinted goggles for his birthday to help with his light sensitivity (at least during battles). He would also take to carrying around earplugs for times when loud noises are overwhelming Ethan (as would Lyra in SamisenShipping).

Bonus! Lyra

  • Her full name is Lyra Kotone.
  • Her birthday is September 12.
  • When she and Ethan were both young (about 5), another child was teasing Ethan for his stutter and making him cry. Lyra saw, came straight up to them, and punched them. At the time, she’d just lost her front teeth and had a lisp, so she understood how he felt. Of course, she got in trouble for punching the child, but she and Ethan were best friends ever since.
  • She likes scary movies. Her mother introduced her to the genera, and since her passing, Lyra uses them to feel closer to her. She has some collectible horror memorabilia in her room.
  • She really likes round and fluffy Pokemon! Her main team consists of Typhlosion, Azumarill, Noctowl, Ampharos, Belossom, and Wigglytuff.
  • She’s very snarky as well, and she’s often the main person to call Silver out on his tsundere bullshit.

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but I’ve already been working on this way too long…