I stayed up yesterday until 4AM today reading Emily Purdy’s Mary & Elizabeth. I have an unhealthy obsession with the Tudor family and have done since I was extremely young; I even considered the career of Tudor historian for about five years.
When I decided to turn out the light this morning, I saw this sight. Earlier in the day I’d been cleaning my room, and I’d hung my dreamcatcher on my window handle so it was out of the way. I then opened the windows wide to let in fresh air.

The photo above is my dreamcatcher floating 3ft away from my window at the crack of dawn.

A month or so before I left school, my form tutor contacted all of our parents. He secretly asked for messages and/or baby photos of us that he would later use in our last day assembly. My father handed in this photograph. Other parents handed in absolutely horrendous baby photos, but no one was mad about them being shown to everyone as a surprise. We were all extremely touched, and we all realised that we were very lucky to have such a great teacher. The messages left by parents were beautiful. And everyone cried.